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  1. I love Randy Rainbow. I got to see him a few years ago with friends in Boston. Not as much as a fun story and getting to meet him, though. What fun!
  2. Mr. Toast has celiac as well. (And he has gout and kidney stones so has to avoid meat and beans and spinach and mushrooms and a few other foods). Even so, he is glad it's something he can handle by changing diet rather than needing medication. Saying that I realize he means the celiac, not the gout because he takes meds for that. And because of his diet, we usually host the big get-togethers so that we can make sure he can eat everything. No one complains because good food is good food. After cooking gluten free for over 15 years, it's like writing a sonnet. I have parameters I have to follow but it allows me to make some really great dishes. Also, thanks everyone for your support. I still feel for this kid but he's got work he's got to do that we are not equipped to help him with.
  3. Allow me a small vent of sorts. Skip once your eyes start crossing. My son is 17 and will be graduating (we hope) at the end of May. He has a friend who we don't know well. He has regaled A-boy with some pretty horrendous stories about abuse and such from his family, but he didn't go to the same school as our son. If he had, we would have alerted the school as mandated reporters. (He graduated last year from a program aimed at at risk students while son attends the public high school.) The friend graduated from that program last May and so is not eligible for any assistance from there as it is. The friend has always raised some red flags and hackles for me. He is always a victim, everyone is out to get him, he has proof all of these wrongs. Undoubtedly, he has many issues. Apparently, he was kicked out and ended up at a hospital (though he wouldn't tell A-boy where.) He begged A-boy to convince us to let him stay with us. And we said no because we don't know what's going on about a court date because his mom is pressing charges (and even that was like pulling teeth to get that basic info). He called A-boy tonight and spoke with us all on speakerphone saying he was being kicked out of where he was because he's gay (we knew that recently) and where he is some Christian place that won't let him stay. And he can't not have an address because he'll be arrested. Which...again, red flags. A-boy was very quiet (as usual) and when he spoke it was to try to calm his friend down and point him in a better direction. We tried to find some safe home housing information quickly, but he wouldn't take it. (Again, red flag). He didn't have a phone (which, you're using a phone) and it's his dad's phone and his dad was going to take him to the homeless shelter and he's going to jail and he'll die in jail. And we stayed firm, he wasn't coming to our house. We've been having work done in the house as we are preparing to move (sob!!!) in the summer. In fact, we are leaving the kids alone over the weekend while Mr. Toast and I do some house hunting/learn about new builds. I really don't want him in my house when we are not home and I know that it will not be just one day. My daughter has anxiety issues that we've gotten her help for and I really didn't want her be around that. A-boy understands and feels bad but is not angry at us about it. Even so, I feel bad. I'd like to be a safe place for someone in need, but there are so many issues with this and I have a strong feeling a lot is being withheld. But still, he's a young person who has had a difficult time and feels hopeless and a door was closed in his face. It's been a lot. Yeah. Just needed to vent a little. Thanks for the space.
  4. We traditionally make a prime rib for Christmas, too. About two years ago hubby passed a kidney stone and it's not the calcium kind it's the uric acid kind. What that has meant is he has to really cut down on the meat and take a drug. If he's off meat (and purines which means no mushrooms, asparagus and some other veggies) for a while he really, really feels it when he eats meat again. He looooves making the prime rib but this year he is seriously questioning whether he wants to or not. On top of that, friends of ours who we spend a lot of time with, the wife is vegan. The husband has started eating a lot less meat and he's noticing that he feels better just as Mr. Toast had. It's really looking like we might have a meat free Christmas. Which, frankly, not being a fan of ham or prime rib, I'm fine with. The best part for me is the Christmas breakfast and all the yummy sides, snacks, and desserts. And the kids don't mind much either. On the other hand, making the prime rib was one of the holiday traditions that Mr. Toast loved the best. Also, setting up his model trains which we can't do this year. He's still getting his chocolate truffles and rainbow cookies, so not everything is going away. I had a very quiet Thanksgiving of just me. We had a big friends and family Friendsgiving earlier in the month and Mr. Toast and the kids went to see his family and I stayed home and cuddled with the dogs. It was awesome.
  5. As someone who slogged through the Inhumans show (it had potential but it was such a chore with next to no likable characters), what you describe is the basis and the conflict of the show. Like I said, it had promise, but it was handled badly and they had these weird side stories that were just dumb. But that premise was interesting.
  6. My grandma put sugar in her tomatoes, too. Cut up tomatoes and sugar is a delightful summer treat. I never knew of anyone else doing it until reading here today.
  7. My daughter was sick last week in the hotel, poor thing. First she got the back to school cold which didn't manifest until day 2, so we took it easy. But later on in the week she ate imitation krab for the first time and I'm pretty sure that's why she was sick later that night. However, I had brought ibuprofen, allergy med, Pepto, Lactaid and various band-aids in a pseudo medical bag knowing how much hotels charge for that stuff. (I also brought a room spray and Poopourri because I know my tummy would not be good with theme park food) Sadly, she took the Pepto just to make herself vomit. She was feeling better by morning, at least. It's like when I tell my kids to bring their umbrellas to school. If they don't bring it, it will rain. If they do bring it, it won't rain. It's the universe giggling at us.
  8. Took the words right out of my mouth. @lookeyloo that's something no mother ever wants to hear. I am so sorry. Continual virtual hugs to you all.
  9. I'm a big fan of the original stories, too, and it was such a pleasure to see characters that weren't necessarily exact adaptions, but got the feel of the relationship the two shared. To be fair, it's a bit more superficial in the books, but, there was always the undercurrent of partners on an adventure. Yeah, I knew exactly who Ronald Adair was and was not surprised what happened. (Though, in the books, it was Moran) It really is missing in a whole lot of adaptions and it's such a shame because it's what I love about the canon Holmes. I started watching because it was a Sherlock Holmes adaptation and I'm a sucker for those. I stayed because it clicked with me, I really liked how Watson and Holmes clicked. And then I just loved how they sprinkled in so much fun stuff. Ms Hudson. Clyde. Everyone. Bell and Gregson. Kitty. The Nose (was that the name?) It just worked so well and I'm going to miss it. I have discovered it is eminently rewatchable.
  10. I tried an online size calculator but wanted to actually try on that size. Went to a bra store that wasn't terribly far and that calculator size was not correct. I can fit between a 40D /38DD. And some styles just do not work. The poor lady was determined to get me in this one bra and we could not get it right. One of my boobs is bigger than the other by more than a teensy bit, so a lot of styles it's either overflowing on one side or sagging on the other. Weirdly, I found a clearance 38DD at Kohl's that is just fabulous. I'm leaning more towards the 38 band because I can put it on the last set of hooks and when the elastic starts wearing out, I can go up in the hooks. I was at the hairdresser yesterday and she was astounded that I wash my bras separately in the delicate cycle. I explained that I'm super lazy and technically you're supposed to be handwashing them but no way am I going to be leaning over to the bathtub to wash my bras. Delicate cycle will have to do. I also discovered that apparently I know witchcraft because I can fold a fitted sheet. I learned on youtube a few years ago. There was a Martha Stewart one and she commented "Or you could just wash your sheets and put them back on and not have to worry about folding." I do that A LOT.
  11. My kids first concert was last week--Queen with Adam Lambert. They had a blast! That's going to be a hard one to top. I'm not a big one for concerts, but I've been to Paul McCartney and the Billy Joel/Elton John concert. But they're so loud and it's so late and the traffic is so bad. Blergh. Weirdly, sitting in the traffic after seeing a play doesn't bother me as much. But that takes forever, too.
  12. I was there last night. At the stage door of the Lyceum waiting for the cast to come out when a huge crowd started fleeing up 45th street. All I heard was "Fire" which I couldn't see a fire. My husband heard people say Shots Fired. We did not run with the crowd even though many of the group. We waited because we did not see or hear a threat. The stage door was canceled and we went back to our hotel. My daughter (like her parents) loves musical theater and Be More Chill is closing. As a special treat, we took her to see it yesterday. Using points, we were able to stay at a hotel. Both my husband and I grew up in one of the bedroom communities in Orange County, so we've been to Broadway shows before. (I went to see Kiss of the Spiderwoman for my prom. Same price, waaaay better time) She was a little freaked out, but handled it well. Despite the crowd, we remained relatively calm and we still had a great trip.
  13. I watched it at home last night and I loved it more. In the scene where Nat and Steve are talking about how they haven't moved on, there is a pair of point shoes on a chair next to Nat. What a great little blink and you'll miss it set decoration. If I was savvy I'd post a picture, but sadly, I'm not.
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