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  1. Did anyone get a Barbie but didn’t make the team?
  2. Well, if she doesn’t have plans to go to the zoo with any of her teammates, girlfriend may as well just quit 😉.
  3. Season 4. Ashley is in the office and Kelli asks her when she started dancing and she said ‘I started in February.’ Then Judy laughed. It was a cute scene. I liked her.
  4. She’s like a teacher with absolutely zero classroom management skills. Just. So. Bad.
  5. One of my all-time favorites. Also one of the prettiest. She did seem very likable. Maybe just shy?
  6. Julie is really bad at her job. She’s a terrible host. I did love her dress, though.
  7. That picture of Kristin is absolutely awful. Eta: Erin is beautiful.
  8. What’s the blonde guest star’s name from season 12? ETA: RaeLynn
  9. Just saw season 6 episode 8 (I think) when Mackenzie Lee doesn’t get cut. And when she tells the girls waiting outside, they have a dance party. Lol! I’ve never seen that scene before. That was cute.
  10. She looks very pretty in that first pic.
  11. @DutchDCCfan Is that Kinzie in your profile pic?
  12. lol it’s actually Farrah during the quarantine 🤣🤣
  13. Haha maybe it was Victoria and she just never left 😉.
  14. Did Jenna make show group her first season?
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