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  1. I’m on my phone! No excuse! Lol. Kidding.
  2. Maybe if it wasn’t N1 I would have felt differently.
  3. My logic was that often we are told we aren’t allowed to share our PM so I figured that part was logical. Honestly even as a hero I doubt I’d have just copied and pasted my pm to someone I didn’t know... I mean the question worked. @Drogo basically took out the whole villain team so clearly I’m wrong.
  4. I also went to Jail so early we had no real reads on anyone and we (the villains) thought that there may be a ravager team consisting of Yondu and some others and I was convinced the logical role for Jailkeeper would be Nova Corps so I was just afraid to claim anyone since half the players seemed to think Yondu and the Collector were villains and I didn’t want to be like “I’m the Michael Rosenbaum character” and then get executed because the Jailkeeper thought that was a villain role lol.
  5. Btw did @SilverStormm send you the last part of my answer where I thanked you for two hots and a cot and for keeping me safe? Also I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE no one else thought @deajasaying no one ever resigned on TWW was shady! Like, I knew she wasn’t a villain and I knew the whole West Wing thing wasn’t a clue but STILL!!! This is why I’m not a writer! That might have worked!
  6. It seemed so legit to me. We’ve had multiple games where we can’t say certain things or only have powers on certain nights etc. so I thought it was the safest way to go without outright claiming a role and making up a PM. I should have gone with my initial instinct which was to say I was the Power Stone and make up some powers lol.
  7. True. I didn’t. But that would have at least confused things! I’m all for confused heroes lol.
  8. Man! I thought my response to @Drogo was really good! (Btw we figured out it was you by N3 but you had killed us all by then so it didn’t matter) I have to say, as a villain being in jail from the SECOND twilight started until the Day story posted was torture! Not because I couldn’t use my ability but because I knew my team was wondering where the hell I was! I was really hoping that the deflection LC used on me would still go through and the execution wouldn’t work but oh well.
  9. 1. JTMacc SMELL BAD 2. The Crazed Spruce SMELL BAD 3. Drogo SMELL BAD 4. BizBuzz SMELL BAD 5. Lisin SMELL BAD
  10. I’ve got an idea for an LOL round if that’s something people would be into. It would be Bravo-centric (as in shows on Bravo) and very not serious.
  11. I'm not really never playing again. You can't get rid of me that easy... I mean, I guess you can if you just DL me every D1 but I know y'all wouldn't do that.
  12. Cool, So I guess I won't be playing anymore then. BYEEEEE
  13. Hey, I'm dead first two games in a row. I'm beginning to think y'all just don't want me around.
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