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  1. Yes, it's very odd dad is just erased. Do you think his jersey is still there in Charly's room 3 months later? No real nursery shots, one putting baby in crib but I didn't see anything in that closeup. I thought there might have been a dramatic taking of it down by Sophie at one point. It would seem weird to see Jon's shirt still up there now.
  2. I agree, the vibe Kate sent out looking at his pic seemed melancholy or sad, regretful. He might have threatened something and did it? Time will tell.
  3. The writers said this is it. It was never Jon's. The PJ confusion was to make some fans think that to have intrigue. Jon was just guilty he "killed" his friend by bringing him and he lived because he was late. His soon to be wife was pregnant and short of marrying her he wanted to leave him something for his friend's memory and he liked Barbara too. He knew he was cheated on a more normal life as he checked in on them on occasion. Say what you want about the bad scripts but sending a sweater with "maybe Jon's hair" to a lab was just silly, not for PJ, he's young but Rome? It's 2020, we know more about DNA than that.
  4. PJ wasn’t Jon’s kid. Jon didn’t really do anything wrong other than keep way too much to himself and Delilah never pressed about past or withdrawing. She went to his best friend. Anyone but that. Sophie stings the most from that deception . PJ might be around in the future but his arc was last month.
  5. I thought the same, re Danny, but what I thought was too embarrassing, the guys kissing and a lot of people seeing them. I never had a good feeling about Eric, he seemed too healthy and shady. I also figured this is a "soap" something Nash loves so he'd do that. If it was a plot of This is Us, it would be real. I was actually thinking while watching Gary spiral, where is Colin? Why didn't he give that dog back? They never show him walking him or talking about him even without him being there. He's like the forgotten baby, shows up for a cameo now and then. I dislike how bad the writing has gotten for Gary and Maggie and Danny counseling him? Please. I do like Eddie talking about his alcoholism, it's a real thing, same as any disease but not dwelling on it. I'm glad he said it's always part of me but he'd always be conscious of it. With real organ donations, there is usually a one year waiting period before they share info and only if the family wants to reach out to the recipient. Unless the writing is really bad, I'm thinking the Mom went about it herself or knows but that would make me just FF through their parts, just too bizarre. So maybe both duped.
  6. Well, no surprises. I called the "no scar" moment, that wasn't a shocker and I enjoyed seeing Sophie rant, someone should but it seems she is doing it for everyone. She does need therapy. Her mom did ignore Jon's signs, he withdrew, she went to Eddie. The what if's are hard and talking to someone outside the family really is the best. (NOT Maggie) I don't like he Maggie/Gary duo at all, never did. The drama, the Jr High antics, it's always over the top emotional stuff. Eric just makes it worse. Kathrine was good and Eddie and I'm glad they are being honest. I hope Rome and Gina find a good place for them although the "no baby" to baby was a little bit of a let down. I see a lot of This is Us in this storyline but more education on depression is always needed if done well. I want the Jon flashbacks Nash mentioned, I miss him and that story. Can't say I'm overly interested in the present ones but things will evolve as time goes on.
  7. I like the cuff link theory too. I just don't think still the guy was real but I guess he was. I don't think he was in their bedroom. It was just too surreal and he had too many nightmares and day terrors in the past for that not to be part of the plot. I could care less too who Kevin is with, thought of it for less than a second. ; ) Kate's boyfriend intrigues me because I remember watching her finding the picture of him in the piano bench twice. She wasn't shocked, crying, repulsed, she was surprised and calmly called her mom. She didn't react terribly either. I remember thinking he died (suicide?) or went to jail or something sad/awful but not personally physically hurt her. I might be wrong, but wondered what others thought. We all react differently to things but with rape mentioned a lot, I would never have acted like she did.
  8. I live in a home like his, but not as nice. It is noisy, I creaked coming down stairs today ; ) A lot about his invasion was odd, my husband has been a city police officer for 30 years and he thought it was "off" too. The crook went upstairs but then seemed to be coming in the kitchen, he came in through an open door or window it seems, never said a word, had knife but seemed stunned, never tried to run or attack Randall. It did seem dream-like. The missing cufflinks and earrings maybe were to emphasize he was real, but the followup was weak. Randall gave him money/wallet. I don't think he took anything else and most crooks don't start upstairs, leave the kitchen untouched and living room untouched. Time will tell, but it was odd and the purse snatcher later was silly. If Randall made a mistake and it wasn't a robbery, I feel that would have driven home how tight he was and the "hero" part he rejected was probably not needed. I loved seeing the young Pearson's I've seen in stock photos but never used yet. There was a birthday one too that might come up one day. I agree with most of you that Jack was wrong saying Randall had to be strong but as a tired parent of 3 kids, I might have said something I regret too. It's going to be hard watching Kate with this loser but as an adult, Rebecca and Kate didn't seem that upset looking at his picture, it was more a sad thing. I remember thinking he committed suicide or something bad happened. If he attacked her I think her reaction would be worse.
  9. I don’t think it’s on next week. I didn’t see it in my TV guide. The break in was odd. The guy didn’t seem real, he seemed to be walking in and had already been upstairs? Idk I still feel it had a surreal feeling to it. I am anxious at times and it’s horrible but Randall’s stubbornness was hard to watch. I’m glad he called Kevin and I feel bad they don’t be talking soon.
  10. I had to laugh after watching the "couch" episode, I saw this on my TV....I feel for the guy, no one offered him anything, a new couch, part of the money. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/18/us/couch-money-found-trnd/index.html It seemed Nick was in trouble a lot, cop was shaking her head, like "not this time fella" We will see. Does Grace not google? I'm sure Nick has been in the news. ; ) Why can't Sol sell his bike? I know I'm nitpicking but they can get some money selling some things. I know some funny episodes are coming up but please not too much with them living there. It will get stale if they stay too long. I heard a lot about how they decided to extend G&F for another year after Lily had said No. But on an old youtube video when it had been on a year, Martin Sheen said he and Sam and main cast were on the show for 7 seasons, then they'd all be too old or something like that. They'd have to renogotiate salaries etc. but it seems they all wanted it to end at 7 then.
  11. I did a quick google and although I agree, many times "dead is dead" the line some missed about him dying and lack of any funeral in the paper, etc. had quite a few think it was deliberate if they felt they wanted him back. Robert heard about his wife, not him, someone got it wrong type of thing. Only one more season but that was her "missed chance", it might be a twist but only time will tell. ; )
  12. I did too, but not a big Nick fan, he always seemed a little "plastic" to me, his personality. My sister, God bless her, keeps saying she wants Phil back (aka Sam Elliot) I told her Robert mentioned he died and she said "no funeral, no body, might have been a mistake". I doubt it but she can keep dreaming he comes back to Grace. I feel they will fade out last show, with Grace and Frankie sitting in the beach chairs talking about something poignant.
  13. What I meant was on paper, she crossed the t's for being the trophy or rich wife. Grace said she was just the "good wife" she wasn't a strong woman, did what she needed to do to get through the day, drank a lot to forget the life she had, was never strong enough to say what she really wanted in the marriage. No one seemed to care enough about her to try to get her into a program with her drinking, although the kids have laundry lists of incidences when she was "a bad mom". I feel they joke about that a lot. She seemed to be surviving in this world and then Sol leaves her after lying all those years. I think she's the best with Frankie but everyone tip toes around her to some degree. She's right she was falling into the same pattern with Nick, being afraid to say what she wanted. I thought maybe drinking less with Nick was supposed to be she was so happy to be with him but I also don't think he'd be the type to not say anything either. She didn't know him too long and they seem to have quickly relieved her of any responsibility to him now.
  14. Sadly the "functioning" alcoholics that many know, that keep their jobs, usually do something by Grace's age to get in trouble. With Grace, she just would get out of it. A lawyer I know said he would smell liquor on other lawyers breath at 10am but usually it was a traffic violation or accident, that made it more notable. Also money always helps in hiding things and getting good council. Grace might drive and drink out of her purse while popping pills but most of us would be in deep trouble if pulled over. On Grace and Frankie, she'll never be caught or if caught, will never even have her license suspended. That bothers me although I love the show and I know from past fan comments on different forums, it isn't in a bubble, but the writers like her like that.
  15. Yes, I'll fix that. Multi-tasking never really works. ; )
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