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  1. So, I have watched for three episodes and it is adios. I feel the designers seemed to be Kanye-esque with preferring Kanye. Opted for the other design show.
  2. I always wondered why the faces looked so puffy. Thanks.
  3. Williams of London is a great name! Gives the story sort of a Robin of Loxly feel. Love it...
  4. About the gift thing, personally I would have brought something from America for anyone close to Varya. I don't know if I'd say there is never a time when you don't do it. I certainly do not expect it because when I host the guests are not expected to have to do anything but partake of the meal and event planned for THEM. Indeed, on a visit down south I was taken to task when asking if it was okay to bring my cousin to the cookout. Gifts not expected, uninvited guests are. It is mark of status in the neighborhood to have yard full. Same with sit down dinners. But Geoffery was wrong in not honoring her mother. He could have asked.
  5. That’s my problem with Dull Ed and Lisa. They think they are better than the partners they pursue. Geoffery also. I fast forward through Darcy because I can’t take her. But that Will-yumz is so obviously a “trick bag” for Yolanda itjust has to bea fake, producer driven segment. Actually MORE producer driven than the others. But if these couples are actors I would love to see them beyond BT90DF.
  6. I am not sure that designers in real life actually talk to the seamstresses.
  7. Snoozefest for me. This show tried too hard. Snappy dialogue and both Tim as Heidi personalties on steroids. I don’t think any of the designs were executed very well so hiring seamstresses didn’t make a difference.
  8. Ginger chicken is not an ideal healthy meal. The participants, trying to do it on their, without consulting Dr. Now’s paper plan, fail because they know nothing about healthy food.
  9. Testing for stds is good sense. Announcing to the world you will have your partner tested is demeaning. I notice most of the American men on this show are really assholes. All of the ones this season are.
  10. Phony Andrea, the ghetto doesn’t want you here.
  11. Williams... that name screams scammer. Much like those emails where they threaten to call the constable or the Minister of Interiors... He took a last name and made it a first name. I hold no other criticism against Yolanda except hearing her say Williams!
  12. I am wondering they put Lisa on a cut out/green screen for her talking head.
  13. I agree. I don't know what type of viewer they are pandering to but they are getting grosser and grosser. Personally, I don't need to know how he brushes his teeth.
  14. The girlfriend became annoying right from the start. Even before Dr. Now gave her a good talking to. Then she was too mean about the pizza. Scripted?
  15. Frankly, I like Michael. If you watch him closely you can see he approaches each of them only basedon what they want to give. He is what we call slick, a player, smooth, glib... and basically, he has a lot of self control. He is only willing to appear how he wants to be seen. I mean, seriously, The three ladies are pimping themselves. sarah has two children and can hardly afford to give Michael anything. She should keep her distance between the kids and him. She had no business going to that hotel. But I think she is operating under her misinterpreted view of badass Black women, complete with the annoying Black-ccent.
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