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  1. I enjoyed it! No mention here yet of Will Ferrell? He and Kerry had great chemistry.
  2. Loved that Stanford professor who smelled her bullshit right away. I wish the doc had mentioned her dog ("wolf") that she'd bring into the lab... what a weirdo. This is from the Vanity Fair article: "Around this same time, Holmes says that she discovered that Balto—like most huskies—had a tiny trace of wolf origin. Henceforth, she decided that Balto wasn’t really a dog, but rather a wolf. In meetings, at cafés, whenever anyone stopped to pet the pup and ask his breed, Holmes soberly replied, “He’s a wolf.” .... "And for the rest of the day, Balto would stroll through the labs with his owner. Holmes brushed it off when the scientists protested that the dog hair could contaminate samples."
  3. Janc

    S06.E05: Public Shaming

    The Monica cartoon with the dicks as microphones was disgusting, can't believe a publication would use that. Where she is today is amazing, after going through all that.
  4. Janc

    S23.E09: Week 9

    Not only that, he's realized Fleiss etc. have contributed to his humiliation by flying in Cassie's dad who of course wanted her to break up with him. They facilitated it and they were duplicitously planning it behind his back while he was doing his happy smiley ITMs and getting ready to bone Cassie. They knew he'd be heartbroken, and to him they've been his only friends and confidantes this past month. How can he trust these monsters?
  5. Janc

    S10.E06: Flagstaff Flirtation

    Oh, Mona the real estate agent. Telling Christine the house would sell in a month. Ah to dream.... At least Christine owned it last night:
  6. Well, now I bet Hannah Big Tooth is on track to be B'ette, since they removed the scenes of her showing up to talk to Colton... don't want the lead looking too desperate and crazy.
  7. Janc

    Kody Brown: Part-Time Father, Full-Time Asshat

    I have so much to say about Kody and his parenting after watching this season's ep 3 (on demand). Can't wait til it's broadcast and the ep thread for that opens ... he is the worst father ever.
  8. Janc

    S10.E02: Sister Wives Secrets

    But that's not even true - didn't her mom contribute to the downpayment with the proceeds from her house sale? So really, she AND HER MOM did it.
  9. Janc

    S10.E02: Sister Wives Secrets

    Hmmm. So last night Kody tweeted: ...to which Meri replied (and has since deleted) something about "so what is the truth Kody, please tell us". Kody's reply to her (showing Meri deleted her tweet)...
  10. Janc

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    Definitely not a Meri apologist here, but that could be anyone's arm, including Jackie's....
  11. Janc

    S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    One of our very own posters stayed at the (in)famous B&B last summer... read the recap here! What I wouldn't give to be a fly on their wall at a Brown episode viewing when they (well, Meri) sees everyone else's one-on-one interviews and learns they really think about her.
  12. Janc

    Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

    OMG yes I was trying to place her! She was the one with the two other sisters and the dad, right? miss that show
  13. Janc

    S01.E07: Part 7

    I don't know why they thought getting to Canada would make them home free, the story was huge here in Eastern Canada too. They'd have been recognized and probably caught at the border anyway, and extradited. Interesting how the show changed Tilly's son's (and ex-husband's) name.
  14. Janc

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Should have linked it. OK TBH, maybe she didn't create it herself, but who else would?
  15. Janc

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    Totally agree. Did they mention on this episode that Sam was found in the attic of another theater? I read in a news story that Dan lured Sam to that theater to kill him because it was on an army base that had an incinerator - which was why Dan dismembered Sam to get rid of his body that way. The original Dateline was 2 hours, can't believe they crammed this new version, with all the updates, into one hour. They should have reversed it: original being 1 hour, this one being two. I remember the first episode going more into Wesley, the kid who ordered pizza - why?? I do recall thinking Rachel was totally involved though, she's not as good an actress as she thought. Get this: Rachel has made herself an IMDB page, with her only credits as being 'self' on the Dateline and 20/20 eps relating to this story. Sick.