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  1. Winston Wolfe

    S06.E09: Millennial's Next Top Model

    When art and life intersect: https://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv/ny-gabrielle-carteris-lied-to-90210-producers-about-her-age-20190816-zcw2vqzy6fhz5iearqs46cyygm-story.html
  2. Winston Wolfe

    S06.E09: Millennial's Next Top Model

    Diana and Liza are so obviously contemporaries that it almost hurts, lol. So tired of Diana being used for comic relief, the actress and character deserve so much better. From a male perspective, all the female leads are stunning in their own unique ways: Liza with her long legs and fantastic figure; Kelsey with her compact, curvy thickness, Diana with her sophistication and maturity, and Maggie with her exotic beauty (those eyes!) and Reuben-esque hotness. Even her overbite is sexy, lol. ETA - Is it just me, or did Maggie seem open to another romp in the sack with Rafael until his smug "I flip lesbians" comment?
  3. Winston Wolfe

    S06.E08: The Debu-taunt

    Lots of interesting perspective throughout this post! I think Josh really, really loves Liza, but sees her as un-obtainable, making it necessary to move on. Much as I actually love Maggie, she started this mess by suggesting that Liza perpetrate the whole massive con job in the first place. I find it fascinating that we've not seen Maggie assume one iota of responsibility for Liza's mess (even though most of the blame lies with Liza herself).
  4. Winston Wolfe

    S06.E08: The Debu-taunt

    Totally agree. Pauline's reaction rang the most true. As she told the school clerk, wives get replaced by younger women all the time. In Pauline's case she was replaced by a contemporary - one she knew intimately. Plus she had just extended an Olive Branch to Liza and done so in a public way. No one likes to be lied to and played for the fool. Adding insult to injury, Pauline was looking forward to having Liza play a bigger role in her daughter's lives. In light of all that, her playing the Nuclear Card like that makes total sense. Equally important, the writers are now off the hook regarding Liza's age. Sutton Foster is a lovely woman, but the 26-year old charade was starting to look impossible to maintain. Some of the writers' best work IMO. From a psychological standpoint, that kind of betrayal and public humiliation can rock even the strongest person to their core. Diana was doubting herself, questioning her judgement, wondering how she could be so easily fooled. That was enough to make her (temporarily, at least) switch off her fundamental "Diana-ness."
  5. Winston Wolfe

    S06.E08: The Debu-taunt

    Excellent post ElectricBoogaloo! The writing staff should consider hiring you, heh. Best episode in a very long time as it will ultimately influence almost every episode to follow. Judging from the previews, Liza will be facing backlash from almost everyone at work and initially will be apologetic and later defiant. As Zane pointed out Charles and Kelsey are going to take some heat for enabling and perpetrating the lie. Methinks Kelsey's hair will start falling out in chunks soon. I loved Lauren's attitude the best, exactly the kind of way she would have reacted to that kind of betrayal. Diana's response post-hospital rang kind of hollow, the character as defined wouldn't have overcome that sort of humiliation so quickly, regardless of how much she cares for Liza. The business repercussions are going to be cataclysmic and it will be interesting to see how the writers handle this. This show has actually captured my attention again!
  6. Winston Wolfe

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    The ex and I always pronounced it "Christo-FURR" back in The Sopranos days. Poor Adrienne LaServa. 😞
  7. Winston Wolfe

    S06.E06: Merger, She Wrote

    aaaargh…. I like Sutton Foster, and the characters of Josh and Diana, but I'm not sure that's enough to take me through a whole other season... I was hoping things would get wrapped up this year. TV Land probably should have stuck to their "5-seasons-and-out" rule for original programming where Younger is concerned. The writers are running out of ideas, storylines are becoming increasingly nonsensical and we're getting larger amounts of SATC-esq contrived slapstick. Season 7, where Liza will either wind up with Josh or alone, is going to be tough to take. Very risky opinion here - Debi Mazar is such an incandescently hot, ruben-esq MILF I can't really blame the old codger for wanking. Don't condone it, but I understand, lol.
  8. Yet he was the only star - that I know of - who publicly stated that he wasn't interested in returning and that the show had basically run its course. Not trying to be argumentative here, but will we ever know if any of his co-stars were interested in continuing? We'll never know unless they say. Kaley certainly didn't seem ready to go. IMO, it just looks like Parsons said "time to go" and CBS said, "well, that's it." By contrast, it's well-known that most of the cast of HIMYM wanted to go at least one more season and CBS vetoed it, since it wasn't the cash cow TBBT is. We won't ever know for sure, but I'd bet the ranch that CBS would have been fine with Season 13 if JP was onboard.
  9. I find it interesting that the actor dictated how things would unfold IRL just as his character called the shots on his show.
  10. I too got emotional at the end, being a rabid fan since Season 2. But overall I was a bit underwhelmed at the finale. There were a few plot twists most of us saw coming - the elevator being fixed, Penny being pregnant, etc. I'm just a little disappointed that in a show that had become all about Sheldon that the series finale was basically...all about Sheldon. The growth and resolve Leonard displayed in the last few episodes was nice, his character arc pretty much got a solid completion. But Raj's? I dunno. I thought it was going to end up being either Anu, a return of a past GF (the Housekeeper or Yvette the Vet) or him ending up solo. Even though it often works out that way IRL, I'm a bit disappointed that he was the only core player that ends up single. Overall, it was a great 12 years, and BBT will probably go down in TV history as one of the top ten sitcoms of all time. Really going to miss them.
  11. Winston Wolfe

    All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    Well...guess I'm just a lonely old man, but seeing JLH in that dress made me smile...and smile some more...and smile again. 🙂
  12. Winston Wolfe

    S12.E22: The Maternal Conclusion

    I know it's a real longshot, but I'd love to see Yvette the Vet come back. But in all likelihood it'll be Anu at the end if Raj doesn't end up solo.
  13. Winston Wolfe

    S04.E19: American Dreamer

    Thankfully there's more positives than negatives to SG these days. Is it just me, or are the best episodes ones where Kara isn't in costume? The writers are making Kara more intelligent and mature these days...it's a good look on her. So...Eve appears to have powers next week, which means Lex and maybe Otis does as well. Should make things interesting. As for Jimmy, so far it seems like he has super strength, optic blasts and telescopic vision. Like another poster said, kind of redundant with Kara and J'onn around.
  14. Winston Wolfe

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    Yep. Sam was behaving so oddly even St. Jasus of Borg had to ask if Shiloh made ever drink anything. Jeez, its like high school drama club on a particularly bad day. NuValerie sucks. This crapfest is so indifferent that we didn't even get the courtesy of a "the role of Valerie Spencer is now played by." It's getting worse and worse.
  15. Winston Wolfe

    S12.E19: The Inspiration Deprivation

    I've never been to a taping, but it does seem that on more than one occasion Simon has had Johnny on the verge of breaking character with unplanned laughter.