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  1. doodlebug

    Nate And Jeremiah By Design

    Yes, anything that is gifted them on the show is considered income and the producers would be obliged to provide them with a 1099 for anything the homeowners didn't pay for themselves and the IRS would be aware. I presume that the homeowners are made aware of exactly what has been spent and what has been donated and they've agreed to whatever amount of 'donations' they're going to pay taxes on. There's a lot of fakery on shows like this and I don't expect we're getting the real truth about what the owners actually have to spend on the project. After all, anyone who signs up for the show already knows that Nate and Jeremiah do high-end reno only and they are paying top dollar for everything. Anyone who really doesn't have much to spend on renovations needs to find another TV show. Of course, it also makes all the lamentation about the poor, sad homeowners and how Nate and Jeremiah just feel so sorry for them and their troubles fake, too.
  2. He did, but not for his part in trying to put Lady Jane on the throne in place of Mary Tudor. Despite escaping with his head after the first debacle, he continued plotting to try to overthrow Mary Tudor and, eventually, she had him executed for treason around year or so after Lady Jane was beheaded. He was a pretty rabid Protestant and was opposed to Mary's Catholicism, and, particularly, her marriage to Philip of Spain. He was also very power hungry, too, of course. He wanted to overthrow Mary before she and Philip could have kids which would've probably brought England back to Roman Catholicism for the long haul. If only he had known that Mary wasn't going to have any kids and would die young, leaving her very Protestant sister, Elizabeth, on the throne.
  3. doodlebug

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    The top half is a bit too fussy for my taste, but the color and the skirt are lovely. The skirt looked great in motion. Eugenie and Beatrice are, like their mother, not terribly fashion savvy and it shows. They also aren't tall and slender like Kate, which does probably make it easier for her to get proper fitting. However, finding a good dressmaker who could give them advice on flattering looks and then tailor their dresses to fit properly would go a long, long way. Lord knows, there's plenty of money for it. It also appears to me that both of them could use a good bra fitting, they're way too young to look so frumpy. Andrew and Fergie do share a home, a 30 room home, the Royal Lodge at Windsor Great Park. I think there is plenty of room for both of them to live virtually separate lives. They do seem to get on well. I doubt that they would ever remarry, though, even when Prince Philip dies. Philip is well known to detest Fergie though the Queen apparently gets along well with her. There really would be no point in remarrying now, and I do think their relationship has evolved to the point where it's more friendship than romance. Maybe they're friends with benefits, maybe not; but I doubt there's much incentive for either of them to get married to each other. As for Andrew being front and center at the Garter ceremonies with the Queen; now that Philip has retired from public life, Andrew has stepped into the role of escorting the Queen to these sorts of royal events. In general, the monarch has traditionally attended these things with an escort, usually a spouse, but there is plenty of precedent for a son to accompany his mother, the Queen. Since Charles is the heir and already has an escort, his wife; it only makes sense that Andrew, the next oldest son, who conveniently happens to not be married, should step in an fill his father's shoes for these official events. He may well be the Queen's favorite kid, but he was the logical choice for these duties and I think that is the main reason he's out there with her. The woman is also 92 years old, having someone standing by her side, making sure she's steady and stable as they walk in and out of these very old buildings makes a lot of sense anyway.
  4. doodlebug

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Maybe he's trying to get himself Fed Ex'd out of there.
  5. doodlebug

    Josh & Anna Smuggar: A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Chiggers are a kind of mite. You find them in hot, humid places especially in the countryside/the woods. They like to bite.
  6. doodlebug

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    The look on Si's face says it all...."Can you believe this sh**?" She is never going to stop with the miscarriage/heavy period BS. There are people who have given birth to actual living children who reference them less than Lauren does her almost a baby. And that is some majorly bad application of fake tanning lotion to her legs. At first glance, I thought she was wearing leggings under her dress.
  7. We haven't heard that Mary was confused. Many elderly and physically challenged people live alone. In Mary's case, she lived very near her family and they apparently saw her regularly. We know she went to church with Jana the morning of her death and Deanna found her later that afternoon. She was alone no more than a few hours and there is no evidence that she couldn't manage for herself for that period of time. Anyone can drown in a pool, even a good swimmer; particularly if they fall in fully clothed and/or hit their heads on the edge and are dazed by the blow. If Mary was wearing a sweater or sweats or denim, it would've weighed her down and pulled her under and it could've prevented her from getting out of the water even if she could swim. ETA: as far as being supervised 24/7, that's a tall order for anyone. A friend of mine lost her mom a few years back. Her mother, in her mid 80's, went to the hospital with a respiratory infection. While in the ER, she went to the bathroom, slipped and hit her head on the edge of a gurney. Head injury, died the next day. Her mom had been living independently in her own apartment, still driving, no issues with walking. A nurse asked if she needed help getting up and she said she was fine, didn't want help, didn't need a bedpan. Stuff happens.
  8. Well, the Duggs invite 1000 or more to all the weddings. Wouldn't they be expecting big numbers for a funeral too? Of course, the Duggars are also known for the skimpy, unappetizing menu at their wedding receptions; so anyone going to Grandma Duggar's funeral expecting a filling meal had better pack a lunch. I'm a heathen Catholic and virtually all of the funerals I've attended have the priest or minister announce the location of the luncheon at the end of the service and anyone can attend. Usually, there are people from the funeral home at the service or cemetery handing out maps and instructions. Of course, I and most people I know don't attend the luncheon unless we're either part of the family or a close friend while the Duggars and their fundie ilk seem to think everyone is a dear friend/close relation. And, yes, the heathen Catholics anyway, serve a full meal whether catered or homecooked by close family and friends. When my nephew died, we had so much food that, even after serving 100 or so at my house afterwards, we were packing bags of stuff for people to take with them. My sister and her husband didn't cook for weeks afterwards, they had so much. That being said, Jill is nothing if not a famewhore and the Duggars have provided her with multiple brag opportunities in the past; if there's any way she can be there, I expect her to show. Of course, they might be busy singing for their supper at some tent revival or another and have to miss it. Jill interrupted their cross country trip to detour to a funeral and pose before the coffins of little children who'd been killed in a fire. She'd never met the family, didn't know a single person there, and still she went and posed like they were visiting Disney World. She has no shame, she has no standards. She'll show up in Arkansas unless the grifting is better elsewhere that day.
  9. Well, we were told that they owned the place jointly despite the lack of a marriage license; of course, every single one of their scenes took place in the public areas of the inn, we never got a glimpse of their lives away from their guests and/or employee.
  10. doodlebug

    The NBA

    Remind me again how many championships the Lakers won WITH Lonzo? I think Salty LaVar met his match in LeBron; a guy who likes to have things his own way and actually has the track record and achievements to back it up. Even if Lonzo had a no-trade clause, I presume that even Salty LaVar came to the realization that his clout was markedly diminished in LA with LeBron on the scene and, if he really wants to rule the roost, he was going to have to find another henhouse for his son.
  11. doodlebug

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    I think people who grow up with servants always present sort of learn to tune them out, to kind of ignore them like they're part of the furniture. For better or worse. If someone has always cooked your meals, washed your clothes, cleaned your house, made your appointments, drawn your bath; you expect those things, it doesn't occur to you to do them yourself, I suspect. We have heard that one of the reasons the royal family celebrates on Christmas Eve with a big dinner and gift giving is so that the majority of the servants can have time off on Christmas, but there is no doubt in my mind that someone is always on duty for the Queen. And probably Charles, too. I think one good thing that Diana did for her sons was to insist that their nannnies and other servants not refer to them by their titles, but use their given names. Being called 'Your Royal Highness' from the cradle is bound to affect a kid.
  12. I thought the female lead was gorgeous and she had a nice chemistry with the male lead. As usual. the movie was filled with the usual Hallmark clichés: -woman who moved to the big city and became successful professionally but never found love -woman unhappy with career despite success, wishes she could pursue her dream which, as usual, is something artsy/risky and she has no specific plan in mind or safety net figured out in case it doesn't succeed immediately. Quitting one's high paying and semi-secure job in order to 'become a writer' is not a career plan. -woman returns to her quaint hometown as part of her work which, it turns out, somehow connects her with her ex, usually as part of his upcoming wedding As usual, someone ends up being left at the altar and, unlike real life, is perfectly fine with it despite the fact that literally tens of thousands of dollars have already been spent on the wedding and are now down the drain. I think it is perfectly fine for the jilted bride to be just a touch peeved that her prospective groom gets all the way to the wedding day before expressing his doubts. Everyone can write the story from there. For once, I'd like to see a woman living in a major metropolitan area with a decent job that she likes, but isn't necessarily the center of her universe/the source of all fulfillment; who meets a guy in the usual way and they end up dating and falling in love without the charm of the small town, the realization of a lifelong dream to be an artiste, the ex boyfriend who suddenly pops us and love blooms. That being said, this was one of the more charming efforts along those lines.
  13. doodlebug

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    And all of the graveside photos will feature Jill and the kids squinting directly into the sun.
  14. Jill is a moron. This has been debunked completely. Right wingers claim it was part of an interview the Queen gave to a media outlet that was 'suppressed' by the left. In fact, the Queen rarely gives interviews at all and, unlike the President, she NEVER, EVER expresses personal feelings about world leaders publicly. It didn't happen, it couldn't happen, it wouldn't happen. The Queen has far too much class. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/queen-elizabeth-praised-trump/ If anyone wants to send Jill a link, there it is. Of course, it's from that ebul, librul Snopes.
  15. doodlebug

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    It means Mary verbally bludgeoned non-believers until they collapsed in defeat and declared themselves saved in self defense.