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  1. I had forgotten the "real" Mr Ingall's was a carpenter later. During Handyman episode, he said what good work he did and it would have been safer to have a farm for their food or local and building instead. No one but poor Chris was a carpenter so many needed him, even the Oleson's. ; ) I used to roll my eyes that some things happened just to him. Mr Edwards "That tornado, heard they were around" Charles, Yes it hit my farm, Mr Edwards, "how bad?" Charles "everything". Was there ANY doubt, it wiped out his crop and only his crop. It's not funny but it is. Locusts, storms, rain that never ended. Oh and the hail storm. It always seemed homes appeared when needed. Anyone needed a home, there was an abandoned one somewhere. No carpenters needed. In the first episode, the barn was there already and that would have been way too much to do on his own. I understand the farming life is tough, but others always seemed to do better, maybe had less kids or no kids. Miss Whipple did okay with her sewing and Miss Foster and others. People had money to pay for things in the store, sewing, mill work, and the infamous restaurant. Caroline could only work there. ; ( One show Charles was counting money and saying what he can buy with extra and Caroline kept saying, "And save a little" Inside joke it seemed that rarely happened.
  2. It's really corny but I liked the one with Mr Bevins. (Cliff Emmich) It is a bias that is hard to get rid of. People say one thing one day and then another day are making fun of a heavier person. I also notice that "heavy" is relative. Some call someone who looks 20lbs over her BMI obese and others it has to be 100. Harriet was never heavy to me. One woman many years ago complained Michael Landon joked about her weight on a plane. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't, but I can kind of see with his humor, saying something about weight and the plane flying. I also know that Michael was kind and also knew what he was supposed to say. He did hire people with disabilities to write scripts for Highway to Heaven and understood what it was like to be made fun of. Fame also makes you forget things at times though. Did Katherine Macgregor say her weight became an issue? I know they clashed at times but she had a strong personality. I have to look at her old interviews again one day.
  3. Just re-watched The Richest Man in Walnut Grove while a thunderstorm brewed outside (Later is Hamilton from a friends Disney acct) ; ) I love this show because it's all about pulling together and honoring any job that helps pay your bills. Pride did flourish in this show but Charles was right not to take more credit but not because of Mrs Oleson. They had this same speech when he first moved there. At the end, I missed a little blooper Amazon mentions when they drive away from the store, Carrie is with them and the last shot, it's just Charles and Caroline and Laura and Mary in back. I guess Carrie had to go somewhere.
  4. Yes, a few siblings on the set and occasionally someones relative got a part. (Like John Jr's mom) I found a few behind the scene filming scenes and I thought I saw them all by now. Here is the link, just have to click off the ads a bit. Love the winter scenes. That and the horse one I hadn't seen. https://mashable.com/2016/03/10/little-house-on-the-prairie/
  5. They never made that realistic though. Caroline worked and Laura and of course the widows. Harriet always worked. It was never accurate but that would have been too gritty and Michael probably was right about that . You never saw Ma do more than pluck a turkey. Food appeared without seeing vegetable garden or storage or prep. They were always clean no matter how hot, cold or humid. If Charles was dirty a few rubs down at the creek did it. His clothes were never shown but pioneers hung fithy clothes in house or barn for the week. That must have smelled And no one brushed teeth! Probably better this way 😉
  6. I know Merle didn't seem to have the same acting experience as Victor but his character always rubbed me the wrong way. They made him kind of dense, no matter what they were talking about. I feel how he treated Alice at times probably was "1800 correct" but Charles and others were more progressive. Mr Edwards seemed more fun and although both drank at times, they had Mr Edwards during those scenes have more layers. I also feel since Mr Edwards was there from the first Xmas, there was more history. I liked the gold one a lot too and how Charles handled it and the banker. I could see me and my best guy friend back at her age, doing something similar, maybe not hiding it for so long, but thinking we found something special. But of course we all knew the Ingall's could never get real money or gold in a windfall. ; )
  7. That is one of my favs. The one liners about what she wanted for her daughters future, the "make her a widow" and many more. It was nice to see more of them that episode and little of the rest, they all were good actors and refreshing to see them have more than Mrs O and Nellie being bullies. Nelson "Nels" Oleson: [talking about Nellie's new boyfriend in bed] He's a bit rough around the edges but I kind of like the boy. Mrs. Oleson: You never had any taste. Nelson "Nels" Oleson: You're right. Mrs. Oleson: What did you say? Nelson "Nels" Oleson: I said good night!
  8. I think she was actually better younger. She talked "young" later, whether they wanted her too or not, that whiny voice and acting like she couldn't tie her shoes without help at 8. I liked her in the Xmas show with the star and climibing in the "tub" after Laura's bath with the dog. (Country Girls) asking Mr Edwards to stay with a smile. Later making her have the same dialogue when she was losing the baby look was as dumb as Grace shoved in a high chair at 4.
  9. I'm watching Ma's Holiday where Karen Grassle said the only episode where she got to show bare arms and shoulders. ; ) There is a scene with Mr Edwards trying to feed Carrie, food is on her bib, then off, then on. lol I guess some scenes needed a lot of takes, some not.
  10. I watched The Return of Mr Edwards last night when Charles finds him in town. In the beginning there is a guy rowing a boat up a river and the town in the background. You can see a palm tree sticking out above on the buildings. Funny the things you never noticed before when you watch many times. The hand someone pointed out shaking the buggy in one episode was pretty noticeable though , I guess they feel you will be looking at the stars. Because the outside scenes were done one time and the indoor on the set, many fans catch hair or clothing differences because they had to be careful to match everything up.
  11. A lot of Godsister wasn't Greenbushes' fault. Michael wasn't dumb, he knew her acting ability, he knew a 90 min show was too long and the "Alyssa!" stuff was annoying. Dan Balluck could write better than that. Everything was off in that show, Ma was yelling at Carrie, the girls, she was a "pest" underfoot, but it was so obvious and staged. Nothing felt right. The heaven part was cute but why look up Charles Jr and have St Peter say No, but I see a Jack. For some reason that bothered me, if she hadn't asked about him, it would be fine. To me seeing Jack was the best part. ; ) Just a dream but seemed odd to me and seeing "Uncle Jeb" again a bit much. Mike owed him a lot of favors. lol
  12. I noticed that but didn't think he did it on purpose until I read it. I guess a muscular hairless chest is sexy to some but his ego was a bit much. The woman certainly weren't allowed to show off anything of course and I can't recall any of the other guys doing it. I also noticed except for "Uncle Chris" and later Mr Carter, no males were especially good looking, I think he liked the spotlight on him. ; )
  13. Men usually did as their wives died of various things but they never had Lars, Doc Baker or Mr Edwards after they had him ruin his new family. Mr Garvey was a little too dense at times for my taste, could have found someone. It seemed so sad when they left and of course were bullied in the "bad city". Merle went to Father Murphy but yes, could have segued it out on a happy note. I liked the early years and even when Charles went to get work because of the change of scenery but the city was too biased. I understand Walnut Grove had to be almost perfect and Michael had many "drop in" but it was limited to some degree. I realize now that back then many didn't understand contracts and pay and thought people left because they wanted too but behind the scenes there was always more going on. As this article said and repeated elsewhere, women probably were never paid the same as men especially then, but if Mr Edwards got more than "Ma" or anyone else, shame on them. Caroline was the glue even if Laura was the "star". She did agree to come back for the last show. I vaguely remember an interview with Kevin Hagan and I thought he mentioned pay too but it was a long time ago. Any long time show, people want a raise, but I hope that wasn't why so many other docs came through WG 😉 https://www.mentalfloss.com/article/70752/17-pioneering-facts-about-little-house-prairie
  14. To be fair the actress said it was her elbow (or she got so much flak it became her elbow) She was asked on a morning show years ago. She said once "One thing was that they did not rig the windows to break easily and I’m not, as Michael Landon pointed out a lot, a meek, delicate woman, so when I try to bust something, I usually succeed! It was Michael himself who first mentioned that it looked like I was trying to use Mary’s baby as a battering ram to bust the window! So because they’d forgotten to “break away” the windows, I was determined to get out whatever the cost!" Albert was "bad" in the city but Michael didn't care if James and the girls were there. He said he couldn't uproot them to move back. Reality of course was Caroline wasn't coming. ; ) I felt the city always got a bad rap, even John Jr died there for petes's sake but I'm sure nice cities existed without multiple saloons.
  15. And the fact Michael wrote it and directed it and felt he had to do it for ratings of course. He could have had one tragedy but not killing off babies and Mrs Garvey. It was a good 2 part of wholesome goodness on the praire while dodging the resident rapist. I still remember the phone going off and my aunt exclaiming "What was that!" because without internet and gossip, you didn't hear too much ahead of time. So sad, not because of what happened as much as it was the beginning of the decline. The Albert part of it and his guilt and absolute forgiveness was puke worthy but very Christian and what most try but can't do. I know Charles loved him and his guilt was enough but Garvey acting the same when he was devastated seemed over the top. I did like Garvey's rant against God because many feel that way. It was one of the most hated episodes and we always have Country Girls and others like it. I just skip it like Sylvia and He was only 12.
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