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  1. The courtroom scene (about the child support case) was amazing I liked how Abigail argued her case.
  2. I am confused. On IMDB it says the entire second season was filmed already, but it just started airing now? How does that work? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt11873484/
  3. Gina is pop perfection. If you get it, you get. If you don't, you don't.
  4. Best moment of the finale was when Charles found out Jake was leaving and questioned him with teary eyes. It had the most emotional impact imo.
  5. S2E7: I am not sure where they were going with Brooke's storyline or what it was satirizing, but it was entertaining to listen to those female rights experts analyze everyday thing like a woman calling out another woman in front of people. I greatly enjoyed the melodramatic entrance of Cary's "wife" at the hospital, that scene was so cool 😆. And the applause at the end? It put the cherry on top. S2E8: There were early signs that Chase is starting to get sick of being told what to do and being kept from singing. And working so hard will take a toll on Pat, just as many of you here p
  6. S2E5: The writing of this episode was so clever. First of all, that opening scene was awesome with that fake-out. The Noah Centineo reference made me die 🤣. And the Jesus fucking slays song? And all of this only 3 minutes into the episode. Amazing. I have to say, Cary's entitlement when it comes to his acting career is a little annoying. Chase's strong stance about leaving when he found out the Church's stance on the social issues was adorable. S2E6: I was happy for Brooke making the list. So cute. And it's funny how she continues to be so interested in Alessia Cara when she is a Z-list
  7. Random, but the same thing happened to me yesterday! Satan works hard, but HBO's promo department works harder! I watched a couple of episodes yesterday and it is so good I see myself being all caught up in the next couple of days.
  8. Haha, that looks like a really fun concept for an episode.
  9. Damn. Charles's line about twice-removed Boyles being total clown shows was so savage, with cousin Andrea just standing there and knowing what he is. Best moment of this week's episodes for me.
  10. Terry Crews talked about B99 on the James Corden show. He said he would love it if the show was eventually rebooted or they got the opportunity to shoot a movie. Around 7:35
  11. I feel like the show was trying to tell us something when Summer confronted her husband about taking care of crabs: Does anyone know what they were implying / referring to here?
  12. Not sure how I feel about Jake constantly breaking the law and helping his criminal friend during a season about reckless uses of power. Especially with him straight up helping him to escape prison.
  13. The first 2 episodes of season 2 are out now. So far it's more ineresting than season 1 was, I like how they are exploring her childhood.
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