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  1. And the show let them? The entire HR department must have been on vacation that day. I'm putting the clip of the Luke / Scotty wedding fight in the Ghosts of GH Past Viewing Party thread ... so we can all enjoy and take bets on who lost a tooth that day ... The 70s and 80s were a much different time, LOL. My guess is that neither one of them told the Director about their plan, otherwise it would have been nixed. Plus they did a respectable amount of ad-libbing back then. I'm trying to find the interview where either Geary or Shriner talks about that scene. It was
  2. Remember those times like it were yesterday. Luke earnestly wanted to help the residents of Port Chuckles, did to a degree, but was stymied by bureaucratic red red tape. Then came the scene with Laura on the lawn of the Mayor's mansion and them running towards each other. Damn, GH was SO good back then! Sarah Brown's Carly did. And she actually wanted Luke to love her, but that never happened. Think he saw too much of himself in his niece. Interesting bit of trivia - back when Scotty crashed L&L's first wedding, for some reason Kin Shriner and Tony Geary decided they should
  3. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I'm of the "Luke's not dead, it's a scam" theory that another poster suggested. After all, I am an un-abashed fan of Lucas Lorenzo Spencer who can remember a time when he actually really, really cool. Here's my fan wonk: about the time of Victor's botched hit on Laura and Martin, either Frisco or one of his old WSB buddies informed Luke and Tracy of the latest Cassadine threat. They decided to get in front of it by letting Victor think that the Cable car accident was successful. Meanwhile, off-screen Luke, Tracy, Scott and Liesel (the latter two being
  4. I'll never get over the fact that Dante is sleeping with someone (Sam) whom his Father previously impregnated and with whom he shares a half-sister through said Father. All kinds of icky. You know what would a challenging, fun project? Drawing a GH Family Tree. You'll run out of connecting lines real fast.
  5. Great, more slobbering over the magnificence of Carly. Because we don't get enough of that. Stick with ESPN, Stephen A. Smith. Sad thing is, he isn't even good on ESPN either. Often poorly informed on the facts of any situation he discusses, and mangles the English language in a futile attempt to sound intelligent. Yeah, a perfect fit for GH on its worst days.
  6. I would run at breakneck speed and crash through ten other guys to get to her if I saw her in a bar. Britt isn’t just beautiful, she’s sexy too. Hey Suicidy! Nice to know there's another dude on this Board. Totally agree about Britt. She's a stunner that kind of snuck up on me. Being a Writer myself, I flove that she has a huge Dictionary and Thesaurus on her bookshelf. Brains and Beauty for the win!!!! The actress that plays Esme has killer legs too, and wardrobe clearly likes to showcase them, lol. In other news, the writing has taken a huge leap forward lately, as there is
  7. It's $160 top A $160 top that I wouldn't use to polish my car.
  8. The only way Marshall can make up for ruining Pork pie hats for me is to be a formidable, mobbed-up shit stirrer that can finally put a dent in the Corinthos empire. Absenting that, the character is a complete and utter waste of airtime.
  9. Interesting. I too saw that Hallmark Movie, and oddly enough I thought the costumers did a HORRIBLE job dressing the lead. And this comes from a guy who doesn't usually notice those things. IIRC, none of her tops fit correctly, they all seemed to be riding up her back. So much so that it took me out of a lot of the scenes. I attributed it to the studios having more experience dressing leads like Candace Cameron Bure and Lacey Chabert, but mileage does indeed vary. FWIW, the GH wardrobe department does a pretty good job with Pip most of the time, though.
  10. Yeah, with all the drama in Maxie's life, it's been a minute since she's gotten any.🙂
  11. Whenever CD does his puzzled/confused face, I can't tell whether he's constipated or has diaper rash. Or both.
  12. If Issa Rae has one flaw as a show runner/film maker, it's a less-than-fulfilling use of time jumps. I understand how it might have been necessary since we didn't get a 2-hour series finale, but there's so much we didn't see that might have been interesting. A massive time-jump really took me out of Issa's second movie (Love Birds) as well. Still, I'm thrilled that everyone got a Happy Ending, except for Tiffany, who as another poster pointed out, never really seemed content with anything.
  13. Wow...can't believe what I just found on YT. Two of our GH faves and two we don't have much use for providing Holiday Cheer: Let it Snow - Bradford Anderson, Steve Burton, Marcus Coloma and James Patrick Stuart Not too bad, all things considered!
  14. Just dropping in to wish my GH Family here a Happy Holiday!!!!
  15. Over on the Conners, when Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) lamented not taking the opportunity to tap her old supervisor (played by a young George Clooney) back in the day, she said, "I should have hit that until it broke." One of the funniest lines I've ever heard!
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