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  1. emcmac87

    Veronica Mars Spoilers & Speculation: New Season(s)

    I am not ok with this. They initially wanted him as the villain, saw the chemistry and decided after episode 4 to make him the love interest instead now they are killing him off. No thank you Rob Thomas.
  2. emcmac87

    Veronica Mars Spoilers & Speculation: New Season(s)

    Omg I’m watching the last 20 min. Thought it would be Keith. Seriously hasn’t Logan had it hard enough? Although I think now I understand the romance angle they were trying to sell with Leo now that his show is over
  3. emcmac87

    Veronica Mars Spoilers & Speculation: New Season(s)

    Umm which he dies. Keith or Logan? I will know in about 30 min but still
  4. emcmac87

    The Bold Type

    If they do a Jane is pregnant story, she would have to have gotten pregnant after the whole egg retrieval process. There’s no way with all the testing they do that they would “miss” someone already being pregnant, so unless she cheats on Pinstripes no whose the daddy. But I can see a possible accidental pregnancy storyline happening.
  5. emcmac87


    He married the nurse that took care of him after his motorcycle accident, moved to NYC, became a superintendent, hired Corey Matthews and regretted not adopting Shaun.
  6. emcmac87

    S01.E14: Chapter Fourteen: Lupercalia

    I love that Lupercalia is a real thing, including the blood on the forehead, then wipe off with wool dipped in milk, while laughing thing.
  7. emcmac87

    Season One Talk

    In the first episode Colin said energy vampires either bore you with a long conversation, or they enrage you. And then you see him repeatedly sharpening a pencil. So I’m guessing he was feeding in the rage.
  8. emcmac87

    S05.E01: Chapter Eighty-Two

    So the whole computer thing made me a little...something. Suspicious maybe? Am I really supposed to believe that “Jason” doesn’t even know what the space bar on a computer is? I really do like how far Jane and Rafael have come, so I hope they end up together.
  9. emcmac87

    Now Apocalypse

    I feel like the show didn’t even really get started on the what the main plot was supposed to be until the last episode. Also not sure why they featured Tyler Posey so much when promoting the show, considering how often he’s actually in it. Agreed though that I definitely enjoyed the eye candy
  10. emcmac87

    Season 1 Discussion

    So I definitely loved this show, but one of the few things that bugged me is really those were supposed to be 4 year old kids? Also poor Ben
  11. emcmac87

    S06.E16: Au Revoir!

    So I was thinking Ross was awesome during this season. But now seeing that he’s dating the primary who was honestly awful, even when sober. And the way she treats the crew, which includes him, I have lost all respect.
  12. emcmac87

    Rent Live! (Fox)

    So I haven’t actually been able to watch this yet, but Rosario Dawson and Tracie Thoms have some awesome insta posts. It’s great seeing so many originals(original and movie) together. Including both Mimi’s and both Joanne’s.
  13. emcmac87

    Previous Episodes Discussion

    Something totally random to notice, but Ryn went from naked in the ground shaking, with Ben and Maddie trying to cover her, to fully dressed as soon as they heard the guy screaming.
  14. So whose even remotely surprised about this?
  15. emcmac87

    S03.E12: Chidi Sees the Time Knife

    So, I might be totally off, this show always throws curveballs. But I’m thinking somehow, Eleanor ends up taking Michael’s place at the last second because of his panic attack. And then Michael will have to pretend to be a part of the neighborhood. And Eleanor and Chidi will have a curveball thrown in since the leader shouldn’t be dating a resident of the neighborhood.