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  1. The thing is Catherine's body alone even with his dna on it doesn't condemn Pope. Baz makes too much sense as viable suspect with motive. They would need an eyewitness or something that ties Pope directly to the burial site if they actually want to get a conviction. Otherwise all Pope's lawyer would need to do is bring up Catherine's cheating boyfriend with a violent family history and you have reasonable doubt.
  2. 1) Cocaine is a hell of a drug 2) He is grieving, anger is a pretty common response. Especially for someone who isn't introspective like Craig. Someone like him is less likely to get hung up on the depression and sadness but anger can be harder to let go of because you have to recognize it. I also think both Craig and Darren are taking out their anger on Jay. Smurf basically used her will to call them fuck ups but since she isn't there to be mad at Jay is a convenient target.
  3. I could see them doing something like Grey's did with April. Where Nic is working some where else and so isn't at Chastain anymore. Conrad could just mention her every once in a while.
  4. I keep thinking the flashbacks are meant to fill in Jake and Pope's relationship in the past so we know where they stand when Jake shows up in the present. Or even that they couldn't get old Jake's actor back because of Covid so they went with flashbacks instead. Also isn't the cop in this episode the same one played by James Remar last year?
  5. Well Jake is around in the past but is still AWOL in the present but I think they are going to play the Pam card first. I can't see her sticking around though. The show just doesn't make sense with another woman in Smurf's house. The boys will have to outflank her or bury her. Surely she must realize that. I wonder if that is why she is hesitant. Maybe she thinks Pope will still have a soft spot for his Aunt Birdie? Renn and Craig's dilemma is interesting one. Craig is right but I kinda see Renn's point too. Craig could get busted or killed most days of the week and then where would they
  6. The only possibility that really fits there is if Serena is not considered under Canadian jurisdiction. The idea that her baby would not be Canadian even if its born there or that we would deport a mother away from her child simply would not happen under Canadian law. It would be a betrayal of Canadian values and a complete 180 in terms of our laws. Canada is much more in favor of immigration in general and our laws are much more in favor of protecting the immigrant as than in the US. Our immigration laws were completely reworked in 1947 and are based in the old school open immigration ideas a
  7. I think it did fit, Dylan didn't want John to be revealed as DJ's father. He was trying to protect and keep his child which is very much a theme of the show.
  8. There really isn't a way to completely lock down the Canada-US border. There are too many old roads and woodlands. You can make it impossible to leave Gilead by having rings of security around where the people that makes it impossible to reach the border. Which is effectively the same thing.
  9. One comic book character that the Female Loki could be is that Loki has a daughter in some of the comic stories. He did seem to recognize her. It would certainly explain why he went with her. It would introduce a family element to the story something all the disney+ shows have had and was always a big element of the Thor movies.
  10. I can't believe we are having a discussion about a show involving mass rape and subjugation of women and you think it remotely okay to comment on the attractiveness of an actress as if it is her only value. Alexis Bledel gave an amazing performance in tonight's episode. That should be what matters. I don't understand how you can watch this show and still talk about the people in it like they are decorative dolls.
  11. I know most think Dylan is invested in destroying Erin's diaries because he did something wrong but I wonder if it might be about DJ. If DJ's biological father is revealed Dylan could lose custody. Maybe that is actually what he is afraid of. He acts ambivalent but he is also moving along with the adoption. I don't think he as detached he claims. He wouldn't have been so angry about the results of the paternity test if he didn't care.
  12. Yeah Erin being shot accidentally makes sense considering the way she was shot. It was a graze not a direct hit. Maybe Erin met up with John to get money for DJ's surgery. Billy found them and tried to shoot John but hit Erin instead. He was traumatized and/or drunk so he doesn't remember exactly what happened.
  13. I'm not going digging through the internet to find my ten year old university genetics textbook. Believe me or do your own research its up to you. If you want a bit more specificity Erin would share about 3% of her dna with John and Billy. Usually on a dna profile this will show as shadows or duplications on the X chromosome. Its possible it slight enough in this case it simply missed by the lab. Or they just did a comparison and no other testing. Or DJ's father is actually someone who hasn't been considered yet. Just because John or Billy believe they are DJ's father doesn't mean its tru
  14. That's actually the one thing that bugs me about Billy or John being DJ's father usually a dna profile will reveal traces of incest. It leaves distinctive patterns on the dna. Unless Erin isn't Kenny's biological daughter.
  15. Yeah that's my theory the picture shows Dylan with a load of drugs. I actually know a couple of local dealers who got busted posting pictures of large amounts of money and drugs on Facebook. Dylan was at least smart enough to try to hide the evidence. Although one thing they haven't explained is why Billy met her all the way up by the college. He works shifts maybe its on his way home from work? I think the location rules John out actually since he was at the bar with Frank and then drove him home around 2 and Franks now ex girlfriend corroborated that. I don't know if John would have had
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