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  1. ethalfrida

    S07.E05: Holly's Story

    I was really trying to find the words for this. Thank you...
  2. ethalfrida

    S07.E05: Holly's Story

    Rewatched and saw the sticking out the tongue thing... yes, it is annoying and it does look somewhat like Prather Willie. I knew a young man who weighed 350 pounds in 6th grade. He was also very tall and could have played high school Varsity football. As I was his baby sitter we never challenged him or any of the other kids on how much they ate. Simply served the meals and snacks and when in reasonable portions and was done with it. Seconds were allowed but not on desserts. But usually they had a respect for the portions they were given because meals consisted of protein, vegetables and carbs. Anyway, his mom never said he could not eat as much as he wanted. Five pounds of sugar would disappear before the next grocery shopping was done. She didn't deny him because he had been without oxygen a bit during birth and the doctor said he would be a slow learner. He never ever had to do anything at all. Except, after high school, he became a long shoreman and has been for last 20 years or say. He graducated because his high school instructors were afraid of him and passed him because he was such a large kid. When he was an adult he came by and thanked our family for teaching him so many things and said it had been the best time of his life to have been here. Is he still a large person? No.... he developed other interests like dating and restoring classic cars... From what Holly has said she was never told no, didn't have to do anything but eat. Unless a kid has something like Prather Willie where they will become uncontrollable saying no, yhou have had enough and no to junk food will only help them set boundaries.
  3. ethalfrida

    Season 6 Discussion

    Kalani called Asuelo the N word. I will look for the video.
  4. ethalfrida

    Season 6 Discussion

    All I know is that she called Asuelu the N word. People are so ignorant and most of the people on this show are even more ignorant than usual. I definietely could not watch the Tell-All after hearing her say that.
  5. ethalfrida

    Steven & Olga: Babies With Babies

    The community college where I work has so many programs to assist students with their education... beginning in high school they can get their tuition paid, books purchased for them and guidance to careers paths. Then there are the programs that assist high school graduates with success in their educational paths. There is even an entire division called Student Success that covers everything from tech to graduation. So Steven and students like him have everything they need to move forward and complete.
  6. ethalfrida

    Steven & Olga: Babies With Babies

    And trying to keep up with Russian traffic is, in itself, an E Ticket ride! But here is another problem...
  7. ethalfrida

    Making Your Own?

    One of the best groups on Facebook for Foodies is the Fermented Hot Sauce Society. It is far less complicated than it appears. Once you taste your own you will not care for the commercial brands at all. In any sized jar, layer carrots, onions, tomatoes, garlic, peppers. Add a few slices of limes or lemons. Mix a brine of 3.5 per cent sea salt to water ratio and fill the jar. Always keep the vegetables below the liquid. You can do that easily by filling a ziplock bag with brine and stuffing it on top of the vegs inside the jar. If you don't have an airlock, just unscrew the top everyday and burp the ferment. The hot sauce will be ready after three weeks even though you can brine for years. After fermentation, drain the liquid and set aside. Grind the vegs finely in food processor or blender. At this point you decide if you want a thick hot sauce or a thing one by adding some brine or vinegar to it. This method allows you keep your hot sauce on the counter, in the cabinet or fridge for years as it is fermented and will not spoil.
  8. I so agree!!! And I can't stand people who deny their own culture. What her father said about his people "messing things up" was so antiquated and low self-esteem based it made me cringe.
  9. ethalfrida

    S05.E08: Slayer II

    I was overjoyed to see F-ing Larry but now can't follow the series. How is he doing? I had subscribed to Sling again but they aren't showing Atlanta and Americans are boring so I unsubscribed again. Does F-ing Larry stand a chance?
  10. ethalfrida

    S01.E09 Pre-Nuptial

    Okay, I'm out. That last episode was disgusting. Besides, their roles are so undynamic I still don't know one person from another. Is the one brother hitting on his sister? Should have known what was coming (no pun) with the ejaculation on the picture window a few episodes back. Stopped watching.
  11. ethalfrida

    S01.E10: Ease on Down the Road

    For dramatic purposes of the opposite kind... It is unlikely that ALL of the kids would be such poor dancers. But, in their defense, they may have been dancing with no music as is often done in films. But still, if I was producer or director, I would say, "no way, give them some music! They look so lame!".
  12. ethalfrida

    S01.E07: The Whistle

    What exactly happened in the barbershop?
  13. ethalfrida

    Low Carb Eating

    s, thisLow C is a great breakfast, lunch or brunch dish. I made it for breaksfast this morning. Numbers are 7.9 g protein, 3.9 g carbs and 27 g fat. 298.8 calories. Pepper Egg Boats
  14. I also advise talking with your doctor. Have you ever had labs done? They test your blood and urine to get feedback on your blood sugar, chlolestral, thyroid and all other body functions. Cometimes, low blood sugar or pressure cause the palpitations as well as high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Getting tested will be the best thing.
  15. It sounds so nice. Should be very calming. Do you feel it when you use it? Would love to have a massage with it, lol.