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  1. i watch this b/c I enjoy the parents’ accents...and they’re so ridiculously good-natured and kind to each other, like a Bizarro Jon and Kate. Eric clearly adores Courtney and it’s just so sweet to watch. At this point in my life, I don’t find babies cute or amusing. They just fucking annoy me. So I’m certainly not watching it for them. Agreed, the kids’ names are ridiculous, but...whatever. I definitely agree with the previous poster that it’s not fair to enlist all your friends and relatives to help take care of your litter of children. Sorry but 9 is just too damn many. That said, the kids are here now and they’re clearly loved and well-cared for. But I do find myself thinking, “if that were my sister or neighbor, they’d better not ask me to help care for all those screaming brats. Not my fault they decided to have so damn many a time!”
  2. I'm guessing MTV is just treading lightly b/c of the protests, etc. related to the murder of George Floyd. It's a very volatile time in the US re: anything regarding race, so....I'd say it's an overreach not to show the special, but then again, it's embarrassing that I even knew or cared that the special was supposed to air last night, so....
  3. Yeah, add me to the list of people who begrudgingly agree w/Ryan on something: It's not right for Bentley to be "dieting" or restricting his calories so young. Frankly, I don't think it's advisable for high-school-aged kids either, but certainly not for one as young as Bentley. But, also in agreement w/another poster, Ryan hasn't been NEARLY involved enough a Dad to have any say here. Cory...yuck. And not nice of the producers/editors to include all the footage of him hoping it's a boy....real nice for his eventual daughter to see one day. Then again, with Cory as her Dad...that will probably be the least of this kid's issues. Mackenzie needs grief counseling, and she and Josh need to split. He's devoid of personality, ambition, or any affection for her. He's useless.
  4. All of this!! The cinematography is almost redundant, with the story itself already being so terribly depressing.
  5. Interesting. I can see both sides. Right now (during the pandemic), I go back and forth between wanting to just watch silly reality TV like "90-Day Fiance" and/or sitcoms and funny movies (I recommend "Long Shot", "Blockers", "Neighbors 2"...but no one asked...OK...back on topic) and watching rather unpleasant docs like "Don't Fuck With Cats". Anyway....I am having to split each episode of "I Know This Much Is True" into half-hour segments. An hour of the complete misery of Dominick's and Thomas' lives is just more than I want to experience at a time these days. (Plus, though I don't remember every detail, I remember a few incidents from the book not yet shown on the TV series which are going to be dark, to say the least.)
  6. I read it when it first came out, and the book is still on my bookshelf...I may try to re-read it. I remember skipping over all of the italicized stuff which was, I think, the grandfather's memoir (?). For me, though I have enjoyed most of Wally Lamb's books, he'll never top "She's Come Undone". It's my absolute #1 book of all time, and I'm sorta glad there has never been a TV or movie adaptation, b/c I just don't think the story can really be told any other way than on the printed page.
  7. I'm watching and I read the book (YEARS ago, so I don't remember every detail). It's so damn depressing, but the acting is stellar. Love Mark Ruffalo and it's interesting to see him in this dual role. The role I always associate w/the actor's actual personality (and I could be dead wrong) is the one of the sperm donor in "The Kids Are All Right", so both these roles are wayyy different.
  8. I can't thank you enough for sitting through that dumpster fire and recounting it for us. My takeaway: Tom is the biggest asshole out of all of 'em. He's totally playing the bitch British diva with the insults and barbs....fuck you, Tom.
  9. Ha! I saw/heard Melissa do her John Mulaney impression on Whitney Cummings' podcast a couple of weeks ago and it was GOLDEN! God, I am sorry you had that experience.
  10. YES! They really nailed, w/Ellyn, how it feels when friends/sisters start having babies and you just don't "get" how all-consuming it can be. You feel left out and you kinda resent the baby, as wrong as you know that is. There are tiny details I have noticed as an adult, watching and re-watching certain episodes, such as: In "The Mike Van Dyke Show", when everyone is congregating in the kitchen after Hope is in the car wreck w/Janey, Nancy comes in and Michael assures her that Hope and Janey are gonna be OK. Nancy says, "And Janey was in the car?! Oh..." and sort of does the "oh my!" gesture.. Ellyn kinda does an eye-roll. (What's funny is, elsewhere in the same scene, Michael's Mom calls and, after he picks up and says, "Hi, Mom", the actress playing Janey repeats it ("Hi Mom!") and Polly Draper actually grins in an "Awww!" way, which is funny.
  11. I'm excited for "sixtysomething" but even more excited that there is finally a forum here for this show! I have all 4 seasons on DVD and they are definitely among my most prized possessions. When the show started airing, my sister and I were 19 and 14. We loved the show, but mostly to mock the characters and their "yuppie problems". I mean, at our ages, we hadn't been married, had kids, had relationships, or really had issues related to workplace/ profession yet. Cut to 30-plus years later....I can still barely stand to watch the "Therapy" episode w/Elliot and Nancy....wayyy too raw and close to home for me. Almost word for word, that was my (now ex-) husband's and my relationship, except that I wasn't a housewife. But my loss of interest in sex, the resentment of him toward me for that, and mine toward him for not helping more w/the house and kids...ouch. Couple of unpopular opinions: Ellyn was my favorite character, flaws and all, and her storyline w/Jeffrey has top billing for me to this day. Also, back me up here, someone: In the "Arizona" episode when Hope and Michael have that really ugly fight late at night and Michael is being SUCH a dick to Hope and (you can tell), when he knocks the box of pictures off the edge of the armchair and says, "Oh, you...." you just KNOW he wants to say "bitch"?! Oddly, I find Michael almost irresistibly sexy and "hot" in that scene, primarily BECAUSE he is being such a dick, particularly after he accuses Hope of being too much like her mother, and then, after Ruth interrupts them briefly, senses the tension, and departs, Michael gives Hope that totally mocking look and then takes a sip of water!?!? HOT!! (It doesn't hurt that he looks really buff in that green T-shirt he's wearing in that scene, either...) I dunno...paging Dr. Freud, I guess... It's also interesting to watch as a (now) fifty something w/a different perspective and see how I feel differently toward different characters and their motivations. In my memory from when the show first aired, I had the impression that Elliot just left Nancy w/barely a backward glance and no regrets. When I watch the ep now in which he first leaves, when they are sitting in the car after the conference w/Ethan's teacher, Timothy Busfield's acting KILLS me-- Elliot is clearly torn up and emotional about what he is about to do. Same (kinda) w/Ellyn...I remembered her blithely going along w/her attraction to Jeffrey, barely considering the consequences until it was too late. Upon watching now, of course I can see how she tried to fight it at first and that it really was Jeffrey who "insisted" they "do something about it". I could go on and on....and probably will when I have more time. THANK YOU to whoever started the "thirtysomething" forum!!
  12. I want to have compassion for Jeanne, and am truly sorry for what she has endured, but..... Gotta love her and her Mom trying to convince Dr. Now that all Jeanne eats are eggs, cheese and toast for breakfast, skinless chicken and an orange for dinner, and no lunch....maybe soda twice a week. Oh honey. Please.
  13. As much as a moronic dickwad as Josh is, I'd like to think that, b/c the MTV crew was there filming when Mackenzie stated that she was "having trouble wanting to stay alive", he felt "safe" leaving her there w/the kids, b/c she technically wouldn't be there alone with them. That wins him no medals, obviously, and I could be wrong.
  14. You’re not alone. I can’t snark on her. She’s too naive and sweet.
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