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  1. My concern with them showing the dangling guy was . . . we live in a country with a lot of stupid people. Some want to be on television, and will do anything to get there. Like copying some "ninja" who dangles from high structures. I thought it was irresponsible of ANW to show clips of him doing that.
  2. We missed the beginning of the show last night, so I was so glad to watch this link. We're having a week from hell at our house, so I really appreciated the chance to start the morning with a smile. I wish her well!!! I thought she was adorable, and a lot better than some of those who came later.
  3. She posted yesterday that she was headed up to the B&B with a car full of stuff. Maybe they had the bridal party staying there and Meri was part of the cleaning crew? Sorry - every piece of LLR that I've ever seen was just not very pretty.
  4. Don't have an answer to that specific question, but I went to Amazon to read reviews. Many used the word "repetitive" to describe the book - even those who claim to be Amy's fans.
  5. I keep forgetting there are other brands of memory foam (especially since I have a Tempur-Pedic. Sort of like Kleenex/tissue. Thanks.
  6. Every time he (or anyone else interviewing a suspect) asks those types of questions, I've now been trained (via crime shows) to see if they nod their head "yes" while their lips are saying "no." Dead giveaway!!!! LOL.
  7. We've established that we live too far away to hang out and be BFFs. But I can't help it . . . I just LOVE you!!!!
  8. They should contract with the Browns from Sisterwives to provide LulaRoe clothing for Judge Judy's litigants. Now THAT would be hysterical.
  9. I know the first bed the salesman mentioned was a Tempur-Pedic. Vince did not buy her a Tempur-Pedic with mattress, box spring, frame and delivery for $700.
  10. Okay . . . so he WORKS at a hotel for (probably) minimum wage and has no money. First place I'd suggest she look for him is the hotel where he works!!! Duh.
  11. I also suspect that his comment that Pennsylvania has no laws governing the training and use of service animals was wrong. He was a little too smooth and rehearsed in his answers. I trained my dog. My doctor certified my dog. You know how they sometimes show JJ giving the litigants a thorough visual going over when she's entering? I really wanted her to say to the plaintiff, "Okay, you with the really stupid hair . . . what's your case?"
  12. We used to go to the movies every week, but now we rarely go. I have no tolerance for people who talk during movies. Fortunately, I get the headphones for the hearing impaired, and crank them up to drown out anything but the movie dialogue. We go to Harkins theaters, which also have a strict cell phone policy. I once was at an afternoon show with a grand total of 5 people in the theater. A middle-aged guy (looked like he was supposed to be at work, but opted for a movie instead) pulled out his phone and started checking e-mail. I walked down two rows, tapped him on the shoulder and said, "If you don't put that away right now, and leave it in your pocket, I will take great pleasure in having an usher throw your rude self out of here." He put it away, and didn't bring it out again. (Mr. AZC hates it when I do stuff like that . . . but he's used to me and knows I'm going to do it anyway.)
  13. Today's defendant - Karl Winchell- worth googling.
  14. IIRC, coach did admit that other people had also loaned (or "gave" as we all know that defendants claim on JJ) him money. One can only wonder how many small claims suits he's had to deal with as a result. Too bad they couldn't have lined them all up on JJ and had separate cases against him. They could have done a "coach week" special! The only drawback is that he would not have had to pay them back out of his own pocket. And Byrd shouldn't have to pay for ALL of this guy's drinking, DUIs, etc.
  15. The audience looks like it's full of people who already think LulaRoe looks good.
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