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  1. Who cares? As noted philosopher Butch Cassidy advises, 'the fall will probably kill ya'.
  2. I personally think the rigid schedule was a made-for-TV contrivance to further the idea that the Duggars are so much better than everyone else. How could they encourage the heathens in their godly footsteps if they didn't insist that their way of doing things wasn't just different, but better?
  3. No, I thought I would, so I specifically looked for one that advertised being 'cool' and made of 'breathable' fabric by the manufacturer. My sister, who had one and loved it, tipped me off. Amazingly, it is heavy, but not hot. It certainly keeps me warm, but I bought it in the summer and used it from the first day without a problem. I got it from Amazon and it is made by YnM; although I can't find the exact one I have on the site right now. Also, mine is made for a double bed even though I have a queen and it is plenty big enough (another helpful sister tip), And, despite the recommendations for weight, I went lower and got a 15 lb one. It pays to have a lot of sisters who are willing to test new products and make recommendations. HFC, your dog story is exactly the reason why the doors to my two spare bedrooms are always closed. My nicer guest bedroom has a handmade Amish quilt which was a gift from my beloved aunt and, any dog that values their life knows better than to lay a paw on it.
  4. It is bad enough to take the photo in the first place, but to then post it online for tens of thousands of strangers to see is awful. I hope Ben saw it before she posted it and approved although I would doubt it would matter to her if he didn't. Jessa seems to take parenting tips from the best Mama ever and her kids have no schedules, they sleep where they drop, wearing whatever they happen to be wearing, maybe in a bed, maybe on the floor. Jessa is really completely ignorant of how undesirable and off-putting her life is. Just like the dirty diaper pile, she thinks there is something adorably normal about a toddler who doesn't have a designated sleep space and just collapses on the nearest parent when it is time for bed.
  5. My oven only has a digital display, too, but, if I tried to heat it to a temperature of 180, it wouldn't let me. As someone else here noted, most ovens start at 200 degrees, even digital ones. Mine gives an error message for anything less than that. I have a feeling Jer tried to set it for 180 F, got the error message and went on to set it at 200F rather than trying to figure out why the oven wouldn't accept 180 as a baking temperature by double checking the recipe. Or, probably more likely, he thought the story about Farenheit vs Celsius was cute and relatable and the whole thing was a lie.
  6. I think it is more that Derick, like others of his conservative religious beliefs, feels that the man is the ultimate head of the household even if all evidence points to Michelle being the boss. He would never publicly attack a godly woman like Michelle verbally or in writing, this is a 'man to man' situation. It would be like hitting a girl. Just as Derick seemingly handled the whole thing on Jill's behalf; he would approach JB to handle it even if he knew Michelle was the real boss.
  7. You don't even need to bake to take a look at the oven settings and see that 180 is probably just about the lowest setting and that the dial goes all the way up to 500 degrees. If nothing else, just seeing that should've caused him to double check the oven temperature.
  8. I have a duvet currently because it is a lot easier to remove the cover and wash that then to wash an entire spread or quilt. My furry children are messy and, no matter how recently they've been bathed, they manage to get schmutz on the bed covers. I really prefer a quilt, I think, but the priority is keeping it clean despite the dogs so the duvet cover it is. I have recently become a convert to the weighted blanket, I really do think I sleep better under it. However, you cannot really wash a weighted blanket in the usual way, it messes it up. I bought a couple covers for it and that works well. I found a really pretty black velveteen one with holly on it for Christmas and loved it.
  9. You're too kind. If I had received those cheap a**ed prizes, I would not feel like a valued member of the team and I sure wouldn't be posting pictures on Facebook. I picked up a nicer pen last time I stopped by the dry cleaners. It looks like this junk was part of the Plexus virtual Leaders Retreat which was a week or so ago. It was originally scheduled to be held in Arizona but went virtual due to COVID because most people who sell Plexus are smarter than Jill.
  10. If an adult is not allowed to zipline without a helmet, shoes and a full harness, why would anyone think a toddler doesn't need all of those things, too? Complete lack of common sense.
  11. Thanks for checking in, Lookey; I think of you every day and I'm sure I'm not the only one here who does. Thanks also for confirming that the vaccine is no big deal. Virtually everyone in my office has now had their first dose. One of the docs had a next day reaction similar to yours that lasted a couple hours the next evening and then she was fine. The rest of us thought it was very similar to a flu shot: a little sting at first, maybe a sore arm the next day.
  12. Yes, indeed it is. Also, the Xray tech could be fired immediately for allowing a someone to be X-rayed who didn't even have a chart. There are Emergency 'John Doe' type charts set up for dire emergencies when there isn't time to get a patient registered just so that every piece of lab work, every note written, every radiologic report can be linked together to that single patient. And, of course, the ER doesn't have some sort of fund to pay for frivolous testing done by ER docs on a lark. There are probably some funds available for supplies used to teach students how to draw blood or run an EKG; but that isn't what happened here. Remember, too, that the hospital is a public hospital, owned by the citizens of Cook County and both Luka and the Xray tech are public employees. What he did was theft, pure and simple, and would result in immediate termination. A single shot X ray of an arm costs a couple hundred bucks. It probably wasn't a felony, but it was theft. Not to mention when Pratt helped Chen euthanize her father and then signed the death certificate even though he wasn't Mr Chen's attending physician. Those are definitely felonies and ground for suspension of his medical license if not permanent loss of it.
  13. I think it depends on what happened to her father and how old she was when her mother remarried. If her father was still living, even if Kelly was still a little kid; I could see her not wanting to call her mother's husband her step-father because she had a father. And, as mentioned above, I know a lot of adults whose parents have remarried and I cannot think of any who refer to their parent's spouse as a step-parent. Except maybe in a joking way. Lawson is 28, the age when most people who would have already have years of experience as a paramedic/EMT and not be taking preliminary courses aimed at teens.
  14. This seems to be the twin to the pin I've been wearing since last spring when I got tired of hearing people say dumb stuff:
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