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  1. thecatmeows

    S03.E18: Her

    I loved the corn sandwiches - the idea made me chuckle and honestly sounded so Jack. Hey, I ate some weird stuff in college that I'm not proud to admit. Kevin's remark about being lucky to find their mom was cute too.
  2. thecatmeows

    Disability On TV

    As someone who used to work at a nonprofit for kids with disability, I'm happy to see disability being more represented in TV - although, there's still plenty of room for improvement. Two of my favorite examples are Max on Parenthood, an autistic child, and more recently, Christopher on 9-1-1 (on FOX), who has cerebral palsy. The actor who plays him actually has cerebral palsy. It's one thing to represent disability on TV, but an even greater thing to have actors who have disabilities representing their disabled characters.
  3. thecatmeows

    Books We'd Love To Be Movies

    I've been wanting to see Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey as a movie since I read it five or six years ago. It brought me out of a long reading drought, and I'll forever be grateful for that. As I read it, I envisioned it as a movie or TV series. What's unique about Bright Shiny Morning is the protagonist is really the City of Los Angeles. There are many characters, many who only appear once although there are a few frequent faces who I grew attached to knowing how their story would end. I'm typically not a fan of books with a ton of characters, but this is the exception.
  4. thecatmeows

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    I'm reading In The Unlikely Event by Judy Blume. I grew up reading about Fudge, one of my favorite childhood characters/series. Now, I've been diving into her adult books. I read Summer Sisters a few years ago. I enjoy coming-of-age books, although I don't usually read book set in this time frame (In The Unlikely Event is set in the 50s, and based on true events that happened during Blume's teen years - that's what makes it feel so real).
  5. thecatmeows

    S01.E03: Touch

    I did not expect to become obsessed with this show, especially after the first two episodes. I only checked it out because everyone was talking about. Steve and Shirley are the weakest characters in my opinion, and in many ways they make me cringe. It wasn't until Theo's episode that I was sold on the show and completely obsessed. I'm especially fond of young Theo, Nell, and Luke.
  6. thecatmeows

    The Sims

    I was obsessed with The Sims 2, like full-on obsessed. I was on all the forums, chats, etc. I uploaded my legacy to TS2.com stories, the 'Chance' legacy. I played Sims 3 a little (mostly in college), then my computer broke so I stopped playing. I ended up getting a MacBook Air, which is not conditioned for gaming. I was bummed when I heard The Sims 4 wouldn't include toddlers, so I had no interest. I'm a family player and I play for the generations. So, last winter I saw an ad for where I could get The Sims 4 base game for $9.99 - wow, considering it's like $50 usually. I played the trial and saw they'd added toddlers. I bought it, and I've bought most of the expansions and several of the packs. I enjoy it, though I really wish I weren't playing on my MacBook because it makes it so hot. I went through a phase last winter where I was playing it almost every day, but I've dropped to occasional use. I want to get a desktop one of these days so I can have all the games on it, since I contacted EA and was able to get The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection as well as gain access to the Sims 3 games I'd registered online to download.
  7. thecatmeows

    S02.E06: Dosed

    I'm still not fully on team Bobby/Athena. I've always felt like the chemistry was lacking and their relationship came out of left field. It occurred to me in this episode that their relationship is contrived so that Bobby can be reminded of the milestones he's missed with his dead children. However, the scenes with Bobby and Athena's children this episode made me feel emotions I wasn't expecting to feel. I might warm up to them. I was not expecting Chimney and Maddie. I think, like most people, I was expecting Maddie and the new guy, because she's a nurse and would be able to help his son. I'm interested to see where they're heading with this. We're all expecting Maddie's ex-husband to show up eventually. What I love about this show is not everything is predictable or as it seems.
  8. thecatmeows

    S02.E05: Stuck

    In the early 90s, my dad watched Rescue 9-1-1, and I vividly remember watching an episode when I was 3 or 4 about a kid getting his shoe stuck in an escalator. I always was terrified of escalators as a little kid and always made sure my shoes were on really tight with no loose laces whenever I rode one (still do). I've never even thought of the possibility of falling in one until this episode. I honestly thought the guy had the most creative proposal for his girlfriend, and then ... bam. My boyfriend and I were just looking at rings the day before I saw this episode, so that scene really stuck with me. (I guess I'll need to advise he not propose on an escalator?!) I loved how the crew interacted with Christopher and included him. While it may or may not be realistic, I enjoyed the scene. I love how the little boy who plays Christopher actually has cerebral palsy. So often kids with disabilities are played by kids who don't have them - so I love that 9-1-1 is being fully inclusive with this part.
  9. thecatmeows

    S02.E04: Awful People

    I hope you're wrong. :-( I keep trying to spread the word about this show. It's along the lines of This Is Us for me. 9-1-1 and This Is Us are the only shows I really feel like I have to know what happens next. The character development is incomparable to most TV shows these days.
  10. thecatmeows

    God Friended Me

    I agree. I'm glad they had her to do that - I was hesitant about her feeling comfortable leaving her son with a total stranger. I hope they don't take a supernatural route. I'd rather it be a genius hacker. It is a cop-out, though. Still, I don't want them to take a preachy religious route, either, because I think they'd have a hard time retaining viewers (my boyfriend would stop watching, I know). I'm enjoying this show thus far, but I'm afraid it'll be less interesting when we find out who God is. I like the "mystery" and the miracles being performed.
  11. thecatmeows

    God Friended Me

    It felt more like a movie plot to me than a TV series. Still, I'm interested enough to watch another episode. Curious to see where this goes.
  12. thecatmeows

    S02.E01: Under Pressure

    This. Rumors will be rumors ... and many of them are false. I'm not watching for BTS drama - there are plenty of gossip shows for that BS. I'm only interested in good acting and good storytelling.
  13. thecatmeows

    S20.E1: Man Up & S20.E2: Man Down

    Yeah, you didn't see Munch and Cragen running after teenage boys - of course, Liv and Stabler did that back then. They can leave the chasing teenaged boys to Carisi (I'd say and Rollins, but she keeps getting knocked up, so...)
  14. thecatmeows

    S02.E01: Under Pressure

    I'm not sure why JLH gets such a bad rap. I've been a fan of hers since Ghost Whisperer, and I actually would not put her at nearing 40 (she's 39 apparently, but she doesn't look a day over 30 IMO). I'll admit, I didn't recognize her at first - she's definitely changed since I last saw her on TV (on Criminal Minds). I thought it was a solid premiere, and I'm looking forward to the next episode.
  15. thecatmeows

    S20.E1: Man Up & S20.E2: Man Down

    SVU was my favorite show as a teen. I've watched it on and off throughout the years, and pretty much always watch the season premiere. I watched the season 19 finale just last week. It's one of those shows that's had its ups and downs over the years. Some episodes are awesome, others suck, others are mediocre. I consider an episode mediocre when it holds my attention throughout the whole episode but it's nothing extraordinary. I'll admit, there have been many, many episodes I just wasn't able to finish - mostly in the last few years. I stopped watching weekly in season 15 after a renewed interest during the season 14 premiere. I'll consider the season 20 premiere mediocre. It was interesting enough for me to keep watching and to want to see how it turned out. The school shooting was completely random, and I did not see that coming - although, I like when they follow up on the aftermath of a case. I often wonder what happens after a not guilty verdict - obviously their lives will never be the same. I wasn't too thrilled about them blaming the father's parenting choices on the kid's actions. I can't remember who said it, but if we started doing that for everyone, then the jails would be full. (I know a lot of SVU episodes are ripped from the headlines - not sure if this was one of them?) I've been saying since season 15 that it feels like they're setting up a series finale with this season, but this time it might actually be true? With addressing Liv's physical condition and wanting to be home with Noah more (plus, his new behavior issues), she might want to step back and retire.