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  1. OK, can anyone help me w/this? There are two songs from the "Happy New Year" episode (Season 4) I am trying to figure out the artist and song titles for: The first is the one where everyone is dancing (right after they moved the furniture to free up dancing space) and Hope comes downstairs and says, "What is this? Dancing? In my house? Whose idea was this!?", and the second is like a slow-jam where Elliot dances with Patsy, Melody's Mom and Peter's friend. I've tried pausing during the end credits, looking on IMDB, etc. all to no avail and really want to try to find those two songs on Spotify
  2. SO MANY! 1. Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend 2. SmartLess (Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes) 3. Armchair Expert (Dax Shepherd and Monica Padman) 4. WTF (Marc Maron) 5. The Rewatchables 6. Totally 80s 7. You Made It Weird With Pete Holmes 8. Tig and Cheryl: True Story 9. The Square Peg Podcast with Andrew Lawrence 10. Literally! With Rob Lowe 11. Pretty Lies and Alibis 12. Good For You (Whitney Cummings) 13. TV Literate 14. Pod Save America
  3. To be fair I remember as far back as 1984 the accusation that Olympic gymnastics coverage here in the US was “xenophobic “at best.
  4. Not sure if anyone else here is old enough to remember a magazine called Gymnastics World…It was out in the late 70s through I guess early 80s. Anyway, for a while, they had an ongoing fictional series about a girl named Dinah who becomes the first British gymnast to medal in the Olympics. I probably still have some copies of the magazine around somewhere. Anyway, I totally thought of that when Great Britain medaled today. Anyone else out there remember this?
  5. I'm SUPER old...there was a Japanese gymnast (male) in '76 who competed on a broken leg. There is a famous clip of him landing his horizontal bar dismount on that leg and then grimacing in agony.
  6. I've been on Twitter going back and forth with a-holes whose stance is "If she can't handle pressure, she's not a true champion/she's not really the best" BS. Simone did the right thing for her own health, and good for her. Kerri Strug should NEVER have been vaulting on that broken ankle (?foot?) and is held up as a heroine for doing so. (Not taking ANYTHING away from her...just saying she could have caused permanent damage to her body in doing so.) Whether physical OR mental health, if an athlete opts to pull out rather than risk permanent damage, no one should be shaming them.
  7. Not only that but if I hear him say one more time that if people just eat better and lose weight they wouldn’t have to worry about Covid… Jesus Christ Bill. Has he not heard of “long haulers”? Maybe misspelling it but it’s that condition where someone has Covid and then even after they test negative they still can’t breathe well and they’re still very weak. There are young athletes in their 20s, in excellent shape, suffering with this. So Bill needs to STF you about how it’s only overweight people who suffer and/or die from it
  8. The most cringe-worthy part of that to me was that how obviously scripted it was. Come on, they’re sisters...there’s no way they didn’t already know that about each other. That shocked me too, at first… But when I thought about it, it’s possible that that’s how Jade’s Mom became an addict. It’s not unheard of for medical professionals, particularly nurses, to end up with addictions to pain meds and other drugs because they have sich easy access to it and because their jobs are so crazy stressful.
  9. I’m loving this episode so far. The cold open was giving me all the feels. WU is slaying!! And holy shite, Judge Jeannine Pirro is back!!
  10. I know they said it was planned.....just always wondered why they would do it then. Sure, it had been scheduled, but couldn’t it have been rescheduled to give Jill time to recuperate from her C-section? I know they don’t really care anything about women, and that they’re expected to work themselves nearly to death, around the clock, but still… I don’t know..
  11. My apologies if this has already been covered, but...Does anyone remember when Derick had surgery to break his jaw for dental surgery (?) right around the time Israel was born? I remember it being covered on a special (it wasn't on the Kelly Files interview, but sometime around there) and thinking, "Why the hell would they choose NOW...when Jill has a newborn and is recuperating from a C-section...for Derick to have this surgery?!" This wasn't just a one-day, outpatient surgery-type recuperation for Derick....they showed photos of him in the hospital and talked at length about how arduous the
  12. Never knew that about Bonnie Franklin and the actress who played Ginny (too lazy to look it up on IMDB right now). Can't say it surprises me though. LOL!! It was ridiculous. And she was turning...brace yourselves..THIRTY-SIX!
  13. Yeah, I agree. Mark could be kind of a pompous ass, couldn't he? With hindsight, his behavior on their first date (refusing to take her home until the next morning, if I remember correctly) was vaguely threatening, too, although he didn't force anything on her sexually. I still tend to see him with the adolescent/young teen lens through which I saw him when the show aired...he is easy on the eyes. However.... OMG, on a recent re-watch, especially the first few seasons, Bonnie Franklin's overacting was cringeworthy. The shuddering breaths...OY!
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