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  1. I almost wish there was some way to retcon Bailey`s maternity and make her really belong to BLQ. BLQ has been a wonderful mother to Bailey and truly makes Bailey a priority. When the baby eventually gets back to Maxie, after being kidnapped by Peter, etc., poor little Louise will always be with Mac and Felicia. Maxie will return to her lifestyle of making one bad decision after another. BLQ has made her fair share of horrible life choices, but for some reason, I see her as having more potential for growth and being a really good mother.
  2. I just looked back at the clip of the opening of gifts and the gift Ari received does not appear to be pacifiers. It isn't obvious what it is, but it reminded me of some of the Melissa and Doug toys, like the wooden "paper dolls". That is just a guess. Also after saying "Was it her or her?," Ari says, " Thank you Savanah". Now I know we cannot really know the personality of any of the family members, but Savanah does not seem the type to give her little sister a gift to make fun of her. I think the original poster who asked if the gift was pacifiers was joking. I do agree with the consensus
  3. You taught me a new word: opprobrious! I had to look up the meaning! A good adjective to describe Kody Brown.
  4. OK, according to the thread for the next episode, it is entitled "The Teflon Queen!" I wonder how Robyn feels about that because it appears to me to be a slam at her. I agree that it is an apt description, but I would be insulted in Robyn's shoes. It seems as if TLC isn't sugarcoating the truth or pulling any punches regarding Robyn or Kody at this point.
  5. Poor Gabe, having to go through that on camera. Regardless of how you feel about Covid precautions, regardless of whether we feel Gabe and the others are following precautions as they should, it is cruel to me to ask him to discuss such an evidently painful subject on camera. His questioning, "Are we done?" at the end was heart wrenching. Hopefully he was well compensated at least for his pain.
  6. My grandchildren, who have never met a sprinkle they didn't like, decorate cookies very much the same. However, we give them a limited number of cookies of their own to decorate. And we don't showcase them on social media.
  7. Serious question: are you referring to Kody or Robyn as the twit? It sounds exactly like Kody to me, but since you reference the trainwreck starting when Robyn came into the family, I wasn't exactly sure. I think many of the descriptors you used might refer to Robyn also.
  8. Thank you! I have never seen that movie even though I know it is considered a classic by many. I still don't know what it means but it will make sense to most since it is from a well known movie.
  9. OK, I am really a Clueless Old Lady, and I don't do Social Media, but is there a joke here that I don't get? Or is Michelle just being "funny" with calling the Browns jolly assholes? But to me "asshole" is a derogatory term? It just seems a tad insulting to me and as a COL, I guess I just prefer less vulgar language. And also more clarity! But I guess Social media is more about shock value than dignity. Edited to add, the pictures are nice but they don't make her meaning any clearer to me.
  10. I was catching up on this thread, because it was up on the top of the forum. I honestly was quite confused at the speculation about an engagement, etc. I was thinking to myself......wait they are already married and she is pregnant. Then it finally hit me: WRONG TWIN! Shows you how much I pay attention. I evidently am " done counting and done caring. "
  11. Yes, someone at one of the churches where they "sang" took at least some of them shoe shopping. I don't remember who exactly got new shoes.
  12. And the bread is just plopped on the table, no plate or napkin under it. And that looks to be about half of the available bread, so it must be Hunk's portion. Personally, I cannot stand drinking from a Mason jar like that. I know they were quite the rage several years back , but were very uncomfortable to me. Just as an aside, does anyone else's autocorrect constantly change were to we're?
  13. One thing I noticed was that it almost looked as if Mo had to look down at his notes or his hand to see what his line was. Surely not, because he could surely just adlib something generally appropriate! But he did appear to need a prompt. I understand that appearances can be deceiving.
  14. I agree that they just wanted Alexis in a downward spiral because there was no need to write in his death otherwise. Neil could have just relocated to whatever wing of GH, Lucas is working in. He and Alexis could have mutually agreed to take a break. Then if the actor ever wanted to come back, they could rekindle the relationship.
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