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  1. Lots of people these days do nothave any real concept of cooking. Basically, they are victims of the push for convenience, processed foods, fresh food deserts and heavily advertised persuasions to eat lab contrived foods, Example, real fruit juices, especially oranges can be up to a year old by the time it is sold. All the nutrients they tout have been added back in right before it is to be sold. These patients don’t really care about nutrition a anyway. They don’t know it even exists,
  2. In other countries it is unlawful to sell washed eggs. It removes the bloom that keeps them shelf stable. In US, eggs are washed therefore they have to be refrigerated.
  3. Olivia is always diminishing Ethan in whatever he does. There is a lecture about why he should do what she wants, even when he agrees with her. She has control issues. When he affirmed to her I was waiting for her to say "bless your heart" at the end of her acknowledgement. On the other hand I don't think Ethan is a naive as he plays. He drops subtle little ditties sometimes.
  4. You are so right. Dr. Sadek spends a lot of time sterilizing the area. Have to agree with you on your points.
  5. Jovi wasn’t any more wrong than Yara. She handed him a plate full of demands without considering she had left him out of the equation. She has bitched the entire time she’s been on camera. He, however, did not have to perform so badly. There are other ways to let her know she needed to back off.
  6. Thanks, I checked him out. Dr. PP is definitely neater, lol. His wipe ups barely cleans up The squirts. But with respect to her medical learning, she makes me nervous when she removes her mask and then the patient does also. One would think more respect would be shown medical advice to not do that.
  7. I hope they explored beautiful Joshua Tree. As far as Kim explaining LA to him how would she know? I just hate those blanket opinions on this area. Joshua Tree is an artist haven. We spent a weekend with artist Noah Purifoy before he passed, along with CAAM curators and admin. Got a chance to explore inside some of these magnificent structures created totally from desert found objects
  8. I hope they explored beautiful Joshua Tree. As far as Kim explaining LA to him how would she know? I just hate those blanket opinions on this area. Their eating was disgusting. He totally could have asked for a fork. But I cringed at them and how they wore their masks. Or didn’t wearthem and how the masseuses did not wear them.
  9. julia is channeling Jorge’s girlfriend Antifa (sorry, forgot her name). Jovy better be careful ...
  10. I remember how beautiful the bouquets were at the tombs and the ones being sol at the venders. Yellow flowers was used often, actually dominated. Come to find out that color is reserved for showing sadness. I think Varya expected red roses, which in Russia shows a serious meaning in regards to the relationship. Pale colors are given at the beginning of the relationship. https://www.russiancourses.com/blog/russia-flowers/ (Muttering to self... is last time I buy from moose and squirrel)
  11. I think, and this may have been covered, Yara wants the elegance and styling of Beverly Hills, Bel Air or Manhattan. She appears to not think much of historical romantic culture. She had plenty of that where she came from. And she is right, if she doesn’t like the idea of staying the night at his mom’s then she should have that choice.
  12. That’s what I was thinking. They probably plan to pretty much party. That was one of my downers about visiting New Orleans, having to be the one to drive back up to Alec after all day there. Designated driver, not so many Daiquiris and Abidas.
  13. Let us introduce you to I married a Mama's Boy... But I like it when the Brides tell them they are out of line for asking them such personal questions. So far, only Anny and Julia have done so.
  14. Nope, it is still formal and traditional. Not to say it isn't done as you suggest but it is not the rule. And besides, What's her name said they were very traditional. But they are all one big pot of psycho...
  15. I was so involved in doing my daily walking I didn't know it was on until I passed through the living room. After watching it for a bit, all I could do was shake my head. What's with all the cuddling? And the other moms had the nerve to judge!
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