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  1. I'm not sure I understand what's going on at all, but I am so looking forward to seeing some spectacle in the theater. Sept 3!!
  2. My son and husband got their second Pfizer shot on Tuesday and Mr. Toast woke up at 1 with body ache and chills (no fever). Son felt bodyaches. they are mostly better this afternoon but son's arms still hurt this morning. I had told them about all anecdotal experiences so it wasn't a shock. I will definitely be preparing for a day of doing nothing after I get my second shot.
  3. I am overdue for my eye exam but it hasn't been bad enough to need to go. I got progressives with my last new pair and I had no problem until we started wearing masks. My glasses are not tight, they slip down while doing housework and nearly fall off with yard work, so they do not hold masks down and it puts the lens right where it's starts getting to the bifocal part and just warps the view. I wear my mask over my nose but it's just barely over my nose because otherwise it's hard to see. We managed to get our Rx from our previous optometrist because I'm thinking of getting a new pair from an
  4. TX opened up and I started fiddling around today and actually found some slots at a nearby CVS. I've got an appointment for Monday and May 3. Woo-hoo! I'm so angry that it has been so difficult for so many people. I understand why they are sending it to pharmacies, thinking it would be easier for more people to access, but the technology seems to be a sticking point for those that really need it. Plus it's just a shit show in general, basically 2020 has bled into 2021. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and I'm so glad I'll be vaccinated soon!
  5. Thank you @emma675! I hadn't been looking at the TX site for a while because I was pretty much waiting until I heard about opening up to the general population. And I didn't think it would happen until April so I'm surprised it's so soon. Pleasantly surprised and excited. It may still take a while because I hope (really, fervently, passionately hope) that a lot of people are going to try to sign up. But I'll wear my patience pants and know that eventually I'll get my jab.
  6. Really!?!?! Husband and son got their first shot in Frisco last week and when he goes in a month to get his second he was going to try to get me signed up too. I wonder if the sites will be overwhelmed again. Either way *screech* *rushes to see about signing up* My mom in Massachusetts has her first shot scheduled for Sunday at the large vaccination site at the Natick Mall. Now, this is a woman who doesn't like to drive to places she doesn't know. For those unfamiliar with Natick, it's quite congested with some weird streets and the mall itself is huge. My brother is taking her there so s
  7. Happy Birthday, @QuinnInND! I haven't had a dental cleaning in over a year as well--was supposed to have one at the end of February 2020 but I was sick coming back from Disney and had just started the antibiotic for the ear infection. It was rescheduled to March and lo and behold the lockdowns. They did try to get me to come in before I moved in July but I hate going to the dentist if I have an excuse I'm gonna use it. I have very, very tight teeth so I've had the numbing agent while they are cleaning/scraping. (It's so crowded in there the hygienist is all don't yank the floss o
  8. I will be double masking. I was going to the grocery store and that's it. I may start doing pick-up instead of going through the aisles. I'm irritated though because I have to go and get my license changed from MA to TX. We made the appointment in August for next week. So a nice crowded place with a bunch of assholes all thrilled they don't have to keep their distance or mask. So pissed. Anyone have a hazmat suit? The school district did reach out and basically announced that they haven't decided anything yet, so we'll see what happens. My daughter is full time virtual and I will not sen
  9. I wondered if I had COVID last year, too. When we were in Disney during the February school break, we were all sick but I lost the sense of taste for a few days. On the drive home, we went to an urgent care where I was diagnosed with a sinus and double ear infection so felt like absolute shit. But that loss of taste was unlike anything I had ever experienced. But, it was barely the end of February and getting tested was near impossible unless you could show exposure to someone from China or Italy. We were asked if we had been around any foreigners....which, yes, we were in Disney World. Howeve
  10. Well, Howard could have found it and SHIELD kept it and then Lawson/Mar-Vell was working with it as part of SHIELD/Air Force. So Mar-Vell had it in orbit around earth and Carol brought it back down to terra firma. That doesn't strike me as too out of bounds. It could be Mar-Vell figured out the humans had it and worked with them in order to get to it. She was a little bit rogue, but she seemed to be able to work within the system until effing Yon Rogge (that name could be spelled wrong) screwed it all up. Also, I loved Annette Benning in that movie. She was awesome.
  11. Watching the episode I was all, "It's that book, from Agents of SHIELD, the season with Ghost Rider and he ... had the book at the end. Wait, what happened to the book. And what the hell is it called again?" Then walking around putting away dinner I just blurted out Darkhold. And if Agatha has the Darkhold, bad shit is happening. (And I'm not a comics reader, I just remember it was a very big deal during that season of AoS.) And damn, I still have that song in my head because it's amazing. Even though I wasn't necessarily surprised because of all the speculation, they did such a great job
  12. We got power after 14 hours. It was 47 in my daugher's room, slowly getting back and was 56 last I checked. I'm ok with rolling blackouts, but dang, that was not a rolling blackout. We called at hour 12 because wtf and after waiting an hour (figured as much) were told it was feeder and it was giving them trouble apparently. Yeah, they can't tell you anything. But we've had it for an hour now, so I fully expect it to go out again soon. But dang is it nice to have the heat on. And give the gas fireplace a break.
  13. It is 5 degrees out right now (I'm in north TX) and the wind is blowing and we've been without power since 3 AM (about 4 hours). I am super pissed. There are not supposed to be rolling blackouts at 1 AM and then 3AM and for this long. Yes, it's cold. Guess what, it gets cold. Doesn't mean people should lose power. Terrible planning and terrible infrastructure is not the fault of the cold, it's the fault of the people that are more interested in rolling in the money while the customers freeze. And no, I won't feel bad for the employees, because we're all suffering and this could have been preve
  14. We have maybe an inch of snow. First thing this morning it was crunchy, even though it was very cold, but now it seems like the powdery stuff which I'm glad about because it's easier to just sweep that with a broom especially since we did not bring a snow shovel with us *kicks self* Mr. Toast is considering using the leaf blower because, well, it'd be fun. It's such a small amount, not even sure it's worth removing anyway. Nearly all of our faucets are interior so we're good with that I would think. We lost power briefly which pissed me off because there isn't any ice, it wasn't windy, and the
  15. Your godmother's request reminded me of this story of a WWII search for peach ice cream out of season. (Bliss Dairy is a local restaurant from where I used to live in MA that had the best ice cream. It was also where the local youth theatre group would head after performances. It was very much a local place that I miss terribly.)
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