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  1. Funny that they chose a picture of him with Brook Lynn, considering They're just throwing shit up against the wall, aren't they?
  2. Well, another reason why Tyler Christopher isn't coming back: GH Star Arrested for Public Intoxication Geez, he hasn't been able to pull it together for a while. Hard to believe he's closing in on 50.
  3. Yup. It took Valentin 20 seconds before he hit the detonate button. She'll be back.
  4. Nik's return notwithstanding, is anyone else as bored with this show as I am? When Valentin interrupted Nina's bug-eyed rant #867 about Sasha's betrayal, have to admit, he was totally right. Everyone's tired of hearing about it at this point, including I guess, most viewers. What this soap needs right now is a good action/adventure storyline, something we really haven't had since GH:Espionage. The current show-runners couldn't understand it, but those were the S/Ls that helped save GH and the entire genre back in the 70s. Mikos freezing the world. The Ice Princess. The left-handed boy. The Aztec Princess S/L. Check out YT, most of them have withstood the test of time. In the GH that plays in my head, Robert is still with the WSB, along with a restored Lucky and now sane Dante. That trio joins with Anna (and maybe a re-cast Frisco) to take on a new group of international baddies. Maybe old man Luke drops by to deal with Valentin and few other Cassadine stragglers. I'd actually pay to see some of that.
  5. Sadly, I believe Michael was supposed to be the one and only T'Challa...the Black Panther! Incredible that they would take the whitest, blandest guy on the show and make him the King of Wakanda.
  6. If I had a dollar (or a Euro) for every time Guardian winds up flat on his ass.... Also, is it just me or are the supervillains particularly lame this season? And let me be the first to say it - there's still a lot of Eve Tessmacher in Hope...there's just too much emoting going on. Her hugging Lena was a dead give away. The whole thing is going to blow up in Lena's face, guaranteed.
  7. I've noticed that trend for awhile now, MARGOCHANNING! The sad thing is when you look at the YT posters' comments and realize how troubled many people are these days. 😞
  8. One of the all-time funniest sitcom lines, IMO. But unless I'm mistaken, wasn't it Mr. Carlson who said it?
  9. This Forum for AMLT is far more interesting and entertaining than the actual show, thanks to you guys. 🙂 When is the last time we've seen Gary actually at work? Maybe the middle of last season? Incredible. Katherine, Rome, and Regina appear to be the only characters with a somewhat realistic work/home balance. In fact, we see Regina more at work than anywhere else. Yeah that was weird, wasn't it? and does Theo know his parents are sleeping in separate rooms? I do kind of see the point with Katherine, though, as she may still need some space between her and Eddie. Although I posted weeks ago that Eddie and Katherine really need a fresh start, it can never happen within the show's context. The escapism was a nice little distraction, but hours later they have to pose for a photo with Eddie's former mistress and his out-of-wedlock daughter. It's nice to dream, but reality hits hard. I can dream about being married to Salma Hayek, but when I wake up...sadly, I'm not. Nor am I her Billionaire Husband, lol. Maggie is threatening to surpass Delilah as this show's must un-likeable character. She's Immature, whiny, and runs away from problems at the drop of a hat. Hey, you're beating Cancer! Get tougher. Maggie's quickly getting to the point where it's hard to find a single redeeming thing about her. She and Gary together is like Toxic Sludge in a Quicksand Bog.
  10. I think Billy Gardell basically plays the same "husky nice guy" in every show, lol. But what I don't understand is how Abishola could be considered such as prize either, other than the fact that Bob's obviously very lonely. She doesn't radiate any kind of warmth or pleasantness. I fall into Bob's demographic, and Abby does nothing for me. I'm into funny, quirky, friendly, interesting women. The "ah, I'll tolerate you" vibe from Abishola kind of bugs, even though she's softening to him. Amen Sister. Wish there were more women out there like you. 🙂
  11. Yeah it kinda bugs that they take the most functional character on this show and breaks her in ways that don't totally make sense. As far as her eatery is concerned, some of Gina's questionable decisions, I believe, are due to her constantly having to pull the weight for an absentee partner. In other news, Delilah and Gary were tolerable for the first time in ages. Loved that he finally stepped up and publicly made Katherine feel welcome. Time will tell if Delilah will pull her weight in the business. Also, on a shall note, I wish someone would do something about D's hair. Always looks like a messy bird''s nest, lol.
  12. It's not working. That's baby bump is showing even in scrubs and you can see the pregnancy weight gain in her face.
  13. Oh that's SO funny. Now all I can think of is Nina growling "you have brought dishonor upon my hoooouse..." In other (shallow news), Nina and Valentin made the least attractive wedding couple I have ever seen. Only on this soap could they be romantic leads. Frisco and Felicia they ain't.
  14. Speaking as an ADOS, the bias exists between many immigrants of color (such as those from the Caribbean) towards us. The general (usually incorrect) impression they have is that we ADOS often fail to take advantage of all the opportunities available here in America, making us, ah, less than admirable. Sad, but true. I've heard it myself many times.
  15. He's honoring that by not telling Nia about what her future holds (specifically) or that one of her descendants (Dream Girl) will be one of the Legion of Super Hero's founding members. Totally agree. Five years now, and we're back to freaking Guardian? A concept that never worked in the first place. He needs a regular role on one of the Big Three networks. Shallow follow-up: Melissa is a true heart commander. Unique combination of adorable and super-hot sexy. She really was rocking that pink dress without really trying. Disappointed that they're making Lena evil just for the sake of having another season-long "big bad" arc. It's not like Lena hasn't kept secrets from Kara too. Kinda meh on the pants thing, but it looks better than the cheerleader outfit.
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