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  1. If it ended with all of them dead, I could live with that.
  2. It's probably coming...but JaBorg is just so...sexless..you know? He's almost gender-neutral, coming alive only when he's shooting people. KT deserves a lot better than the robot-man.
  3. Not sure why this didn’t dawn on me until now, but was that a customer’s car that they steamed up the windows in? I hope Brando had it heavily detailed before returning it (yes, I thought of @Winston Wolfe). It's nice to be thought of @mbluecpa! That wouldn't have anything to do with my fondness for the ladies, would it?😉 Actually, I'm catching up on recent episodes and haven't yet caught the Sasha/Brando hook-up. But I really don't see that pairing going anywhere. Oddly enough, I'm finding Britta to be the most intriguing woman on the GH canvass these days, her swooning over S
  4. Yeah, we all kind of knew neither Nina nor the writers have an idea of where this storyline is going. Or when the heck it's going to end. It seems to be the only way folks in Port Chuckles learn about anything of significance, namely eavesdropping on other people's conversations.
  5. True dat. But still enough to screw with Cyrus's head. And she did try to kill Helena intentionally, but the old bat just wouldn't die.
  6. Her surgically precise strike against Cyrus brought back a little bit of my lost love for the character. Had I written the scene, though, it would have ended with her saying, "you'll want to stay away from my Grandson. Or have you forgotten, I have killed people too?" I really thought Britta was taking the long-hinted-at dirt nap today. First it was Cyrus's hoods with the aborted lethal injection, then I expected Cam was going to miss Jasus and actually shoot Britt in the back. But it seems like Britt has graduated to JaBorg's new "ride-or-die" chick, at least for a while. A lo
  7. This is one of the weakest GH storylines of all time. Very little makes sense. Sonny/"Mike" hasn't been seen wondering about this real identity in weeks. Does Nina even have a long-game, other than using Nixon Falls to escape her Port Chuckles woes? And whenever Sonny/"Mike" gets back home, is Nina prepared to deal with a lifetime of grief from Snarly? So many questions, and we probably won't get satisfactory answers to any of them.
  8. To quote Leonard Hofstader's mother: "needy baby, greedy baby."
  9. Don't have much to add, except - does anyone else think Cyrus's first word as a child was "mama?"
  10. --which probably made Bob realize that not only was he not a "real man" by the standards of his future in-laws (which he might have mentally brushed off a macho nonsense), but he wasn't even "anyone," that is, he was inadequate as a husband for Abishola and a stepdad for Dele in the eyes of those who he thought he had a good relationship and who he thought valued him. All of these ideas implied by the show bother me. I'm marginally handy, but can't fix a dish washer either. They're fairly complicated machines - mine even connects to an iPhone app. But while I can't fix a dish washer,
  11. Yep, genetics has a lot to do with it. Michael McDonald had a head full of grey hair by his late-30s, IIRC. I myself started greying about the same age, and by my mid-40s had a mane of silver hair which only seems to be getting brighter, lol. Bob and Abishola seem to be getting closer as a couple and were so in-sync last night - I loved it! And it was nice that she actually seemed to be looking forward to some after-dinner "fun time" with Bob, as couples sometimes do. This show is really hitting its stride now and I'm glad I decided to stick with it.
  12. My guess is if Stephanie Szostak doesn't agree to terms, they'll either re-cast her character or kill Delilah off. The latter event will provide at least half a season's worth of additional drama.
  13. I don't remember seeing Maggie at work before, but she really came off as a highly competent mental health practitioner. Maggie's actually quite likeable when she's removed from Jamie or Gary.
  14. Once he realized there was no emoting or clowning his way out of whatever Sophie's issue(s) was/were, he knew it was time to call a real grown-up into the room. Btw, although I don't condone it, I totally understand his impulse to beat the crap out of Peter. Kudos to him for controlling his rage and understanding how short-term gratification might have led to long term problems.
  15. So...Chase will probably have some rare viral infection that only Peter knows the cure for, as a result, Anna and Valentine will have to allow him to resume his dastardly deeds, is that it? AARGH...this show has been fairly decent lately, but the curse of LWB is really dragging it down.
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