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  1. The new school district my high school freshman will be attending announced their plans/details on Jul 30. There is a choice of in person and virtual. In person students will be spend the first week as virtual and can take virtual if they need to stay home. Virtual students are allowed to join extra and co curriculars. The reason in person students will do virtual is because they need everyone set up if/when they need to close down. Personally, it's a difficult choice. We are here in a hot spot. We are torn because it's hard moving to a new place, hoping to make friends in theater and choir but knowing that there is a pandemic and it might be better to do it virtually. She struggled learning online. There are plans for Fridays to be small meeting/meeting in person with virtual students who need help, so that's a good thing. I have to make an appointment to finalize the enrollment and registration since we are new to the district and A-girl will join me because she has some questions. It's sent her anxiety through the roof. We had a virtual doctors appointment before we left and the doc recommended her seeing a psychiatrist so she could get some relief with medication. It's just...how does one do that in a new state in the middle of a pandemic? Which is what is causing the anxiety to skyrocket as it is? First day of school as a freshman in a new school is so hard anyway and it's the one thing I wish I could fix and help and I just can't. Sorry, sort of just unloaded there but yeah. Thankfully, that's been the only real difficulty with the move. And we will figure it out eventually.
  2. That shit pisses me off. We traveled to TX to close on the new house at the end of June. The movers were coming July 6. We self quarantined whe we returned to MA. We didn't get to say goodbye to friends and family before we moved. And this nurse couldn't be arsed about it? We did see people before we headed to TX because we knew we'd be quarantining. But it was hard when friends spontaneously invited us for lunch and we had to say no. They knew why but it still stung that we couldn't see them one last time before we left. Especially because we hadn't seen them prior save for the one time before our trip. It makes me so resentful and bitter and angry. That I sacrificed and put in the effort and so many people are fucking it up for the rest of us. And my 14 yo daughter will be starting high school in a new school. Here in TX where they don't seem to really be able to get a handle on it. She would prefer to do in-person school so she can actually meet people and make some friends and I can't blame her. But I hope they go virtual for the first semester at least.
  3. It's a hybrid mattress. We had actually bought a queen size hybrid about 2 years ago and loved so we knew we were going to do another hybrid.
  4. One of my requests upon learning that we were moving to TX for Mr. Toast's job was that we get a king mattress. We tried an adjustable Serta black label and the zero g sold us. It was delivered Tuesday (thank goodness because 45 yo me can only stand one night on an air mattress) and the base isn't quite correct but it works for the most part. After all the unpacking and bending over and punching down paper and the hard tile floors, it feels sooooo goooood to have that adjustable bed at night. And we dismissed Mr. Toast's mom when she encouraged us to get an adjustable. I am happy to eat crow about it, though. It is not cheap but it is so, so, so worth it.
  5. Never thought I'd find myself here, but I'm actually driving through Arkansas via I-40. We are headed to the new home in TX so won't be lingering though we have a stop for lunch in Hope, I think. I'm not a mod anymore but I've been part of this forum for so long it seems weird to be in the same state as the Duggars.
  6. Gotta say, drive up graduation was pretty awesome. Had air conditioning, could chat with our graduate.There were groups of families from the houses nearby that were cheering. Everything went smoothly even if he nearly left his diploma on stage. Just got a message that they are 15 minutes ahead of schedule, so the remaining groups can get there earlier. The only bummer is that we didn't get a picture of him with a friend he's known since kindergarten, but yearbook pick up is next week so maybe we'll do it then.
  7. So, the high school has sent out the new date for graduation and how it will proceed. It's...something. The family will be in a car and follow the student as he walks to a stage to get the diploma and get a picture taken. The stage is in a parking lot with the construction site of the new high school as a backdrop. (It's just girders at this point). Should be interesting. We've also been trying to figure out college. Before we were going to move, A-boy was going to take classes at the local community college. That got changed with the relocation. He applied to a state school and was accepted. But we do not qualify for even subsidized loans. And now with universities trying to figure out what classes will look like and dorm life up in the air, A-boy has decided to defer his enrollment. We'll pay the deposit so hopefully he can retain his status as in-state but he'll stay with us in TX. Perhaps he'll take classes at that community college but it really feels like the best course is to just pause until all of this is figured out. Other good news: house went on the market Thursday lunchtime. We had 9 appts from Fri through Sunday. Sunday we had two offers, both above asking price. The house in TX is somewhat ahead of schedule. The hardest part of all this is not being able to spend time with people before the move.
  8. We picked up Chinese today and we saw people wait until the person came out and then went in to get theirs. And many were wearing masks. One gentleman tried to hold the door and the other waved him off and the door holder stepped waaay back to get the 6 feet. I noticed some people trying to keep their distance in the grocery store but not everyone was following that and it was dang frustrating. (And then my mind plays tricks and makes me think I'm sick. Ugh. I know why but still---keep your distance people!!) While I was waiting in the van, 3 or 4 police cars, lights flashing, an ambulance and a fire engine parked right across the street. After a minute or so, a police officer came up and the window was locked so I cracked the door and he stepped back and asked if I could move the van down the street to make room. (Which I of course did) We left before we could figure out what the heck was going on. It's our favorite place and they were surprisingly busy but I'm glad about that because we love that place and want them to be able to reopen when we finally get to that point.
  9. I've been trying my hand at sewing some masks but have screwed up each one. I mean, they work, they're just not "perfect". As in one part the wrong side of the fabric ends up showing. What I liked about the pattern is it had a way to put in filters if you could find something. I do have some flannel but not a lot, so I tried a coffee filter and thought to myself that it was the most ridiculous thing because that won't work. Glad to hear it might!
  10. I saw this (with Michael Damian and Kelly Rabke) on Broadway several times and it's the same the but it's so weird. The set looks kind of the same, but so weird. I don't know why it feels off to me but it does. It feels weirdly too bright, as in the lighting is waaaay too much. Next week is supposed to be Jesus Christ Superstar which...I still have my recording of the live version from NBC last year, but I may check it out and see how it is. (We had tickets to see JC Superstar Apr 4 and it was postponed until September. Except we probably won't be here in September. So bummed.)
  11. We are headed to the Plano area. The house we're building is in McKinney (though daughter will be going to Melissa school district). Shockingly, construction is considered an essential business which .... ok? The outside framing is done and I guess there's enough separation but still seems weird. We were going to put our current house on the market on Apr 1 but we pushed it to Apr 15 and I have a feeling it will be pushed further. It's all very much wait and see how things go.
  12. My son is a graduating senior but he's never really liked any of those group activities so he's not too fussed about missing it. He's more irritated that they're trying to get some schooling in for the last (normally shortened) semester. He just wants to be mailed his diploma and be done with it. For his sister, it's more difficult. She's in 8th grade and we're moving from MA to TX in the summer (if moving companies are up and running by then). And she's realizing that all this time to hang out with her friends before we move is rushing by and there is nothing we can do. Mr. Toast was given approval to stay until the end of the school year so that son could graduate with his class and who knows if that will happen. And daughter could "move up" with her class. However, for her the last day of school is Jun 23 so who knows? But yeah...it's been really hard to tell her she can't see her friends and she has to get her room ready to sell the house. (She did comment while cleaning out her current closet that it will be nice to have a walk in closet. Silver linings, not everything is horrible.) It's been a time and it's just started. And yeah, all of this is small compared to those who can't be with their loved ones when they're sick. But I was reading something about we can't deny our emotions just because other people may have it worse. You're allowed to feel things. Your feelings are valid.
  13. I grew up in a town that bordered Kiryas Joel, @questionfear and I concur with everything you said. It was incredibly frustrating when politicians would court that voting bloc while the rest of the community bore the brunt of it.
  14. We were supposed to put our house on the market on April 1. That's been postponed, obviously, but there was a lot of work that had to be done to get it ready for photographing, video, open houses etc. Mr. Toast was working from home a lot more because of the new position so that isn't new. But this isolation has meant that we can really work on the house a lot. Everything that I can do as far as sorting and rearranging I have basically done so it's mostly waiting until Mr Toast goes through his stuff. So my routine would have already been disrupted and all this talk of spring cleaning and I'm like, "Yep been doing that because I have to." Downside is we needed a few extra "finishings" (a hand towel holder and new shower curtain) that aren't essentials so I'm not going out to look at them but we still need them. It's likely the initial assessment of the house will be lowered when we are permitted to put it on the market. And it sucks because that was our downpayment--even lower will be enough but it's still disappointing. If we had put it on when he got his job, in October, it would have sold for more. But he was given the time so the kids could finish school, especially since my son is a senior in high school. And now my daughter is missing out on time with her friends who she will be leaving when we move. In the grand scheme of things, it means so little. But I'm selfishly angry and disappointed about it.
  15. I heard that paying taxes has been extended but I'd have to research that. I don't know if that includes filing the taxes or just paying them, though usually one pays when filing. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/17/treasury-and-irs-to-delay-tax-deadline-by-90-days.html I know Mr. Toast is waiting until the last minute because we actually owe this year (yeah, that tax cut did absolutely nothing for us and actually made it worse, just as it was designed to do).
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