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  1. Considering she's not even getting him "back" (since she never actually had him in the first place) I really, really hope not.
  2. Haven't been on here in awhile but I saw this news story and well...it made me think of someone. Heh. The danger is real! Headline reads in part: Woman Found ‘Molded’ to Chair http://fox40.com/2017/02/18/elderly-woman-stuck-in-chair-for-months-found-molded-to-chair/
  3. Haha I read that too fast at first and thought you said she doesn't even own a HORSE. You know, like Farrah does.
  4. That is disturbing. However must say I love that you get to color in the tatts.
  5. This made me so curious to know what language she "learned in" before.
  6. Plus, there's the time factor. Matt seems to think your kids are no longer your kids once they hit legal adulthood, so with every one of their 18th birthdays he becomes a better "parent" because he's got fewer kids he's neglecting.
  7. Makes wonder, what canned food are they serving in a yogurt shop? And also, even if she couldn't do it, try training her how (I am suddenly picturing these exceptionally complex cans lol), and see how she does.
  8. Hooray finally found Patricia's topic. I've been looking since just before last weekend. I liked her a lot on the show but have always thought maybe it wasn't the best fit for her. She seems to work a lot better on her own and without the crazy time constraints. Now I feel that way even more... ... because, my real reason for posting now is that I had such an awesome experience last weekend! My little sister (about 23 years younger than me) is an aspiring model, among many other things. She recently moved to LA for college, and has been getting back into some modeling here and there. T
  9. The bolded part completely cracked me up - I couldn't help but think that Ryan's probably already seen those sheets anyway. Hopefully she's gotten some new ones since Ryan was around, though. <shudder> never thought I'd think that much about any of these Moms' sheets.
  10. NikSac


    Yeah she does! I was wondering who that lady is. I'm assuming you mean the one in the turquoise dress. It looks like she's not a fan of Ryan or at least not that day.
  11. Aww poor thing! I was worried about when I saw them putting it in the car. I thought if it got away it'd run right into the street most likely (not sure if the kitty getting killed was THAT close to the time of the filming, but it wouldn't have surprised me). I hope Leah's not the one who ran it over.
  12. Not to mention, how long will it be before he's posting skeevy photos of her just perfect for pedophiles?
  13. I thought some of the fat from her chin was injected into her butt as part of the surgery, or was that just rumor? If it's true, you can in fact still see her chin... just in a very different location. :)
  14. ha.. I love the photo in this article.
  15. WTF is that about?? If it scares you why are you posting it for all the world - and likely more than a few sicko pedophiles - to see??? For that matter I don't even think she looks pretty there, though I agree with scary.
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