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  1. I replayed the first time to see if I could hear what the plaintiff said . . . it sounded to me like they muted the offensive word the first time, so I assume they may have done so on subsequent occasions. I don't "speak" Spanish, but I've been exposed to enough of it that I recognize a lot of the swear words.
  2. I got the feeling that the plaintiff didn't know that Judge Milian speaks fluent Spanish and understood every epithet the plaintiff was uttering. I really wanted JM to look at the plaintiff and tell her just that - in Spanish.
  3. Just finished watching the finale, and my eyes are still wet. We absolutely needed the positive distraction of such a wonderful show this year, and I am so glad we have had it. Well done, all!!!!
  4. Ooooh. There are rumors of a Crystelle/Chiggs romance blooming. Those would be some beautiful babies!!!
  5. Interesting family dynamic. Here's how I saw it. Oldest son not there. Middle son who cried and reached out to comfort mom when she cried. Middle kids often show the traits of peacemaker and people-pleasers. Youngest son, whose wife just wants mom's issues to be resolved so she can begin to have a more normal relationship with her husband that might even include children. Only daughter and youngest child who is sick of the whole thing and has no f***s to give about mom's issues. Mom who married a second husband who was NOT a collector or hoarder. I just keep imagi
  6. Really nice story about filming with "Baby Robert" in this episode. They also featured him in the show's official Christmas picture this year.
  7. The entire show last night . . . pure bliss.
  8. Sounds like a description of a lot of the LulaRoe stuff.
  9. Here's some information on the practice tent. Production pretty much HAD to come up with a way for the bakers to practice. Before Covid, they got to go home during the week and could practice there before coming back for the two days of shooting. For the 2020 and 2021 seasons, they've all been a bubble at a very nice hotel.
  10. Is this a rhetorical question? LOL.
  11. There was at least one occasion where no one was eliminated, but that was counter-balanced by the fact that someone had left for (I think) medical reasons. That balanced out things out to the number of contestants who were supposed to be there at the end of that episode. I also seem to recall a season where there was an episode where two people were eliminated, as was planned by production to ensure that only three people went through to the final. I agree. It's a competition. People know the rules going in. Sometimes it sucks, but good bakers who stumble are eliminated as a result.
  12. Definitions: esthetic - a particular theory or conception of beauty or art : a particular taste for or approach to what is pleasing to the senses and especially sight schtick - a usually comic or repetitious performance or routine I don't think Katie has a design esthetic. She has a schtick.
  13. What part of Arizona are you from? LOL.
  14. I, on the other hand, would have murdered him before the first commercial break. What he was doing by serving her those huge portions was nothing less than slow murder, so if she had killed him first, it would have been self defense.
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