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  1. I know it wasn't written that way, she did have a lot of pills, but I always thought the fan thing was hype and someone on the inside liked her and used that to switch the pills overdose script. (no proof but it was always a hunch I went with) No internet then like today and feedback not that fast. I looked forward to seeing Doug and Carol again although felt the cameo should have been hearing about Greene earlier. I think what made it colder for me is Carol seemed aloof and Doug asking about who was left there he knew, seemed awkward. What would have helped IMHO was just showing a glimpse of the twins or a photo hanging on wall, maybe some reference to County in a kind way, but it was okay. The show had gotten so different by then, seeing old characters was nice.
  2. That was barf worthy, always fawning over Carol. Same with PA's and admission, also very competitive. My friends son got 4.0 and had trouble getting in Yale's or other PA school in our state. When his mom said to admissions guy she knew, he has the scores, volunteers, he said, "you see these files here, all 3.8-4.0" You need more. Privacy laws were discarded in this show, who's peeking at medical history, scores, etc. That bugged me but overlooked it because overall they were fine. Carol seemed to want to feel superior while nursing (You know I could be a med student) but not stretch that far. That's fine and she made mistakes and broke rules same as others and wasn't special. They all worked as a good team.
  3. And he did look like he was giving him guidance so “ directing without credit” type of thing . Sure that happened more than once
  4. I forgive since it has to be put in such a small time frame and keep viewers interest, but it was always voted in the 5 for accuracy, not perfect but ok. CPR was mentioned too as "off" depending on episode but as others as stated, it was to be safe and not to teach. I did like the blood accuracy compared to others. MASH did a pretty good job showing the gore and emotions of war hospital, I think as Alan Alda said on the show, they bumped it up a notch and then some. From an older article: While the writers of “ER” met with real doctors to develop ideas for episodes, the show is by no means the most medically accurate on this list. For example, The New York Times reported that medical students were not placing breathing tubes correctly because they had learned the skill from watching shows like “ER.” In a similar vein, a 1996 study in the New England Journal of Medicine found that medical TV shows like “ER” were giving people unrealistic expectations about CPR’s effectiveness: On the show, CPR saves the patient’s life significantly more often than it would in reality. Additionally, the show often has doctors performing duties that, in real life, would be the nurses’ jobs, Sandy Summers, executive director of the Center for Nursing Advocacy, told Forbes. On the bright side, the show gains accuracy points for raising awareness for many important health issues, like the availability of emergency contraception and the link between HPV and cervical cancer. House was given good points on certain things too and not on others. Scrubs (which I never watched) was given high marks by some doctors. I might try to watch that on these cold, no show winter months. I was glad to see my fav Call the Midwife was given almost perfect scores by most. ; ) (on a side note, those med students came from where? Scary a show would override teaching methods)
  5. I never saw him often elsewhere but I posted a pic on this site of Michael directing him. I think it wasn't helped that one "hunk" didn't want the other getting too much attention. ; ) "Play it down Gil, no nipple shots, that's my thing". lol He did seem stilted at times but also direction might have been that way. I also liked how he made Carrie a toy, except for a rag doll, toys were not shown but I bet many made them.
  6. They were pushing him around, wanting his wife off service. etc. He was pushy but did love his wife very much and was clinging to any hope. Carter felt guilty because he knew and knew he lied. I thought the funeral talk was spot on though. Despite what Carter felt, that day was not about him.
  7. I think it's just how you look at it and that's personal. Karen said she loved that episode because you saw Caroline as a woman and you can enjoy compliments and not be "bad" and having someone see you as a woman still and not just a "Ma" is nice sometimes. Caroline would never cheat or do something wrong. Going to church was a good thing to do I felt because he did it for them and she wasn't ashamed. If he had been old or overweight or whatever, no one would say anything. He happened to be cute and very handy and did things Charles didn't have time for. Maybe it inspired him to look for someone he could settle down with. I noticed when Charles flirted with the lady with the horses, complimenting her hands and spending time with her and kids or even the widow withe the dishes, no one comments on it. Even when Mary didn't like the widow (and was wrong) she didn't tell her to leave town or her dad alone. I felt because Caroline was a woman she wasn't allowed to have a compliment or have someone think she was special. I liked how it showed you take each other for granted but like Charles, just laughed at the gossip. People talk, who cares. I had someone say that about someone and myself and it died and my husband knew and laughed too. If you let other busybodies like Harriet dictate how you act and you are honorable, you'll always be unhappy. Everyone knows a Harriet but no one else thought it was odd in town. Not my favorite show because of Mary and her attitude but I wish it ended with Charles meeting him or having him finish the job.
  8. Hey, as an adult, when furlouged, if I couldn't watch movies, text my coworkers and talk on FB, I'd go crazy. It was my coworkers and friend that kept me sane while my family I was cloistered with, drove me nuts. ; ) Thankfully we had 3 bedrooms and not a small apartment.
  9. Having all these flashbacks of times Carol wasn't nice makes it more realistic Doug didn't beg too hard for her to come. ; ) Yes, he was a great little actor who played Reese. Peter had some great scenes in this show but NONE with Cleo. I'm on them now in my Hulu watching and it's painful. Her mad face, sad face, bored face, they are all the same. She can't even be passionate with him without sounding robotic. There was a scene when she had tears in her eyes but still no feeling. One of those times I think nepotism or something else thought the casting of them was good. It was similar (but not as bad) with Kerry and Kim. Both fine alone but together, it seemed awkward and I didn't feel it. I know Kerry was supposed to be awkward but as an actress, didn't feel the chemistry she was supposed to feel for Kim. Nothing close to Peter/Cleo though.
  10. I realize you know but many don’t think about other sources. It’s a show and it’s covid and I think their main focus was to show they didn’t tolerate her behavior and her preferred means of communicating by texting ( maybe no iPad) was taken away . She’s not cut off from world and I doubt she will do that again since she’s Randall’s kid 🙂
  11. Maybe because kids seem to like their phones. I know some teens who have every device and still do things on their phone with a smaller screen. It seems more personal. They can't in our time, take away a computer because that's mostly what kids use. During Covid, it's even more so, zoom and other social contact with school, teacher and classmates. I think they were just setting a point that her phone is a privilege and she can't do something like what she did on a laptop easily. I doubt she will be cut off from her friends, but calls/texts on her phone, yes. I am older but rarely use my phone for most things, I love my touch screen laptop. I text on phone and my ipad has texting but skype, messenger, etc is on computer also. Also the grounding was part of it but really where can you go? My neighbors kids only have skype etc and don't go over each others houses. Some talk outdoors 6 feet apart and I can't see Randall saying she couldn't do that at home. There's too much depression which he understands being so isolated.
  12. I know I'm being picky but if I took my daughters phone away only, she has her ipad and laptop from school so she'd be fine. I doubt a teen in Randall's house has only a phone but for the script, they got the point across. They aren't going to keep her off her computer and skype, text and FB messaging, Instagram still exists. I doubt they will hover over her all day. I think they got their point across. Sure kids want their phones but calls are the last thing they do on them and many things can be done on more than one device.
  13. Yes, she was selfish and a bit narcissistic at times, "all about me" Even with the adoption, she could be upset, she's human, but she wasn't a good risk. She took enough pills to kill 2 people and that was just to be forgotten less than a year or so later? I remember the car incident and being mean to Jeanne. Of course if she became a PA it would be different. She bought a home that wouldn't get approved by any mortgage company outside of TV and lives in it without most basic things but then over a few shows, it's pretty nice. She just leaves it so hopefully someone sold it for her or she has a foreclosure added to her credit history. ; ) I always felt for the other nurses, Haleh and others were smart too, they all did the same job, knew what the doctor's wanted before they asked and helped save many lives along side them. I listened to an interview with Yvette Freeman on youtube (Paul Edward Joyce) who didn't get very rich off the show but it paid the bills. It would have been nice to have a show showing her family in one but the writers had so many other characters to deal with. She hated what they did to "Romano" too and you start to see the beginning of the end. She got the part because of her attitude during the audition which was funny. They copied the trauma rooms so well, I noticed sometimes even the ceiling tiles have water stains on them like a real hospital. They checked all the boxes. ; )
  14. I agree, I had a wonderful OB who was male and very kind and had a 3% C section rate.for 20 years. When he retired he told me a woman he trained would be a good fit and she is and understands some things more personally with menopause than a male doctor can. He can read about it, but she understands. My daughter wanted a black or minority therapist because you can put yourself in another persons shoes and be great but actually knowing what it's like to be judged on your skin first, how people will react to you, it helps. Some issues are color blind and others aren't.
  15. I watched the Johnny Cash episode in a carb daze but really like it. The one with the dynamite was ending and the only thing I heard on that episode I forgot was insurance policy was 5000 that was taken out by guys who decided to do it. That was a LOT of money back then and I wonder if it would have been paid. From what I've read By 1800, the minimum lot was halved to 320 acres, and settlers were allowed to pay in 4 installments, but prices remained fixed at $1.25 an acre until 1854. That year, federal legislation was enacted establishing a graduated scale that adjusted land prices to reflect the desirability of the lot.Homes, food, land, etc was cheap compared to that amount of money. Charles didn't have worth in dollars of course but that still is a lot of money and his family would not have gone hungry. That sounded like more than the Olesons could dream of and much more than you'd need for land etc. I loved how Johnny Cash show was more realistic and I could see the con and the change happening since Caleb wasn't an evil man just an opportunist. I loved his scenes with Alicia and the pup and the woman who didn't want to get out of bed. "Well, I never put my stock in the pearly gates. It always sounded like a bunch of froo froo to me" 🙂 I liked how you heard June Carter singing at the end when Mrs Foster was in church. Mary got on my nerves a little but overall everyone was nice and I think one of the better shows.
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