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  1. I don't doubt for a second that Jill is a virgin but Derrick?!?! Come on.....he went to OSU. Can you say PARTY! I'm pretty sure he's banged a few before Jilly.
  2. She Drives Me Crazy by The Fine Young Cannibals (I used to be ape shit crazy for the black lead singer, Roland Gift) Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham! I Knew You Were Waiting by Aretha Franklin and George Michael Cherry Bomb by John Cougar Mellencamp Brandy by Looking Glass Indian Reservation and Silver Bird by Mark Lindsay (I used to be ape shit crazy for him too)
  3. Tori didn't want to "ambush" Dean by asking him if he'd slept with other women prior to the Toronto ordeal. Ambush?!?! Is she fucking serious?!?! I call bullshit on this show!!!
  4. I had breast cancer 12 yrs. ago. Long story short....the dr. removed fat from my stomach area to reconstruct my new breasts. I have a huge hip to hip scar. Like Tori my incision opened and I, too, have a "little bump." The point of my story.....I don't give a shit about my little bump. I'm just glad to be alive just as Tori should be grateful she is alive and baby Finn and the other kids are healthy. In other words.....STFU!
  5. That Dr. Wexler chick has got a good thing going on. She was Shannon Tweed and Gene Simmons' therapist on their Family Jewels reality show. I really don't like her attitude. She seems to take Tori's side and she was on Shannon's side too. I realize it was Dean and Gene that cheated but as Dr. Douche Bag Phil would say....there's two sides to every pancake.
  6. My all time favorite episode was a Valentines episode where Niles is ironing his pants, sees his blood, faints, sofa catches on fire. A classic!
  7. I just hope that one of the kids leave the compound and comes to his/her senses. I can see turning the stray Duggar story into a Dr. Phil episode, a book deal and of course, a Lifetime movie.
  8. Brycee, Toddy, Paigey.....makes me crazy with those "cutesy" names! I watch the show but something about this family doesn't set right with me. Ladd has the personality of a rock. Ree seems a little too laid back and such a goody two shoes. And don't get me started on Cowboy Josh! He seems kind of sleazy and gives Paigey a come hither look. Eww....creepy!
  9. For some reason the Pioneer Folks remind me of the Duggar clan. I guess it's the religious, home school thing. This bunch will never win an Oscar for their acting abilities. "This is good, honey." Are those the only words that dumb ass husband can say?
  10. I wish drunk Brady would just go away! So you got dumped at the alter....big deal...put on your big girl panties and move along. Eric is such a bore to me. Please go to Tibet and live with the monks. EJ and Sammi....either get married or don't. You two are boring me to no end! I do love me some E.J......what a hottie!
  11. Walt Willey (Jackson Montegomery) is a comic and does a few tour dates. Susan Lucci is on Devious Maids. Rebecca Buddig (Greenlee) is a host on BetterTV. I recently saw Vincent I. (David Hayward) on a Lifetime TV. Bobbie Eakes (Crystal) does a few shows at a playhouse in L.A. The actress that played Amanda is on Days Of Our Lives. Melissa Eagan (can't think of her characters name....she was married to Cameron Mathes character and to Adam Chandler) is on another soap but not sure which one. That's all I can think of right now.
  12. Is it just me or does Paw Duggar give anyone else the creeps? He seems so slimey to me.
  13. Something is definitely different with Chum's teeth. I'm not sure if they are whiter or if he has gotten veneers. Either way he looks different (in a good way.) And yes, he has lost a lot of weight. So has Cory. Cory looks good with his beard.
  14. Absolutely! I love this show! Lots to talk about now that Amy and Matt have split up.
  15. Hi Everyone! I'm a homeless TWoP person. So glad to find this site. I love Ina! I'm so glad someone mentioned her voice. She calms me....that's the only way I can describe it. Strange....I know. Oh well, I just got off my plane from Madagascar with fresh vanilla beans (LOL) so let's start cooking.
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