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  1. Wilbur Whateley

    The Simpsons

    I remember they've done this at least once before, when Skinner was showing the schoolkids the Rex Harrison Doctor Doolittle. Are there other examples?
  2. Wilbur Whateley

    TDS 3.0: Season Four Talk

    Nixon's appointments were from a different age, when the judiciary was less partisan and the vetting was less rigorous and ideological. Kavanaugh was a Republican operative, he ruled in a highly right-wing way on the lower bench, and his outburst about the Democrats during the confirmation . . . I am 100% sure you are not going to get any 'fairly liberal' or even moderate rulings out of this guy. He's going to be like Clarence Thomas on steroids, aggrieved and ready to punch all the hippies/liberals he can.
  3. Wilbur Whateley

    Bob's Burgers

    The impression is, he pretty much owns the town. Don't basically all the town businesses we know about rent from him?
  4. Wilbur Whateley

    Barney Miller

    Just watched the episode "DNA Story" last night and was very surprised to see it has a scene set in the squad room's bathroom! (A woman has locked herself in and Harris comes in to talk her into coming out.) Amusingly, the shot's very carefully framed so that you don't see the commode. Is this the only time we see into the bathroom? I can't think of too many other circumstances where that would happen. Makes me wonder if we ever see downstairs, even for a moment.
  5. Wilbur Whateley

    TDS 3.0: Season Three Talk

    Was last night the first time Trevor made that goofy little whooshing noise as he transitioned from segment to segment, or is this just the first time I noticed it?
  6. Wilbur Whateley

    S05.E13: Legal Guardianship in Elder Care

    I reread the end of the article - it doesn't really say. They've lost all their money and all but a handful of personal possessions. They're now living in a room in their daughter's house. But if they aren't suing the shit out of Parks, they should be!
  7. Wilbur Whateley

    S05.E13: Legal Guardianship in Elder Care

    The article says using this ex-parte trick had become routine in Clark (not Clarke, sorry!) County. Hundreds of cases like this. ETA: After thinking about it for a while, something that's even more terrifying to me is the way she acquired her "wards." She got tips from corrupt hospital social workers and medical staff (who profited from the scam) as to rich old people she could victimize. So if you were a senior interacting with hospitals or elder-care, anyone you dealt with could potentially be sizing you up and getting ready to help destroy your life. Jesus Christ.
  8. Wilbur Whateley

    S05.E13: Legal Guardianship in Elder Care

    That New Yorker article that I found & mentioned above goes into it in more detail. Basically Parks filed something called an emergency ex-parte petition, which provided an exception to the rule that both sides have to notified of any argument before a judge. Then she got a corrupt physician's assistant and a corrupt doctor to submit letters fraudulently saying the couple had dementia. Parks then had them committed and given heavy drugs (corrupt staff) to keep them quiet while she sold their home, billed them for everything and spent all their money. BOOM, trapped. Their daughter tried to get them free, but Parks maligned her as a drug addict and an unfit guardian and a corrupt judge agreed. (Remind me to never go to Clarke County, Nevada, where apparently every profession is corrupt!) Finally the daughter got an expose in a local seniors paper, and that got them sprung - eventually.
  9. Wilbur Whateley

    S05.E13: Legal Guardianship in Elder Care

    Following up on my above post - looks like last night's episode was heavily based on an article from the October 9, 2017 issue of the New Yorker, "How The Elderly Lose Their Rights." I'm reading it right now - horrifying stuff. To answer my own question, looks like Parks just hunted them down.
  10. Wilbur Whateley

    S05.E13: Legal Guardianship in Elder Care

    Maybe I missed it - did they explain exactly how their example elderly couple were turned into wards? All I caught was one day someone showed up at their door and presented them with the three options. Was it neighbors or friends or relatives reporting them for some reason? Or did that Parks woman just do it preemptively somehow, hunting for victims to exploit? I didn't catch their names, and I've already deleted the ep from my DVR, or I would research it further myself.
  11. Wilbur Whateley

    S11.E24: The Bow Tie Asymmetry

    never mind
  12. Wilbur Whateley

    The Simpsons

    239 lbs was Trump's purported weight on his recent physical.
  13. Wilbur Whateley

    S02.E08: Creator/Destroyer

    Interestingly, according to an interview with Darren Criss I heard, there is apparently no extant video of Andrew Cunanan. (I suspect there probably is some home video - from graduation at least - that's out there somewhere, but obviously the holders either destroyed it or are keeping it private.) Sort of ironic considering his lust for fame. He lived and died just before that would become completely inconceivable, I think.
  14. Wilbur Whateley

    LSSC: Season Three Episode Talk

    It's great to see the return of the "Hungry For Power" segments - they're consistently hilarious & were an early highlight of the show in the time when, frankly, it wasn't otherwise very good. But shouldn't they have started this up again a lot earlier? Staff have been leaving pretty steadily for a while now. Lots of missed opportunities. But I guess the firings and departures from this White House are an endless renewable comedic resource.
  15. Wilbur Whateley

    Barney Miller

    So I've been watching this on the Sundance Channel recently. I was a bit too young to appreciate them when they first ran, being just a little kid, but I'm really enjoying them now, especially as a time capsule of the mid-to-late seventies and early eighties. The early eps especially take you back to the whole "Ford To City: Drop Dead!" era. At one point a character says something to the effect that "all the honest people need to move out of town and then we can wall it up and just turn the whole city into a prison." Not that I'm claiming that was the direct inspiration for Escape From New York; I'm sure it was a general sentiment at the time. Just amusing in retrospect. I love Dietrich explaining the weird new concept of in vitro fertilization. There's one ep, "The Sniper," where the B-plot - about a con-artist who's selling charter flights to Saturn - is clearly based on the group that later became the Heaven's Gate cult. (They were in the news briefly at the time recruiting members.) There's a line that's wince-inducing in retrospect. They're asking the cult leader about their bodies being left behind on Earth while their spirits are whizzing off to Saturn and he breezily says, "Oh, they're biodegradable!" So they were. Even though I didn't really appreciate it at the time, I did catch a few eps first-run. I remember specifically the Agent Orange two-parter (first time I ever heard of AO), and the one where the grad student built the A-Bomb (watching it as an adult, so scientifically ridiculous!). I've seen those again on Sundance. But there's one I vaguely remember that I'd like to see again, and so far, I haven't run across it in the reruns. It involves a crank (of course!) who's earnestly explaining to a detective his plan to remake the United States by reducing the number of states to twelve (I think). The detective asks, "What about New York?" The crank responds NY is one of the states that's going to be eliminated and the detective responds dryly he doesn't like that, he lives there. Obviously a bit wittier on the show - I was just a little kid and can't recall the actual repartee. They cued the laugh track up after the line, so it was obviously (meant to be) funny. Anyway, does this ring a bell for anyone? I'll really love to see it again. If it's in rotation I assume it'll turn up eventually, but I'd love to know which one it is ahead of time.