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  1. Me too because I absolutely LOVE this show.
  2. That's a good point and I thought of that. You could be right or maybe John forbade her to tell him? Or I am way out in left field and that's ok too. 😉
  3. If I had to hazard a guess, I would bet that she was carrying Rip's child at some point and Jamie had something to do with her losing it.
  4. Oh boy, unpopular opinion incoming...I have ZERO sympathy for JS. We had a show that was a ratings juggernaut its first season, deservedly so. The second season was good but suffered from guest star overload. Third and fourth seasons were ridiculous in my opinion. Fifth season it was starting to finally get back on track, I thought anyway. Kingsley was a good villain for what it's worth. Then the shit hits the fan because some fool did something BEYOND stupid and I think that right there was the dagger to the show. I honestly thought Empire was getting back on track and boom. I don't blame Daniels, I'd be pissed too. All of that being said, I agree that this ending sucked but unfortunately that's all we're going to get.
  5. What the actual f*ck was that last scene in the hospital and Amazing Grace scene? What an abomination. Hell would freeze over before I allowed ANY of that to be filmed when my mom passed away. The montage was appropriate and acceptable. I never thought I would say this but my God Amber's too stupid to be allowed to be on tv, social media, date or have sex.
  6. I did and I loved the show so it stands to reason that ABC will cancel it after one season. I really liked Grand Hotel last summer too.
  7. I'm assuming that the reason he does take her calls is because someday Leah will see this shit show and it will be a comfort that at least her dad tried to help her mom.
  8. Gary Shirley is a freaking saint and Amber Portman should be permanently removed from the show and put in a long term intensive treatment center.
  9. Absolutely over here dying at the half-time show stuff. LOL LOL!! Also loved the Parent Trap call back.
  10. Once again I'm over here lol-ing at the musical interlude. This show is nuts and I love it.
  11. Well, well, I see that Robyn has lost her rose colored glasses when it comes to her husband. She's obviously a little jaded. I personally think that the reason Christine doesn't want to share houses anymore is because she is the current favored wife and she is eating that up.
  12. Kodi Brown has GOT to be the most obtuse man on the planet. Dude, you have 4 wives, FOUR! You'd think that idiot would be able to see the "Danger Will Robinson" signs flashing over the heads of these gals when he said this is my house!! What a dumb ass.
  13. Not gonna lie, that made my day.
  14. I'm still over here twitching at them getting in that filthy water.
  15. WORD I was laughing so hard. Keep up the good work.
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