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  1. doodlebug

    MLB Thread

    I’m a lifelong Indians’ fan and that movie was, for many years, the closest I’d ever gotten to a Tribe post season. Ask any Indians fan; we cry every time they win the big game onscreen.
  2. Prior to the show, the Duggars only traveled to Gothard authorized events. No travel to meet new people, explore new cultures. No interest in the history and sights except as approved by Gothard. All the traveling since the show started has been paid for by TLC for filming purposes; mostly because a) The Duggars are dull as dishwater and they’ve run out of local color in NW Arkansas and b) the Duggars are so poorly educated and incurious that TPTB think they’re more entertaining when seen ignorantly encountering new things and meeting new people.
  3. Well, if Tim is 4, his Mama is only about 8. A 40 something woman who demands flowers and stuffed animals from her kids for her birthday is obviously stunted herself. And, of course, refuses to accept any criticism for it.
  4. I have no doubt the groveling about missing Mama's birthday is because Mama called him and scalded his a** for not having gotten the gift there on time. Severe food poisoning is no excuse! BTW, those flowers cost 40 bucks, plus tax and delivery fees. And Jill has a closet full of teddy bears and other stuffed animals she's extorted from her family over the years. Why in heaven's name would she demand another tribute from her son who she has repeatedly told us doesn't have enough money to pay basic living expenses? Anyone following her on Instagram want to ask her why she doesn't tell Tim not to spend his hard earned money on crap she doesn't need?
  5. Yeah, it seems that they walked in and took over, deciding which supplies went to which groups and when. They also managed to limit access to fuel so that other charities were at their mercy when they needed gasoline for their vehicles. There were also some vehicles used at the airport to transport supplies from one location to another. The Duggar gang grabbed those vehicles and refused to allow any other group to use them. They also commandeered an air conditioned, large building for their 'headquarters' and refused to allow the locals to use 'their' bathroom or even to come in to cool off from the oppressive heat. Finally, JD, the Bates boys and others from their cult wore fake law enforcement credentials on their belts and carried guns; apparently to scare the other volunteers at the site into thinking they were actually authorized to be in charge there. JD wore his constable badge from BF, Arkansas which has absolutely no power or meaning in the Bahamas.
  6. Well, yes. Because, as we all know, labor and delivery personnel are heartless shrews with no training or experience whatsoever in helping grieving parents. Because the 'cuddle cot' just sprang like a mushroom up out of the floor; it wasn't that someone working on the birthing unit heard about it and got the hospital to purchase one for just that reason. For that matter, postpartum nurses also have extensive training and experience in grieving after loss and Max' insistence that she needed to be on display in a fishbowl on labor and delivery rather than being moved to a quieter, more secluded room on the postpartum unit made no sense, either. Speaking of no sense, they were trying to indicate that the baby died in utero due to a major heart defect. News flash: a fetus receives oxygen through its umbilical cord and the heart merely pumps the oxygenated blood through the fetus. A hypoplastic left heart, as they said this baby had, can result in neonatal death and requires major surgery shortly after birth, sometimes even a heart transplant, to keep the baby alive. But, in utero, the lungs are not oxygenating the fetus, the oxygen is simply crossing the placenta into the baby's blood stream and the heart circulates it throughout the body while even diverting most of it away from the lungs. Although, they implied that the baby was stillborn due to the heart defect, that would not be the case in real life. It would not be until it was born and was using its lungs that the lack of ability of the heart to pump oxygenated blood out of the lungs and to the rest of the body could lead to death.
  7. No, we didn't see him, but we found out that a 10 year old kid still wants his mommy or daddy to read him a story at bedtime. Do none of these writers actually have kids?
  8. Me too. Also, OSU's coaching staff spoke about the onside kick. They said that they practiced it all week and they decided that they were going to try it on their third kickoff, no matter what the score was. And so they did.
  9. I'll see your up close and raise you a conversation. I was fortunate enough to attend the Ladies' Short in Lillehammer in '94. The other skating medals had all been awarded. We were seated right next to the Canadian team including Brasseur and Eisler, Kurt Browning, Elvis Stojko and the rest. They were great, talking to us between skaters and signing a ton of autographs, posing for pictures. There is a lot of down time at those competitions because the early rounds of skaters are usually not competitive and spend a lot of time falling. Then, there is Zamboni time between groups. The entire Canadian team was terrific; friendly, cheering for their team mates, joking around, it made it even more special. Probably one of the most emotional moments I've ever experienced at a sporting event came after Josee Chouinard of Canada skated poorly in the short. I went to the ladies room and passed her sobbing in Kurt Browning's arms in an alcove just off the passageway, as he tried to comfort her. I remember she skated to 'An American in Paris'. She was a lovely skater but often her nerves got the best of her.
  10. I think we need to plan an online viewing party if it gets livestreamed. We can all dress in our fundie finest, pile on the eye liner and mascara with a trowel, tease our hair up to heaven and provide running commentary. We also need to have liquor on hand to drink a toast to the happy couple.
  11. Jill posts pictures of her real life and tells us how well she is doing how great her life is, expecting us to agree that she is the best mom, the best cook, the best wife. We snark because much of what she posts is not aspirational; her cooking looks awful, her house seems messy, a lot of the content involving her kids shows them in dangerous situations or includes Jill or Derick mocking them or ignoring them. If Jill posted self-deprecating stuff about her beige food, her lack of style, her parenting fails; I think most of us would applaud her and laugh along with her. There are many, many successful influencers who do exactly that. Take a look at Chrissie Teigen's Instagram for an excellent example. She doesn't pretend that her life is perfect or that her marriage is ideal or her kids are angels. Yesterday, her husband was named 'Sexiest Man Alive' by People and she posted a video of her kids finding out. Her daughter wanted to know when she was going to get to watch the video she wanted to see and her son was wandering around crying asking for something. Not exactly thrilled for Daddy, which was her point. Real life is not all fun and excitement. It's the fact that Jill seems to think her life is near perfect when it clearly isn't that makes us get sarcastic and snarky.
  12. Many, of not most, big time influencers try to create a backlog of stories and photos to fit their theme and then post them at intervals so there is new content every couple of days. We don't know what Jinger and Jeremy do, but, upthread, there are a couple of recent posts where Jinger is in the kitchen and wearing the exact same outfit. In one, she is baking, in the other, she and Felicity are eating donuts. Both photos are credited to the same professional photographer. They were posted a week or two apart, but it seems like they were probably done at the same photo session on the same day. The really successful influencers develop a storyline and a narrative for their posts in order to promote the products and services they are promoting. They carefully design each post to carry the story forward and reinforce their theme. Then, they choose their wardrobe, setting, staging and get photos, often by professionals. Many get professional hair and makeup for these sessions. It is obviously far easier and cheaper to stage a bunch of these photos in one sitting; then, hold the posts and release them one at a time to keep the followers following.
  13. Publicists launch big campaigns to get their clients on the list, it is all a big PR stunt. It's no coincidence that 3 different people from The Voice have now been given the honor; NBC undoubtedly paid big bucks for the promotional boost.
  14. Isabelle Brasseur was paired with Lloyd Eisler and they won the bronze in both '92 and '94. Eisler is now married to Kristie Swanson (BTVS movie) who he met on a celebrity skating TV show. He abandoned his wife and several kids including a newborn for her. He and Kristie have been married 10 years or so. Brasseur and Eisler had a very athletic and adventuresome style of skating which was different from the more artistic and classical pairs like Gordeeva/Grinkov and Mishketunok/Dmitriev who took gold and silver. B/E were really exciting to watch, IMO.
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