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  1. The "any man would be lucky to have one of your organs inside of them" joke was so unexpected and funny 😄 .
  2. Abishola's mom is next level stupid and pathetic. She cares more about her own reputation (not Abishola's), than her daughter's happiness. And you just know Abishola sends her money every month. Ingrate. Even Kofu and Goodwin were pointless. Why would Abishola need to be concerned about her reputation in Nigeria? She doesn't even live there and if she gets married to Bob, she certainly won't be going back. Bob definitely was in the wrong when he tried to bribe Tayo, though. That crossed a line. Overall, I am surprised the writers decided to wrap up this storyline in just 2 episodes, and didn't drag it out. It's all for the best though.
  3. Seems like this week's episode will be good.
  4. I want to see Trevor again 😞
  5. I'm done with episode 3 now. There's a lot of things that I like, even though the series is so very different from the original Winx Club. But there are also many things that I dislike. Some first thoughts: The writing is really off sometimes. There's so many weird scenes! And I can't even tell you how hard I cringed when they said the word "mansplain" twice in the first episode for no reason... what was that about? Whitewashing!!! But we knew that already. I still have hope that they'll bring Flora back for season 2. When Terra shares her insecurities, the others ignore it and don't try to lift her up. Why is Stella such a bitch? I mean, yes, she's self-centered but she also always cares about her friends? Also, her outfits are sooo boring. Stella and Sky?? Ugh. Where is Brandon? I love Beatrix, would've loved to see a trio of witches tho. I like Bloom, but she also seems a little off, angry for no reason other than "I'm a fire fairy, that's why!" And... WHERE ARE THE WINGS? You "evolved"? Ok, then why did you call the series Winx?
  6. LOL, that line about Burt eating his twin in the womb was so out of the blue and random 😄 I loved Bonnie's reaction to it. I liked that Bonnie was there for Jill, just like Jill was there for her in that one episode when she was spying on Adam. Their scene in the car when Jill tells Bonnie that it takes 5 penises to get over a guy still makes me smile when I think of it. Also, congrats on the promotion, Wendy ❤️
  7. It was mentioned in season 1 that they became friends because of their kids, they attended the same school. So they know each other for 6-7 years I guess.
  8. This episode was better than last week's thank god. I loved Sheila's line about make-up being the one thing that separates us from the beasts, kinda funny. The scenes with the therapist were good too. The B-plot with the café workers was horrible though.
  9. Harvey

    S06.E06: Biscuit

    What a weak episode. Not one funny moment. What were they thinking?
  10. The show creator said in this interview that Daphne will always be a part of the show. They will simply expand her storyline in creative ways.
  11. I like the style of the write-up they made for the announcement. Very on point.
  12. I just started today, and gosh, It was hard to put it down. I agreed with myself that I will read 10-15 pages a day...instead I was able to tear myself apart from it at page 50. It's just really well-written.
  13. The scenes with just Bob and Abishola on their bench continue to be charming. I wish we got more of them.
  14. I really liked the Gemma - Dave plot in this episode. It was so true to life and relatable, and it is always refreshing when for once Dave is not paired with Calvin in a storyline. It was cute how enthusiastic both of them were, and the "we just went to a party last week. we were just chaperones at Grover's school dance" joke cracked me up.
  15. I was continually amazed by the actress's performance - she is really good. I feel somewhat sorry for Lady Featherton. She is not particularly a more evil person than the average person in the series, she is just faced with more difficult challenges than most other participants of the story - yet she continues soldiering on with lots of creativity. She has to live in a loveless marriage, she has unpopular daughters, then she has to take in a ruined hussie who takes away the attention from her daughters and brings shame to her family, her husband pushes her in debts...she is doing the best she can through the series but she is pushed from one impossible situation to another.
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