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  1. Why do I suspect she has a little hat to match each fan?
  2. Based on what we saw of his personality on the show, I suspect he does 98% of his life on his own.
  3. The fact that NO ONE wanted to stay with him in the original boma speaks volumes. Makani walked away from him, choosing the unknown African landscape rather than tolerate another moment with him. He was, however, wise to build a separate boma near Seth. Anyone with an iota of sense could see that Seth was NOT going to be a participating partner. He absolutely should have communicated with the others about his change of mind after a sleepless night. But he was too busy getting his feelings hurt because the woman who found him asleep in his boma didn't say, "Are you okay? Do you need anything?" "Two-men-enter-one-man-leaves scenario" . . . hysterical.
  4. Our local PBS station re-ran the Candice finale last night. She doesn't bug me, but I never cared for Ruby.
  5. It's a drive of over 15 hours (one-way) from Washington Utah to Portland. They'd have had to pay for gas, food, and probably an overnight stay in a hotel. The shortest flight I saw from Saint George was almost 4 hours ($222 round trip, so $666 for the three who would require tickets). There are no direct flights. Plus there still would have been food costs for the layover in Salt Lake City. Seeing how those kids seem to scream constantly in the car, and Asuelu spends his whole drive time swearing under his breath, the flight was the best option.
  6. . . . my little Yorkie's favorite thing to eat, so Big Ed should watch out for Little Ed.
  7. Good point . . . I was just commenting on the fact that it isn't a picture of Amy's face with hardly anyone else in the frame. Given that she's just been zooming around on Chris' motorcycle with a bunch of his friends, it's probably not a good idea for her to visit people right now.
  8. And then it will be - EVERY night - "Come on, Mykul. I can't get pregnant without your sperm. Gimme some."
  9. I have a friend who is expecting a granddaughter, who has already been named "Addisyn." It takes every bit of willpower to stop myself from responding, "She won't be 3 years old before her mama is already tired of spelling it out for everyone." My last name is easy to pronounce, but does not have the traditional spelling for a 4-letter name. I don't even say it out loud when people ask "What is your last name?" I just spell it. If I say it first, people have already typed in the wrong first letter before I can spell it. I would never complicate things by giving someone a weird first name spelling intentionally.
  10. Looks like his doesn't have much of a fan club, but he has 684,000 followers on his FB page (including me), compared to Amy's 519,000 (NOT including me).
  11. My hubby is a keeper. He looks at me and says, "What garbage shows are we going to watch tonight?" He can say "engineer" but can't say "love"? As in "I luh to cuddle." I wonder if he's a "custodial engineer."
  12. No shame from me. If this pandemic goes away before Taco Bell goes bankrupt, my first "to-go" order will be Nachos Bel Grande!!!! Because we are high risk and EXTREMELY cautious, we only eat food we've prepared at home right now.
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