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  1. Maybe when TLC told Jeremy and Audrey their services were no longer required as they didn't have any "Little People" in their lineage. As a producer on the show, Matt wants to keep the money flow going. Jeremy wasn't part of that any more, so dropped in Matt's list of priorities. I don't believe Jeremy's announcement that he and Audrey chose to leave the show. Right . . . and then instantly decided he had to have an office at the farm for his writing and thinking of deep thoughts? Nah . . . he just wanted to see what was going on, and hope they might change their minds if they saw him every day they were filming.
  2. While they were trying to get from a task they had just finished to the boats to move them to the next stop, I was hoping they'd have to go via taxi so we could all yell "bow dock, BOW DOCK" in Pole's honor. I must confess, I yelled it anyway . . . just for fun.
  3. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit it, but among the few TV shows I watch is "90-Day Fiance." One of the women who (unfortunately for her) met her "fiance" online lived in or near Manaus. There is a scene where her idiotic (to put it kindly) American was in a cab to get to where those transport boats would take him from the city where he flew to from the US to Manaus. The guy (who was from Kentucky) spoke not ONE word of Portuguese. He told the cabbie to take him to the boat dock. But between his accent and his attempt to say it with a Portuguese accent, it came out as "bow dock." The cabbie - obviously - had no idea what he was saying, so the guy just repeated it louder and slower - as some Americans do when they're speaking to a person who does not speak English. So last night, as they were looking for those boats to take them to the next stop, I kept yelling, "bow dock, B-O-W D-O-C-K." Well, it was funny here anyway.
  4. I live in Arizona, where the temperatures just started dipping below 100 last week. And what is this "rain" thing you speak of?
  5. I'm not a big fancy cook, so I googled to find out what a "fallon" of sour cream is. Google doesn't know either. Does she mean "gallon" or maybe "dollop"???? Is there a class one must take to become fluent in Amyese?
  6. Good idea! Come to think of it, Camilla doesn't seem posh (although she dresses the part). Maybe we don't need a posh person to play her.
  7. Dark chocolate is supposed to be good for you, so in my search to constantly improve my health, I stick with that. LOL.
  8. From the show standpoint, the logical people if they want to continue the show would be Zach and Tori - next generation with actual "little people" as part of the family. Also, the kitchen modifications would be useful to Zach, Jackson, and Leila (sp?). Not sure if there is a regular-height cooktop that would be for Tori's use, but it wouldn't be that hard to make that modification, and the house has already had a lot done to make it LP friendly. It was funny how they kept talking about how much actual room was in the house . . . like they never knew that because of how much stuff was all over the place.
  9. Did anyone else experience really bad audio for the first case? We had a good laugh about Mrs. Petrillo and Mr. Barberiono, too.
  10. I wish they'd shown a before and after like they do on the show Hoarders.
  11. This show is constantly sending me off in search of new things. Last week, it was finding chocolate babka. This week, I had to have a pasty. Given that we are NOT eating out (even take-out) these days, my only choice was to make them at home. And I am NOT a great cook. So I bought a couple of those pie crusts in a roll in the refrigerated section at the grocery store. The day before, I had made a roast, with the plan that it would provide most of the ingredients for the pasty the next day. Yesterday was "pasty day." We pulled out enough of the leftover roast for two servings, along with potatoes and carrots. We always plan that a roast is going to turn into beef stew, so we store it all in one bowl with the leftover gravy. We didn't clean off the gravy from what we were chopping, but we didn't add any additional to the mix either. The only things we added were a bit of red onion for a "kick" and some diced mushrooms, because I like them. And we put in extra salt and pepper because there we didn't want them to be bland. After mixing it all up, we put half of the mixture on each of the two pie crust circles and then folded it to a semi-circle. We made a point of not getting too close to the edge, to allow for crimping. After they were crimped, I brushed them with an egg wash and they were popped into the oven. They weren't bad. Very much in the "comfort food" category. The crimping made the edges too thick for me to want to eat (they were large and I was already getting full from eating the meaty part). Taste-wise, I call them a step above a pot pie, but without the baking dish. I've heard that some people find them to be dry, but we must have included just enough gravy. The pasties were not dry, nor did the filling leak out beyond the crust.
  12. Cost comparison: Amy's cap: $24.50 plus $3.97 shipping Walmart (prettier) matching cap, scarf, mittens set: $21.69 . . . free shipping What's really funny is that when you go to her "Products" page on her website, everything is listed in alphabetical order by default. And almost every product name starts with "Amy Roloff's Little Kitchen" or "Amy's ______" and then actual product name. Terrible design plan. I never cease to be amazed at the hubris of certain people in the Roloff clan.
  13. After watching that scene, I turned to Mr. AZC and asked, "Did we somehow get switched over to Nancy Drew Mysteries?" "Complete trainwreck" is a kind description for this mess.
  14. I've heard others pronounce it "Amy's way" as well. I am no linguistic expert, but I did study French in high school. IIRC, the only way "parmesan" would be pronounced "parmesian" in France is if it were spelled with that "i" in the middle. I even googled a translation app that does pronunciations, and they agree. As a former east-coaster myself, I grew up where dishes were warshed in a zink. But I don't think it's a good idea for teachers (even pre-school) to not be corrected before they teach students. I once had a junior high science teacher who taught us all about the "pi-tit-u-ary" gland. I wonder how long it took before we (hopefully all) learned the correct pronunciation.
  15. There are a lot (too many) Americans who seem to have a "close enough" philosophy when it comes to using correct words and/or grammar. Amy's mangling of both are embarrassing, given her background as a pre-school teacher. She was teaching a whole generation of her students that they shouldn't be "fustrated" when the "parmesian" cheese falls over and gets the "spring foam" pan on the counter dirty.
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