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  1. Scarlett45

    S01.E06: Another World

    I belong to a solo female traveler group on Facebook and it’s awesome. In the age of the internet there’s no excuse for people to be so ignorant unless they want to be.
  2. Scarlett45

    S04.E12: Change of Heart

    Which is fine- but then don’t try to marry someone and not be 100% upfront and honest with them about who’s important in the household. Colt could chose to just have a girl friend/woman friend for the rest of his life for peer companionship and sex, while still living with his mother, no need to make that woman your wife and insinuate she will be your “partner” in life when you already have a partner. Edited to add- I know you didn’t mean anything by it, but people who use wheelchairs aren’t bound to them.
  3. Scarlett45

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    Yeah they would-I thought the movie got that idea across really well. The harassment was plain as day. Or are you insinuating that Carol & Maria wouldn’t have made it? Basically what you said.
  4. Yes. Queen Anne of Great Britain had 17 recorded pregnancies, but only 1 child survived infancy and he still predeceased her. William IV had 10 kids with his long term mistress and she already had a child when they met. (I bring up the mistress point because this is an example of ppl being together because they want to, not as an arranged marriage) What makes these fundy quiverfull families so odd is that they are choosing to breed in the manner people did before medical contraceptives but benefiting from modern medicine which exponentially lowers the rate of post partum and infant deaths. Also our economy has changed where it costs a lot more to raise children to adulthood now. It’s not “grow some food, put some shoes on them and they can work the farm and be just fine”. It’s the mustache!
  5. 1. You’re assuming a couple WANTS to abstain to avoid pregnancy and 2. Abstaining from sex isn’t always an option for women in many of these patriarchal and misogynistic situations. If you don’t want to abstain then point 1 is irrelevant. I say all this to say I don’t think Jill Rodriguez is doing anything medically to enhance her fertility, it’s just human biology (although she and David together might be slightly more fertile naturally than a typical couple their ages) . My great grandmother had 12 children (the baby is my last living great aunt she had at 47, sister to my paternal grandfather), only 2 died before 18 yrs and she had one set of twins. Between 21 and 47 she had 11 pregnancies that ended in a live birth, WAY before any sort of assistive reproductive tech. She didn’t consider herself especially fertile, but lucky that the kids were born healthy (one died from influenza as a teen, one from a fever as a toddler). Her baby child is still alive and 85. That wasn’t that long ago in the span of human history. Yes there are some couples who just didn’t have a lot of kids for whatever reason before medical contraceptives (perhaps they were committed to abstinence, had a lower sex drive, hated each other, financial reasons etc), but there are other couples who popped out a baby every year or every other year like clock work until the woman entered peri-menopause. All of those children weren’t expected to live to adulthood with infant mortality being what it was. Bring in a woman like JILL who thinks she’s breeding for Jesus she WILL be pregnant as often as biologically possible.
  6. Yes, libraries are wonderful, but like any public space there is a chance of running into unsavory characters who are doing socially inappropriate or illegal things (public masturbation, watching porn, drug use etc). I also know many homeless persons use the library bathrooms (especially if they are single stall) to wash up and stay clean- which I understand and don’t blame them, but that’s not the intended purpose of the library restroom.
  7. Thanks. Well no wonder she’s got so many- she started at her peak fertility. (Along with David being young and fertile as well) I’m sure it doesn’t take very long. 😂 I’m sure they probably do know (at least the older ones), the same way kids knew back when people lived in 4 room houses.
  8. I don’t think Jill is taking Clomid or messing with her fertility, I just think that she and David together are both fertile and they have vaginal penile intercourse very regularly. People compare her to her sisters (which I get), but the fertility of the man is a factor in this AND a couples sexual life and habits. David may still have great sperm quality and they may have sex a lot. Didn’t she get married at 21?? 12 kids in almost 20 years if you’re having sex in the regular isn’t odd. 200 years ago many women had between 8-12 live births (although a few of those kids didn’t live to adulthood) between marriage in late adolescence and menopause.
  9. Scarlett45

    The Duggars: In the Media and TLC

    I can see this.
  10. Scarlett45

    Small Talk: Chewing The Haggis

    If you purchase a 4 day tour they will work with you to secure local accomidations at inns/bed and breakfasts those types of places. You can take a airline sized roll carry on if it isn’t too heavy. Your former hotel may store your heavier luggage for a fee, especially if you are staying there when you get back. I came to the board to say- guess what?!! OPI’s fall collection is SCOTLAND!
  11. Scarlett45

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    I assume we are just talking about 1st cousins. I think Israel has 12 1st cousins (I am not counting the ones in utero)- let me count Derrick’s nephew- 1 Mkids- 5 jessa- 3 jinger- 1 joe- 1 joy-Anna- 1 yup that’s 12. Michelle’s sister who’s gay doesn’t have any kids, if the other 4 have two a piece that’s 8 cousins Jill would have from Michelle’s side, plus Amy which would make 9 so Israel is likely right.
  12. Scarlett45

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Awww. Yes I try to do it when I can (my work does the drives once a quarter). It doesn’t take much and to think I can help someone is a good thing. Plus the free cookies and pretzels😎
  13. Scarlett45

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    I’m a vegetarian- I packed a spinach salad for lunch. My O+ self is happy to help, even with sickle cell trait. 😀
  14. Scarlett45

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    Gave blood today! (Work drive). Just eating my pretzels.