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  1. Kenny is annoying, has little respect for Armando and Mexican culture and is extremely untouched by all the other cultures around him in Florida. But I have had acquaintances just as under-exposed. In college, in California which has innumerable clusters of different cultures, religions, restaurants, events, etc... she was so overwhelmed by how easy it was to work on our project together that she apologized to me for being “the only Black friend I have ever had. Also the only Black person I have ever known personally.” She was not a fresh eyed freshman but in her thirties somewhat. There are communities where houses cannot be sold to anyone outside of the families who originally live there. They are just regular houses of your white picket fence variety, not sprawling estates. They are white communities and maybe a sprinkling of Mexican families... So, even in the 21st century, it is easy to be underexposed.
  2. You are hilarious. And you’re right on all points.
  3. My bad... but your comment is still funny.
  4. Well, I gave it a try but can't hang in there. So many bad representations. And for some reason, the writers think we are all voyeurs. Reading what's posted in the forum solves that...
  5. So, he tells Bri he was in his kitchen minding his own business when the mom n law comes in. And he had to cover up (paraphrase). Okay, so we are supposed to forget about cameras, right?
  6. I don't understand the growing popularity of family members interfering in their grown-up children and siblings' lives. Or even friends doing it. I am sure there are some interesting storylines to be had without it.
  7. I was on Bri’s mom’s team until that segment with Bill. Who acts like that with their daughter’s fiance. Bill was right to try to set her up in a hotel. But we know TLC was behind it all. But did you notice that the guy in Bill’s office was rude, cut him off abruptly?
  8. I really don’t want to see a segment on Bill handling Bri’s undies nor hear him talk about them. And, yay, Laguna Beach. Nice view and probably nice house, accessible to anyone in L.A. who can drive down Highway 1 for a few minutes.
  9. Would the other choices Michael had come with a TV show AND a green card? It looks like TLC pickles disaster cases and maybe the others would not generate as much interest.
  10. Why does Jaeger have such a negative image? I've never tasted any or even know anything what the bottle looks like.
  11. What do you do when the person you are talking to says to leave them alone? Paul was especially offensive to Karine and she didn’t want to talk anymore. Yet, he kept it trying to force her to talk... so much so I yelled shut up and skipped the rest of the segment. I don’t think Karine is difficult but she needs to go home where she can be with family.
  12. I tried to watch last night but could not take it and may only read things in the forum for this one from now on. The Americans were absolute nightmares! Syngyn accused of doing what was done to him. Tania(?) thinks her lifestyle before him was art, lol, and his is abuse and laziness. She is ridiculous.Libby and family, need to get a clue about themselves. What on earth makes them think they are better than anyone else? I couldn't watch their segments. Angela was being real and that was it for her as far as I can am concerned. So, I could not watch the whole thing, just suffered through couple of scenes, fast forwarded and then clicked off.
  13. Angela threatened physical violence on Michael. She said she would give him an ass whipping. Jess cracked me up throwing that shoe. She was so dead on you know she knows about La Chancla!
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