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  1. This scene from 3 minutes in on, always make me tear up. Benton and Carter at their best. '
  2. Didn’t he sleep with someone that was med student or intern? Carter’s girlfriend. That was lame too, she has a hard day. Please.... I loved Carter in that appendix scene, mostly all his conversations with Benton. The early talks, the angry talks, the bonding, the rough ride to rehab later. Great chemistry on and off set.
  3. He did, he worked out a lot. Some people can drink a lot and not eat as much but as you get older, it gets harder. Karen Grassle commented He reached frequently for a cup with a little inch of vodka in it, so it wasn’t obvious for the children that he was drinking vodka,” recalls Karen Grassle, Landon’s former costar. “But his costumer always knew when to go and get a little snort for Mike — and that could be morning, noon, or night.” I think vodka also has less of a smell but it's funny how a family show would have "3 case days" as the staff put it when things were stressful. I'm glad the kids didn't really know but the older ones realized it.
  4. I just wanted one woman to say No to Doug and mean it. We had someone like him at the hospital I worked at in the 80's. and he mentioned that I along with another lady he "never could get" God, the poor woman that eventually married him. Every time someone said No like the lady with the son, you just knew she'd be back. lol I mean he was cute but was there any self respect?
  5. Tea was used a lot back then and maybe cheaper, that I'm not sure about. It's sad to learn an actor you liked had issues like anyone else, but he was honest later. Many actor's drank too much but since he was able to work, a working alcoholic as they put it, he was given a pass. If you need alcohol daily, have to drink it during the day, talk about the boozing with pals etc. you have a problem. The heavy cigarette smoking fits in with the addictive substances. I read 4 packs unfiltered a day but I also read he quit after Victor French's death. (not sure if that were true) I know a friend who had cancer, couldn't quit, but 4 years later with another cancer scare, she did cold turkey. You never know, never stop trying.
  6. I forgot one of those shining moments of Carol. Funny how maturity changes your eyes and ears. Even back then I thought because of the contract issues, they did it wrong, he went to Doctor's without Borders (to me) and she couldn't join him. The other tripe wasn't up to ER earlier standards. Her whining I didn't always understand, she got pregnant (why do they all get pregnant on TV even when they know better?)had twins alone per choice and whined so much I muted it in my mind. She drags Tag along knowing she didn't feel the same about him and he luckily let her go. Again, woe is me when she was never really into marrying him and anyone who knew her, could see that. I used to want to be her LONG ago but know I see a woman who had severe issues never really addressed on the show, wanted to adopt less than a year after she took enough drugs to kill anyone and whined "woa is me" more often than I remembered. Then she realizes Romeo who runs around with any pretty girl with a bra likes her again and hey why not? I do love the show but I just see them differently now. We are all human but the nuances of some I didn't like at much I see now differently and vice-versa. I wondered why Carol didn't think of being a PA? Slightly less schooling and more pay. Didn't have to be jealous of Jeanne, she could have been Jeanne. I guess when she left the ER without a nurse and her home for someone to deal with and the twins to come later, she had no thought but getting to Doug asap and seeing if he loved her. Romantic at the time, but hey we all know in real life, he'd probably of had a woman on that boat he didn't really care about but it had been over a year. ; ) My only fault with that romantic story line was that Doug had twins and not once in that time did he just fly out to see his babies. I know why realistically because of the limitations they had but I guess that is why my "out of the country" just felt better.
  7. I feel like that about Doug. Not anywhere as appealing now. Maybe his last episode with Carol but his mannerisms and puppy boy looks ....not any more. Just annoying. 😉. I like Weaver more too and always liked Carter
  8. I wonder why they introduced Bob to just erase her later. Re New Amsterdam, I actually read this as part of a review "While New Amsterdam has a slight issue with their music being too loud and drowning out the dialogue at times, their musical supervisor knows how to squeeze every ounce of emotion out of the viewers with a song choice. It happened about five times during this season" So yes, it's distracting but I use CC a lot now to catch dialogue and whispers.
  9. The show is still so bingeable. It has been listed as one of the top 10 timeless shows that way for the last few years on many sites. I don't even notice the lack of cell phones and almost find it annoying to see the technology in shows like New Amsterdam because as many patients can attest too, they make the doctor/provider look at the screen more than them. I did like how on New Amsterdam they showed how that hurts and helps. I'm re-watching again when I'm tired or until some new shows come out. I'm getting the point when things started to bother me (Carla pregnant, Jeanne being chased by hot doc, etc) but I still love it. Before this point, I really can't find anything wrong that I personally dislike. The character development, the realism, the acting, was excellent. I feel in shows like MASH, that were on a long time, new blood was minimal and flowed well but in shows like ER, sometimes you get too many and they don't always click. You wonder with all the excellent scripts, who thought Cleo was the best new addition or who though killing someone with a helicopter was worthy of a show like ER? That said, I wish there were more shows with the quality of ER. No way does New Amsterdam or Chicago Hope even come remotely close.
  10. Some tidbits on dogs MIchael Landon had decided to have Jack die of old age to change the story line and open the door for a new dog to enter into the Ingals lives. He told me it was to boost the ratings of the show. (because dog death always does that ?) Michael Landon bestowed the name of “Bandit” on Jeff the dog because he thought the black fur across the dog's face looked like a mask. Jeff (Jeffrey) the dog had two other litter companions: Jake and Joey. After three seasons, Jeff was retired from the show. He is now in doggy heaven.
  11. I felt that only because I thought Mr Landon thought more of this chest in that scene and it was a distraction from Jack. I mean everyone knows he liked how he looked and had those bare chest scenes but this was a heart-wrenching moment for most kids and adults. Although I understood why Charles got her Bandit, I also understood Laura's reaction. A friend of mine lost one of her 2 dogs to illness and her partner wanted to replace him. A couple of weeks later they did but she did reluctantly and resented it for a while, the work, the way he wanted to play with her all the time and didn't mourn the other enough. We are all different that way but if my parents did that to me, I'd be upset too. (I could never be that mean though) : /
  12. He was mentioned in passing in the next show I think, Doc Baker took Caroline to a plague ridden area and said he'd be helping at home (but memory is foggy) I don't think they felt at the time that anyone cared and without social media, letters took a long time to read or answer. I feel a mention that he went somewhere else would have been fine but really where could a great black surgeon go then except Walnut Grove?
  13. Or Dr Caleb Ledoux for that matter.
  14. https://www.washingtonblade.com/2018/11/27/katherine-macgregor-remembered/ I tried to watch that family feud on you tube mentioned in above link, but she wasn't highlighted very much. (maybe it was just the clip I saw) I liked the above interview and agree with most of it. I also loved an interview she gave to Patrick Loubatière . It was different than the DVD ones, honest and refreshing. Katherine and Richard Bull said nice things about Jonathan Gilbert(smart, kind, good young man) and talked of his seemingly neglectful mom. I gave the book away but wish I kept it. I remember I he told a tidbit with Richard Bull said in his interview, things were "all about Melissa" and Jon was more "I'm done with this". I feel though it must have been much more. Sad, he just disappeared. Really it was a soft cover magazine type book but if you ever see it around at a discount, nice for LHOP fan.
  15. She was good. I liked when she said to Caroline who was pregnant again, something like , "Willie and Nellie are just enough for me" and Caroline said "In the case of Nellie and Willie, I agree". Her face......lol I wish the writers gave her a little more diversity and meat in a show more on her. She was great evolving in the blind school journey and of course in any emergency but the show with her old preacher fiance, you saw other dimensions. I wish we heard a little more about meeting Nel's or seen baby picture of Nellie when she was pregnant, just making them more than the shopkeepers. Every show that had them away from that I loved.
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