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  1. PSG is such a publicity hound that if her daughter is in prison, PSG will probably be trying to talk her into signing up for "Love After Lockup." That would give PSG a chance to be a secondary character (paid) on another tacky TV show.
  2. There was an episode where Matt tried to have organizers go down into the basement to tidy things up. I may be mistaken, but I suspect that all of those nice matching plastic containers (the best part of these pictures) were from them. Amy pretty much threw the organizers out of the house and tore into Matt for hiring them. Yes, he should have gotten her to agree to it first, but sometimes a person can only live in a mess for so long before they do something about it.
  3. I'm no expert, but I've read before that if a woman applies for assistance (including food stamps), she must disclose the identity of the father(s) of any minor child(ren). She will likely still get benefits, but the state will go after the father(s) for reimbursement of what they're giving the woma(e)n. I assume they same would apply for reversed gender situations. If Robert were to apply for food stamps for their 3-person family, the state might try to go after Bryson's mother if she's not paying child support. They'd probably have more luck getting money from PSG. She has at least $15,000 in her bank account.
  4. There was definitely a touch of hyperbole in my comment. I used to be a LOT (over 100 pounds) heavier than I am now, and I recall that my toilet results were a lot different then. I am not willing to get to 650 pounds, though, to see just how much my poop weighs. There used to be a British TV show called "You Are What You Eat." As part of evaluating diets, the nutritionist on the show would have people poop into a Tupperware container so she could evaluate the poop. As I recall, the results from obese people were different (and much larger) than those of less-obese people. But 12 pounds . . . yeah . . . not really.
  5. I (at 73) am more likely to avoid crowded places BECAUSE of infants and young children. Any parent of a young children has to face their kids coming home from school with germs they picked up from another kid, and then the rest of the family gets sick. My last trip to the Grand Canyon on the train, there was a nice young family sitting in front of my friend and me. Their 4-year-old kept hanging over the seat into our space . . . with snot running down from his nose to his lip. My friend and I BOTH got nasty colds at the same time, and we both point to that kid as the source of contagion. And I wear a mask on flights now (have done so for years) because I was tired of getting sick right after deplaning. I also swab down the area around my seat with a Clorox wipe as soon as I board. Haven't gotten sick (knock on wood) since starting that, and when I'm swabbing, there always seems to be a flight attendant who approaches me and says, "You're the smartest person on the plane." Yep. I guess I'm a germaphobe.
  6. Not to be crude, but it must be said. 12 to 20 pounds is just one good bowel movement for someone over 600/700 pounds. So we can feel fairly sure that the sister and brother on the 2/19 episode must have pooped before they got weighed.
  7. "Help me Obi Wan Nowzardan. You're my only hope."
  8. Instead of 90-Day Fiance, they're 3 Decades NOT Fiances.
  9. I have the most amazing questions pop into my mind while showering. This morning's question: If Carlton depended on his brother, Cash, to bring him his big Tupperware toilet . . . and Cash wasn't on the trip to Houston . . . did Monica sign up for that duty, too????? ("Hi, it's nice to meet you in person. Let's get in the car so you can move with us to Houston. Be sure to pack that big Tupperware container. That's what I poop in, and then you can take it into the bathroom and flush the contents down the toilet.) Regarding the accident . . . they very clearly filmed the sound of more than one car blaring horns at her before the "hit and run" that caused the damage. Well, if anybody "hit and run," it was Monica hitting a stationary object and taking off. That's probably why the BIL talked to her about her poor driving. Sometimes, the truth is the truth.
  10. I suspect they'd let Bryson stay, but not Robert. And Robert was not going to be separated from his son for that long a time period.
  11. We live closer to Anaheim, so when we "do Disney," it's at the original Disneyland. I find it less exhausting than Disney World (one trip there was enough for me). As we are now retired, we have more freedom to travel, but less money. If I'm going back to anywhere we've already been, I'm on the next cruise ship to Alaska!!! (6 trips down, 1 more already booked, and 1 in the "probable" box for next year)
  12. Or it could be that Zach and Tori paid their own way because they don't spend all their money on essential oils and hiring nannies and assistants.
  13. 1. Most of our TV judges only refund someone for what the product cost. Since our plaintiff hadn't bothered with paying one red cent, she wasn't due ANY refund. I agree with JM on this one, but was surprised she didn't consider statute of limitation on earlier debt. I assume that because plaintiff "restarted" the former indebtedness in her texts, the SoL didn't apply. 2. You can't sell what you don't own. Defendant didn't own the trailer (they never got it registered in their name), so she shouldn't have sold it. Good judgment. 3. I looked these litigants up because I'm originally from the East Coast and wanted to see to what part of the EC those accents belonged. Looks like they're from the Niagara Falls area of NY. BTW, the multiple arrests of the defendant were listed via Google, as were his mug shots. He's lost some weight, but the tat on his neck was a giveaway.
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