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  1. She didn't even smoke weed this season.
  2. This has been renewed for season 2, but unlike season 1, it will have 2 more episodes: 10! https://deadline.com/2020/01/work-in-progress-renewed-season-2-showtime-abby-mcenany-1202828565/
  3. There are 3 episodes left. But the last one will be longer than the usual 20 minute format.
  4. Abby's unrelenting selfishness in this episode was really surprising. She kept acting like a pathetic wounded little puppy expecting people to pity her and give her what she wants, but everyone sees through the act already.
  5. That is the only thing I can think of. Maybe they can take a lovely vacation together, I am sure they will end on a positive note.
  6. You are completely right, but a lot of the humour comes from the warped sense of reality many of the people living in Westport have. The show "suburgatory" had a similiar sense of humour where the bizarre and impractical was considered normal.
  7. Harvey

    Disney Films

    I have contemplated the same question some time ago. I had to realize that any franchise would eventually run out and come to an end, but for Disney this is going take decades because there are still so many possible sequels, spin-offs, remakes and reboots left from the Disney + Fox franchises to milk. By the time they run of things from their old material, newer movies will be decades old and they'll remake those, it's a never-ending cycle.
  8. I think that's because Katy is a mom so she encounters the mothers more, and the husbands are off working. In the PTA episode (S1EP7) there were lots of fathers on the board as well so it showed they get involved sometimes as well, but when these rich fathers have trophy wives with no jobs the least they can do is take care of the children.
  9. Cooper calling Katy his mom will never not be adorable. I just loved the moment when Greg used the word matiné and his daughters gave him this blank stare 🤣 That was gold. But all the storylines worked in this episode, I loved it. Nancy trying to fix everything with money was a good bit and I liked how Taylor's interview turned around.
  10. I think the point was to send Zelda into that in-between place so she could find that new God to worship and not be a satanist anymore. As for Ms. Wardwell, Sabrina prevented Zelda from taking revenge so I think she just goes on living her life.
  11. It was strange to see Jessica be so disciplinary and rough with Emery. That rarely happens. The indian family Evan and Eddie visited were lovely, Simryn was just adorable. I am curious to see if the spin-off manages to actually happen.
  12. Here is the translation of Mateo & Marcus yelling at each other in tagalog in case someone was wondering what they said:
  13. Amazing amazing finale to an amazing season. Honestly, this could be a series ender and it would work, but I am happy there is more coming. Some questions: 1. What do you think was the source of Ambrose's power in that original timeline where the pagans won? It couldn't be Lucifer decades after he was defeated, yet Ambrose had spells strong enough to keep everyone apart. 2. Also, the plant zombies...what is the point? It seems like the pagans worked very hard to restore a god that is just as blood hungry as the Dark Lord, except this one doesn't even seem to have a consciousness. What is the point of working hard to restore a god like that? They basically created a world void of consciousness, but without that most of existence is pointless. 3. Zelda's vision while being in the Netherworld was very interesting. It implies the show writers already have a well-thought out plan for how the series will be ending, and Sabrina will be estranged from her relatives for some reason. I wonder what is going to cause that.
  14. Getting pregnant in 25 minutes is such a power move. Go, Lilith! I am shocked that basically every main and regular character has been defeated. Unless they majorly re-do everything in the season finale, chapter 4 will be completely different.
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