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  1. Was watching the new season of Nancy Drew and I guess that’s where the actor who plays Albert is
  2. Both ep 1 and 2 were available on Hulu last week, I wonder if that contributed to the rating drop?
  3. Honestly, Maddie was barely able to stay awake the 5 days b4 ep, she woke up right before Chimney went to work and slept through her Dr appt and lunch with Josh until he called hoping she hadn’t left. Even if Maddie was ok why isn’t Albert or the mom figure of Chimneys helping Maddie? But Chimney has seen she can barely stay awake and he left her alone for 5 days? It honestly makes no sense. the alpacas freaked me the hell out. I was honestly surprised Athenas generator was even still running. They require a lot of fuel, and I’m sure people went to gas stations to stock u
  4. This episode took 2 weeks to film, and the OG Ducks had to quarantine for 2 weeks first because of Covid protocols. That’s one of the reasons some of the people who don’t act anymore couldn’t come and atleast part of why Joshua Jackson couldn’t. And yea Goldberg has had a rough time of it so that’s a whole other can of worms. i really loved seeing the reunion, although considering he owns, and lives, at the rink Hans left him, it’s not like they didn’t know where to find him. My theory is Charlie did show up there at some point and met up with the jaded jerk he first met all those ye
  5. I’ll look for the episode tomorrow, but I swear Oliver said almost word for word the same thing to Cooper about chores a few seasons ago
  6. I’m in for a rewatch, just finishing up Switched at Birth and some light ridiculous sounds good to me
  7. Yea I actually know all but one of these people, and for the same reasons. But still surprised we are pretending Wells can’t cook when he posts cooking videos regularly.
  8. So they confirmed in this video that they had shot 6 episodes before the quarantine, of a 13 episode order. So I guess next week will be the last episode?
  9. This is actually about last episode, but for some reason it just occurred to me so I decided to put it here so someone might see it to respond. So last week Jack and Estefan were celebrating their one year anniversary. And Grace left to go travel immediately after the wedding and got pregnant while traveling. How long was she traveling that she’s still pregnant, and it doesn’t seem even half way through the pregnancy?
  10. I don’t think the writers have changed. I know one of the writers for the show, she has only written a few of the episodes, but has been with the show since the beginning. I do know that the first season one of the producers wrote a lot of the episodes, and the Christmas special, and now the rest of the writing team is doing more, but they were all involved the whole time.
  11. No one ended up giving up their shade, because they didn’t steal the moon rock, just made security think it was stolen by having Kady look like the daughter, who was the only one that could have stolen it, which distracted them long enough for them to take their attention away from the vault.
  12. I feel like the show was also trying to highlight how often people think bisexual men are really just gay. If you noticed Fiona mentioned her boyfriend has dated more woman than she has, meaning she’s also bi, but that was kind of breezed on past. There’s definitely a double standard that women can be attracted to both sexes, like Karen, but if a guy is, he’s secretly just gay.
  13. Lexi posted on Instagram she is also officially back at Navarro
  14. emcmac87

    S03.E09: Fallout

    We must live in the same community. It really is a tragedy, my uncle was one of the fire fighters that responded to that fire. I can definitely see what you mean about Bobby getting the younger guys out safe, and it being a reminder. My other uncle(they’re brothers) was at the fire 20 years ago where they lost 6 men so I think it’s hitting them both hard at the moment.
  15. I don’t know how to do spoilers, but a just saw a promo that released the name( and gender did we not know?) of the twins
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