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  1. Lisin

    S04.E02: Chino and the Man

    Meanwhile I assumed Keith or Logan got the dog for Veronica because she kept asking for a pony!
  2. Lisin

    S04.E02: Chino and the Man

    Omg Logan beating up the fiancée’s family to Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You was HILARIOUS to me. And the whole Bruce Banner/Hulk always angry stuff is just hitting me right in the feels.
  3. Lisin

    S04.E01: Spring Break Forever

    I’m just loving it so far! It feels much more like the show than the movie did if that makes sense.
  4. Lisin

    Veronica Mars in the Media

    Yes! Everyone please see the mod note in here re. spoilers (or, just, don't spoil things!)
  5. As @lambertman just said, Hulu has released Season 4 a week early, which means 1) YAYYYYY but also 2) if you're reading this thread from this point forward you might be legitimately full on spoiled not just spoiled by speculation about pictures etc. The show is out so read the rest of this thread and internet in general at your own risk! Lets get binging Marshmallows!!
  6. Lisin

    Note from the Mods

    Hulu just pulled a fast one on everyone and released the entire season a week early, so episode threads are unlocked, please remember to not spoil future episodes in the episode threads. Thanks! Your Mods, @Athena and @Lisin
  7. Lisin

    The Pioneer Woman

    Moving this forward since it appears it was lost in the conversation. Stop talking about Ree's fans. State your opinion about Ree etc. all you want but we aren't here to judge anyone who may like her/the show etc.
  8. Not without a prescription. Which she has so it's kind of a moot point but still. They're prescription only. I've got the same exact allergy as Beth (along with a ton of others) and I'm SUPER careful but still get cross contaminated every now and then. It sucks but it happens. I'd never think Miso would have fish in it, as I generally consider it to be a vegetarian choice. I'd have done exactly what she did except my husband would have given me my epi-pen when I stopped breathing as he was calling 911. Epi-pen use isn't the "end" of the situation, it's just supposed to keep you alive until you can get the other antihistamines in your system.
  9. Lisin

    S21.E04: Power of Veto #1

    While discussing race issues brought up in this topic please remember that the policy here at Primetimer is Be Civil, which means you may not "snark" or "call out" each other, only the people on the show. Please keep this in mind during further discussions. If you cannot be civil you will receive a warning which may limit your posting ability.
  10. Hunting for gifs was my favorite part of this process I have to say.
  11. Lisin

    The Pioneer Woman

    Guys, please stop making fun of the Facebook fans. It's against the site's policy to make fun of fandoms. You can make fun of Ree and the rest of her family etc. and the show all you want but don't bring the fans into it. Thanks.