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  1. When my kids were little and not able to do their laundry (it was down two flights of stairs and those basement stairs were a doozy with a sharp turn and a half step) I would either mix the kids clothes together or just do a big load of all our clothes. I did the laundry so I would sort and fold and put it on their beds and they would put it away. (Even now, husband's gets placed on his side of the bed) Once the kids got old enough they just do their own. Including their own towels and sheets. I do wash my and my husband's clothes together. On a funny side note, there was a sign in the l
  2. When I first watched the episode I felt a little let down, it felt a little anti-climatic. Giving it some thought, I was being unfair because I think I was expecting a big emotional punch like from the end of Clone Wars. But that was seven seasons, and Ahsoka and Rex had had long character arcs. The first season of Bad Batch wasn't going to be able to do that, and on top of that, I think it was supposed to show them being off-balance, and struggling to figure out who they are now in this very new world with no missions and no purpose. And after watching the season again, it feels better. And I
  3. Also, the percentage of protection was only ever around 90-95%. That means that some vaccinated people could end up in the hospital, it just greatly reduces the amount of people. The number I have seen thrown around is 99.02 of the people dying are unvaccinated. The breakthrough infections that happened in Provincetown MA, nobody vaccinated ended up on a vent, though of the number (and I think it was around 100) only 2 ended up in the hospital and it wasn't requiring ICU. The short version of this: The vaccine was never ever touted as 100% prevention with 0 risk for Covid or hospitalizat
  4. You can also hover your mouse on their avatar and there should be a choice to ignore user. (I never use the mobile site, so this is desktop only.
  5. I'd be more than happy to get a booster shot. I also have no issue wearing a mask while out in public. I was already planning on masking while at Universal Studios Orlando, especially for the indoor queues. My hope is that if they do announce a booster, it includes the "pediatric" cohort of 12-16 year olds as well. She'll be attending school here in TX where cases are definitely on the rise and policies are in place to make it difficult to curb. (I'm actually more concerned that she won't be allowed to wear her mask at school. She was already planning on it and I am probably hoping against hop
  6. We came home from a recital with our daughter and there was a hawk munching away on a squirrel in our front yard, completely unfazed that were walking into the house. I used to try to make sure the yard was clear of bunnies and squirrels because greyhounds are fast enough to catch them and it's gross. I was not always successful and squirrels are stupid and would go up on the fence and then try to race across the yard to their favorite tree with the dogs in the yard. Even so, Raz got quite a few rabbits. In our new home, there are no wild critters that I've seen in the yard. Other than big ass
  7. In both of my houses I've had essentially two attics. In our current house, there's a big closet upstairs that has a door that opens to the space above the garage. Husband put some floorboards in and we use it for A LOT of storage. We also have a pull-down ladder attic that we barely use or access. We sometimes call that space over the garage the upstairs attic to distinguish it from the pull down ladder attic. And now I would swear attic is not a real word. So upstairs attic did not ping as strange to me.
  8. As a former moderator I would notice patterns. It helped me handle situations better knowing the patterns of how poster talk about the subject and with each other. But seeing the patterns help incorporate the granular into the bigger picture. And absolutely we are under no obligation to read, react, agree, interact, commiserate, advise, believe etc with anyone.
  9. Snakes and crocs and spiders are why I won't visit Australia. I'll go to Florida to go to Disney and Universal, though. @Scarlett45 are you still planning on visiting WDW this year? My DVC friends didn't renew their annual pass this year. We are hitting Halloween Horror Nights at Universal this year. My daughter and one of the friends went in 2019 and loved it. I'm a big scaredy cat but I still really enjoyed it. We had such a great time we're bringing the husbands along this time. Which, thinking about it, may be a mistake.
  10. I had bunion surgery when I was 37. I have orthotics for my shoes that are not Vionic. They are definitely worth the price. I inherited bad teeth and feet from my maternal side. (All the talk about a Rod kid not having her two front teeth--I went 18 months before mine came in. My mom even asked the dentist. But my teeth are awful. Palate expander and braces and they're still not great) I've been debating whether to get a pair of sandals but I can't justify it because I don't like having my feet exposed. I would be so worried about that snake because my dogs love to sniff things and I woul
  11. I always assumed that's why everyone got all nasty with each other when Loki was imprisoned. They were all around the scepter and arguing in small groups. It wasn't outright stated, but as the fights progress, the camera flips and focuses on the scepter as if to point out that the scepter was the source of the conflict. It would make sense that it was also affecting Loki.
  12. My husband helped his mom clean out his grandmothers (mom's mother) condo in Florida just before Memorial Day. (Was supposed to happen last Spring but as we all know the world closed down). He got super frustrated with all the stuff she wanted to keep. We've done two big moves and I've definitely learned to cull mercilessly. When we were talking about it later I mentioned (trying not to be morbid) but it kind of sucks that he and his sister (who was begging from afar to throw stuff out) will have to go through all of that and have to clean out so much. She was saving take-out containers, broke
  13. I moved to north Texas last year after a lifetime of living in the Northeast. The past few days have been stormy but also delightfully cool. But dang, here I was expecting near 90s because I know I've seen it get that hot here in May but it has been lovely. I have a feeling it's an anomaly but I am loving it--cool, rainy, gray days are my jam.
  14. @Tikichick I was trying to explain in general that yes, children are different. There isn't really a good understanding but it's hard because infants, toddlers and children aren't really great at communicating either. The rest of the post was not directed to that question and I'm sorry I didn't delineate.
  15. There are few things about pediatric studies. Many times parents don't want to have their children in studies. Informed consent is hugely difficult. But also, a pediatric system is different than an adult system so it's not so much a smaller dose. As for following the science, I'm well versed in how FDA works, thank you thanks to my job in Reg Affairs. It's not random and there's a reason things move slowly. Vaccines as a class have been very, very well documented and it's not new. There's more danger from daughter getting shot in a classroom considering her school announces that there ar
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