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  1. I am pretty sure Daonte’s mother was on Parking Wars. Her segment was at the impound facility and she did this little verbal thing that ended in “so what?!”.
  2. I just read a true life, unscripted, post about dating a twin. Someone said she id and on the first night when she went to sleep over for the first time, the other twin put a palette down on the floor next to the bed. She asked why and her boyfriend said he and his brother still slept together holding hands. Maybe the series' twins are just odd to those of us who aren't?
  3. Yes, born in Wales. Appreciate the correction. Forgot to change when I edited the location.
  4. Does anyone else notice that one twin is more into it than the other? There is a documentary on Black twin girls who had the same traits but they only spoke with each other. They walked in synchrony. Anyway, when one died the other wrote that she, herself, was free. They had even decided which of them would die first. This was the early part of the 20th century. https://the-line-up.com/the-silent-twins-gibbons Wouldn’t be surprised if the australian twins were emulating them.
  5. I wasn't adult enough to watch the Tell All. Sickening, boring and stupid... not entertaining.
  6. You can speed things up with the fungus by first soaking your feet in warm water and vinegar. Add some type of bath product just for the fragrance. Then, take a Qtip and paint your toenail with peroxide. Let it dry. Or you can paint it with vinegar. You don't need special treatment unless you have a bad case of Candida (something everyone has but in varying degrees of intensity).
  7. Is upspeak when someone sounds like they are asking a question for every sentence? Hard to explain but whatever it is I agree with you.
  8. Same here...in past seasons there were only one or two who were cringey. This time we got an entire cast plus the three with the grating voices.
  9. Good points yet “ewww”...
  10. I was thinking the same ... Plus, likening the extracted things to common foods has worn itself out. I mean even 14 year olds would probably be bored with it by now.
  11. Does anyone else think Julia should know how to use “he” and “him” by now?
  12. Unfortunately, Stephanie has a high sense of self worth. Her attitude is a seething platform for political, humanitarian, racial privilege. Fortunately, ther are rules in here about that. I always thought Harris and Ryan simply traded places between themselves. Wouldn’t surprise me at all. But the silly storylines are getting to be rather insulting. So we see Harris kiss his wife in full view of the camera? I just rolled my eyes... These shows are jumping sharks at a very fast rate.
  13. Did anyone else think it was exploitive to show the roaches on the walls? I don't think the brother likes her very much... But she had the easiest time of all the participants that have been on the show. She didn't hesitate to move, she had support from her family right away. But I did laugh out loud when they went through the drive-thru and ordered enough for a houseful of guest over for NBA Sunday game.
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