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  1. Costco's brand (Kirkland) is always good...a few varieties. Lasagne used to be a staple when I was married w/kids ... then just w/kids. Now they're middle-aged men and Costco's or Stouffer's has been my friend for 20+years. Too much standing around making it from scratch (and I can't tell the difference).
  2. Maybe she was told to sign up for elocution lessons and then learned they were electrocution instructions. OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!
  3. Since I'm about as close to to 80 as I am to 79 and was the owner of "nice" large breasts that now challenge Whoopi's for hanging low...I've decided that Meghan is "comforting" herself every time she crosses her chest in pissed-anger/ exasperation. She's also taking some weight off her bra straps/shoulders/back. It's mental and physical therapy.
  4. Abby is Sugar and Missy is Drano.
  5. Andyour speed-talking coach is finally getting some results! LOUD & FAST, keep it going, AHHHbee. Soon we'll all leave this show.
  6. Crossing her arms and looking PISSED!!!! Then she'd better not be invited back again next year to receive her father's "Russian" award in London.
  7. The movie had good reviews AS DID JOHN McCAIN. Perhaps Meghan wasn't featured much...or at all.
  8. I won't watch it until later on the DVR, but you'll learn here whether it was a day of HOT SCREECHING or HOT RED EARS!
  9. Michael ... stop wearing button-up shirts or get your shirts tailored--if only for your "television show," because it's obvious you're not going to work out or Spanx for Men. You make your clothing look cheap.
  10. Those wedding planners look like they've NEVER charged even close $10,000 for their "services." Doesn't this millionaire have any connections at all???
  11. Unless things have changed, decades ago my husband (later my ex, now my late) and a couple of his scammer friends had three businesses, one of which was supplying syrup (flavored) and Coke syrup to small bars and restaurants. They watered down the Coke very often and had complaints...very often. They just blamed Coke until complaints were directed TO Coke. Lost that business fast.
  12. They're just so right. The world is wrong. Olivia is wrong. Ethan has already gone down the wrong path. I'd bet Mom thought that by agreeing to this series she'd be discovered as the next Martha Stewart...on the Fundamentalist and naturopathic wave. She'll have her own TV show and product lines...starting with LIPSTICK!
  13. I feel that Mom was a "slut" in college...drinkin', smokin' whatever, diddlin' with the boys. Apparently she feels that every female who goes to college will act accordingly and fall prey to those nasty predatory males. She's a danger to herself and others! RUN, KIDS, RUN !!! (I hope the show gets another season or two--just so we can see the younger children freed by relatives or Dad's new paramour.) P.S. Now that the series has aired, is Dad ridiculed at work and out in the world? Or praised?
  14. She's probably required to go to some class 2-3 times a week. Perhaps it's taught by Motormouth Meghan.
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