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  1. That's nice for them and will give Karen some air time with a book coming out soon.
  2. Chicago med is like a soap so having heels or extra long eye lashes to fall on someone is par for the course, but I thought New Amsterdam might be better. Not really. I think ER thought they had to step it up a notch but it was fine. When I worked at a large teaching hospital no nurse wore anything but sneakers or "nurse shoes". Hair was back, in pony tail or hair band. Some of that was common sense and some mandated by the rules of that floor or area. With all the puke and other bodily fluids spilled about, you tried to protect yourself and heavy makeup didn't last a long shift usually
  3. I don't remember Harriet being unkind to many in the store but some snarky comments about Caroline since she was envious in a way. They had many short scenes where she was saying hello and goodbye to patrons but not unkind. They gave credit to long standing neighbors and she donated things without thought when needed. One woman said she'd look in Mankato for fabric to Nell's during Xmas episode, but that wasn't that close. Harriet didn't like how the low class farmers were treating the pregnant wife of the guy who went to get corn seed and had an accident. Why not one numskull in the wh
  4. Mark, until he wanted to leave and got a brain tumor, was the heart of the ER. He couldn't leave and still have ER be "ER" so they made him have all this drama. I think it was realistic but also naive. They never really spoke of this ahead of time? I felt bad for Rachel because she seemed to be an obstacle from the time she was young to adulthood. Both wanted jobs that made being home minimal and although Marks' friends and buds were at County, he would have made new friends the way I'm sure Doug did and Benton and others. But of course the show didn't want him to leave. I wish they had his wi
  5. It does, doing rude things doesn't matter if you like the person that day and Nel's loved Harriet. How would it look if Mr Bevin's wife made fun of him or Elmer's parents or any heavy person they had on. It seemed Michael had a thing with weight and being in shape but it was also an easy way to get a laugh or teach a moral. I wonder at times, since they clashed, if he wrote that stuff in as a "dig" with Katherine. I liked this scene and glad she had it changed. By the second season, she felt secure enough to make character suggestions. “Sometime in the second season, we were on a c
  6. I never got taking the kids either since they couldn't see and so many things might be scary. I feel poor Grace had WAY too many takes and just about had it. I felt sorry for her. That happened again when they came back to Walnut grove and were over Jonathan's. Grace seemed almost "pinched", she started wailing outside and they tried to ignore it.
  7. I felt the same way, maybe out of character but she was so draining and whiny, part of you just felt, "good". Even if he dropped the pretty and just said "not anymore special than anyone else" It reminded me of GWTW when Rhett told Scarlett, she might think so but she still wasn't the " the cutest little trick in shoe leather.” The ER nurses were always on the same level and Abby and Carol always were given slightly more kudos in that department but all of them could do procedures they helped with if they had too and listened much more to the patients than the doctors did. I wish they hig
  8. Love it, why would they stay in touch 2 long years later, when none of the other "close' neighbors did?. Why would she be writing Charles 2 years later unless she still had a little bit of crush on him. ; ) "Laura, make sure to leave out my compliment about the hands, that got a little misconstrued and how I cradled her face in my hands at the goodbye. Or that I spent more time with her kids than with Carrie. The rest is up for grabs."
  9. I'm watching the episode where Charles is "St Charles" again and goes to get horses and flirt with the drunk guys wife but let her know he is needed in Walnut Grove to keep up saving souls. : ) Later he'll change names and do it on a highway to heaven. The wife I thought was same woman who played the Native American's wife in the episode where Caroline wasn't afraid of them anymore and was the only nice person who visited Amelia and Joseph (Spotted Eagle) Voices sounded similar. I liked the first script of this with Hoss on Bonanza. I watched it on you tube last year and he was just so "Hoss
  10. I learned today Motherhood episode was directed by Quentin Tarantino and it was done in one take (from Julianne) so NBC wouldn't edit his work. According to an interview with Julianna Margulies (Carol) he was did so to ensure NBC would have no choice to edit before airing and that it would "be his cut no matter what" 2 pics of her and Susan up on the roof with him. Some fun pics from this Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/CTBVmPWHabJ/
  11. I questioned the show the first episode or two but then I was hooked. I thought they made the professor who's wife died a little too stupid and slapstick but that changed. My daughter is an English teacher and is friends with women who are English professors and many of this rings true. I have 2 more episodes to go and know I will miss it and hope they have season 2. It has been given kudos from quite a few reviewers especially Asian and minority women who have lived through similar experiences. I think many times it is ok with cast. I've seen it in movies many times with big stars.
  12. I don't know when that started but I see it now, IMDB. That's annoying. Glad it's just them so far. It was just like owning the dvd's before but I guess nothing lasts forever. : ( Still free if you have amazon prime but commercials are annoying.
  13. I remember that before Med lost me. It did have a few good episodes but many were just too "General Hospital" like. If they had a scene with Jerry answering the phone or Morris, it might have kept me longer. ; )
  14. I thought that too. I didn't wish for him to have a failed marriage but if they gave him someone with a personality she would have seemed more "real". I put him with Lizzie too. Also Carter was single and later found a soul mate/friend to be with and had another child. ; ) I do understand LaSalle. At that time what he said rang true many times on TV. The did stereotype on the show at times and if Jeanne had been single and she was with Benton and they adopted a kid, it would have been great too. Black men were paired with white women way more than the other way around and I'm glad they sh
  15. You get commercials with Amazon Prime?
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