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  1. Haha maybe it was Victoria and she just never left 😉.
  2. What about the Pampers commercial with the dad who has the most adorable voice ever. 🤗
  3. Season 9: Courtney is stressing about her job and says she’s gonna quit tomorrow. Then Kelli says: we can help you find a job. Sounds like a job was too much for her (I totally get it), so why would Kelli try to get ANOTHER job?
  4. I can’t comprehend Amber and Dmitri’s relationship. What in the world do those two have in common and what do they do when the cameras aren’t there? Do they talk and not talk for hours?
  5. There was a lady in red at the nursing home who was absolutely delighted to hear them singing. That made the entire episode for me. ♥️👵🏼
  6. They don’t like Emma either? Why are they such assholes?
  7. If it was his gall bladder, why wouldn’t they just remove it? I can’t help but like Alex. I think he drove me nuts in the earlier seasons, but I think he has a funny sense of humor, and I do think he’s maturing, just slower than the others. Love his interest in robots/robotics. Is that a form of coding? Hope that’s something he sticks with. He told us he was very ‘tech-savvy.’ Funny thing for a young kid to say.
  8. Matt said Lilah was 8 lbs 29 oz. Never heard that weight before. 😂🤣 Zach and Tori need to chill with Jackson meeting the baby.
  9. She’ll also be Cheryl the door lady, Phil, six of the judges 🤣, and she’ll be doing all of the make-overs.
  10. Anyone know how Anna did in her first year? I can honestly see her thriving in early education. I hope she kicks ass, gets a job after she graduates and never has to live under the same roof as Amber and Trent again.
  11. All of the kids should be. Mackenzie did the same thing with that conversation with Gannon. They’re so shitty for doing this.
  12. Maci officially sucks. Making Bentley have that conversation on tv was an awful thing to do. ”Things are going great with Dmitri since he passed the lie detector test.” 🤣🤣 Oh Amber. I hate you.
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