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  1. Emily Thrace

    S04.E04: Tank

    Yeah and flashback Jake is probably the same Jake that showed in season two as Craig's father. Note the similar passiveness with flashes of emotional intelligence. So at some point Colin and Smurf split and Jake winds up back with Smurf again. Maybe Colin get his own head blown off. Or maybe He smacks Smurf around(he hasn't yet but he will) too many times and she shoot him in the back. (or get Jake too). It colours her relationships with both her sons Pope was always a head case in her eyes and Craig is easy because their fathers were. Which is the other point of the flashbacks not just to show how Smurf became Smurf but to show how her relationships with her boys fathers affected her relationships with them. Speaking of father I had a though about the scam Jay is running with the rich kid. What if it not a scam? Before he died Baz mentioned some boyfriend of Smurf who raped Julia and was Jay's dad. I wonder if maybe the rich is actually someone Jay suspects is his father. There was something almost a little too eager about the way he was questioning the kid. Also a note about dating the flashbacks if Jake and Colin are Viet Nam vets then it can't be any later than 77 and its probably a fair bit earlier than that. The war did taper off on American recruits towards the end so it probably more like around 73-74.
  2. Emily Thrace

    S04.E02: Angela

    Dennis mentioned when he met Smurf Pope was 7 and Craig was in diapers. So there would be about 5-6 years between him and Pope and Julia. There would only be 3 years at most between Craig and Darren. So Craig and Darren would have been kids. However its never really been said exactly how old Jay was when they moved out. I would assume it was when Jay was pretty young but who knows.
  3. Emily Thrace

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    Yeah I think Luke was also giving a deliberate fuck you to Gilead there. He wanted the Waterfords and everyone else to know that Nicole is free and safe. I also don't think it was anything like a dangerous situation. It was a peaceful march probably mostly people he knew I doubt Nicole would have been in anymore danger at a walk in the park.
  4. Emily Thrace

    S03.E02: Mary and Martha

    She might be clinically depressed. Depressed people can be active if they have to it just takes more effort. One thing I noticed last season is that the actress who plays Mrs Lawrence is Jewish. I think it explains a lot about her reactions to everything and her relationship with her husband if the character is Jewish as well. The colonies being the worst of it considering their Auschwitz like nature. It also explains why Mr Lawrence is so protective of her. As a recent "convert" she would be under a lot of suspicion even without the rest of it.
  5. Emily Thrace

    S03.E02: Mary and Martha

    Yeah Luke failing feels human though at least. He's still fucked up nothing that has happened to him is normal either. My heart broke for him a little when he saw that picture of Hannah last episode. I really wish the show would back down a bit on the men are assholes tick it has sometimes. In its own way the idea that women are strong and virtuous while men are are vile animals is sexist as hell. I had hopes for Lawrence but he seems to be as much as bully as the rest. I wonder what the papers Luke was delivering were about. Legally in Canada and under international law Hannah is his daughter. He has proof she is alive and is essentially being kidnapped by Gilead. He could in theory file charges or sue for custody and see what happens. International custody cases are a crapshoot and Gilead could easily tell him to fuck off but it would at least shine a light on what is happening. Considering the precarious state of Gilead's economy it could actually work if Canada dangles a carrot like some kind conditional deal for food or other basics (Unofficially of course since no one ever admits to tying human lives to trade deals) in exchange for Hannah. It would give Luke a way of fighting for his family and tie him back into the story more. It would also be a great way to expand on what the rest of the world thinks of Gilead. I'm not sure if Nick is done but I have always thought Nick would make a lot more sense if he was actually working for the CIA(or NSA or Homeland or whatever) the whole time. His determination to stick with Waterford would make a lot more sense if he was on orders to do so. Plus then he could go to Canada and we could have a bridge between those two stories.
  6. Emily Thrace

    Good Girls

    Yeah all he really has to say is "I'm a criminal attorney I obviously don't ask my clients where they all get there money" and invoke confidentially. Legally for all involved its easier to leave it there. Technically they could go after the lawyer but getting arround client privilege and the roadblocks the high priced lawyer would throw up make it not really worth prosecuting. Equally the lawyer could give up Ruby but its a bad idea for a criminal attorney to give up his clients. Word gets around and they stop trusting him. Plus even an attorney at that level probably has a few clients who still believe snitches get stitches.
  7. Emily Thrace

    S15.E24: Drawn to the Blood

    They might have flown from London to Toronto or other parts of Canada and then on to Seattle. That would explain the immgration issues in Seattle. Canada has very different rules for people coming over from London than the US does. If it was a last minute flight and there were weather issues in New York, Toronto or one of the east coast cities like St John's would make sense.
  8. Emily Thrace

    Good Girls

    Something that concerned me about the show this week was how they handled Sadie's request for puberty blockers. On the one hand it was good they are acting like it no big deal but at the same time it actually is a big deal and not like he was asking for a skateboard. Hormone blockers are serious medicine that haven't been all that well studied in trans kids. At the very least her other parent should have been consulted. I worry that the show is going to handle the rest of Sadie's medical journey blithely and that transitioning is a forgone conclusion when really its not usually advised for kids under eighteen. I just worry the show is going to gloss over the risks (particularly with hormone therapy) in favour of a feel good "progressive" story. I think this why I would rather the show had avoided a trans story altogether as I doubt they will pull it off effectively. I would rather not be annoyed with my light Sunday night fun show.
  9. Emily Thrace

    Good Girls

    Spending $3000 on a piano because your kid took a couple of lessons would be pretty classic manic behavior actually. Its possible they weren't affluent and their mother was just bi polar. They already mentioned she was depressed. I also feel like if they were truly affluent Annie wouldn't know the price, families with real money don't ever state prices.
  10. Emily Thrace

    S02.E22: Broker and Broker

    Conrad probably has a sizeable trust fund he just refuses to use. Not too mention he's the sole heir too a major mogul with a known medical issue. Conrad is a whale. He was looking at a multi-million dollar house not that long ago after all.
  11. Emily Thrace

    Gentleman Jack

    I actually liked that. It bugs me when historical characters are 20th century woke. Anne Lister probably did think she was better than "any ten pound freeholder". It was what the entire system was based on and a commonly held belief at the time. I also think some of it is Anne's general disdain for men in general regardless of class.
  12. Emily Thrace

    Roswell, New Mexico Spoilers and Speculation

    Hey I had a thought about Maria and her abilities. What if she's not psychic but is actually half alien? Her mother has obviously had some contact with Aliens and she has no idea who her father is. What if her father was another alien who survived the crash?
  13. Emily Thrace

    S02.E14: Broken

    There was actually an earlier episode where she made the same mistake. So she knew because she learned.
  14. Emily Thrace

    S02.E20: If Not Now, When?

    That still doesn't explain why it disproportionatly affects black women and Native women. The numbers actually get worse if you separate by income level with middle class black women having some of the worst outcomes. That was one of the points of the episode that these aren't just numbers thier women and mothers and the only real explanation we have is thier race. I love that the show went in so hard on this issue. Most shows haven't even touched on it or left out the racial aspect (sideyes Grey's). The Resident much like its lead character isn't afraid to ruffle feathers and its better for it.
  15. Emily Thrace

    Roswell, New Mexico Spoilers and Speculation

    That kinda bothers me actually, I get that she doesn't like the trope but it seems self defeating. She still isn't treating gay characters the same as straight ones. It actually comes across as vaguely patronising, like gay people are in need of her protection. It worries me that she might be another privileged white girl who doesn't quite understand the difference between being an ally and being a white saviour. I get not killing off the shows only explicitly gay character because of the history but saying never killing him off ever just because he is gay seems off too.