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  1. I don't think Jill's kids have the luxury of being picky when it comes to food. I also think it is unlikely that all 3 of those girls got a glass of vitamin enriched Plexus to drink, most likely, they all posed with the same glass of the stuff which Jill then drank. Interesting that Jill seemingly is a believer in probiotics and such, which have very little science behind their use while refusing to believe in social distancing, masks and other efforts to prevent COVID which have far more scientific evidence behind them. I've noticed a lot of fundies are fans of junk science while ignoring the real stuff. As for anyone thinking Jill's life is 'glorious', tell me another fairy tale, Mother Goose. And, if Jill thinks that grifting is so tough, she should try working for a living like the rest of us. She is not only sleep depraved. she's awake depraved.
  2. Yep, Carol seemed resentful of any women who came to the ER and had more education and authority than the nurses. Remember how she was from the same neighborhood as Maggie Doyle and seemed astounded that anyone from that background could've gotten into med school? And how crappily she treated Maggie when she first started? Carol was really not a very nice person, it's hard to see how she was so popular with her coworkers.
  3. That about sums it up. Remember, these are people who think wearing a mask is a political issue and who encouraged their overweight daughter with a history of autoimmune disorders and cancer to attend a party with a bunch of other kids during a pandemic. I expect they will file a malpractice suit against the doctors and hospital claiming that, had the doctors let the mother dictate her care, the girl would have survived. People are like that, believe me.
  4. Well, of course he needs a chaperone to spend any time with Jill, the heretic. Look at those bare shoulders and that nose ring! The floozy! Seriously, though, JB has supposedly said that Jill may not visit the TTH without his consent and I don't have any doubt that she is not allowed to speak to any of the kids still living at home without someone there to monitor the conversation.
  5. Yep. She is deeply fundie as well as a supporter of various right wing causes and has made it clear where she stands on stuff like mask wearing. She does think that hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for COVID, though. When her daughter was first hospitalized, she posted all over FB complaining that the doctors refused to continue giving her daughter the hydroxychloroquine that she and her husband decided the girl needed and somehow obtained (step dad is supposedly a physician assistant, he can probably write prescriptions). She also was proud that she was directing her daughter's care and had refused to allow her to be intubated despite the doctors' recommendations. She did eventually cave and the girl was intubated prior to her death. I presume Mama heard that COVID patients shouldn't be intubated unless there is no other option and so she decided that meant she shouldn't be intubated at all, especially since they wouldn't give the girl the hydroxychloroquine that Mama prescribed. That the kid was dying was apparently either not noticed or not important to her. As noted elsewhere, the girl apparently contracted COVID at a party at their church meant to celebrate the end of stay-at-home orders and geared for teens and young adults. The theme of the party seemed to be centered around the release from the bondage of common sense and that Jesus would protect them as they partied. They referred to it as a Release Party. https://metro.co.uk/2020/07/07/cancer-survivor-17-died-coronavirus-mother-took-huge-church-covid-party-12959009/
  6. Yep, Plexus was claiming it boosted the immune system which would help the body fight off viruses and the FDA told them to knock it off.
  7. It's not just a fundie thing, but it is a chiropractic thing. I've had several patients who either were chiropractors or married to one. In every case, they wanted to 'adjust' the baby's spine almost immediately after birth, like within minutes. One of them told me that going through the birth canal caused major spinal derangement and it was extremely important that the baby's spine be properly re-aligned as soon as possible after birth. If chiropractors do it with their own kids, I'm sure they recommend it to their clients. I think chiropractic can work for a lot of musculoskeletal problems and I've even used a chiropractor myself. But, babies getting their spine out of whack from being born? Sounds like a bunch of hooey to me. Why does Kaylee have a bird's nest on top of her head? Is that what is causing her to grimace in pain?
  8. I didn't watch, but the impression I got was that it was something the viewers picked up from watching Josie in the episode. Meechelle would never admit to something like that and, let's face it, she's half out of it much of the time and probably wouldn't notice anyway.
  9. Amy seems to have grown up a lot the past few years and I'm glad she is obviously supportive of Jill as she transitions away from her toxic family.
  10. If I am not mistaken, they didn't sell any women's boots because the merchandise they received from the manufacturer was poor quality and Target and Hunter decided not to put them in the stores. They did sell other Hunter products, though.
  11. The mother of this girl also pitched a fit when the doctors at the hospital refused to give her daughter hydroxychloroquine in the hospital, citing all the evidence that it doesn't work Mama also has posted a whole bunch of anti-mask wearing nonsense on FB. Meanwhile, aside from obesity which is a risk factor, this young woman had an autoimmune disorder and a history of cancer. And, yes, her mother and step- father, who is supposedly a physician assistant; treated her at home with azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine and gave her grandpa's oxygen to wear when she was looking gray and struggling to breathe. And, of course, a Go Fund Me has been set up for her mother. Mom is also an outspoken anti-gay activist who complained about Target allowing transgender people to choose which dressing room to use and asked everyone to stop getting prescriptions there. https://www.boston.com/news/coronavirus/2020/07/07/a-high-risk-florida-teen-who-died-from-covid-19-attended-a-huge-church-party-then-was-given-hydroxychloroquine-by-her-parents-report-says
  12. Me too! It just doesn't look flattering or comfortable to me.
  13. I happened to see Erik Estrada on the strip in Vegas a few years back. He can still get it. The Lawson boys, on the other hand, not only cannot get it, they don't have any idea what it is.
  14. Yep, Playhouse Square is the second largest theater district in the country. Alas, like Broadway, it is closed for the foreseeable future. I have no idea where Jill took Renee, even the community theater groups have shut down due to the virus. Ohio still bans live performances, so I doubt any legit theater organization would be staging anything. Maybe a fundy church had a talent contest?
  15. They look like they're posing for the Sears catalog. They also look like jerks.
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