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  1. Every time I read that phrase all I can hear is Aretha Franklin singing "the house that Jack built," lol.
  2. Just watched some "Laura Returns" clips recommended by YT. Wow, Luke, Laura, Robert, Holly, Tiffany, Rick & Leslie Webber, Original Recipe Edward Quartermaine, damn. Truly the Golden Age of Soaps... ABC is so clueless. They could use the pandemic to capture a whole new generation of fans by showing some of GH's legendary S/L arcs. I'd love to see Mikkos trying to freeze the world again. Or the Aztec Treasure S/L (one of my personal favorites). The Grant Putnam/Grant Andrews saga. GH's focus on action and adventure back in the old days are what hooked me, as a guy, on Soaps. Now all we have left is a weak Sopranos knock-off. Ugh.
  3. People last interacted in a meaningful way on GH about 20 years ago, sadly.
  4. She seems to serve no purpose except to wear unflattering short skirts and move other characters' plot lines along. Really odd given all the "you're just like your Grandmother Tracy" digs BL got when she returned this time around. Sadly, this iteration doesn't even come close and it's mostly due to the actress.
  5. Three weeks ago I lost a cousin to a combination of Dementia and Covid-19. Once the afflicted person stops eating (or forgets how to eat) and a feeding tube is involved, it's pretty much over. Being the control freak that he is, Sonny refuses to lovingly let Mike go. Horrible, but consistent for his character.
  6. As much as I'm enjoying Jon Cryer's take on Lex, the character is beginning to consume the show, similar to how Michael Fassbender's Magneto has devoured the current X-Men movie franchise. Not good.
  7. Not sure about the first question, but as for the second, it was the radiation in the room that was hurting/killing Brainy, not the pad.
  8. There have been at least two times in the last couple of weeks where BL has extolled Mikey's virtues almost as if she has a romantic interest in him. Squicky. The Robert/Laura scenes were fun. Can't remember if I've ever seen her display a sense of humor before. Although most of her S/Ls over the years haven't lent themselves to levity. Willow is growing on me! Did anyone else notice that today she stole a page from NLG's book with the, ah, enthusiastic open-mouth kissing with Chase in the opening flash-back scene? Re: Mike Corbin - I agree with many posters that this S/L has run its course. Almost seems like the writers aren't quite sure how to wrap it up.
  9. She really is, in an almost surreal, "Disney Princess" kind of way. Based on the actor's looks, Willow is actually the perfect name for that character. As far as the wedding, I cringe every time I see Monica being warm and friendly to the man (Sonny) who killed one of her sons in cold blood.
  10. If his were classic, old school GH circa 1977-1995, Holly's "death" would be a Master-class fake-out by Robert to finally get the good on Henrik. But that version of Robert hasn't been around for quite some time now, other than occasional glimpses here and there.
  11. Interesting. Please expand on that sentiment if you'd like.
  12. Just struck me that Kelly Monaco somewhat came out of her coma during the Davis Coven scenes this week. One day while the siblings were squabbling, Sam walked over to Alexis and they kind of locked arms, like a real-life mother and daughter. A nice, subtle touch that I wouldn't have thought Kelly capable of. Maybe if the show-runners allowed her to be more than St. Jasus's gun moll we'd get that kind of nuance more often.
  13. Lots to process here, and overall a surprisingly solid episode. Melissa did a great job in directing a busy script with lots of actors and moving parts; she may have a big future behind the camera. Man, Lex gives new meaning to the phrase Machiavellian, doesn't he? I too, didn't see Lex being behind Jeremiah's death, but it makes sense. Does anyone else think Lex screwing Ms. Tessmacher over is going to bite him in the ass eventually? I can see Eve and Lena once again joining forces in the future to help Kara (and maybe even Kal-El) take him down once and for all. The only part of this S/L still not quite working for me is Brainiac as a double agent. Otherwise, this has suddenly shaped-up as this series' strongest arc to date.
  14. Wow, I forgot all about Ava! Muy caliente, for sure. She always reminds me of the "femme fatales" from old 50s, black-and-white film noire movies. The kind of old-school "broad" made for nights by a roaring fireplace and a nice snifter of Brandy.
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