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  1. The lawyer couldn't even get his client's name right, he called him "Mr Jacobs" twice during the press conference clips. I can't stand the brother Frank and his wife, their smug smiles are so annoying. Glad they included a segment on Gloria's arrest, I hoped they would, poor woman. Also love Marsha, Jerry's 4th (?) wife. What was her line, there's no free lunches but sometimes there's some hidden brownies? lolol
  2. (above is not so much a spoiler but a prediction) How is Shubam going to react when he sees his so honest BFF is a guy? Don't get the point of the mom being there, she should be doing the messaging for Ed. Joey really grated at first but he's not so bad now.
  3. Brian being so mad at his wife (forget her name) for hiring the detective and finding out Zach isn't his was so odd.... you're mad she that she told you she found out this guy was lying to you, and you'd rather him keep lying to you? what?
  4. So what's with the double beds we are seeing Clay/Nicole etc. waking up in each morning? I thought the 'overnight' dates on the final night were the only time they actually got to spend the night together? Yes, agree about the messy bedroom! And how awful was it that only 8 BIPs were allowed to stay at the wedding, and the rest didn't meet the cut... how rude!
  5. When Judy put on her coat and was escorted out, it showed her stacks of yellow legal pads were gone: did she/Ailes destroy them, or did Fox get their hands on them, or did the investigators, ???
  6. Welp, DCFS has proved their case: "Doctors weaned her off all medications, and she is exhibiting no signs of schizophrenia. Jani testified in court that she does not believe she has the illness that made her famous."
  7. That was her husband, not boyfriend. And even worse, it appears they're still together (according to Wikipedia at least...).
  8. "Pamela Hupp will spend the rest of her life in prison, rather than continue fighting 2½-year-old murder charges." Yeehaw! Would have loved to hear what type of defense she'd put up though. Too bad she didn't also plead for Betsy Faria's murder, or her own mother's. Can't wait for the Dateline update on this; was it a Keith case or Josh?
  9. Loved that Stanford professor who smelled her bullshit right away. I wish the doc had mentioned her dog ("wolf") that she'd bring into the lab... what a weirdo. This is from the Vanity Fair article: "Around this same time, Holmes says that she discovered that Balto—like most huskies—had a tiny trace of wolf origin. Henceforth, she decided that Balto wasn’t really a dog, but rather a wolf. In meetings, at cafés, whenever anyone stopped to pet the pup and ask his breed, Holmes soberly replied, “He’s a wolf.” .... "And for the rest of the day, Balto would stroll through the labs with hi
  10. The Monica cartoon with the dicks as microphones was disgusting, can't believe a publication would use that. Where she is today is amazing, after going through all that.
  11. Not only that, he's realized Fleiss etc. have contributed to his humiliation by flying in Cassie's dad who of course wanted her to break up with him. They facilitated it and they were duplicitously planning it behind his back while he was doing his happy smiley ITMs and getting ready to bone Cassie. They knew he'd be heartbroken, and to him they've been his only friends and confidantes this past month. How can he trust these monsters?
  12. Oh, Mona the real estate agent. Telling Christine the house would sell in a month. Ah to dream.... At least Christine owned it last night:
  13. Well, now I bet Hannah Big Tooth is on track to be B'ette, since they removed the scenes of her showing up to talk to Colton... don't want the lead looking too desperate and crazy.
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