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  1. Just bringing this forward from December for those who want to see some of the windowless warehouse where Anna and the kids live.
  2. I've helped train SANE nurses for years. Most of them would be conducting their exams in the ER. Of course, that is probably because the kid or adult turned up in the ER after the assault. Since they are trained in the medical part of a pelvic exam (what I teach them) as well as collecting forensics for law enforcement purposes. they usually need access to swabs and labs and such; so I think the ER is their preferred location. Alas, there are also instances where they encounter significant injuries and need a medical consultation and sometimes a surgeon in a hurry which also is easie
  3. Homeland Security is also involved in cyber security. Since Josh downloaded illegal images from the internet, it fell under their jurisdiction to investigate.
  4. I'd imagine that that would be the usual response of a regular person to this sort of thing. Anna is not a regular person though. She's had a very isolated upbringing and has been told since birth that she is subservient to men, first her father and then her husband. It's sort of like Stockholm syndrome, she's been a hostage so long, she doesn't realize who the bad guys really are. Maybe those who want to discuss other instances of abuse as part of the ongoing discussion of Josh could spoiler tag it? That way, people who'd rather not read it won't need to see it.
  5. I would hope that Josh' hired gunslinger, the big shot attorney has had a 'Come to Jesus' moment with him and let him know that he is in deep sh** and better mind his P's & Q's. I could also see Josh being dumb enough to think that authorities wouldn't be able to trace his downloads since Covenant Spy Network couldn't. He probably figured partitioning the computer and using TOR was enough to keep them from finding him.
  6. What's really sickening is how many children are living in abusive situations. So many that DCFS cannot possibly remove every child who needs it from his or her home. There are not enough foster parents or group homes for the kids who absolutely must be removed. Josh' kids aren't going anywhere unless somehow someone from DCFS can get evidence that he touched one of them. It's a sad commentary on our society, but it is true. I've dealt with it as a medical practitioner who delivered babies to women who were addicted or mentally ill or intellectually disabled and who were clearly not r
  7. I've witnessed exactly one preliminary interview with a child, so limited experience here. I was observing, not participating. The child was about 5 and a teacher had reported unusual bruises on his legs. He told her 'Daddy did it'. She called DCFS. The kid was in his own house, his parents nearby but not in his sightline and not participating. They were there when the two interviewers came into the room and told the boy that these people were going to talk to him and he should tell the truth. The kid was playing with his legos or similar, seated on the floor at the coffee table
  8. I don't think that the DNA requirement means that Josh is a current suspect in a specific crime. I think it is that the judge knows, as do we, that someone who views images of children being abused is a high risk to abuse kids himself. She just wanted to make it clear to Josh that his profile will be run against any current and future cases of child molestation; so there will be no escaping consequences should his DNA be linked to any case, now or in the future. I believe this is pretty routine for this sort of criminal charge. Of course, knowing Josh' past history, there has to be
  9. I hope that this is true and that Jill finds some comfort in seeing Josh finally face some consequences for his behavior. She and the others deserve that.
  10. Our resident experts tell us that this is unlikely to be a quick hearing, most likely, an hour or two. I think the media won't release anything until it is over.
  11. Those are 2 of the last people I'd expect to be there. If they were, I expect they were there to take notes to sell a story to the National Enquirer. I don't think either of them was there to support Josh. Maybe by Zoom for curiosity's sake. We know JBoob wouldn't have invited either one of them.
  12. Yes, that was shown on the show. Josh came strolling into the hotel, free as a bird while Anna, his personal sherpa, struggled carrying the bags. There was also a scene on the show where, while sitting in an easy chair, Josh snapped his fingers at one of his sisters and ordered her to bring him a coke. She did as she was told.
  13. I dunno, maybe if someone had bought her a dishwasher or promised to wash her dishes every night for a year; I'd start to wonder. But, I've been on both sides of the equation myself and I don't see anything wrong with someone spending 20 minutes washing the dishes, vacuuming the floor or dusting as a sign of support. I've done that kind of stuff for others and they've done it for me. One of my elderly neighbors recently died of cancer. When she was in the midst of chemo a year or so ago, she mentioned to her next door neighbor that she was too tired to change the sheets on the bed that
  14. I only know about this from civil suits, but, in those, the attorneys for the plaintiff have to name every defendant and all charges against them from the start because they cannot add to the case later. So, if an attorney files a malpractice suit, often the attending physician as well as any residents, consultants, anesthesiologists or nurse practitioners involved in the care will also be named. They may well be dropped later as the case moves towards court, but, if they're not in the original complaint, they cannot be added to the case later. So, in the request for bond, is a lot of w
  15. When the Palace announced Prince Harry's name after birth; the announcement specifically said that although his given name was Henry, his parents and family planned to call him Harry informally. I think this might be the first time a member of the British Royal family was publicly given a nickname from birth. I've never heard anyone, not his parents, family or friends or anyone in the media ever refer to him as Henry from the time he was born.
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