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  1. Whoopi is clearly jealous of Sunny. Is Joy's hair a different color?
  2. This is not paranormal per se, but it creeps me out and makes me feel bad. I wake up many nights at 3 am. It may be 2:58 or 3:02 or 3 on the dot. I dont drink coffee or tea or cola. I thought I should try to get more exercise and make myself more tired, but my foot swells and I have to stop. I hate this. It is creepy. I hug my husband, but it is still creepy
  3. I remember Bits throwing food. I was horrified.
  4. If it is not so bad, then maybe MM should spend a few weeks in the cage with no soap, blanket, or toothbrush, medical care, medicine or adequate food, shower and water. Joy is looking like she feels better. Good for her.
  5. Did I mishear or did MM say , "Hamway Hilton?" She kept screaming and stumbling over her words.
  6. Sorrry I cannot get the spoiler box off. Have other mayors been blamed when there is a horrible shooting of a black person by a white cop?
  7. I liked the around-the-neck fan
  8. I agree with Sunny in that the "boy" term is not good for a grown man.
  9. I am afraid of falling on regular ground. I cannot imagine getting on a rope even with a safety harness.
  10. I did not really like Williamson
  11. This is shallow of me, but they looked sick or tired today (Monday)
  12. oh dear god MM shut your pie hole
  13. "Actions mean more than tweets!!" heh yes.
  14. Oh, I agree, but I did have a little cringe
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