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  1. Yes. Slick in an industry "famous" for lecherous men in power victimizing women (and men) in ways exactly like what Dan, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, etc., have gotten away with for years. Disgusting. Birds of a feather cover for each other.
  2. Just what we need in this world . . . another full page added to every form, allowing people to identify with whatever gender / sexual preference etc., etc., etc. I think I did see a form recently that offered under Gender Identity: _____ Male _____ Female _____ Other ______________________________ (Please specify, if you wish to do so)
  3. Interestingly, I googled and found out that Foreign Accent Syndrome can, in fact, be one of the first symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Even so . . . I think the defendant in today's case was a con artist and professional victim. No medical proof with her that she has been diagnosed with anything . . . from lazy eye to MS to rheumatoid arthritis to HPV to recently completed dental surgery. Not buying a word she says.
  4. He was so proud of his "clean" driving record. This may explain that.
  5. I think he's a non-entity here as well, except for those of us who watch - and are amused by - this show. LOL.
  6. But his mother is 93, and his father is 98 . . . Charles may (like his maternal grandmother) break the 100 barrier. He obviously won't reign as long as his mother, but he may out-reign his maternal grandfather, who died after 16 years on the throne.
  7. AZChristian


    Mkyelti and Meri are visual proof that when it comes to sweaters/vests, one size does NOT fit all.
  8. I've never heard of that director or that movie, so I'd never know about Jesse's starring role had it not been shared here. COL and proud of it.
  9. In Jesse's World of Delusion, that appearance in the shower in the Tell-All episode probably qualifies as an edgy sex scene with a world famous director.
  10. And yet, I could see him fitting right in, sitting on the couch with them on an all-season "Tell All."
  11. Yowza. That hot pink sure pulls the eyes right to the ample bosum of the lady wearing that color.
  12. Like any sane person cares one iota about what Pao and Russ think about anything. Luckily, I DVR Pillow Talk and watch it the next day. This week, that will afford me the opportunity to fast forward through their segments.
  13. I'm always here. Let me know if you get down near Mesa. Would love to meet you, too.
  14. OMG, what a great idea! Between the squinty face and your woke white sneakers, it would have been hysterical. I could come back over, wear something REALLY tight and polyester with a kid-sized jean jacket, and I could be Meri!!!! Mr. AZC is much cuter than Kody, though . . .
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