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  1. That is what I thought. If Carly had been truthful with Nina about all the Nelle stuff and had given Nina a chance to see Wylie, then Nina would have never gone to Nixon Falls and met Sonny there. Nina should have never kept the secret about Sonny but Carly (and Jax) should have never kept the truth about Nelle being her daughter from Nina. And should have never tried to keep Wylie away from Nina. But where was all the outrage against Carly for withholding information? It could be argued that Carly set the whole thing in motion.But as always, she will come out on top. And she will make Nina's
  2. Nothing says getting off Social Media like posting about fertility tests and promising to post the results! Good grief! That is not something to share with the world. Not my business; I have no interest in learning about her fertility. Or his, if they test it also/instead.
  3. Sonny was screaming at Nina at the grave site about her being responsible for his poor family grieving for him there. But, didn't they already do the funeral/headstone blah blah junk BEFORE Nina went to Nixon Falls and found "Mike " and kept the secret. I remember something about Nina showing up at the cemetery and everyone being outraged that she dared do it during Carly's tragic loss, blah blah. So yes, Nina prolonged everyone's grief by not coming clean when she found out Sonny was alive. But they had already done the funeral, headstone etc. She was not responsible for that taking place.
  4. My original vaccine was Moderna. As of right now, I think only the Pfizer one is approved for boosters. (For ages 65 and over and high risk persons.) I remember someone here posted something about that it might be beneficial ( better protection) to get a different vaccine for your booster. Does anyone have any more information about that?
  5. Why is it obvious that Portia is Phyllis' daughter? I must have missed something! I don't watch every day, so maybe something happened that I didn't see. However, I do read here almost every day and I don't remember that being mentioned. Not trying to be argumentative, really curious!
  6. I agree, I did get a little teary eyed with Kristina. The rest of the time I was rolling my eyes.
  7. My impression of this episode was that it was a vanity project for MB/Sonny. How great he was, how no one could compare to him, that the sun didn't rise while he was gone. I greatly disliked how he told Carly that he always felt something was missing when just earlier in the same day (on the show) he declared vehemently how he didn't want to know about his past. Also, I don't know what all the big deal has been about him playing two such totally different characters. Sonny/Mike were exactly the same except that Mike wears flannel and Sonny dyes his hair. They are both arrogant, overbearing bu
  8. Ok, Clueless Old Lady here, I understand sending condolences and prayers but why "smoke"? And what is he MMIWGT2S? Not trying to be snark, just really not sure what those mean.
  9. I think it shows what a total nothing the Sonny reveal to Carly and Jason was; when most of the comments here are centered on Chase and Millow.
  10. YAY!!!! My first time ever suggesting a thread title and it wins!! It is TOTALLY SURREAL!!! Edited to add, I like the use of the ampersand (&), instead of "and". Kudos to whoever made that change! @Scarlett45 ???
  11. @lookeyloo, my husband just saw online that tonight's performance of Hamilton at the Fox was canceled. Something about results of Covid tests not coming back on time. People stood in line for 45 minutes in the rain before being told about the cancelation. They will be given tickets for next week. So glad that your family and my son and his wife got to see it last night without that complication.
  12. My son and daughter in law were there also. She said that it was packed which made her a little uneasy,but everyone was masked. Glad you got a chance to do this even if it was painful at times. I hope it brought you some good memories and it seems like a perfect tribute to Sweet Son.
  13. We know that Jana kicked poor Meechelle Duggar in utero, and we know that Timbits was a whiny toddler, but do we know what ( and Kaylee) did to earn such disdain from Best Momma Ever?
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