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  1. That episode where "Dr. Fiscus" (Howie's character) died and went to "heaven" was one of the most creative things I'd seen on a TV show to that point. When he is talking to "God" - and "God" was identical to Dr. Fiscus, the look on Howie's face went from surprise to the realization of "Of course we look the same. I was made in your image." On the other hand, the last episode will forever remain as my least favorite ending for a show I loved. I loved all of the visualized euphemisms (e.g., it was over when the fat lady sang).
  2. Thinking back, I wonder if she was texting her friend about being filmed RIGHT NOW for the show, and told her about the guy she's with. Maybe friend said, "Get out of there NOW!!!!" Sara sure did change her mind quickly during that ride . . . must have been a reason.
  3. And I found myself wondering if he would have pulled that ring out of his pocket if he hadn't won. LOL.
  4. Wow. Everything in that expose echoes what many were saying in the Meri Brown thread on Sister Wives . . . poor quality, ugly, taking advantage of women.
  5. I SO agree. It's totally unfair to put amateurs up - step for step - up against professionals who have been doing these dishes for YEARS. The pros not only know that they are working with ingredients with which THEY are familiar, they know the steps ahead of time. Given the difficulty of the challenges, I thought ALL of the home cooks did a pretty good job.
  6. One of the joys of being 74 is that the kiosk people avoid eye contact with me. LOL.
  7. Megan looks like a strong contender, but 2/3 of the prior winners have been female, so I wonder whether TPTB might want to go for a male winner if it's a close call.
  8. Interesting article about possible successors to Nicola Walker. "Who are the favourites for Unforgotten series 5? According to online bookies Betfair, there are some stellar actresses already emerging as favourites to replace Nicola. The current favourite is Keeping Faith star, Eve Myles, at 3/1. Closely behind are Doctor Who actress Jodie Whittaker at 4/1 and former Emmerdale and Line Of Duty star Sian Reese-Williams at 6/1. The likes of Suranne Jones, Katherine Kelly and Sarah Lancashire follow closely behind. Angela Griffin and Keeley Hawes are also on the very
  9. The decor visible behind him during the case screamed "I live in my parents' basement."
  10. According to this link, the book provides recipes and nutritional and dietary information.
  11. I'm not a real estate professional or a lawyer. But even I know that "Money doesn't go out of this hand until a contract or receipt goes into this hand." Honestly, Brit . . . watch "The People's Court" if you want to see a lot of people getting scammed. Then don't do what they're doing.
  12. I'm new to watching this show. We find it strangely fascinating.
  13. According to one article I found online: "If the new season does premiere on Channel 5 in the fall, then the earliest American viewers are likely to see Season 2 is January 2022." Channel 5 in the UK is showing it in September, so that's a good sign!!!!
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