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  1. Is Oliver the child? Yes annoying but I think TLC has a thing for crying babies. It seems to be a thing when children are involved. Actually, it recurs in many of the shows....
  2. How uncomfortable for Angela’s mom being asked if she wet herself while on camera. Angela needs to check her boundaries.
  3. Didn’t do too badly, it only stayed with me for a couple minutes. But I did look it up and saw that he sure didn’t sing it.
  4. I find the American women on this show emasculating. They appear to have bullied these guys into submitting to a relationship with them. They don't make good decisions as to how to work with the situations. Asuelo is neither ready to be with with a commitment nor does it seem like he will be soon enough to avoid the showdowns he has with Kalani. Would you stick around, regardless of fault, if someone's dad threatened to physically reprimand you? He's Samoan and knows her dad will do just as he promised. She nags and nags... where are you going? What are you doing? I don't know who much of their interactions are producer enhanced but it is annoying AF. If he doesn't want to help take care of children he fathered then let him go. Revoke whatever US options she is responsible for and let him not father anywhere else except for under her roof. And did we have to see Angela on the examination table? Did we???? Who doesn't know that alcohol is not a big part or any part of Muslim life? Deavon (face palm)....
  5. I don’t think he’s a halfwit. He is 24 and from a different culture plus he’s also a bit producer manufactured.
  6. Marina, our guide, said there is a lot of iron in the water so their teeth colors reflect that.
  7. Dilly has been beat down by Pauline. He looked so sad and depressed. He probably doesn’t have the mental energy to function away from her but is resentful for having to be there.
  8. I had no idea these alternatives existed. Although not vegan or vegetarian, I really enjoy both those food options. Then you!!!!
  9. I thought Danielle was the most annoying and unwatchable but ...that Tiffany makes fast forwarding an absolute necessity.
  10. I actually saw that happen in a movie this week. The subtitles were translating simple English words differently from what the speaker was using.
  11. And I will have to try the carrots. Recipe or link you recommend?
  12. Some cell phones are free in California and they function with the latest apps.
  13. I knew someone who was deeply hurt from a marriage where he was used for all he had to give. Then she left him and not in a way where he could pull up an ounce of bounce-back. He turned into a complete jerk. Sometimes that is all that is left. In an abstract way, Ed has little to pull from given his disability and his lack of smooth moves.
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