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  1. What this soap really needs is a serial killer that's more inspired, efficient, and less lazy than Ryan Chamberlain. There's so many characters on the current canvas that need to be "offed," Spinelli, Nell, Brooke Lynne, Valentin, Samantha, the She-Beast, Sonny, Jasus, the list goes on and on, actually. Btw, that the Hell happened to Tracy? She disappeared as mysteriously as she appeared.
  2. I noticed that too. For a moment I actually mistook her for Lucy. And speaking of fashion, BL wore slacks today for the first time ever, I believe.
  3. Krikey! I must be slipping. As a long time admirer of KMo's...assets...I didn't notice that. Must be getting old. 🤣 Loved "the Brittch is back" line, and I've totally missed the actress' crazy eyes, they're really kind of scary. Guess St. Jasus and the Moobster will rescue TJ by the end of this week and Jordan will be singing their praises forevermore.
  4. Seems like Gary has a real White Knight complex where women are concerned. His interest in Darcy, to me at least, appeared to ramp up after her PTSD surfaced. Also, Re: Gina's mother (and maybe Katherine's Mom too), I'm thinking Nash might have some parent issues. Do any of the adult leads have parents that aren't some iteration of awful?
  5. I love reading these comments because...Trina & Cam's kiss was pretty much the same as my first kiss with my high school sweetheart. The times really don't change, do they?😉
  6. Rome's dad really, really bugs me. He's one of those guy's that's an asshole just on general principle. It's amazing Rome turned out as decent as he has.
  7. I was watching a clip of Bernie, and he is doing the same thing, breathing heavy, and sniffling. I know that are all ill just from the campaign trail. With Trump it's different. He's considerably overweight, when someone's that heavy they can run out of breath before even finishing a long sentence. With Bernie, he's just so damn worked up all of the time, IMO, but I never noticed him breathing heavily.
  8. Can we really tell when NutMeg is on her best behavior? There are times where she tries to mimic being a civil human, but it's painful to watch, honestly.
  9. For me and my ex, it was Las Vegas, summer of 1999. Damn song was playing everywhere, even in the taxis.
  10. She is as joyless a character that's been on TV in a long time. I get that Bob's a lonely, middle-aged man, but damn. I get the stoic/flat-affect cultural thing, but she doesn't seem happy most of the time. Her aunt and uncle come from the same cultural background, but they have their jokes and funny interactions, which Abby isn't usually a part of.
  11. I think that was the first time it was mentioned that they were twins. There may have been one other occasion, though.
  12. Interesting. To me they have virtually no chemistry as a romantic couple, and only a bit as good friends. I get that it's supposed to be a mature relationship (based more on companionship than hot Monkey sex) but there's absolutely no spark between the two of them. Physical commonalities aside, Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy sold Mike and Molly as a couple in love, doing it realistically in about the same number of episodes as this show has aired. Even Chuck Lorre is bound to produce a dud every now and then, and this show appears to be it.
  13. I really enjoyed it too, actually think it was the best of the series. Not surprised that Goodman and the rest of the vets nailed it, but was amazed at how good the younger actors were. Live TV is tough - back in the day Roc had one or two seasons of live episodes, and with their cast of theatrically trained actors there were very few flubs. I remember a show called Un-dateable on NBC that did an entire live season, but the stars didn't have the chops and were much too meta in their performances. Pulling for Dan and Louise, I've always had a soft spot for that big lug.
  14. I found last night's episode to be the funniest of the series thus far - if only because I once learned the same hard lesson that Bob did; never ( and I mean never) comment on a single mother's parenting decisions. It can only end badly, especially if there's a "baby daddy" involved. Bob clue-lessly stumbled on the landmine the same exact way I did, lol. Word. I literally did not recognize her until she started speaking. Sadly, everything Bob said about Dele applies to Abishola as well. She's so serious all the time, as another poster noted, it makes her seem dour and tired. But I do see where it's coming from - most immigrants come here for a better life, and that's what she wants for her son. I'm happy to see that she kept an open mind in the end.
  15. Yeah that's pretty much how I felt. The whole event had a "video game" feel to it where characters were plugged into arbitrary situations without much explanation or exposition - the fight scenes in particular felt that way. Marvel Studios has set the bar so high with movies like Age of Ultron, Civil War, Infinity War and Endgame that DC can only struggle to compete. And other than the Wonder Woman movie it kind of feels like they've given up.
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