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  1. I wasn't aware that she had an active wear line. I am overweight myself and always looking for forgiving designs. There are barely a dozen items! Why wouldn't you go full on - at least offer come color choices.
  2. Amen! I live in New England and there are a ton of homes that were built in the 1700's. I always thought that it would be charming to live in one but the floors slope, the bathrooms are tiny, you have to use window A/C units, they cost a fortune to maintain, etc. That fat, red faced male nurse who was shopping for a home in Ecuador was a scary mess. That poor woman.
  3. None of these couples are remotely interesting except for Nicole and Azan so I am going to be doing a lot of FF. I keep thinking that this is it and Nicole will smarten up but the diminishing returns just keep on coming. It may be interesting to see Pao constantly try to camouflage her body while she is on film like she does in the photos. She certainly went from "get in shape and don't be lazy" to "NO body shaming" pretty quickly.
  4. I was at the event and there were plenty of people on her side of the arena chanting "Better chicken!". It wasn't anywhere near as one sided as Sara made it out to be. Eric was very charming and Sara gave some indication of being a jerk which has been verified for me as I watch the earlier episodes.
  5. "Never get a full time job". Bill Nye. Good for Jacob. It is way too east to fall into a career at a corporation and there goes your life. Full time job, mortgage for what is most likely a mediocre and styleless home, couple of kids that have to be stuck in daycare, low level designer good like Coach and Pandora, credit card debt, boredom, etc. He should put it off as long as you can. I have a big job with a major telco for 20 years and getting laid off was the best thing that ever happened to me!
  6. I watched the show from the very beginning and the original premise was hey here is a fat girl who loves to dance and is active and living her life! Whit was going to the gym, seeing a nutritionist, reaching out for support with her diet, etc. I was expecting a feel good story and some inspiration to aid me in my own weight loss efforts and of course now its a cautionary tale but I digress. Whitney wasn't famous and had no direction on how to navigate her fame and public persona. I really think that Whit and her family/friends were all so thrilled that she had the TV show that there wasn't ev
  7. It's the running and not eating very much.
  8. People on crack get strung out and thin. People snorting cocaine get puffy - usually from drinking copious amounts of alcohol to manage the buzz I was in my twenties in the 80's and saw a TON of that.
  9. And Ashley retracted her divorce filing. These people are all gross.
  10. How sis this idiot of a woman manage to put together such a successful company and net worth> I wouldn't hire her to manage my ice cream truck.
  11. Even with that awful Trump photo Kathy is head and shoulders over Andy in talent, wit and celebrity. He ruined Bravo and he has fostered such a violent and crass work environment for the Housewives that they are acting like trash all of the time. It's a shame because the original RHOC was interesting and the glamorous over the top lifestyles were entertainment in themselves. Now it's like the WWF in Loubotins .
  12. I can't find the post where Auj announced that Izzy can't refer to herself as Ember's aunt until she is officially married. WTF
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