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  1. Many years ago, my brother was married to a woman who was unpleasant on her few good days. The rest of the time, you didn't want to be around her. Her stability was negatively impacted even more when he walked away from her and their four kids, and she couldn't track him down to enforce the child support order. She was a member of a church that was as well known as the Latter-Day Saints (Mormons). XSIL became SO vocal in her constant bashing of my brother that the church she belonged to finally said, "Please stop your constant negative talking about your ex-husband. You are NOT living the kind of life that we speak about in our church, and you are - therefore - being a terrible witness to the fact of God's love. If you can't stop your behavior, you'll need to stop coming to services, and please don't ever tell people that you are a part of our church." (Yes, it was that bad.) When I saw Andrea the other night swearing like a sailor and being 100% hateful to Lamar, I had flashbacks to my XSIL's behavior. Good witnesses don't take the Lord's name in vain. Of course, they also don't have sex in prison visiting room closets, but that's a whole different issue. We saw Andrea just a couple of weeks ago setting up a lemonade stand out front so they could testify about God, and then we heard her talking about a whole-family mission trip to spread the gospel. I suspect that her name has come up at more than one LDS church board meeting as in, "Does anyone have any suggestions about how to deal with the harm that Andrea is doing to the Mormon church's reputation?"
  2. When the producer says, "Try to look confused and like you don't know what to do" with these folks, it's not hard.
  3. Even if you just stroll down to the front desk of your "luxury resort" and ask the concierge to help you find a translator!!!!
  4. Sometimes I don't sleep well, and then my brain goes into overdrive and I start thinking of weird things. About 4:00 this morning, I created a satirical video (in my mind) of myself doing a "cooking" video a la Amy. I could demonstrate how to boil water here in AZChristian's medium-sized kitchen. I'd use a dirty pot and - of course - would forget to have water handy. The instructions would include, "If you need to boil two quarts of water and you want to use this pot, you'd have to fill it twice. Or you could use a bigger pot. Or you could use less water for your demonstration. If you get the water out of the fridgerator, it will probably take longer to boil." Seriously, doesn't that sound like something we'd see her do?
  5. Living in Arizona, we have been to Mexico many times. I have never found myself in a situation where there was NO ONE nearby who spoke English. I cannot believe that there would be a government office dealing with passport and travel issues in which NO ONE spoke English. I call fake on that whole situation. Perhaps they could not give out information on detainees to anyone other than a family member or attorney. I am getting a bit weary of TLC thinking that everyone who watches their shows must be an idiot. But, then, maybe just the fact that we DO watch them makes us idiots???? I prefer to think of us as people who are starved for anything that will distract us from OUR reality.
  6. I suspect that he was wearing t-shirts with a large copyrighted logo that couldn't be blurred out, so they had him turn the shirt inside out to hide the logo. I think this is a fairly common procedure for shows like this.
  7. I was kind of surprised that a doctor would have someone so obviously unhealthy as their receptionist. Physician Heal Thyself . . . and Thy Staff.
  8. If they put her on THAT show, it would be the first time in history when there weren't any applicants signing up to be on the show. Sorry, but she brings pretty much nothing but dinner to the table.
  9. Will she need a Bachelored of Science Degree to become a nurse?
  10. Although her paperwork says she arrived without a passport, maybe it was without a VALID passport. She could have used someone else's, or paid for a fake one. In my simplistic lifestyle view, though, why would one get a fake passport - which would probably cost more than a real one - unless one is being deceitful from the onset??
  11. I had recorded it while watching something else. I also made it about the same amount of time before zipping to the end. Dr. Phil and Dr. Sophie are going to help the family find official resources for the child to be deeply tested and treated. Apparently, Dr. Phil's partner doctors/ranches are still shut down, so he's not sending them to Texas to have the child's brain scanned neuro guy. All they're getting is a list and maybe a couple of phone calls from Dr. Phil's production staff.
  12. Yep. It's been there for quite a while. We drove by there (Dr. Now's office) when on vacation in Houston.
  13. We watched it because we're that bored. These are my comments: It's paprika, not papparika. Learn the proper usage of bring vs. take. Worried about pronouncing "cremini" correctly, but not so much regarding "porbella." "Garnishment" is not parsley on top of a bowl of soup. It is when money is legally withheld from your paycheck and sent to another party. That pot would have been hard to clean on day one. On day two, she REALLY burned the stuff onto the outside of it. How much stock and/or wine went into the soup? When you make the rub, do you use the same amount of papparika as you do brown sugar? Has she ever make a complete recipe without forgetting an ingredient? Really? You call it a green salad because everything in it is green? Mind.Blown. Did she end up eating alone, or did Chris and their guests eventually show up? We needed a good laugh today. Now we've had one.
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