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  1. I'm enjoying it, just finishing up 3 but don't see Abe and his wife really doing what they did, him quitting, yes, the trust fund, no. She's too used to the money. Why would they care if she left it or not, she only hurt herself. I realize it's the story, but if she lost it in a bad investment or something, this seemed "off". I find the comedy off too a bit, but I think as stated above, it's because she is on a different playing field now and you need to readjust. I have this feeling of wanting the episodes to FF it a bit but trying to enjoy the pace as it is. I know fun things will be happening on different coasts.
  2. Especially with an addict. I feel it's obvious they want some drama with her and her "sponsor" who probably is cheating, but maybe they'll surprise us. Sometimes shows can highlight things in the news, but when it's unrealistic, it's not good. ER showed how poor areas have so little access to medical doctor's or nurses, equipment isn't as good and they didn't go over the top. They sent a doctor wanting extra money and you slowly so how desperate it was but also how hard the one doctor or nurse did work. It's a fine line at times, but worth it. When something is just "dumb" like leaving a pill or showing people trying to take over how a prison does something overnight, that's what people remember, not the message.
  3. Getting to know this gang better, the reasons multiply. Seriously I would say hidden depression and thinking he lost his money in a bad deal. Ashley never had a chance to tell him differently. I feel the writers copped out with their “ million little things” comment and went somewhere else with scripts.
  4. I think they changed a lot. I felt bad about that because I loved Jon's character and intrigue but hated the "soap" he made with Barbara and the rest. That's when I knew he jumped from drama to soap or maybe never wanted that. All the business dealings were lost with Ashley and that did seem to push him over the edge so to speak. He thought he lost everything and was leaving money "just in case" to his family. He left equal amounts to all, I don't think he left Barbara more. Really Delilah got more since all 3 guys were supposed to give theirs to her. She got gifted a lot in her taxes that year. lol I also feel if Deliah met with Jon and showed him love and compassion, not leaving him, he might have changed his mind, IDK. They deliberately had you see Jon know and find Eddie's necklace but left the guilt to be there to break up the duo later. I just laugh though when people feel sorry for her when she was leaving the kids and Jon a day earlier. In some ways, the kids would grieve and be angry at her for being with Eddie, Jon's death just made it worse. They couldn't commiserate with him. I feel Sophie would have acted out if her dad was alive, Delilah still cheated, didn't get any counseling or try with Jon (why are you pulling away?) still picked his best friend, still slept with someone who came over regularly and taught her guitar. Maybe guitars would have been spared, but not her words. I blame Delilah for not knowing (or caring) about Jon's past. She couldn't have been very curious. I have seen pictures in my husbands albums or shoe boxes with letters or pics, old friends and girlfriends when we met. He told me many stories, good and bad of before of his past. Nash wants us to believe she took Jon from that day on and he was just hatched. No one googled in that show at all. You'd think it was 1970. You can put in an address and find on free sites, who lives there, who lived there before, sometimes who lives with them. Barbara mystery was kind of dumb no matter how you looked at it.
  5. I’ve binge watched this from season one and caught up this week. I never watched Greys but did rewatch my favorite ER last year. Even dated, the best in my opinion. I love New Amsterdam for the good feelings it evokes and the caring but the actors deserve better scripts. ER wasn’t perfect but did a better job with medical issues and reality and they portrayed cancer more realistically too. ( Max stayed way too buff) 😉. I also thought Rikers was a bit much and was just to set up a catastrophe later. Seeing this all within a month I find Iggy doing what he did very out of character to the point of absurdity. I would have complained as the actor it was too stupid even if it stayed the same. You know Helen will stay and Max will fight for her and Bloom did not take the pills and that’s why they never showed her looking at them. I don’t like the addict vs addict plot line though . I knew when she picked him it was for a reason. I never hated Georgia the way some fans do and liked the fantasy sequences better than the real interaction when she was alive. . When he cried in her lap, I felt his anguish. That said I didn’t get the Helen and Max chemistry plot. She had to talk to him because she felt he was hot and they’d jump on her desk? He was married with a baby coming, he wasn’t planning on sleeping with her. Her ego was a bit much, we can be attracted to each other even on TV and behave. ( it does happen) lol I hope it gets better next half of the year. I like it but can see it getting off track. I love Ryan and Anupam Kher as Vijay. Please write enough good scripts to keep the silly ones an annoyance but not a deterrent.
  6. I thought that too but the house looks different now when they rebuilt it. Kate still went there but the memory wouldn't be the same. I like that they did the cabin. If the house was the same and she did that, I would have cried. I agree, re Kate's weight is stymieing the writers. They said in interviews, they didn't want the story with her to just be about weight, it's boring and she can do more, but as he person they based this on said, "Its always about the weight". Sad but true in our country especially. It doesn't matter how large American's get, whomever is larger is the one they talk about. Except for Kate's OB, and when she briefly discussed more drastic measure season one with a doctor, you don't see her getting a checkup, seeing a nutritionist really trying to be as healthy as she can for her son. With her dad's heart issues, etc. I'd like to see her get a checkup and see a good therapist. The communication between her and Toby can be improved and someone outside the family would be helpful.
  7. I like how Nash said "Sophie will pay him back" Is it too much to ask that Eddie had them insured? Is she babysitting or taking it out of her dad's money. I don't think out of control behavior is a good thing but she never had counseling, has a mom who can barely take care of herself, a father who is dead from an unexpected and violent death less than a year ago and the baby sister she thought was her dad and mom's, is now her dad's very good friends child and her guitar teacher. Give the girl some slack and save the money for a therapist. This scene I lifted from FB still breaks my heart when you see Jon walk away. https://abc.com/shows/a-million-little-things/video/most-recent/vdka7750099
  8. This is the only article I've read on the finale, and it seems we were supposed to think just Kevin and Randall. Really can you picture Rebecca never talking to Randall ? : ) https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/is-us-boss-baby-surprise-alzheimers-new-future-storylines-1256353 I'm thinking Kate's friendship with her neighbor becomes her crutch and Toby's Crossfit, and poor Jack in the middle but with all the talking Randall does, can some dribble to his siblings with some communication? I guess the show would be flatter but a few conversations with Toby about feeling unattractive and overwhelmed and maybe he'd respond. I guess poor Miguel again doesn't have a say with his own wife? Do they write him off soon? I really hate how he gets 3 lines and they are to make fun of him or get sympathy. I still hold out TIU will show more of them soon as a happy couple and stop making him a mannequin with an odd tan. What they Had, a movie with Hilary Swank and Blyth Danner was a good free movie on Amazon. I didn't know what to expect but it was understated and well acted the emotions with siblings and the "who is doing more" scenarios. https://www.aarp.org/entertainment/movies-for-grownups/info-2018/what-they-had-review.html
  9. Oh please, Jon was working late one night, couldn't dote on Delilah while she ran errands for the kids,didn't notice she got her hair cut, some dribble she never discussed with him and Eddie said how he didn't understand Jon, he wished his wife was home getting dinner for him. She bats her eyelashes and tears up, woe is me, Eddie moves in to hug her, you can fill in the blanks. How Eddie every could have done that to someone who never hurt him, not only keep on seeing her but planning to leave. Nothing about Delilah would make me imagine that. He also knew when they left their spouses, Sophie, Danny and Theo would be hurt and NO ONE cared then. So I find it hard to believe Jon's death really does more than add a little guilt. "Did he know" Eddie asked. Well yes, but he would have soon enough anyway. Such a dumb story line that could have been better. Now Nash talks about Sophie making up for it, lets turn it on her now.
  10. I felt as odd as it was, this nucleus was all they had, he started living with her and his past or family etc was not part of the show. He compartmentalized but as a wife, I would want to know all I could about my husband. With google, I can't see how much is hidden anymore but he is the only one without a past really. Dave was one friend, I'm sure he had more. If he told her he kept an old apartment, maybe she'd brush it off or maybe she'd want to see it and he didn't want to mention who everyone was re the memorabilia. I honestly don't see her caring though if it wasn't about her. They had D closing a photo album and pretty much saying "I'm not in here or I don't know these people" something like that, and she closed it. And that was that. I would have been pouring over it but it was written that way.
  11. Yes, Jon wanted his apartment like some hold onto parent's home for the memory, but only Gary barely scratched the surface. How could you love someone and not want to know? No one looked for clues on his computer or phone or anything. The house was the most important thing because she needs that large home. The PJ thing was just very bad writing. If she had an affair with a married man, a famous married man, yeah maybe wanted to keep that a secret, but the man I loved died in 911, something PJ heard a lot about, then I met your "dad" and he loved you like his own. Geez, it's not a secret thing. I note too the writers didn't give Barbara any other children maybe for plot purposes or they felt she was too poor. I doubt she just painted for a living but her life has been hidden like they were on the run and undercover.
  12. Constance was well known and a bait and switch type of thing. Being famous, most thought she had to have a larger part, but she was too classy and well known on the show to be Barbara. I wonder about the apartment an the sweet woman who lived nearby who knew Jon. Gary or Delilah never did talk to her. Seems his stuff is in garage now. lol I saw old pics of apartment with "clues" Nash said were so important. What was the Sacred Heart megaphone? Too old for Sophie and she'd have hers, was it a sister, another friend? He kept pointing out things that fell flat. Just the wine made sense. I always felt the 911 part was not as important and if Jon didn't mortgage his house away and feel his last big business deal was a bust, he'd still be alive. He lived through over a decade of anniversaries of that day, talking about it I'm sure with the kids, having a lot of fun with his friends and it was only 2 years before his death, it came crashing down. He did make rash decisions but believing Delilah never asked him much about his past is believable now but then seemed odd.
  13. I like this version I read a little more. “It said, ‘Well Marianne it’s come to this time when we are really so old and our bodies are falling apart and I think I will follow you very soon. Know that I am so close behind you that if you stretch out your hand, I think you can reach mine,” Mollestad told the CBC of Cohen’s letter. “‘And you know that I’ve always loved you for your beauty and your wisdom, but I don’t need to say anything more about that because you know all about that. But now, I just want to wish you a very good journey. Goodbye old friend. Endless love, see you down the road.'” Some auction houses have many of his written letters to her, some hard to read but touching. Artists can cut deep in many ways, I agree, love his music but personally to much of a roller coaster ride.I think some combining of letters might have happened. It was interesting to read some of them online (original) he was a romantic artist. Something about the hand reaching out touched me and I can see TIU thinking of Jack and Rebecca.
  14. Poor Nash, he tried so hard to make Katherine wrong in many interviews but she's not wrong to want the truth out. The people who caused the commotion are adults and must have learned at some point in their lives, that actions have repercussions. Doesn't anyone do counseling in this show other than Rome? I'm still astounded how much Nash loved the dog script for the show. I was so disappointed in it. He hyped it up, months before it was shown, he was hiking and was so upset he lost the wifi signal and had to wait to send the story to the writers. I realize we all like different things but that story of switching dogs caused him that much joy and anticipation?
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, the DNA was not Jon's it was an anonymous hair on the sweater PJ thought was Jon's. It didn't come from Jon's hair brush or whatever. So the hair was Dave's. They just said it was a match for PJ's DNA, not that it matched Jon's. It was a very unscientific test that most of them should have known with all the DNA info the last couple of decades. I don't think it's odd Jon never washed the sweater, I think fans are forgetting that sweater wasn't in his home most of the time, it was in his hidden apartment. Nothing there was washed. We never got a tour, only saw part of living room. I personally would have loved to see the bedroom, etc and any other stuff he had around. More interesting than Who is Barbara Morgan drama. : )
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