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  1. In all fairness to the writers, I don't know how someone could marry Luke Spencer AND Stefan Cassadine and not have some darkness in them.
  2. I always assumed he regenerated in a Borg Alcove.
  3. The fact that SMike and Phyllis both kind of laughed after he said it was really very sad actually. What kind of people are they?
  4. To quote Dr. Leonard McCoy, Tyson "talks a lot, but doesn't really say anything." I've learned more science from watching episodes of the Big Bang Theory with Jim Parsons. Tyson is a pop science fraud IMO. He wanted so badly to play the "fatty card" once again and somehow managed to hold back. Bitecofer kind of beat him to the punch by citing her 40 pound weight loss.
  5. @Cheyanne11 - Thanks, I missed that. Re: the DL Brock actor - David Groh - I don't recall ever seeing him in a role where he wasn't cast as an angry guy. Even when he played Rhoda's husband it seemed like he was always five seconds away from exploding.
  6. Yes THIS. All of THIS. I'm feeling the Fizz like I haven't for any couple on GH in a very, very long time. Just hope the writers don't screw it up. Looks like the other upcoming pairings on GH are going to be Millow, Dante/Sam, Jasus/Britt, and quite possibly Anna/Valentin and Chase/Brooke Lynne once he recovers. Could be worse, and at least two, maybe three of these combos might be pretty interesting to watch IMO.
  7. JJ used to cry so profusely I thought he might get dehydrated.
  8. Even with that I remember the thinly-veiled contempt that Lucky had for Skye when she briefly dated Luke. It seemed to come from nowhere (other than the fact that Lucky could be one judgmental SOB) and I don't recall the animus ever really being explained.
  9. At least Bailey doesn't understand. Thing is, with Nina babbling inappropriately to Wiley (who we know can understand at least part of what's being said) proved the SLS right - she's clearly unhinged and shouldn't be left around children unsupervised. How long will it be before little Wiley blurts out "Grandpa is alive?"
  10. Some brass knuckles and a couple of sweat socks filled with rolled-up quarters would be more effective. Just saying.
  11. JLo rotates boyfriends so much I'd swear she was on a soap opera.
  12. It would be nice if Stephanie Szostak just came back for two or three episodes just to close-out her character, but I doubt it. After several pretty decent episodes in a row, seems like Delilah's return marked a return to mediocrity for the show, and tons of misery for the characters. Did anyone else notice that Layla's father was played by the same actor who portrayed Olivia Benson's brother in L&O:SVU? He's aged very well. Yeah, that type usually has a lot of repressed anger and maybe even some serious rage going on. Sad thing is his inability to suppress those emotions a
  13. @Kiki777 You must be old-school Italian! That's what my "mature" Italian friends from Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge in Brooklyn used to call Tomato Sauce!!! Call me a hopeless romantic, lol, but I'm looking forward to the two of them becoming GH's next great Super Couple.
  14. This show that I love to hate. It knows how to manipulate me. As an GH "old timer," today's flashback with Liz and Finn working together brought back memories of Steve and Audrey Hardy. I'm actually looking forward to Finn and Liz as a couple, she's much better suited for him than Anna.
  15. How about - "Nixon Fails, Since 1974," lol. I'll be here all week folks! ETA - Is it just me, or was Carly extra smug and obnoxious today? Even her crying over Mooby couldn't change that.
  16. Yell at your dumbass nephew for trying to play hero instead of anyone else, lady. Gah. It was pure hubris that got Curtis shot, nothing else. Actually, had Curtis been more patient and waited to get a clear shot a Cyrus he could have ended everything, but let's be honest, only St. Jasus would have gotten it right in that situation. I actually thought that for a moment too, but the way Austin looked at the sign the writers clearly meant it to be more. Btw, is anyone else getting a kick out of characters' odd pauses when they meet Dr. Austin? Yesterday it was Brooke Lynn's
  17. Well for starters, about half the residents of Port Chuckles should be patients there.
  18. She should have shot the gun out of his hand. Dear Jordan: When the man that kidnapped, tortured, and injured your son PLUS shoots your soon-to-be-ex husband in the gut gives you a valid reason you're supposed to shoot that guy in the head...multiple times. No wonder it's so easy for the bad guys to win on this show.
  19. Luke would have eviscerated Cyrus with some bitter, biting Truths, Spencer-style and Cyrus would have likely put the barrel of that gun in his mouth and squeezed the trigger.
  20. After today, I think maybe Maxie should be working with the WSB alongside Annie Donnelly. She played Heinrik like a fiddle. At the end of the day, she was the one to make Cesar Jr. unravel where Anna, Robert, and even Valentin failed. Interesting.
  21. Gives new meaning to the phrase "All in the Family."
  22. That being said, Liz was 100% correct in what she said to Anna. Besides being a long-time GH fan, I'm also a comic book fan. I remember a conversation between Spider-Man and some other hero-type (might have been US Agent or the late Clay Quartermaine) who basically said to Spidey "you heroes and your morals. Did you ever think about all the innocent people killed by the Vulture or Green Goblin just because you didn't end those guys when you had the chance?" The same thing applies here, Anna's inability to deal with Peter has resulted in a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering that wouldn't hav
  23. It's happening. I kind of feel bad for Dante. I just think their scenes are so lame so far. The last scene I thought was fine, maybe? Idk. But today was a total rip off of an old Lulu/Dante scene. Sam would be better off somewhere off screen. Besides sharing siblings, how can Dante be with someone his "dead" daddy once knocked up? Beyond gross. I actually cheered a little when RoHo showed up. Can't believe I missed the big lug. Snarly is the worst Lady Mob Boss ever. She's making Mooby and St. Jasus look like Al Capone and Meyer Lansky. Yes, she's still super ador
  24. We lost about half of today's episode to a Special Report. In my fevered imagination Frisco took a moment from his busy schedule to toss Peter down the stairs. But that probably didn't happen, did it? And while I'm not a fan of either, Britt and Jasus are kind of ok.
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