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  1. Well this episode reinforced that Sean Hayes is still an excellent actor. He did very well in all three different roles he had to play. The voices, the facial expressions, they were all on point.
  2. They went to the vet for Scully lmao. Also, did anyone notice Terryโ€™s smoothies match the three colors of the gems? Nice touch. I feel like Bill is an unintentional symbol of the world dealing with coronavirus right now. The show finds unconventional ways to be current, like with Amy and the hazmat suit last week. I'm a little saddened by the fact that there are only 40 minutes of footage left and this season is over. Everything I watch is ending ๐Ÿฅบ
  3. Dan Levy said he is not opposed to an eventual spin-off so I think that is why he left so many loose ends so there is something to continue with when the time comes.
  4. Oh my, the sign. I canโ€™t believe how much I started crying when I realized Roland changed it as Johnny and Moira were driving from the motel. David telling Patrick about the happy ending he received was the funniest part of the episode, it's was hilarious how Patrick was forced to be okay with it since it seemed like he arranged the whole thing. Patrick's vows were just adorable ๐Ÿงก And I liked how Johnny immediately complimented Moira on how she did with officiating the wedding, they are such a good, supportive couple. And Alexis's dress, oh wow ๐Ÿ˜ฎ She looked incredible. Probably one of the best looks in the entire series.
  5. I think there were signs before, it was mentioned that she stabbed her ex husband (with a fork maybe?), and she does have very sudden mood swings when she is in a good mood and Bob says something that doesn't fit her current attitude.
  6. Yay! This show is finally back! It was nice to see Dottie so protective of Bob at the start of the episode. Christina acting like a psycho to Kofu with her changing tone was a great scene, my favorite part of the episode. ๐Ÿ˜„ I am curious to see if we will see Lorraine after this. If not then Abishola got rid of her easily.
  7. It was funny when Gemma wouldn't go sky diving with Tina even though she suggested it ๐Ÿ˜„ The B-plot with Marty and Grover was cute, he was so nice to make him that robot. Although I feel like it was resolved a bit too easily in the end,
  8. In season 1 episode 3 it is mentioned that Marjorie was married to a man for like 20 years. So she was probably a housewife and her husband took care of her.
  9. Well since season 1 Anna Kat was always Katie's favorite and she was vocal about it too until Anna Kat asked her to stop. But that doesn't mean her feelings changed she just doesn't express it anymore.
  10. Harvey


    I wanted to turn it off after 5 minutes, but I didn't because I was debating whether or not I was doing that because I couldn't see Pauley Perrette as anything other than Abbey. I made it 20 minutes and then turned it off. The pilot was awful. It's slow and the jokes were worn out.
  11. Remember, he saw Bonnie for free for 8 months before he started charging her anything. And even then, only 30$ per hour. There are shrinks who asks for 150$ per hour. Maybe he is too charitable for his own good.
  12. Aww, this part was so wholesome it made me melt. This was a good episode, it was interesting to see Margerie so out of her element since she is so cool and collected most of the time. There were so many good jokes too, I'll be sad when the season is over.
  13. I love the occasional lapses in Charles's sycophancy where he can't quite get on board with Jake's ideas but won't actually criticize him.
  14. It's Amy we're talking about. Filled up on bread is going on her headstone. ๐Ÿคฃ I liked how she stood up for Jonah and that it lead to his dad admitting an affair ๐Ÿ˜„ It was so unexpected and hilarious. But also, Amy not being able to stop herself from getting into other people's business was very in character for her. Remember when she told the entire store Sandra was pregnant and she was considering an abortion? Her behavior in this episode reminded me of that one, which was superb.
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