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  1. How many season can this show go on for? I am guessing Bob and Abishola will become a proper couple by episode 13.
  2. The best part of the episode was Dave reacting rationally to the insults thrown out by the pink ladies and they not even being able to react because of how off field he always was.
  3. I don't know how reasonable this is, they insisted on sleeping in the same bed with their mom even when she protested and then played cards with her. I don't think it's the end of the world that they went out of the room to smoke pot, it's better than making their mom smell that. Overall, I think they made as much of an effort as they could while still keeping the tone of the show light - this is meant to be a comedy after all.
  4. It all comes together in the season finale.
  5. You have to remember, the 4 humans the bad place brought in had to be on the same general level of badness as the original four. So while yes, Brent mentions burying HR complaints, by that rule there should be some lines he didn't cross. Like sexual assault. It's like how Eleanor did that dress bitch fiasco and sold fake medicine to people, but she never physically assaulted someone.
  6. This was a very charming episode. Marge's reaction to being invited to Costa Rica was adorable and I liked Lisa's nervous hair trickling it experessed what it meant to express so well.
  7. I liked the moment when Rick gave that random being the fulfillment of his dreams.
  8. I see lots of negative feedback to this episode and apparently it ends on a cliffhanger? I am thinking about skipping it and just watching it next week along with the finale to not be bothered by it all.
  9. And the worst part is since we are in the final season this guy will probably be her end game. And it's like...ew, please no.
  10. While screen time was limited, we did see Tahani try and try again with reforming John, making him more compassionate and less mean-spirited. They show adressed that his behavior stemmed from feeling left out, he needed human connection to improve. Think back to this dialouge from the show:
  11. I really liked Katie and Oliver working together in this episode, they play off-of each other well when Katie is not being dismissive and it was nice that Oliver's business savy attitude was actually useful for once.
  12. It was horrible when Evan called Jessica a jerk. What even was that? She is your mother! I did laugh at all the president burns in this episode, those were good. The Louis - Eddie B-plotline was so wacky and hilarious, Louis really delivered this week with ruining his car and that "SHARK!" diversion. Anyway, what was most interesting about this episode is the juxtaposition of the parenting style of Jessica and Louis. Did you guys notice? Louis is there for his kids and cares about their happiness even if it's not necesarrily the best thing for them, while Jessica is more brash and forceful and all about the results and long term goals. Of course, we already knew all this, but to me this episode just emphasized all that even further.
  13. No this was the first time it was mentioned Tahani even said that Jason rarely talks about his mother.
  14. I just caught a cute piece of continuity. In the episode you can see that Andy is very into barbecuing stuff and cooking things using that machine. Well, in the very first episode he appeared in, he remarked what an amazing barbecue machine Jill had and he was dismayed by the thought that no one is using it. But now that they are together he can live it up with his A grade grill/stick burning smoker.
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