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  1. I fell in love with Tracy forever more when she shot Jerry Jax and I haven't looked back since.
  2. Yes. She does look like a 15-year old girl most of the time. Even with the huge boobies, that, along with the hideous hair and horrible wardrobe, makes Paris so un-sexy.
  3. I've said it before - by the time she's 40 girl will be able to sweep the floor with those things.
  4. When they get the ring: And to quote one of my faves, Mr. Johnny Cash: "and it burns, burns, burn, the Ring of Fire...The Ring of Fire." It'll go well with Jason's Box 'O Pain methinks.
  5. You know what would really be interesting? If SMike never regains his memories and decides that the Mob Life is not for him. It would be the reverse of St. Jasus' situation - did he ever regain all of Jason Q's memories? Did he even want them back? It would give Mo something different to do - the writers really have nowhere else to go with the Sonny character as far as I can see. Or, the writers could have Sonny and Jason reverse roles and have the latter be responsible for tutoring SMike on the nuances of Mob Life. After all, those warehouses aren't going to blow themselves up.
  6. Ain't that the truth. Nina claims to not have known much about Sonny, but SMike's behavior clearly indicates that whatever negative things she might have heard about him are clearly true. Which makes her obsession with him even odder. As long as Jax is in truth telling mode, he should find a gentle way of telling Nina she's in serious need of some mental health counseling. She's probably going to self-destruct unless that happens, and if current events are any indication Nina is capable of taking a few folks with her when the big implosion happens.
  7. That was my first thought (oh Baseball bat where are you?), but the writers haven't been very predictable for a change and I'm actually interested in seeing what happens next.
  8. Wait - he had Covid and is now sucking face with LW? Not sure how I feel about that.😉
  9. Does anyone else think that maybe subconsciously SMike is happy to be free of Harpy She-beast and the rest of his miserable clan? There wasn't a lot of angst associated with his watch-hurling episode. Interesting: he and Jasus have one more thing in common - Brain Damage. Austin and Maxie, huh? Seems random, but his laid-back attitude might help even out her hyper nature. She never seems to go very long between men though.
  10. Wow, CW can really sell a woman having a nervous breakdown. And I'm loving Jax in rational, truth-telling mode. More please.
  11. Even amnesia can't change the humongous arsehole that is Michael Corinthos Jr. I'm enjoying the fact that for once Jax has the upper hand with Sonny, even though Jasper has to deal with the reality that yet another woman prefers that toxic little shrimp to him. "Mayberry Mike who Dances with Brooms" - hilarious!!!! I would just add "at Nixon Fails, all day long." Even funnier, over the eight months (at least in GH time) that SMike has been living in Nixon Fails, these lazy-ass writers couldn't even be troubled to give him a phony surname. Yikes.
  12. Jasus has always treated Snarly like a lifelong, recurring rash he's learned to live with.
  13. And he's an anti-vaxxer too. Very interesting. I'm here in the Garden State and missed most of the last three episodes due to Hurricane Ida. Cable had been out for nearly two whole days. Seems like I missed a lot...or maybe I didn't????
  14. Today was kind of an odd, mixed bag. But very interesting overall. Thanks to Peter, Nina got to see SMike for what he really is, a cheap thug. Incredibly, I was actually worried about Peter for a second when SMike came after him with that bat. MB actually sold the menacing for a change, and at a worthy target for once. The potential couples are intriguing too. Still don't know what to make of gentle Doc/Farmer Austin, but he does seem to be into Maxie, and I wouldn't mind seeing them together. Like the way Maxie and BLQ have bonded, and how protective Brooke Lynne now seems to be about Ma
  15. You make me wish I'd been around in the day. By the time I got back to GH they had given Geary too much power over his storylines and Luke was going from woman to woman and sleazy enough so that I wondered what the fuss about him had been. I know. There are so many GH fans today that have no idea that Luke actually used to be cool, once you got past the reconned rape/seduction of Laura. Some of the plot lines so cheesy, like stopping Mikkos Cassadine from freezing the world, but there was some good stuff too. His adventures with Robert F! Scorpio back in the day were must-see so
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