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  1. We have a balcony in our new house that we have some Halloween lights strung up on. I was joking with Mr. Toast that we should get some PVC pipe and have a chute for candy. I bet the kids would love it. Trick or treating seems ok to me--with masks and it's a quick toss of candy in a bag it seems like the holiday celebration most suited to this pandemic. The parties, haunted houses etc, that's not doable. But trick or treating seems ok. It's a new neighborhood for us but I've seen a few kids and it's a development well-suited for trick or treating, so I'm guessing we'll get quite a few. It's TX in one of the many new neighborhoods built north of Plano/Dallas so homes close together, well-lit and sidewalks.
  2. I hope bargaining with Dormamu was not an added side effect.
  3. Hahaha, that was my first thought, too. If only there wasn't a pandemic to be able to experience P-town fully.
  4. I finally got some booze to replenish what we had to finish before moving. It wasn't a ton, but a big thing of honey whiskey, some Gosling's Black Seal rum and some Baileys. And then we went to a different store and picked up some Aviator gin which is actually decent. I was pretty happy last night sipping my nightcap of honey whiskey.
  5. When we were going through my daughters stuffies before the big move, she wanted to keep this small Halloween pumpkin, so we tossed it in the keep but put up when we get there bag. And then, randomly, there was and evil cackle...and then Happy Halloween! A few minutes later, it happened again. After about 5 times we dug it out and tried to figure out how to stop it from randomly laughing evilly and saying Happy Halloween.
  6. Firstly, it's not a lifestyle and phrasing it that way diminishes a person's humanity. Secondly, I find the whole love the sinner hate the sin incredibly degrading and toxic. It erases a person and makes the relationship conditional on denying their true selves. I find it cruel and damaging not accepting and loving. If Jill D is like that and hides the bigotry and hatred, then I prefer the out and loud bigotry of Jill R. Don't hide that light, let everyone see you for who you are. The soft bigotry of Jill D just encourages and gives permission for the obnoxious bigotry of Jill R.
  7. @GeeGolly I think that's just the text for the flag (report) icon that's at the bottom of posts and it got copied/pasted over into the quote box that can't format it to the icon...maybe? That would be my assumption. The box was copied, not the text inside the box...I think... perhaps? And when it was pasted in a quote box, the flag was converted to text? Maybe? Why the other stuff didn't, I don't know, but this site does strange shit often.
  8. @Scarlett45 my daughter is 14 and a freshman in high school. She'll be 15 in December. She wants to start decorating for Halloween in a big bad way. Last year we went to Universal Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights and she loved it. She was part of the National Jr Honor Society at the time and for a fundraiser they did their version of Horror Nights where classrooms were themed and the NJHS members were actors trying to frighten people. It was a lot of fun. She'd love to do a party here, but she doesn't know anybody and even if she did she wouldn't know them long enough to trust that they're being careful about COVID. Next year, hopefully. (We were thinking of going to Horror Nights this year because there was a turns out to be true rumor that there was going to a Beetlejuice house. She loved the musical that was on Broadway last year. It was supposed to close to make may for the Music Man in June, but everything shut down before they got their last show. It's been a tough year for Beetlejuice.)
  9. In some pleasant, good, positive news---thus far in the school year there has been only one COVID positive student. I am very, very thankful that this school district (in Texas, it should be noted) offered a choice between in person and virtual/remote. The first week all the students were virtual to make sure that every student had access to the correct classes and work out some bumps. My daughter chose to do virtual and it was a bit difficult for her. It's asynchronous, so she's not joining Zoom or Google classrooms. It's a program that provides video lessons, classwork and tests. The math was kicking her butt. We figured out a better way to absorb it and she's improved. The school has communicated very well, it has worked on finding solutions and while not perfect it has been an all around good experience. (The downside is not getting to meet new kids and make new friends but there's time.) Doing all this school work has nudged my daughter to start reading for fun and again and she just binged the Percy Jackson series. She's seeing a counselor and has her second appointment today. And son has his first interview for a job tomorrow.
  10. It's afternoon. Sending many positive interview vibes your way!! @MargeGunderson
  11. I thought your niece was your husband's niece? When the whole car thing was going down, I seem to remember it was your husband's niece. I don't know if it was mentioned during the Disney trip debacle, but I remember thinking you were doing a lot for someone your husband had washed his hands of. This may seem harsh, but I remember when this forum had someone come on whose story about a baby and eventually cheating husband kept getting worse and worse.
  12. My kids used a Water Pik when they had braces since flossing was more difficult. It worked pretty well, they did not get cavities with the braces. I find it better than floss because even the hygienist rams my gums with regular floss because my teeth are so tight. According to the same hygienist it doesn't do as good a job as flossing but it's way better than not flossing. I don't floss with a water flosser or floss. I use a sonic toothbrush and that seems to do fine. I will note, the Water Pik is loud. And you have to lean of the sink as water dribbles out of your mouth. It's a process, that's for sure.
  13. The new school district my high school freshman will be attending announced their plans/details on Jul 30. There is a choice of in person and virtual. In person students will be spend the first week as virtual and can take virtual if they need to stay home. Virtual students are allowed to join extra and co curriculars. The reason in person students will do virtual is because they need everyone set up if/when they need to close down. Personally, it's a difficult choice. We are here in a hot spot. We are torn because it's hard moving to a new place, hoping to make friends in theater and choir but knowing that there is a pandemic and it might be better to do it virtually. She struggled learning online. There are plans for Fridays to be small meeting/meeting in person with virtual students who need help, so that's a good thing. I have to make an appointment to finalize the enrollment and registration since we are new to the district and A-girl will join me because she has some questions. It's sent her anxiety through the roof. We had a virtual doctors appointment before we left and the doc recommended her seeing a psychiatrist so she could get some relief with medication. It's just...how does one do that in a new state in the middle of a pandemic? Which is what is causing the anxiety to skyrocket as it is? First day of school as a freshman in a new school is so hard anyway and it's the one thing I wish I could fix and help and I just can't. Sorry, sort of just unloaded there but yeah. Thankfully, that's been the only real difficulty with the move. And we will figure it out eventually.
  14. That shit pisses me off. We traveled to TX to close on the new house at the end of June. The movers were coming July 6. We self quarantined whe we returned to MA. We didn't get to say goodbye to friends and family before we moved. And this nurse couldn't be arsed about it? We did see people before we headed to TX because we knew we'd be quarantining. But it was hard when friends spontaneously invited us for lunch and we had to say no. They knew why but it still stung that we couldn't see them one last time before we left. Especially because we hadn't seen them prior save for the one time before our trip. It makes me so resentful and bitter and angry. That I sacrificed and put in the effort and so many people are fucking it up for the rest of us. And my 14 yo daughter will be starting high school in a new school. Here in TX where they don't seem to really be able to get a handle on it. She would prefer to do in-person school so she can actually meet people and make some friends and I can't blame her. But I hope they go virtual for the first semester at least.
  15. It's a hybrid mattress. We had actually bought a queen size hybrid about 2 years ago and loved so we knew we were going to do another hybrid.
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