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  1. I haven’t had a problem finding vanilla in my area...hopefully it was just the one store you where you were shopping. I was finally was able to purchase yeast, which I haven’t seen in MONTHS (although I was only looking at the store I chose to shop at each week). I have Sicilian style pizza dough in the works right now. 😀 Oh that’s great! 😀
  2. I find this true on walking/hiking trails, and people walking in my neighborhood. They talk so loud on the phone. I don’t understand this need that some folks appear to have to be talking on the phone, no matter the situation. 🙄 It’s odd isn’t it? Why don’t you call them?
  3. Who knows...maybe they did? 🤷🏻‍♀️
  4. Oh I wish my library would do that! I’m a weirdo...and I can’t read a book on my iPad/phone, It just doesn’t work for me. I need an actual book. 😔
  5. That’s exactly what I told them yesterday! 😀
  6. One of my sons was planning on getting married in August. The venue has told them, that it will be unlikely that they will be able to have a large wedding (250 people) in August due to restrictions/COVID etc. The venue is being great...full refund of all monies, or rescheduling etc The problem with rescheduling is that they don’t have any open dates until 2022. My future DIL is really heartbroken...and I feel bad for her. Nobody could have predicted this. We need to tell everyone really soon what’s happening. I understand she is upset, but I think she needs to just reframe it in her head. It’s easy for me to say that it will be a beautiful day, we will figure it out...she’s just not there yet. 😕
  7. This would be brilliant. He could parcour his way into her heart.
  8. I agree with much that has been said about Molly and her show...the only thing I could add is that I wish she’d use some different words for describing her food...I’m so tired of everything being described with sweet, creamy, crispy, yummy. 🤨
  9. Im very familiar w the area, and I can’t wait for this show. I really liked the trailer, esp the end where the woman on the sand covered w seaweed says “watch out...tides coming in”. Indeed.
  10. Ugh...she’s probably friends w a certain family member of mine that is a finger licker. 🤮
  11. I used Costco.com last week to arrange flowers for everyone I send them to for Mother’s Day (they will be delivered Saturday). I was impressed w their selection and prices. Years ago I used to use ProFlowers but in the last...hmm...5 or more years their qualify has declined, shipping prices way up etc. They used to be such a great deal.
  12. I HAVE MADE A GRAVE MISTAKE! I moved a bunch of holiday decorations and patio stuff from my unfinished basement into the finished portion. I want to declutter, get everything organized. My husband got into it, and wants to paint the floor in the unfinished part...so he moved stuff from his work area and a bunch of other crap out too. We were all excited about it. ok today? I’m completely overwhelmed. Considering arson. 😩
  13. It’s on 3-7 on UPTV if you have that channel. And as others have mentioned, NetFlix.
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