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  1. No chance. Netflix has exclusivity rights to their material.
  2. It's also important to note that he didn't actually win. Since when is getting married some big achievement? I doubt his rich NY friends would see anything great about it.
  3. It seems like people are planning on simply going back to their normal lives and pretend the virus is not an issue anymore.
  4. Harvey

    Mom in the Media

    The actor playing Mary has passed away yesterday 🥺
  5. I liked that Bird Person bested Rick. It was a bit much when he defeated Zeus last week. As for the who is the real Beth question, were we supposed to care? I sure didn't, they are still one and the same so what does it matter?
  6. The season is not over. There will be one more this Sunday.
  7. To be honest, I don't need American Housewife, or any of the other shows I watch, to address COVID. It is the one thing that everyone, and by that I mean everyone has been talking about for months now. I don't want to see it on my comedies too. Once it's over let's just forget it and move on, it doesn't need to be brought up over and over again.
  8. Harvey

    The Great

    You must let go of the expectation of historical accuracy when it comes to this show, even in the OP it is said that it is an anti-historical show. Meaning, it actively tries to not be historically accurate. Definition of anti-historical: That said, this series is so disturbing and has so many disgusting scenes, I gave up on it after the first two episodes. When they ate over the heads and squished their eyes, that was the last straw.
  9. This was a massive step up from the previous two episodes.
  10. Hahaha. The "I don't know why I let you talk me into having kids" line was pretty funny. While we saw little of it through the season, every single scene with Oliver at the teen helpline office has been gold! His co-worker Deborah is so funny. I wish we saw more. Tully's mom was so pretty! I was shocked. The very last line delivered by the actor playing Greg was really cool 😄
  11. Cooper craves structure & discipline, because he lacks it in his own life. He needs boundaries.
  12. The funny thing is, I too noticed that belt not really being right with the rest of Oliver's outfit even before Cooper brought it up. But I hated to see my boys fighting like that 😞 The scene with Anna-Kat destroying the bubble wrap was so funny, and totally relatable 😄 I mean, who can resist popping all that? High Greg and Katie were so much fun, those scenes in the car with them doing all that random stuff was amazing and the background music was so good. Overall a really strong episode.,
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