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  1. I forgot Priscilla is a year younger than me, (so she will be 36 this year) she’s having kids on the even years like Anna. Im predicting 3 more live births, so yeah she likely won’t beat Esther, but I could see her having 9kids. I do wonder if they will keep up the “boy/girl” pattern.
  2. Yes. Cats love string and boxes best of all. But they like climbing in the mantle so I think they would get use out of the tree. These are my first cats I have had without front claws, so maybe it will be okay? I’ll likely set it up Friday after work- I will take photos.
  3. They are still alternating- Boy/Girl ? I think so.... their kids are cute. I think Priscilla may have more kids than Esther (she just got married later or I would put her as the next Michelle/Kelly). ***Edited to name the correct sister.
  4. I think appearing on the show would lead to a lot of resources for people like the woman that rescued the animals, from the exposure (the show itself and social media), the funds formerly saved for the barn could go toward something else. But I do agree with your point as a whole. I think a better thing to have done would have been to hook her up with a veterinary school so that students (vet and vet tech students) could get practical hours and she could get the labor needed to keep the rescue running. I assume Kayla planned to stay the night. She could always uber/lyft home (I a
  5. I think those suits were the style in the late 90s though. I am a huge 90210 fan, and so many of the ladies (who weren't lawyers, and were in COLLEGE) wore suits like that (in brighter colors though). That boxy look really does look best on people that are very tall and slim, or tall and apple shaped (the box hides the tummy and shows off the slim limbs).
  6. I got the paperwork processed to get my voucher for the funds put toward my cancelled Morocco trip. I am bummed, but it's for the best. The funds are good for two years, so lets see. Still haven't decided if I want to visit friends in NOLA mid-March- it would be an inexpensive trip, I would just have to pay for dog sitting, (I have Southwest credits) but I am giving myself until a month out to decide if I should go.
  7. I like the dress too, I think the slip dress style looks very nice on women with more straight slim figures. I would've given the color a second thought for a wedding, its not white but its awfully close considering Jinger's skin tone- a shade or two deeper champagne would've been lovely. But if she was in the wedding party that must've been what the bride wanted. I think the hairstyle could've worked as Jinger does have texture to her hair, but I don't know what the weather was like- and weather can make a good style go limp QUICKLY.
  8. When I saw this my heart sang “do you wanna build a cat tree??” To the tune of “Do you wanna build a snowman” from Frozen. I am giving blood Saturday morning so I might put this together after that, or likely Friday evening.
  9. Yeah most consultants end up with a bunch of inventory. With the Mary Kay items, assuming they weren’t expired I would donate them to a shelter or to organizations that help women in need. Personal care products can get expensive, and I can believe that when someone is going through an awful and stressful time- at least knowing you have toiletries can do wonders for your mood and making you feel a tiny bit secure. Also try going for a job interview without a proper outfit, and depending on your skin type/hair texture no products- women are held to a high standard of what’s “professional”.
  10. I wonder why they aged down Brady and Lily? Is having college aged kids not interesting enough? I would’ve liked to see Miranda & Charlotte deal with the transition between parenting minor kids and trying to guide kids 18-21, and Rock would still be young enough for school related stories like with LTW. I know Carrie doesn’t have to worry about money in retirement, but why not have her focus more on her next book venture. If they wanted to do a podcast have her host her own. I didn’t mind the additions of the new ladies- LTW, Naya and Seema are all very different but co
  11. I call that her “picking up take out, don’t want to be recognized look”- isn’t that from an episode where she was actually headed up pick up a newspaper or candy or something and ran into an ex (with whom she was in love) and the woman he left her for?
  12. @emmawoodhouse & @awaken good luck on your “super special exams” (what fun phrase)- good for you guys for getting checked out and staying on top of that. Like we don’t have enough to do in “normal” life!
  13. Kim Catrall’s body is amazing and they definitely dressed her well. I think they dressed all the women well, meaning the clothes matched their characters personalities AND they looked nice. Miranda would’ve never wanted to wear the more vintage feminine styles Charlotte did for example, even though Cynthia Nixon had a great body too and would’ve looked wonderful.
  14. Thank you! Lady Reese was "Reese" when she was adopted, but looking at her she needed a title. Cavendish was "Dave" but I have a human friend named Dave and that just wouldn't do, I had been saying for years I was naming my next cat after Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire- but he is a boy so "Cavendish"- he looked like a Cavendish. Cosmo is good with them, he has lived with cats since puppyhood, Cavendish was a little scared of him at first but is now okay. Cosmo just doesn't like it if they get near his bed in my office, that's his "zone" but otherwise he lets them d
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