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  1. Because Nicole said she didn't vote for him. Them's fightin' words, people!
  2. Haven't watched the show yet, but still I'll attempt a translation. This movie is tough for us (we) women who have nothing but praise for Roger Ailes professionally. He mentored me and made me the great reporter I am today. There are many women who feel we need to support Roger's memory while, of course, giving the benefit to those women who claim otherwise. (Loose translation).
  3. Horray! Yeah, he wasn't some weirdo who ran up to the stage. He was an invited guest. GUEST! He's a respected human being; what's wrong with her? It would be great to see the tables turned...when she's expecting to be a GUEST on a TV show and the panelists do nothing but berate and criticize her...as savagely as possible. Oh...they should screech too.
  4. Only if Joy were pissed off 90% of the time ... and presented her points in an angry and superior manner. Joy, a comedian, presents sarcastically, with humor (that not all of you appreciate). Meghan is an angry, unhappy, never satisfied, "never appreciated," princess who thinks she's perfect--so there's no reason to improve. In my most humble opinion, of course.
  5. Disney/ABC execs seem to relish it. They probably send a little gift whenever they're particularly pleased. Let's watch her shoulder or earlobes for new baubles.
  6. I'm probably jaded by now, but it rarely seems rude when the others interrupt. It has become a way of life on all of television. UGLY. Maybe because the others can stop on a dime and Meghan can't control herself.
  7. Maybe her early childhood is to blame. What year was she born? What years were her mother's "problems" with her medical-aid charity? Who's taking care of widdo Meghan?
  8. Because Bannana's points deserve bullets !!! So the real problem is that she is just shitty at this job. She is not all that bright. She is not politically savvy, she is immature. She doesn't seem to have the capacity to learn or to listen or to respond to obvious social and business cues.
  9. Is that possible? I think she's in Bitch Mode unless she has enough alcohol. She's a very unhappy woman who shouldn't put her moods on such national display. There must be another fulfilling "career" for her...and us.
  10. Sunny, Sunny, Sunny ... Your hairstyle today is simple and refined yet such a GREAT IMPROVEMENT on the "young, sexy, hot-hot-hot" look you're desperate to pull off. YOU LOOK MAHVELOUS!!! You're an attractive woman who's a successful professional. Maybe you can lop off that wavy/highlighted ponytail and get a nice attractive bob. Also, lose those bangs. Life will be easier with a less elaborate hairstyle.
  11. That wasn't always the case. She treated her as a lowly and ig-nernt intruder. I'll have to watch more carefully.
  12. IMAGINE: In five years, Mr. Domenech is married to someone else and he wonders how he withstood the years of misery, danger, bitchiness, and complete unhappiness while being Mr. Uno Who. He no longer lives in the lap of luxury, but he's also no longer in the lap of despair.
  13. But she's John McCain's daughhhhhhhhTER! She's a princess. She's a mav-rik! This is why she was hired and we weren't. 🌵🌵🌵🌵
  14. And...she gets paid HIGHLY and (obviously) encouraged in that trashy behavior.
  15. I went to the Emmys 20+years ago and was STUNNED at how STUNNING many of the women were. TV doesn't do them justice.
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