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  1. Yeah this was the last straw for me and ABC for the most part. They have wasted entirely too much of my time.
  2. I can't believe how a show that was so groundbreaking and amazing the first season has been reduced to a barely watchable steaming waste of film. I'm honestly only still here for Taraji P Henson.
  3. Loved everything about it except I am kind of lost as to why they kept saying they were going to lose the ranch. They left Malcolm alive which was more than I would have done. ETA I just ran across this article about Beth and Jamie. https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/entertainment/a28847119/yellowstone-season-2-finale-wes-bentley/
  4. Loved everything about it except I am kind of lost as to why they kept saying they were going to lose the ranch. They left Malcolm alive which was more than I would have done.
  5. I'm guessing that doesn't matter anymore seeing as Mateo shot her.
  6. I liked that conversation too, especially when Beth pointed out that Veronica would never forget that day because Monica had been decent. My theory with regard to Tate is that Jenkins is responsible for Tates disappearance. I'm basing this purely off of the dream Rainwater had in the first episode of this season. ETA These boys are going to find out the hard way that they messed with the wrong male member of the Dutton family and I don't mean John.
  7. Ooooooh no, they actually went there. I was hoping that all that telegraphing last week would be a red herring. They better not kill Tate, I don't think that I can hang on if that happens. I was not surprised that Jamie's former fling was knocked up. I will say that I was over here going "get em Beth" when she got to the boutique.
  8. I think that many times people expect too much from television. I'm not referring to you specifically, it's just that I've found that many times they are unwilling to let go of reality when it comes to television. Not every show NEEDS to make perfect sense, have character development to the 9th degree etc etc. I watch this show to be entertained period. I honestly don't have the slightest interest if this show is 100% accurate or politically correct or whatever. I mean I didn't sit through many years of Grey's Anatomy, ER, Dallas, LA Law, Boston Legal or Dynasty because I honestly thought that was how it really was. Sometimes I find that I enjoy a show much more if I am willing to watch it for what it is and not worrying what it's "doing wrong" so to speak. This is my theory as well, especially given her reaction to watching Rip with Tate.
  9. Well did you expect them to draw you a map? It's like any other show that deliberately drags a plot out.
  10. OK first of all unpopular opinion time, I love this show, LOVE IT. I will also say that most of my family and friends love it as well. I will specify that all of us save a friend who lives in Jersey live in Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas, so maybe that's part of the reason for the love. As for the last two episodes that was so intense. The buildup to the season finale is killing me. I don't hate any of the main characters outside of Kacey's wife, her holier-than-thou attitude grates big time. As to the issue with Jamie, if you are watching the behind the episode videos they have said that they will reveal just exactly what Jamie did in due course. I'm beyond happy with the show getting picked up for next summer.
  11. From here on out I will basically hate watching until the end because I've already invested 6 years of my life. I honestly wish that they had just ended with season five.
  12. Still so bitter about how they have ruined my favorite Marvel tv show over here.
  13. Right??? I'm beginning to think that I am going to require a total re-watch from the beginning because it's been so damn long.
  14. I was under the impression that he knows that it's his or did I read that scene wrong last week? Oh Frankie you've poked the bear now, you'd better watch your back. I think that there are a few of these people who are greatly underestimating J. I seriously would love for him to find out that it was Mia that shot Baz and to tell his uncles about it. She may have her gangbanging buddies but they are no match for Pope & Co when they are in revenge mode. Solid episode in my opinion but I am still hating the flashbacks. I really like this show a lot and I wish it had more episodes per season and that we did not have to wait an entire year between seasons. I really enjoyed the way TNT used to have their shows seasons split into two parts like Major Crimes and Rizzoli and Isles. It's too bad that they don't do the same thing for this show.
  15. I myself loved it and thought it was a good set up for the season. I especially liked the foreshadowing at the very beginning via the dream Rainwater had. Also the season premiere scored huge in the ratings. https://www.thewrap.com/yellowstone-season-2-premiere-draws-3-9-million-viewers-most-watched-cable-premiere-of-the-summer/
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