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  1. But, did your kids have a beautiful new grandfather clock to admire purchased for the living area that isn't even built yet? I am sure Jill's kids told her they didn't want any Easter candy, it was sweet enough just seeing the World's Best Momma have a clock for a room that didn't exist.
  2. Now, now. Jill is very generous with her kids. Remember the Easter egg hunt? One of the kids got a hollow chocolate rabbit of her very own! I'm sure the others got to watch her eat it, too.
  3. In general, yes, at least while they're living at home. No matter what they're doing, the girls wear skirts because it is sinful for women to dress like men. They also must keep their knees and shoulders covered at all times because, otherwise, they might entice men into sinning. Meechelle famously was filmed discussing modesty while pulling Josie's sweater up over her shoulders so no one could see her upper arms in a sleeveless dress. Josie was something like 4 years old at the time. Meechelle was also shown water skiing on the show in a dress. Her knees were exposed and she app
  4. Both of their mothers are still alive and the family sees them. But, Jill's SM is all about JILL. Even the posts featuring her kids are all about Jill. If Jill's mother wants a mention on Jill's FB or Instagram, she needs to step it up and send Jill some gifts. Jill will forge the note herself. Jill's parents are also fundies and she was homeschooled, which probably accounts for her barely passing acquaintance with grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  5. Sounds like exactly the sort of halfa**ed operation Josh Duggar would run. I think someone said that that particular lot was geared towards wholesalers; which I imagine means they tried to sell multiple autos to used car dealers, etc for resale and didn't do much with individuals coming in to buy a car for personal use. If they were mainly dealing with wholesalers, they probably could make arrangements to deliver the title and keys and get a check.
  6. I think JB and M have come too far to turn back now. They will continue to insist that the devil is torturing poor Joshy because he is so special and destined for greatness. To admit that they were wrong about him and that they spent decades favoring him and buying his way out of trouble for no good reason is not going to happen. I would hope that some of the older kids have gotten a clue, especially those with spouses and are no longer buying the myth that Josh is God's chosen.
  7. It made me wonder why she was so fixated on a 'grand' home that would impress everyone. I presume that part of the 'everything' her parents lost in the recession was the 9000 sq. ft. house. Overspending on a house to impress other people is generally a bad investment.
  8. Nursing board exams are online where I live. They're administered at monitored testing centers and the person taking the exam knows their result immediately. The program even stops the exam early if the applicant has gotten a large enough percentage right that they're guaranteed to pass. I'd expect most other states do their nursing board exams that way, My youngest sister went to law school and took the bar around 15 years ago, In Ohio, everyone taking the exam had to go to Columbus to take it on the designated dates in a huge auditorium. It was a written exam with essays as ot
  9. Acidophilus capsules theoretically should help, but its important to know that the FDA considers them to be a dietary supplement and not a drug, so the quality control oversight of their manufacture is not very thorough. There is a specific type of Acidophilus which produces hydrogen peroxide as part of its metabolic processes. Hydrogen peroxide is acidic, so it alters the pH of the vagina which can decrease the risk of yeast infections, However, there are multiple varieties of Acidophilus and not all of them produce hydrogen peroxide. A couple years back, there was a study done in
  10. I'm glad you corrected yourself. Using plain yogurt externally does seem to help the symptoms of a yeast infection. I would not recommend using yogurt inside the vagina for any reason, it is more likely to promote infection than cure it. As others have noted, the vagina and the urethra are not connected and there is nothing that putting yogurt in the vagina would do for a bladder infection except maybe lead to a vaginal infection which could distract from the symptoms of a UTI. There are also studies that indicate that eating plain yogurt daily can decrease vaginal yeast infections
  11. You can buy pyridium over the counter these days, Two common brands are Uristat and Azo Standard. You can usually find it where you find the vaginal yeast products, condoms, etc. I think the lemonade may be to acidify the urine a little to prevent stones from forming, If you're not prone to kidney stones, you probably don't need lemonade specifically. If you're postmenopausal and not on hormone therapy, you could ask your doctor about using vaginal estrogen or tablets. It doesn't go into the rest of the body and it reverses some of the atrophy that occurs with menopause. It is n
  12. Just bringing this forward from December for those who want to see some of the windowless warehouse where Anna and the kids live.
  13. I've helped train SANE nurses for years. Most of them would be conducting their exams in the ER. Of course, that is probably because the kid or adult turned up in the ER after the assault. Since they are trained in the medical part of a pelvic exam (what I teach them) as well as collecting forensics for law enforcement purposes. they usually need access to swabs and labs and such; so I think the ER is their preferred location. Alas, there are also instances where they encounter significant injuries and need a medical consultation and sometimes a surgeon in a hurry which also is easie
  14. Homeland Security is also involved in cyber security. Since Josh downloaded illegal images from the internet, it fell under their jurisdiction to investigate.
  15. I'd imagine that that would be the usual response of a regular person to this sort of thing. Anna is not a regular person though. She's had a very isolated upbringing and has been told since birth that she is subservient to men, first her father and then her husband. It's sort of like Stockholm syndrome, she's been a hostage so long, she doesn't realize who the bad guys really are. Maybe those who want to discuss other instances of abuse as part of the ongoing discussion of Josh could spoiler tag it? That way, people who'd rather not read it won't need to see it.
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