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  1. Well, Holly brings it up and then the state cop remembers the story from childhood. Holly shows them the movie of the Mexican Wrestlers vs. El Cuco and then whatshisname the state cop tells the story of how his grandmother or mother used to tell them that story as kids.
  2. You all have 12 hours to submit twilight actions Additionally your game runner has never lied to you players and is trying to run a fun game so maybe stop giving her shit about it or she’ll just kill everyone during twilight.
  3. N3 Before Andy could even begin crafting his speech to welcome Scheana into her new role she decided “Fuck that, I’m taking it” and bashed him over the head with her makeup case and locked him in a broom closet backstage. This was her world now. Not his. Players still employed by Bravo: 1. Drogo 2. JTMacc99 3. SilverStormm 4. The Crazed Spruce 5. Deadpool 6. Deaja 7. meet trouble 8. Machiabelly 9. Lady Calypso 10. ohjoy Players looking to make their money on the Gram: 1. CuriousParker - James Lipton 2. SVNBob - Brooks Ayers 3. BizBuzz- Captain Sandy - Hero 4. MarkHB - Katie Maloney - Villain 5. Aquarian1 - Phaedra Parks - Hero 6. Saoirse - Andy Cohen - Hero
  4. Sorry. Sometimes the game runner can’t read every post all day on a Sunday because she has other stuff to do. And that’s Day folks. Story will be up shortly.
  5. D3 Three days had passed since the accident and Scheana didn’t waste any time charming the Bravo executives. They were desperate and she knew how to flutter those minks the right way, so before they knew what they were doing they had given her Andy’s position. Her first decision was to continue the convention the following weekend. She couldn’t wait to make some changes and started cleaning house immediately. Her first targets were the OG of the OC and her sidekick. The internet was rocked when the announcement that both Vicki and Tamra had “made the decision” to leave their franchise. Phaedra was shook. She had been thisclose to convincing Andy to let her back on her franchise. Now what was she supposed to do. Go suck up to this Vanderpump dummy. Who had it’s all happening tattooed on her forearm? Who does that? But what choice did she have? She just had to find her. But Scheana found Phaedra first. And unceremoniously uninvited her from the convention. In the world of Bravo being uninvited to something was worse than death. And with that Phaedra Parks Esq. the funeral director took her pickles and made her way back to Atlanta. Stassi, Katie and Kristen were thrilled. They figured that since a person from their cast was now in charge it would be easy to convince Scheana to kick Lisa Vanderpump off the show and put them in charge. Make a TomTom spinoff. Anything to get out from under her thumb. Lisa had other plans though. And she was a master at manipulation. A Bobby Fischer she had been called once. And before the three knew what happened their plan had backfired and Katie was off the show And somehow Kristen and Stassi had agreed to wait tables at Villa Blanca. The least desirable of all of Lisa’s restaurants. Scheana had finished prepping for the rehearsal for her first live Watch What Happens Live which would be filmed at the convention. She was just settling into her chair when all of a sudden she saw a shadow in the wings of the stage. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Was that? No… it couldn’t be… Andy?! But before she could say anything he spoke. “I can’t explain it either. I think somehow Captain Sandy saved me!” Scheana was happy he was alive. Of course. But she was also devastated. She was so looking forward to no longer being the punching bag of those bitches in her cast. But before she could spiral further Andy told her he didn’t want his position back. The accident - if it had been an accident had made him rethink things. He had his son to think about. And his tour with Anderson. And his books. And so many other things. And he had seen the moves Scheana was making and knew she was ready. He was leaving her in charge. He would stand with her and announce it at the live taping. Scheana was shocked but also thrilled. It was her time now. Players still employed by Bravo: 1. Drogo 2. JTMacc99 3. SilverStormm 4. The Crazed Spruce 5. Deadpool 6. Deaja 7. meet trouble 8. Machiabelly 9. Lady Calypso 10. ohjoy 11. Saoirse Players looking to make their money on the Gram: 1. CuriousParker - James Lipton 2. SVNBob - Brooks Ayers 3. BizBuzz- Captain Sandy - Hero 4. MarkHB - Katie Maloney - Villain 5. Aquarian1 - Phaedra Parks - Hero You have 60 hours until the end of Day 3 6 votes are needed to complete a DL There is one clue in this story.
  6. N2 Captain Sandy ran to Scheana and Andy and pulled Scheana away. Rubble was still falling and she didn’t want anyone else to get hurt. But she couldn’t just leave Andy there. She had to get him out. Even if there was no hope. She couldn’t give up just yet. She ran back into the crumbled scaffolding and pulled him out. Everyone was rushing towards them when another crash happened. Sandy screamed and just like that, she was crushed by the scaffolding. She was gone, having pulled Andy’s body to safety… which confused everyone. Stassi was trying to run to Scheana and Andy but Katie held her back. Lisa Vanderpump arrived on the scene and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Did this all really happen!? How could everything be crumbling around her. She was sure this was Kyle’s fault she just didn’t know how yet. Ramonja were still in their room drinking the Pinot Grigio so they had no clue anything had even happened. Captain Lee was just in shock. Phaedra was standing alone wondering what the hell she was going to do. Players still employed by Bravo: 1. Drogo 2. aquarian1 3. JTMacc99 4. SilverStormm 5. The Crazed Spruce 6. Deadpool 7. Deaja 8. meet trouble 9. Machiabelly 10. Lady Calypso 11. ohjoy 12. MarkHB Players looking to make their money on the Gram: 1. CuriousParker - James Lipton 2. SVNBob - Brooks Ayers 3. Saoirse - Andy Cohen - Serial Killer 4. BizBuzz- Captain Sandy - Hero Day story will be posted sometime Sunday
  7. Ok it is now Night. Story will be up sometime this afternoon but you all can go ahead and submit Night actions now if y’all want.
  8. And that’s Day! 12 hours for Twilight actions!
  9. Mod note: meet trouble’s pm seems to have glitched. I have just re-sent it. I’m letting y’all know for transparency sake that the lack of posting is my fault. Take that info as you will.
  10. Oops! There IS a clue in the Story. Sorry! There wasn't one in the Night story though.
  11. Day 2 Scheana ran up to Andy and screamed “MY EYELASHES WERE ALMOST RUINED” he looked at her wondering why the hell she thought that was important. But then again it was Scheana. She cared about very few things. Her mink eyelashes were high up on that list. Stassi and Beau were trying to comfort Schwartz who was easily startled by loud noises in general and was shaking like a puppy after the crash. Katie rolled her eyes at him. Why had she married such a dumb dumb? Kristen was smoking another cigarette and marveling at the fact that she wasn’t the biggest wreck here for once. Ramonja were discussing how to find more Pinot Grigio when Ramona remembered she had a stash in the hotel room so they ran off together to grab it. The Captains, Padma and Tom were discussing how they could get out of having to be here now that everything was going to hell. They all felt that they were above it in the first place. Now they just needed to get Andy to excuse them. Suddenly they all heard another crash from the scaffolding surrounding the neighboring building. Scheana and Andy looked up just in time to see the scaffolding collapsing above them. Everyone gasped. When the dust cleared Scheana was there, cradling Andy’s head in her lap. He was gone. What would they all do now? Players still employed by Bravo: @Drogo @aquarian1 @JTMacc99 @SilverStormm @The Crazed Spruce @Deadpool @deaja @meet trouble @BizBuzz @Machiabelly @Lady Calypso @ohjoy @MarkHB Players looking to make their money on the Gram: CuriousParker - James Lipton - Hero SVNBob - Brooks Ayers - Villain Saoirse - Andy Cohen - Serial Killer There is One Clue in this story You have 48 hours for Day 2. 7 votes are needed to finish a DL.
  12. Jill Zarin could not believe she was here. She could actually get back on the show. HER show. That bitch Bethenney had quit and it left a hole. A hole Jill knew she could fill. She just needed to pull Andy aside to convince him that she was going to be “real” this time. That she wouldn’t stoop to making up stories in order to get more screen time. Meanwhile the Vanderpump disgustings were gearing up for a real show. Sandoval was in drag, naturally, and everyone just thought it was SO FUNNY. Andy was rolling his eyes internally but playing along because he loved the youth of it all. Even if these youths were in their late 30s. They felt young. Not like the OC crowd who all felt plastic and desperate. Putting themselves out there on social media. Accidental nip slips. Publicly airing their dirty laundry even when they were no longer filming. Faking cancer for storylines. FAKING CANCER FOR FUCKING STORYLINES. It was frankly all a bit sickening to Andy. He needed to get a hold of Anderson to confirm their vacation with DVF was set for next week. Andy stepped outside to call his bff when he heard a crash. Meghan and Phaedra came running out of the venue. Captain Sandy was right behind them. Scheana was out next “THESE EYELASHES ARE MINK” she screamed to no one. Captain Lee looked at her confused... how do mink eyelashes even work he thought. Padma and Tom had already been outside sharing a joint and Kristen was with them smoking a cigarette so they wandered up to the crowd to make sure no one was hurt. Lisa and Stassi came around the corner together and saw Katie and Schwartz emerge from a coffee shop across the street. Ramonja (that’s the two headed monster Ramona and Sonja) missed practically the whole thing since they were pre-gaming at the Gramarcy and Melissa was stuck on the turnpike not knowing what was going on. No one knew what was happening but somehow they had all made it out without any injuries. Thank goodness the civilians hadn’t showed up yet. And with that, Night 1 begins. (Those who still owe twilight actions have a few more hours to get them to me but I’m going to bed soon so I wanted to get this posted) Players still employed by Bravo: Drogo aquarian1 JTMacc99 SilverStormm saoirse The Crazed Spruce Deadpool Deaja meet trouble BizBuzz Machiabelly Lady Calypso ohjoy MarkHB Players looking to make their money on the Gram: 1. CuriousParker - James Lipton - A true Hero and the most dignified of all the personalities ever on Bravo. He was never a disgrace and therefore could not keep up with the disgustings who inhabited the once proud network. 2. SVNBob - Brooks Ayers - the most villainous of all Bravolebs or adjacent personalities he faked cancer. On television. And got busted. And has never stopped lying about it. Also he called himself “Girth Brooks” in the bedroom which you all now know and we all need brain bleach to recover from. A true disgusting.
  13. And that's Day Those with Twilight actions have 12 hours to get them to me.
  14. Game Mod note: Just to be clear DLing an already dead player did not end Day 1! Y’all have just under 24 hours to complete a real DL or not! You don’t have to!
  15. In the book after the shooting Ralph laments not insisting on Terry being brought in through the back and the lawyer says something about that being the Sheriff’s call not Ralph’s because they handle prison transfers or something.
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