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  1. All nuns have a job of some sort. Most orders have a specific focus; be it medicine, education or community service and all of the sisters would have college degrees in nursing, education or social work. Most have Masters' degrees. There are some 'Stay at Home' nuns who do housekeeping or cooking for the convent, but that is their job and they get the same pay as everyone else. Then again, many convents hire cooks and cleaning people just like other full time working people do. I knew a nun who was an OB/GYN. She joined an order whose mission was education and she taught high school chemistry and physics for years before going to medical school which her order encouraged and paid for. She worked as a doc and lived in the convent with all the other nuns. The only concessions to her job were that she had her own phone line and car (a Honda Civic as I recall). The other nuns living at the convent had to share a phone line and the other cars were owned by the community and they took turns. Her paycheck went to her order and she received the same pay as the other nuns who lived there. She was quite a character. Loved Prince, of all things and one of the highlights of her life was seeing him in concert in Detroit. Anyway, Jana should be so lucky as to be allowed to become a nun.
  2. The night Kerry lost her pager, she went to Doc's to talk to the private detective who was searching for her birth mother. At some point, she fired him because he gave her a wrong name. Kerry went to the lady's apartment and discovered she was dying and brought her to the ER and totally ignored her desire for a DNR in an effort to keep her alive long enough to talk to her, only to discover that the lady's blood type was incompatible with hers and she couldn't be her mother. Kerry doesn't meet her birth mother until Season 11. Played by Frances Fisher, Kerry's biomom comes to the ER posing as a patient in order to meet her. Turns out her mom was a teen when she was born and didn't even know about Kerry's hip problem which Kerry often thought might be the reason she was given for adoption, Her mother is also a conservative Christian and makes it clear that, while she wants a relationship with Kerry, she thinks she's a sinner headed for hell because she is gay. Kerry walks away.
  3. I am a heathen Catholic and the first thing that comes to my mind is: Hosanna Hey Sanna Sanna Sanna Hosanna Hey Sanna Hosanna Hey JC, JC won't you smile at me? Sanna Hosanna Hey Superstar Thanks, Andrew Lloyd Webber.
  4. I have two different friends who lost their husbands to cancer when they were in their 40's and were left with young kids. And, you know what, I often accompanied them to movies, to dinner, to amusement parks to help handle their kids. I guess Jill would disapprove.
  5. Exactly, if a young child actually said those things; it is indicative of poor parenting that Jill didn't correct her and tell her that criticizing the appearance of others is wrong. Also, in the 1950's ideal family pic that Jill posted, the mother figure has sluttish bare shoulders. Jill should've asked Jana Duggar to photoshop a tee shirt under her dress. Or as King James wrote in Matthew 7:1: "Judge not, that ye not be judged".
  6. If all of these people are so very dam*ed concerned about Mr Chemo's well being, why aren't they stepping up to help him? You've done your share, you've got to take care of yourself. Instead of chastising you, they should be banding together and figuring it out, it's their turn. Ann Lander's used to say, 'Nobody can take advantage of you unless you allow it.' Stay strong and firm; this is not your problem.
  7. I'm sure he would. Jill has undoubtedly warned him about the gays and their agenda to make restrooms unisex. And, how they attract unsuspecting hetero males with their secret gay pheromones and then turn them into man lovers against their will. I am sure that Tim would be unlikely to take a job from a gay couple and would instead offer them one of Daddy's tracts with bloody Jesus on the front and tell them to give him a call once they repent and decide to change their wicked ways.
  8. It also wouldn't make sense for the writers to refer to Carol's fiance in the pilot as a former Big 10 football star and orthopedist and then have Tag come along with the exact same background story but be a different person. TPTB backed off the fiance storyline in order to play up the Doug/Carol connection once she became a series regular IMO.
  9. Plowing, especially out in the country where people have long driveways is a great business and a lot of those guys, including the ones who do my drive, often add lawn services in the warm months to keep the cash flowing year 'round. If he got a contract or two to plow a parking lot for a business or church, he could do quite well.
  10. In Ohio, as long as he sticks to the basics, like his website implies, he doesn't need any sort of license. As far as plumbing, he could repair a leaky faucet but isn't allowed to install new plumbing in a bath or kitchen or tie stuff into the sewer system. If he does electrical, he could replace an existing light fixture, he cannot re-wire a house. I think, in general, a handyman can do stuff that doesn't require a permit. It looks like a general handyman can get liability insurance for about 30 bucks a month although I don't know that the state requires it if he's not licensed. If he does mess something up and a customer sues, he has no assets and he's a legal adult. There's nothing for a plaintiff to recover. No lawyer is going to take the case anyway. A handyman who does more involved jobs would need a general contractor's license which would require at least 3 years' experience working with a general contractor. I could see David and Uncle Kev exaggerating Timbits' credentials to get him a general contractor's license. Timbits might've made sure his religious beliefs were front and center if only because these fundies tend to be a tight knit bunch and someone with likeminded beliefs is going to be less likely to sue for defective work and also more likely to allow him to do work outside his wheelhouse without a permit and pay him more than he usually makes while not as much as if they'd hired a real pro.
  11. https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/?CDC_AA_refVal=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cdc.gov%2Fcoronavirus%2F2019-ncov%2Fcases-updates%2Fcases-in-us.html#cases_casesinlast7days Search for Color Map using the name of your state and you'll be able to find a map colored by county.
  12. We don't really know, except, in the pilot, we discover that Carol is dating an orthopedist and I think they may have even said they were engaged. That couldn't have happened overnight, we have to figure the breakup with Doug was at least 6 months before that. No idea how long they dated. We know that Doug and Carol had sex on her kitchen floor on their first date. As far as monogamous, probably not on Doug's part since we know the breakup was triggered by his behavior and we know he usually cheated on his girlfriends that we saw prior to his reunion with Carol at the end of the third season. The presumption is that Carol thought it was a serious thing and that Doug cheated and that is what broke her heart. All of it is speculation, though.
  13. One of the problems we've seen is that people are reluctant to enforce the rules, especially after healthcare workers have been attacked for trying to keep visitors out of the main medical areas and for enforcing mask wearing. I stopped at a well known bagel chain this morning on my way to work, Ohio has a mask indoors rule. Everyone was standing 6 feet apart and wearing a mask except for one kid who looked to be about 16. He just stood there, chewing on his gum and, when he got to the front of the line, was probably about a foot away from the cashier. We all looked at each other, but nobody expected the clerk behind the counter to confront him, she was probably a year or two older than him but weighed about 50 lbs less. We all just kept our distance, he got his food and left and she apologized to us but told her their policy was not to confront because of the risk of a violent reaction. Believe me, the people working at doctors' offices and hospitals are worried about the same thing.
  14. My employer, which runs facilities in Ohio and Florida, has issued visitor guidelines based on the color code describing the virus' activity in that state. All states have a color code from yellow to purple which is based on the amount of people who have the virus at a given time. Purple is the highest level of COVID 19 cases and essentially means no visitors anywhere. Florida was level Purple when the system was put in place last month, I don't know where they're at now. Ohio was at level Red last month but has dropped to Orange now; at least this part of Ohio has. They are requiring anyone coming in to a facility for a procedure to have a COVID test first. If the patient is COVID negative, at level Orange, they are allowed to bring one person with them to wait. At Level Red, no one can accompany a patient There is also a way for someone needing special assistance to bring someone with them to help provide the history or help with dressing and undressing, etc. This gives the provider a lot of discretion as it allows someone to be present with a patient for 'critical emotional or physical care'. I've had more than a couple of people coming in for procedures who wanted to bring someone along to hold their hand and we've always allowed it. http://dnndocuments.ccf.org/occ/COVID19/20-CCC-1905156 Visitation Guide Messaging Update - COVID-19_final.pdf
  15. Uncle Kev's business is indeed known as Kevin's Christ-honoring Contracted Services. Who knew Christ was so into home improvement? Well, his stepdad was a carpenter, so I guess He was. Uncle Kevin's business is located in Frazier's Bottom, WVA which sounds like a punchline to a joke about a TV show, but is apparently a real place. Maybe Tim is a franchisee?
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