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  1. You can rent it on Amazon for $3! It's definitely worth $3!!
  2. I am also Groot (you could say We are Groot heh.)
  3. Captain Crabbe Rat Breath here! I’ll take a triple Dark and Stormy please. I just finished the most hellish document review in history. Now it’s turtle time:
  4. Well, I'm now going to be in a car for 2.5-3 hours so if a vote starts I'm probably going to miss it... so I guess I'm a No Day 1 DL Vote.
  5. We’ve got what, 3.5 hours until Twilight? Math has never been my strong suit.
  6. I didn’t even think about the ship but you’re right! Does anyone else have an opinion?
  7. Bolding by me This is what I'm talking about, the one with the "very blue (azure, even?) building in it." Posted 14 hours ago. This Gif:
  8. The Resolute Desk came to my mind as well, probably for the exact same reason (THAT MOVIE IS SO GOOD THOUGH) But the closest I can get from profiles linking to "The Desk" would be Texas Gal wishing she could have met RFK, which still doesn't fully track because "The Desk" is in the famous picture of JFK Jr. RFK's nephew... but that seems tenuous to me as a connection. I've seen them all multiple times and am also not seeing anything. Doesn't mean it isn't there though! Which lead me down a rabbit hole of looking at all the player profiles that could have anything to do with blue and I thought Hmmmm... there's a man who drives a very famous BLUE Police Call Box around the galaxy through time, and lo, Festivus has listed Doctor Who as their favorite show, which lead me to google Doctor Who + Azure and I found this: Which, isn't NOTHING but it also is only in one episode and it's a really old episode so it may be nothing... Since Snookums posted that gif after the story had been posted (the gif went up 13 hours ago, story over 24...) I don't think that means anything.
  9. Man! I thought I had found something (see picture) but again it points to multiple people so maybe it’s nothing.
  10. Since the grey fog was unnatural the water could still be azure fwiw. Also, in all the games I've modded and played clues have often been from story related items so that doesn't hold much water (heh) necessarily. I don't actually think the colors are clues at all. My only point is that any clue we find should probably point to a single player not a whole bunch. Not at all, I just don't think it's logical. Now, to try to actually figure out some stuff. I've never seen any of these movies because I'm still mad at Johnny Depp for killing River Phoenix. People who know the movies should help edit this list. Obviously some are NPCs and we also obviously haven't met everyone yet, but... Characters mentioned: Lord Cutler Beckett Mercer Jack Sparrow Lord Penwallow King George II Elizabeth Swann Joshamee Gibbs Commodore Norrington Governor Weatherby Swann. Will Turner
  11. I agree they’re clever which is why I think a clue that arbitrarily points to five people who odds are can’t all be Villains. That was my main point.
  12. Black and White = Grey Grey fog Drogo’s favorite color is grey... I’m just saying with so many of us having blue listed as a favorite color azure seems too broad of a clue. I’m not saying the colors are or aren’t clues, but if they are I think they are more likely to point to one player not five. Aaaand we all posted at once! I’m going back to re read.
  13. You’re doing great! (And not just because you’re voting with me lol). The one night games can get confusing because there’s a lot of role switching done and people don’t know if they’ve been switched etc. Bottom line is currently we “know” that Silver, CP and Aquarian1 are the baddies who “recruited” Drogo without his knowledge. Now it’s just up to @MarkHB to show up and change his vote to the good side and for @The Crazed Spruce to vote with his family! Or not if that’s what they want to do. And then we lose.
  14. RUDE 😉 And you missed one: 5 to DL raven (SilverStormm, MarkHB, CP, Drogo, aquarian1) 3 to DL aquarian1 (Lisin, raven, Machiabelly)
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