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  1. Kenny, back in his late twenties.
  2. Joe looks like a shmushed-faced JFK Jr, and I can’t decide if I think he’s cute or not. 🤔 Aaron has got an amazing smile! He makes me lol. He was so excited when he realized he and some other guy were wearing the same color shorts.
  3. I had no opinion of him one way or another before tonight, but now I love him. His scenes were the best part of the show.
  4. Do we know if any of the Duggars drink? I like this picture of Jinger.
  5. Can someone please remind me why he’s referred to as ‘sinner twin?’
  6. “Votes are…I need you to lock in your vote. Votes are…I need an answer.” Also, “please reset. I need everyone to reset.” This continues to annoy me year after year. Make it electronic or something. Have a countdown buzzer and if they haven’t decided by then, they’re out. I also think Julie is an absolutely terrible host. I realize her connection to CBS and she’s been the host forever, but my god she’s just no good at this.
  7. Britni reminds me of Hannah Horvath. Or maybe just Lena Dunham in general.
  8. Was she also a twin or am I confusing her with someone else?
  9. Michael is cute. He reminds me of Jason Sudeikis. But he has to keep the facial hair.
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