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  1. Two men in the strangest place! A couple of astronauts somehow manage to crash land in prehistoric times. Luckily, all the cave people spoke English.
  2. This is sad, it usually means the end is near. I doubt he'll be able to finish filming this season. This means that he probably has just as much, if not more tumor than he had before the original chemo. It also means that this tumor is probably going to be more resistant and grow faster than it did originally.
  3. Found this interesting bit in The New Yorker: https://www.newyorker.com/news/dispatch/a-haphazard-recovery-in-the-bahamas It is part of a longer article that covers 'adventure tourism' and talks about all the sightseers crowding the runways with small planes.
  4. And because, as previously noted, living at Frogmore House, they have easy access to the Queen and Prince Philip much of the time and probably see them more often than most other members of the family. With Meghan on maternity leave the past few months, she's had a lot of flexibility in her schedule, so dropping by Windsor Castle for a visit is not so hard to do. William and Kate, having 3 young kids, a full schedule of engagements, and living at least half an hour away from Windsor, probably haven't had much chance to spend time with the Queen and Prince Philip this summer and it will be even harder now they're back to school. It makes sense for them to take a break and travel to Balmoral to spend some quality time with William's grandparents outside of their everyday lives.
  5. That is still the case. Married Greek Orthodox clergy can also convert. There aren't a lot of them, but they do exist. I was on vacation a couple of years ago and the priest, during his sermon, kept referring to his grandchildren and doing various things with them. Finally, he said, "I see some confused faces out there. I do have grandchildren. I was married for more than 30 years when my wife died and I decided to become a priest. I've had the best of both worlds." He said his kids, while surprised at his decision, were very supportive because it was so handy to have a priest in the family for christenings and such.
  6. Or she is tired of all the ridiculous gossip and innuendo surrounding them. I like the Queen even more now and I think she is simply not one to tolerate idle chatter with no basis in truth. How would anyone speaking to the Queen in a formal audience think that it was ok to speak about any member of the royal family? It's not the place for personal talk. Asking the Queen about the state of Prince Philip's health or whether Andrew has a good defense attorney lined up would be equally inappropriate. Other than wishing the Queen and her family health and happiness, I cannot picture anyone expecting to chat with her about Meghan's trip to NYC or anything else.
  7. St Peter, the first Pope, was married. In the early days of the church, priests were not prohibited from marrying. However, in the Middle Ages, as individual churches accumulated some wealth, many married priests essentially considered their particular parish' possessions as their own. They would write wills leaving church property including land, priceless paintings or other religious art to their widows and children and the parishes would end up having to fight or pay off the survivors to maintain their possessions. In light of this, the Pope issued a decree that priests were to be celibate and they weren't permitted to marry anymore. This happened in about the 12th century, I think. Even then, it was not uncommon for priests to have mistresses, sometimes even wives, on the side. Today, the number of priests are dwindling and I would say that the rules of celibacy are the main reason. I personally know about half a dozen men who seriously considered the priesthood, even entered a seminary, but couldn't accept never marrying or having kids. However, nowadays, I think the main reason the Church continues with celibacy is economic. Yes, there is all that argument about how married priests would have too many distractions, but I think it mainly comes down to money. I belong to a huge parish, there are 3 priests. At one point, there was the pastor, about 70 and 2 associates, 1 was mid 40's, the other late 20's just out of seminary. The parish provides priests with housing in a single building where each gets a two room suite with private bath. The average salary for a beginning priest is $27,000 in my diocese. Imagine if all 3 of these priests were married and remember that birth control other than natural family planning is prohibited. We've got an older priest with an older wife and probably no kids at home. We've got a middle aged couple with teens and college aged kids, probably at least 4, maybe more. Then, we've got a newly married couple with young children, probably several. How does that work? No way these disparate families can all share the same home and the cost of providing the sort of housing that a large family would need is going to be prohibitive. Not to mention the fact that the middle aged priest, unless his wife works at a very high paying job, is going to have a tough time affording tuition for all his kids while the young guy is going to be going broke buying diapers. And that's why I think the rules of celibacy are still in place and why I think something's gotta give or in a generation or so, there simply won't be enough priests to go around.
  8. Found this on No Longer Quivering. A trickle can become a flood very quickly...and I hope it does: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/nolongerquivering/2019/09/duggars-behaving-badly-in-the-bahamas/ I would presume the regular news outlets, even those with tabloid-y reps like TMZ, are trying to find the original poster and get verification as to who he is and where he was before spreading the story. I think he gave far too many details not to be legit and I am happy to wait while he is found and verified.
  9. Here ya go! False Accusations DO HURT, but we choose to love those people! Posted on September 14, 2019 by Rodrigues Family I was shaking. Timothy had just come to my door informing me that CPS (Social Services) had just shown up at our front door. I frantically called my husband (who had just gone down the road to help my dad on his new house). He came flying home…not sure what my “emergency” was. Once he was home, I went outside to meet them. First of all, I thanked them for their service to help MANY children who are TRULY abused. And then, we willingly opened up our home and RV and children to their scrutiny. Oh yes, we also called our Christian lawyer. I KNEW as soon as they showed up at our door, it was due to our “hate followers”. You see, these are people that HATE Jesus and anyone that actively is a testimony for Him. They HATE righteousness and proclaim it as fanatical. They HATE that we have a large family and are raising them for God. They HATE that we boldly proclaim what God’s Word says about child bearing and sodomy and… well, all manner of sin. They simply – HATE. We were kind to the social workers and even sang for them before they left. They left, telling us that we needed to come to their houses to show them how to organize and keep a clean house. I even gave the woman social worker a hug. They found food in our cupboards and running water…imagine that! LOL. You see, when my husband and I were teenagers, we were SUPER skinny. We BOTH got teased all the time about it. We BOTH had very fast metabolisms. We BOTH ate well, but would gain weight slowly. (If only we still had that problem…LOL). Our children take after us…tall and willowy. If anyone saw our grocery bill on a weekly basis, they would know how WELL our children are fed! However, in a day and age in America were obesity is becoming an increasing problem and children no longer play hard outdoors…our children are becoming the minority. Our Pediatrician Doctor regularly does well check visits on our children and finds them ALL in the range of “normal”with weight. Imagine that! NO, WE DON’T STARVE OUR CHILDREN AND ANYONE THAT WOULD DO SUCH A HEINOUS THING, BELONGS BEHIND BARS! The social workers could see through the accusations as hateful people attacking our family. However, we have suffered at the hand of this 2 different times. Both times, it seemed a waste of time that they were even at our home…and they agreed. They also agreed that continued future visits would be legally viewed as harrassment. However, having them show up at my door, rocked my world. I couldn’t understand it. We try SO hard to be the best and most diligent parents possible. To Love. To Nurture. To Care. To Feed. To Cook. To Snuggle. To Read to them. To Teach. But MOST importantly, to teach them of Jesus and His ways…**BINGO** therein lies the problem with our hate followers! While singing in Florida, we were right in the middle of a song, my husband was asked (by a member of the church) to come outside. I didn’t know why my husband left. My guess was that our RV was parked in a wrong spot and had to be moved. Afterwards I found out it was a few police men that had been “tipped” to our location and lies were told them. They came to check out our RV…to make sure it was “kosher” to their standard for our children. Of course, my husband freely let them tour it (for we have nothing to hide). They found nothing wrong and sighed with this “lead” being a sheer “waste of their time”. Yes, I shed tears…because the battle is real! I shed tears over the injustice of it all. I pray for protection over our family. We have had death threats sent to us and constant hate mail. The hateful lies being spread about our family viciously swirl about. I feel alone. Confused. Hurt. Helpless. And then, God wraps His loving arms of comfort about me / us and reminds us of these Scriptures from the Bible… Edited: Bunch of Bible verses on persecution and suffering You see, this form of persecution is nothing new. They did FAR worse to my Jesus and in our modern day world, Christians suffer far worse than what we have experienced. We MUST count it all joy! Satan WANTS us to give up. To be silent. To take DOWN our social media influence. He will strive, at whatever means necessary, to make that happen…just like he attacked Job in the Bible. He doesn’t play fair. 1 Peter 5:8 “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:” Does it hurt to have all manner of evil spoken against us FALSELY? Sure it does…especially when you know it’s simply NOT truth. But, yet, it’s an HONOR! An HONOR to suffer these things for the cause of Christ. You see, people are the same as they’ve always been. Without Christ, they are lost, hopeless, miserable and seeking to destroy others. They do not experience that river of peace and joy deep within their soul. So, as the tears rolled down my cheeks, I made a choice. A choice to pray for these people. To pray for their salvation. To pray for God to bless them as the Bible teaches below… Edited: multiple verses about loving one's enemies, etc I don’t personally know these people, but I know this… I have chosen to love them and to pray for them. Yes, I will put up guards to protect our family from evil people, yet love and pray for them from afar. <3 What battle are YOU facing? If it is a consequence of your own sin and poor choices, then own up to it. Rise in the victory of Christ and press onward! You can do it! Remember, NO ONE is perfect except for God Himself. Don’t let defeat overtake you! Or perhaps you are like us in this situation. Feeling helpless in the face of false accusations and lies coming from evil, hateful people. REST those cares in God’s capable hands. He is able. He is our defense. The TRUTH will prevail…just like it did with the Old Testament Bible story of Joseph. Edited: random Bible passage from Psalms I have heard of witchcraft practices done to missionaries in Africa (Bobby Bonner), Christians being tortured for Christ, all manner of evil spoken against them, missionary pilots killed (Mr. Elliot among others), etc., etc. These people are heroes of the faith. People that did NOT give up in the face of adversity. That pressed on for the cause of Jesus Christ and for the Gospel sake! My suffering seems small in comparison. I am reminded of the verse… Matthew 10:28 | “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Heaven is my destination and I am HAPPY to serve my Jesus…even if it means suffering reproach for His Name. Hallelujah for the CROSS! Jill Join our Newsletter! Signup to receive email updates on our ministry. I agree to have my personal information transfered to MailChimp ( more information ) I will never give away, trade or sell your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time. ****Please read the second last line. That's all I will say because we're not supposed to talk about it but it made me laugh. And, yes, it does seem pretty futile to complain to CPS about the Rods. They are above the radar as far as CPS is concerned. So glad to know JRod has a Christian lawyer. Does that mean he is a Christian or that he represents Christians who claim persecution at every turn? Glad to see the kids have a Pediatrician Doctor and not a Pediatrician Plumber or Pediatrician Realtor. And let us all say a prayer for the poor underpaid, overworked social workers in W Va who not only had to listen to JRod chirp about how happy and well fed and godly her kids are; but also had to politely listen to a couple of classic godly hymns as murdered by the Rods.
  10. Not in the Bible. However, the Bible doesn't really cover his personal life as an adult. He travels around preaching, he has apostles and disciples who follow him. It's not a romance novel. In other words, people interpret the lack of discussion of a wife and family as an indication that Jesus had neither, but, the Bible isn't telling that story anyway because whether he was married or not is not relevant to the message, IMO.
  11. Daddy Maxwell is never letting those women out of his sight. Like the Botkin sisters, I don't expect any of them to marry while Daddy is still alive. None of them seem likely to leave the fold voluntarily, so that will be their only chance, IMO.
  12. Yeah, my church and most other Catholic ones I've seen, have a bulletin template that they use which is found online and includes graphics and such. Anyone with even a small amount of computer literacy can use it. I suppose David could try to get a contract from a church to print up their bulletins, but I doubt there's much of a market for it. If you've seen any of the pamphlets they produce, they are amateurish and poor quality at best. David not only doesn't work, but the voluntary 'mission' work he does do is not very good.
  13. Random caps makes me think JRod was the actual author of this letter. And what in the heck is a 'helps' ministry? Is that in contrast to a 'hurts' ministry? And who exactly is on their mission board? Besides DRod and JRod?
  14. It’s not only inappropriate, it’s unattractive and unflattering. The sheer fabric draws attention to the bride’s midsection instead of her face. The idea is for the dress to call attention to the bride, not vice versa.
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