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  1. This show is pretty bad. I don’t dislike any of these people, but I came for the nail art and it’s not delivering.
  2. I love how great the ladies felt after Foxy did their hair. She seems very sweet.
  3. The way this is worded made me laugh. (I don’t find DS funny/hopefully you get what I’m saying). 😉
  4. Maybe it was just me but Jana seemed to be glowing at her Garden Party. I hope she's with Laura (is that her name?) and they're happy as fuck! Also, the balloon reveal. I would have had to have a seat after the 4th balloon. Just get this shit over with. Boy or girl. Who cares at this point???!!
  5. Haha! They should change the name of the show to Famously Fertile 🤣🤣.
  6. Why does that poor child have the phone in her pocket? It’s the size of her thigh!
  7. Terrific way to go about it. 🙄 Did I read somewhere that the daughter is with his parents? Please tell me I’m wrong.
  8. Was it really necessary for them to go to Starbucks and then drive around with the caramel macchiato? Sad story. Couldn’t he just have broken off the engagement? Wtf is wrong with people?
  9. Jessa used the word cognitively. Thumbs up. Jeremy: So, red snapper is a fish. (I think he lost all respect for the Duggars at that moment). But, he's no great shakes in my mind. I think he's pretentious and thinks he's better than everyone. Including his wife. Michelle and JB sounded like fucking idiots last night.
  10. Nanny and house cleaner and that’s all she got paid? A few free vacations? Blech. Not worth it.
  11. Bones cleaned her house? Why?
  12. Oh yeah. I don’t feel bad for him being miserable. Just an observation.
  13. I feel like if she did lose her shit, it would come in the form of some high-pitched squeaky sound. Poor Ben. Brewing his coffee. Outside. Dude seems fairly miserable to me.
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