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  1. I thought it was odd that she didn't say she cared for him enough to be with him, what else does she have? It's not like she's seeing 3 guys and he's just another one. I thought that scene was odd and unfulfilling. I realize heart attacks back then had less ways to help and many were fatal but being isolated doesn't seem right either. I was also surprised that Nurse Crane didn't suggest she talk to him again. I know they cut scenes in the US and I hope to see it with them one day. Even the mom with diabetes seemed choppy, you see her overhearing she is an alcoholic, then a talk with Trixie about hiding addictions and then nothing. The woman's husband was just a prop, no real support or anger, we will just deal with it. IDK, I love the show, but that whole thing was flat to me. I did like the prostitute scenes because it was realistic, she wasn't going to be a secretary or whatever and suddenly become mother of the year. She knew it then (who knows later) and Sr Julienne knew it finally. I liked how she asked Trixie to help her, married or not.
  2. And having David Giuntoli pretend in interviews that he's "nervous" and was shocked he was hit...he knows nothing about what to expect. Please. Stop. If viewers believe that and don't see the "please tune in" desperation, I'm shocked. Nash thought Eddied didn't pay his sins enough, I'm so confused, and Delilah gets a young toy? I wont watch it again but I thought the car didn't hit him that hard and his hip might be broken but he wasn't hit at 50 miles an hour by a mack truck. Either way, I agree, it's been good or horrible and no one put any effort into the finale.
  3. Yes, and that was somewhat confirmed by producer. Would make sense since he is her OB. Once the excitement wears off, there are other things to think about. I know it's TV but what is her job or insurance? Maybe marriage will be for that too. I can't remember what she did.
  4. Re Kyle, I never thought Jack would leave his son at the hospital and I always thought they'd be a short scene with him or them saying goodbye. That is TIU but they didn't. He was vehicle to get Randall but I can see some fans going crazy thinking he reemerges because that part wasn't very fulfilling. I don't use Twitter or Instagram, etc. but I've seen that Fogleman got his share of rants from fans who didn't want his wife (bit harsh lol) Other writers had to tell them they persuaded him to do it. Whether he's lying or not, he did say Kevin's path is long until the end and who knows what will happen? (giving Sophie people hope) I know Dr K will help Sophie with her pregnancy and body image and although a nice person, didn't seem like having twins would be something she'd fall into gracefully and I hope she is getting more help besides Kevin. Knowing and reading about people dealing with eating disorders, pregnancy makes it very difficult, sometimes physically (they are prone to more issues) and mentally. With twins, the nutrition for them all will be paramount and dealing with nausea etc. One woman I read about liked the not eating but then had to keep remembering the babies needed it. Watching her stomach expand was beautiful and frightening. So much they can ignore or explore.
  5. I thought birth moms always had a right to change her mind within a certain time period. From one adoption site: In most states, birth mothers can sign TPR anywhere from 48–72 hours after birth. In many states, TPR is irrevocable, meaning once the paperwork is signed, it is impossible for the birth parents to change their mind. However, other states have revocation periods that last anywhere from one week to 30 days. This is fictional but I would think she would have the right too and Rome and Regina should have gotten proper counseling with her about this. Very odd how it was written. Would any sane person in their shoes have done this? Rome knew she could change her mind because he half joked when she met his dad "don't let him know you can change your mind" She looked ill after that. I'm beginning to think except for Katherine, Jon was the only sane one. I think they drove him crazy!
  6. HIPPA has been missing on this show since Sophie found out her mom was pregnant. So many times. They don't research or care because it's not a drama, but a "soap" as Nash puts it. I feel he thinks that lessens the reality but it's still stupid to ignore rules.
  7. Do you think they will bring Maggie back? I think her character is kind of lame and the whole Eric thing ruined her more, although I'm thankful they brushed him off quickly (so offense to the actor) If they do, she'll have long blonde hair and looking great but I hope Gary forms a good relationship with Darcy and they have him grow in time being a buddy to her son if they last. I think that will bring out more of Gary than the angst with Maggie did. He can't grow with her. (And not to beat a dead horse, I know Darcy would have told him to return Colin and adopt the other....no magic marker for her!) That was the only writing I liked was at the airport. Delilah, I agree, someone really likes her, that was gag worthy with the guy and her kids, Ew! How will this end, she sees him with a hot 20 year old and feels old? Does Jon come and tell her how hot she is and she should get out there again. lol It's 2020, no way would Rome and Regina think this couldn't have happened, they saw at the shower she was upset, I felt awkward watching that scene. She was a scared teen, young adult, with an abusive boyfriend. She's alone, had someone care about her, but she loves her baby. Maybe they let her see too much of their friends. ; ) Any counselor or adoption worker would tell them this happens a lot. Watch Private Life (great movie) and see reality of trying for an infant or having one. Nash likes soap plots when he could do better, so maybe angry boyfriend will visit, stab Eve and take baby, or just take baby, or leave Eve alive but dying and Rome and Regina are called and told to take baby. I don't know, so many Law and Order shows they can steal from. But they didn't bring ex in for a cameo. I'd like to see it end, have them adopt a 3 or 4 year old, 7 year old and not have another infant on the show. I never understood the infant part.
  8. I might be wrong but I think Eddie will get hooked on opioids. Not downplaying the epidemic but Nash hasn't done it and it's not alcohol but Eddie will need them. I knew a hopefully still ex heroin/alcohol addict and he put off dental sx because he would need drugs and didn't want to start over again.
  9. Half over snd I’m not enjoying it. Finales shouldn’t be so much filler . Gag Delilah scenes. Maggie overwrought as usual. Therapist who can’t help herself. Please let Gary stick to his guns! Eddie chasing a ghost in his wedding day? They can do better than this. Let’s see what happens to Eve. Shocker if she doesn’t change her mind . I’ll miss this is us but not this show and I want too
  10. They wont forget these times forever. Kevin running to Randall and holding him says a lot too.
  11. My friend many years ago had a son and wanted to adopt (he was grade school then) and they rejected her because her husband had a benign tumor on his neck that made him hunch over a bit. He worked, he is still doing fine (20 years later) but they thought it would be an issue or maybe thought it would change. They would have been great parents and didn't want a baby. I realize different places/states have different rules but that made me think the Pearson's wouldn't get in the door. Kate's weight might give pause, not the number, but her health and how well she gets around. I would hope a physical is part of it. Being new parents to a legally blind baby and marriage isn't rock solid either. They can lie about that but not the stress of a new baby who needs extra care. This is TV and they of course get a sister for Jack, but it's not as easy in real life. I can remember when being single, rich or poor or a movie star made adopting almost nil. I'm glad they loosened the rules there and see a loving parent with friends and family can be as good as a couple.
  12. Well, the last hug in Rebecca's room with Nicky showed a ring, a TIU clue. ; ) I feel Kevin aged a lot from 40-50. I feel most of my friends, it was noticeable more 50-60, but they had to make him seem older than he was with Madison finding out. Was the last scene with Rebecca really only 10 years later? The kids weren't that old, they weren't preteen it seemed. Watching it again, this young man seems younger, but older actors always play younger on TV so his real age is not too pertinent. Loved Beth too, I wish she was a little more forward in saying he was wrong, but I don't think it would have mattered. I also wish Miguel had words and Rebecca didn't blame him in her lie. They almost kissed when they were ignoring Kate and Toby, I wish TIU would grow up in that area and just have them show how close they are. Having Kate say they were ignoring them was nice though. I still hope for Sophie but I'll let it go if need be. Kevin was brushing Madison off and although this is TV, not many men love the woman who got pregnant and had their baby or have a life with the mom, so time will tell. He did say fiance though. Maybe she really is pregnant and Fogleman wanted to write it in. I had twins and I know no Dr K would have me toss my baby who died aside and take home another, not then,maybe later, but definitely not then. I always thought the missing Kyle was the worst part of the show. No momento, grave or picture. No mention of him. He was born, she delivered him, saw him I hope, just so sad.
  13. No matter how cruel Kevin was, what Randall did to their mom was awful and dredged up old feelings (no therapy in Pearson family when young) Kevin ran to Randall any time he called, twice or three times we know about with panic attacks. That office scene was heart breaking and the last time, he was there. He loves his family, his girls. What Randall said was dad never was proud of you, died thinking you were a loser, you are not a good actor, not a good person, and I am. So Kevin used the truest emotion he had in his angst. Since birth, Randall was hovered over by his mom, partly because he was different in looks, she knew he'd need more attention, he was anxious, she knew she lied about his parents, she was always trying to fill holes. Kate, enough said, was super spoiled by her Dad, nothing her mom could do would erase that. Kevin, the pool incident broke my heart, he was forgotten. He saw his siblings in a child's mind, Randall is smart and gets accolades, Kate just exists and is doted on by Dad, I have to do things in a big way to get noticed. They obviously make up, but Randall didn't have to take care of Rebecca. He hovered the same way. After the initial grief she should have gone to therapy, gotten a part time job, joined groups, tried to find friends. He wasn't the golden boy, he wanted to be a savior.
  14. I think so too, being TIU , it would fit. I felt, as dumb as it might sound to some, instead of a saccharin trip to his office, Jack was taking Rebecca to Kyles grave. I know times were different but you could bury a baby back then, my friend and I'm 60, had his sister. No picture of a full term baby, no memento. Kyle was a tool to get Randall but I still feel that one scene wasn't enough. You don't replace a baby, what Dr K said was nice, but not a therapy session, you get sad, then happy, etc. She needed to mourn Kyle.
  15. I don’t think so. He looked younger to me. And Kevin too old for maybe an 8 year old?
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