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  1. I also met my husband on a blind date. 🥰
  2. Kelly


    Would you mind sharing the name of the series? I've been looking for a series to start... Some I like, in case anyone is looking... Diane Mott Davidson: Goldie Mysteries (1st book in series "Catering to Nobody") Joanne Fluke: Hannah Swensen Mysteries (1st book in series "Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder") Laurien Berenson: Melanie Travis Mysteries (1st book in series "A Pedigree to Die For") Susan Conant: Holly Winter Mysteries (1st book in series "A New Leash on Death") Joan Hess: Claire Molloy Mysteries (1st book in series "Strangled Prose") Joan Hess: A
  3. Kelly


    This happened to me last year...we were on borrowed time with our AC and it finally kicked the bucket in early June. Got it replaced in last September, and it was SO NICE to sleep comfortable! I'm excited for you! 🙂
  4. Kelly


    Anyone play Bunco? I don't know anything about it. A group of gals in my neighborhood play it, and they stopped during COVID but were thinking of starting up again...since some folks have moved/no longer can participate, they are looking for some new people. I'm told it requires NO SKILL and is really more a social gathering than anything else. I'd like to participate, but I really have NO SKILL for games (except maybe Candyland). LOL I remember trying to learn eucre in college. :(
  5. Oh this made me smile. I also loved paper dolls. I still have a bunch I saved in department store shirt boxes (that, at the time, I had to REALLY convince my mom to give me). I was the only one in my family that liked them. I remember getting my first set, and my mother warning me they were going to take a lot of time to cut out. Of course my small hands, snub nosed child scissors weren’t working. I was in my room on my bed…all sad about it and my Dad walked by. My father was a quiet person, not super demonstrative. He took one of the pages to cut for me, and the next morning I w
  6. I have a subscription, and have been receiving it without any problems. I received the Jul/Aug 2021 Issue last week.
  7. Yes, I was optimistic for her too...at first. When she launched into how she hated taking care of her father, and going on and on - I thought ok, here come all the excuses. Also interesting that her sister passed away in her hoard. It’s too bad that Debbie, even though she SAYS she doesn’t want to end up that way...probably will. She really doesn’t WANT to change. Doesn’t want therapy etc The first fit she had w Brandon when his team took “too much stuff” outside for sorting, and if only they had done it “her way” 🙄. She really reminded me of one of my sisters. Also a hoard
  8. Its become popular the last few years. It’s actually often used incorrectly...I would recommend google for a precise definition.
  9. Kelly


    I hope your Dad is feeling better! Something similar happened with my mom (she’s 89) and it turned out to be arthritis.
  10. I registered for fine china/crystal and silver when I got married (early 90's) and so did all my friends/family members etc It's still a thing - just depends. I think a lot of people getting married these days are using much more casual table settings, or just not interested. My sisters and I inherited a lot of items from our grandmothers/extended family...and it just keeps getting passed down. I think it's nice. When we had a wedding in the family - my mother set up the buffet and side table in her formal dining room, and when the gifts started coming in...they were opened, informatio
  11. I remember Benita from watching “He Lies About Everything” on the ID Channel (I think). Wow that super dark hair is doing her no favors...and the lips? The heavy eyeliner on her bottom lid? Oy She reminds me of that other idiot woman that "fell in love" w that guy that claimed to be a surgeon (John Meehan aka Dirty John), and when the lies started crumbling he tried to kill her daughter who was figuring out who he was...remember that friggen mess? Another "super smart person". Sure Jan.
  12. No, thank goodness! No social media back then (I got married in the early 90s).
  13. It’s definitely a thing (still is)...my mom did it for me/my sisters. She set up the buffet and side table in her formal dining room, and when the gifts started coming in...they were opened, information logged in a little book for thank you notes, and then the gifts were displayed artfully w candles, fresh flowers etc During this time, my moms friends would come over for coffee/cake, and look at the gifts/talk about them. 😂
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