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  1. Grrr...what IS it with the people in stores talking on the phone? I am encountering these folks with more and more frequency and I guess I'm an oldie but what is the point exactly in walking around the store talking loudly on a phone (and clearly not talking to the transplant team)? They are usually standing in the way, oblivious to others etc You want to talk on the phone? Go right ahead! I'm not sure why you feel the need to do it in the lotion isle at Target and give everyone the stink eye that is trying to get around you. Vent over...
  2. Kelly


    I’m so happy for you! You deserve it! 😀
  3. I thought Clinique reintroduced Calyx...if you really liked it, you might want to check out the Clinique website. I remember Grass by Gap! Try Amazon! You may like Eau Parfumme Au The Vert by Bulgari - it’s really lovely fresh clean scent.
  4. I thought maybe it was medications for the animals?
  5. The Christmas Markets are wonderful! We’ve been to a few of the markets on the list... Im partial to the Basel one, because we lived in Basel for a few years. The Budapest one is also fantastic. The city plays a big part of the experience, and it’s always so fun to not only enjoy the market but explore the city and surrounding areas. Christmastime in Europe is so special, there’s nothing quite like it. So much info online... We plan to do one of the Christmas Market River Cruises...hopefully within the next few years. We love to travel, and have really been missing it lately. I’m itching to go somewhere, anywhere...at this point!
  6. I think he is guilty. I really feel for the parents, what a nightmare for them.
  7. It’s funny you mention that, but my husband watches telenovelas...it has improved his Spanish. 😀
  8. I thought he said he spoke it so well (his sister too) from watching American TV Shows...I could be wrong tho.
  9. ITA I did read something awhile ago, that she was embezzling from her employer. Not sure if that’s accurate or not, but regardless...something not quite right was going on. Also allegedly, when she sold that house, she left all the furnishings behind.
  10. Apparently now, CW is saying that he drugged her with Oxycodone, so she 'couldn't' fight back. He lies so much though, we will never know the truth, unfortunately.
  11. I've been reading about the case since it happened, and it's my understanding from the autopsy findings that the girls were smothered/suffocated before they were placed in the oil tanks. CW has changed his story multiple times, so it's not really clear if they were killed at the house, or at the oil field. They were so small, I just can't imagine their fear, their father...so horrible. It's overwhelming to me. Chris Watts is a monster. In terms of SW and her social media presence...it seems clear to me, that it had a negative impact on their family/marriage. That being said, her LACK of social media activity the morning she was killed, alerted her friends that something was very very wrong. He should have used her phone, as her, to respond to her friends. But he wasn't smart enough to do that. If her friend Nickole had not shown up at her house, I have to wonder, what would have CW done with her car, her phone etc
  12. Kelly


    I've heard of people using the liquid Massengill Douche for skunked dogs...the one with vinegar. So maybe that was it? I'm not familiar with the powder...whether or not it had a vinegar component. We had a dog that LOVED to get sprayed by skunks, and our vet at the time recommended white vinegar and it worked miracles for us. Better than anything else we tried...and it's super inexpensive, so that was a bonus! I would also add white vinegar to the washing machine to wash his bed/blankets. I would wash them daily for the first few days after he got skunked, and it always worked to keep everything odor free.
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