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  1. It could also be he is somewhat tone deaf. Its not usually tested for and it can make it hard for kids to understand when mom is using her right now voice versus just casually calling them back. My sister has a similar issue and it drove my mom(especially since my mom is Cree and uses tones more than most English speakers) nuts when we were kids until we figured it out. We realized when she started to really try to sing as she got older and she didn't even realize when she was off key. Will reminds me of my sister sometimes when he doesn't acknowledge hos parents. It might have played a role in Will's language development too since Mandarin is so tonal.
  2. I also suspect in Stewart's case part of his issue with a French accent is that his usual posh Brit is actually faked. Stewart grew up in rural Yorkshire speaking full Yorkshire dialect, he deliberately adopted his current more neutral British accent in drama school. I imagine adding another layer of accent to that would be difficult. Its partly just this story reminding me of him but is Rios reminding anyone else of Tom Paris? Some of it is just that they are cut from the same pile of rogueish pilot tropes but there also seems to be a certain similar layering going on there.
  3. I think its also due to the hand injury being something the actor had as a childhood injury that was written into the script. So either Vlamis was able to have his injury repaired over the break and they're hiding a bandage or a brace or their hiding that the actors hand is still messed up.
  4. Am I the only one who noticed that both Alien women look a hell of a lot like Cameron? So much so I actually thought it was her for a second and was like woah. I think the whole spiel about Roswell feeling like home was a hint and Cameron was actually seeking out Max and her ancestors. I think Cameron might actually be the new Tess. Of course it could just be the casting director has a type but Cameron has always seemed to be hiding something. Also when Michael asked what kind of monster Tripp was I was like the kind that fought in WW2. Not to excuse anything but WW2 vets had plenty of reasons to be fucked up. He could have been interned by the Japanese or been part of the march to Berlin (which was just brutally awful some of the "soldiers" Germany sent out were actually Hitler Youth and weren't even 12 years old). Its entirely possible Michael's mother isn't the first mother Tripp had taken aim at. It's still something of a taboo showing WW2 vets as anything but noble stoic warriors it would be interesting if the show portrayed Tripp as someone who was broken and struggling after the war.
  5. Yeah that was probably deliberate. A lot Canadians are very cynical about British colonialism considering we are a direct product of it. It probably because a lot of us wound up here because colonialism screwed things up so much worse where we came from. The Clearances in Scotland, The Famine in Ireland, Opium in China all the way up to Partition in India. Even most of English immigrants to Canada were from the lower classes and were exploited by the English system. So yeah Murtry being a posh dick was probably a deliberate choice by the Canadian casting director. I do wonder what the actor thought about it.
  6. That one actually makes a lot of sense for a surgeon. They do do a lot of cutting and sewing.
  7. Vegas was largely integrated by 1960 mostly due to the efforts of Sammy Davis, Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack. It was actually a plot point on DS9.
  8. Right now I'm wondering if they killed him and buried the body out behind the beloved cabin. More realistically I think they find Kate after he beat the crap out of her. To the point where she has several broken bones. Mark took off never to be seem again.
  9. They could write around the time issues with Laconia pretty easily. Considering the way the ring gates are manipulating space it wouldn't be shocking for them to be shifting time as a side affect. Say going through the gate throws you back 20 years. It might even explain why Duarte chose that planet in particular. So he would have more time compared to the rest of the universe.
  10. Ben Solo being the son of Han and Leia and one of the strongest ties to the original trio probably had a lot to do with people investing in the character too though. It felt like a waste to me because I wanted to see him interact with Chewie again and walk back on to the Falcon. I think the question of what the rebels would do with him and how he would redeem himself were interesting questions and Abrams copped out by killing him off rather than answer those questions. While the character undoubtedly benefited from his privilege there was definitely an indication that he was manipulated by Snoke from a very young age not unlike former Storm troopers like Finn. Plus Adam Driver gave a very solid performance that was designed to make you sympathize with the character. I think its dismissive to say that people only like the character due to his race. You may not like the character but I think the reasons many people do are valid.
  11. Honestly the therapy anvils are one of the things that bothered me about the episode. Especially since they seemed to being trying to say something about black men and therapy. The problem I had is that the show seemed to be saying that black men are the problem and talk therapy is a cure all which isn't true and is actually rather patronising. The truth is therapy come in many forms and traditional talk therapy was mostly designed by white people for other white people. Its not a magic cure all and not everyone does well in a traditional setting. Aboriginal men have a lot of the same issues as black men and its been found they do better in group therapy or other less self focused more behavioural therapy. Not wanting to spend an hour talking about yourself isn't really a mental illness so much as a mental difference and it would have better if the show acknowledged that. As it stands it feels a little like the show is saying Randall should be more white. Which could be clumsy writing but if Randall is magically cured I'm calling bullshit. I actually think Randall might get more out of group therapy and he definitely needs meds to help in the short term. Its an insidious idea that what works widely for white works for everyone and even a deadly one in the case of black maternal health. Therapy as a cure is dangerous in general too because so many people "fail" therapy and then despair because they don't know what else to do. I really wish the show would get into alternative therapies at least a bit because that really needs awareness. The closest they have come so far is Kate's drum session.
  12. Yeah its sad but I wonder how much of that is code for "not white". Something I noticed when people were critical about Adam Driver being cast as Ben Solo is that people are still strangely attached to their heros being blonde, blue eyed and square jawed. (Which is extremely ironic since Driver is actually about as ethnic as apple pie and looks eerily like Eddie Fisher). A lot of the criticism seems to be around Pedro Pascal's ethnic features like the wider cheekbones. I think one of those cases of unconscious bias where people filled in Mando's face with someone based on cultural expectations. Where of course heroes don't usually look like Pedro Pascal.
  13. I don't the show was trying to be hypocritical I think it was trying to show that Conrad is flawed and his self righteousness can be dangerous. Devon going along with it is a little tougher to swallow but I can fanwank he did it because he believes Conrad is a good doctor. I also think the show was trying to point out as it often does that blind faith in doctors is a problem in itself.
  14. That's the thing though "everyone" doesn't dislike her. I have liked her since I know what you did last summer. There's a difference between a criticism and an attack btw. A criticism goes after the opinion an attack goes after the person. If you don't won't people to disagree with you maybe you should create a blog. Personally I don't think any celebrity should listen to internet haters. You can't please everyone in the end. I doubt JLH gives any thought to random twitter or forum users who have a problem with her
  15. The show loses major points with me for casting a half white half Cambodian person as Naomi . It's one of those things that an outsider wouldn't notice but I spotted in about a minute. She just didn't have the righteous anger Native woman would have. (Never piss off a Native woman trust me). Her hair line, the way she moved, how she talked it was all off. She didn't even try with the accent every time she said Sue-lynn I rolled my eyes because she used an Asian inflection. This could be that the actress is shit but it could be the show didn't care. Having native people play native people is a big deal not just for the reasons above but because of historical lack of Hollywood giving a fuck. Personally between that and the Liz business the show is on the bubble for me watching it. Something else that bugged was Dex being oblivious to how gossipy and petty life on the rez can be. If she dated the Chief's son she would have been the subject of gossip at the very least. Reservations are essentially insular small towns and have all the personal politics that come with that. Its part of the magical native stereotype that reserves are places where everyone gets along happily. Also the dis enrolling drug dealers is a real thing my reserve does it. We call it a band council resolution here in Canada. Also only the federal government can remove native status up here though so you just get kicked out of your reserve you can still move another one if they'll have you.
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