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  1. That makes sense. I guess I was thinking that she should just be doing something to get her ready for school. What has she been doing since she graduated high school? **I don’t currently have cable so I’m not watching this season, though I was able to see the first few episodes for free on YouTube, but now they’re charging so I haven’t seen the last half of this season.** Also though, if she’s depressed, which I really think she is, doing much of anything can be ridiculously hard. This is just me speaking from my own personal experience. Again, I wish her nothing but the bes
  2. Ooh this hits home. My niece applied to Harvard and was wait-listed. I think she has since removed herself from the running, though. Why didn't Jazz take some classes at her local community college during this time? I wish her well, but don't see her lasting more than a semester, if that.
  3. I really have nothing to add, except I'm an Amy Beth too! :) Editing to add: You might be the other Amy Beth I already know of on this site, maybe not. On topic: this show is so dumb. Rinse, wash, repeat. Same thing every season. But, I'll still watch bc I only have basic cable and am limited with my viewing options.
  4. And what I mean by 'keeping her company is' this: I will be driving up and down the street shouting at Josh just like her, @Rabbittron. Anyone want to join us? Party in Denver!!!
  5. I'm in the area. Let me know when your mom plans on doing this. I'd love to keep her company :). First time I saw one of those hitchhiker signs, I was blown away. Never saw anything like that til I moved to Denver.
  6. Water is great and all, but I hope she’s at least getting a *fountain soda (preferably Diet Coke) when she goes to McDonald’s. *If you know, you know. If you don’t, google ‘why is McDonald’s fountain soda so good?’ I stop there before work like people stop at Starbucks. 😋🤤
  7. Might be a REALLY dumb question, but I'm asking because I don't know. Is there any chance being in jail is a relief for Josh? I mean, he doesn't have to live 'that' life anymore. No more dealing with seven kids and a wife. No more dealing with parents and his siblings and their kids. I could be way off base, but what does he have to do but literally lay in a cell all day long, and eat and shower when told? Is this is any way a 'break' for him?
  8. Telling my kids this is heavy metal interpretive dance.
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