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  1. If she has ANY dream of a cooking show (or even a level of success on youtube), she needs to have a professional watch and critique her. Experience would show, though, that she's not interested in listening to advice from anyone. I just feel kind of bad that she doesn't realize that a lot of people watch her just to laugh or snark. But not bad enough to stop doing it myself.
  2. Who could forget Ross' glow-in-the-dark smile!!!! LOL.
  3. Does she still maintain a compost pile in Flag? If so, I bet it's the biggest compost pile in AZ.
  4. Look at his hand on her hip. Looks like she trimmed off part of her hip/butt area, and stopped filtering right at the end of his fingers. And I know NOTHING about how to do that stuff.
  5. Amy - if you don't want tears while you're chopping onions, there are two options: 1. Hold a piece of bread in your mouth so that it's between the onion and your eyes. It will absorb the odors. 2. Get a damned onion chopper. The piece of shallot she was chopping would have taken us 5 seconds to mince. Some of us are old enough to remember when Dan Aykroyd was on Saturday Night Live. His Julia Child sketch is a classic. She herself loved it so much that she used to show it to guests in her home. And it's not nearly as funny as Amy trying to look like a competent chef. My "peeve of the day" . . . who keeps their paper towels six feet away and across the room from the sink? Aren't they supposed to be right NEXT to the sink so you can dry your hands without dripping across the whole room? And after rubbing her roast with her bare hands, she wipes them briefly on a paper towel, then opens a drawer and digs for a knife with rub remnants on her hands. Sheesh. This woman has no business telling anyone how to do things in a kitchen.
  6. But it still requires completing a course of study and living a life that affirms the values of the church. And in some churches, it is a staff position which does come with a salary.
  7. No money for the plaintiff. She couldn't prove she had $1,800 in cash (which she accused defendant of stealing), and rather than receipts, she had a list of clothing he had disposed of with amounts she had pulled down from the internet. It looked more like a shopping list. Having listened to both of them, I wouldn't trust either one of them if their tongues came notarized. She, of course, is a Reverent (sic) Mother, and he is a deacon.
  8. SojaBoy told his mother that BGL worked in the medical field "like a doctor."
  9. She usually smiles with her lips closed, but I found a few pictures of her with her teeth showing. They don't look jacked-up to me either.
  10. OMG - you're right! It's not actresses that Laura reminds me of - it's Betty herself! The main difference is that Betty never appeared looking sweaty and disheveled, except the time she was videoed in a courtroom kicking and screaming when the cops carried her out. Betty is now 72 and living in San Diego - still in prison for the murder of her ex-husband and his new wife.
  11. I've come to the same conclusion. If they keep on wasting a full 30 minutes on these really stupid cases, they'll have to do it without my television being tuned in. In happier news, I'm getting in a good nap every afternoon from about 3 to 4.
  12. Finally had a chance to finish watching the episode and the Mike Rowe aftershow. Everything was so well done. Loved that we only had a couple of minutes of Josh Harris, looking higher than a kite and making excuses for why they left $36,000 worth of crab on the ocean floor. Casey knows the crew messed up the count. They'd done that before, but Josh got them to count better by setting up a process where they would have to pay him if they were off by a certain amount. Apparently, they forgot how to count on subsequent trips. I wonder if the crew wanted to go home, so they fudged the figures to make it look like they had more than they did. I hope Johnathan and the Time Bandit start fishing again. Ruck the Fussians!!!!
  13. Yeah - can't imagine that giving motivational speeches to people with Alzheimer's in wheelchairs is a big money maker.
  14. Lana used several English words at the airport. I suspect her English is MUCH better than we were shown . . . but maybe not all the way to "Natasha" level.
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