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  1. Scarlett45

    S02.E02: Worth It

    Yeah- I think we as the audience see Blanca now, 1990 when she’s 32(I think she said she was 30 in season 1) and forget that she wasn’t able to transition until she left home at 18 so she went through male puberty and had to deal with all that as an adult. Again, as I said above she’s got every right to be scared by those experiences, the bigots are dangerous. If some racist bigoted asshole called the cops and she was arrested, would she the right ID? It would be a shit show. Poor thing. But she is gorgeous!
  2. Scarlett45

    S02.E02: Worth It

    Yes my Mom and I talked about this in the car this morning. Even in NYC 1990, I don’t see Blanca getting thrown out of women’s dressing rooms for people suspecting she’s trans. It might be a combination of racism and transphobia at play, or 1-2 incidents when she was younger (before she could grow her hair long or be on hormones for a decent amount of time) that scared her emotionally (rightfully so) making her insecure about going into the dressing room. Honestly I see her being harassed more for being brown than trans (not to say intersectionality isn’t at play here- of course it is).
  3. Scarlett45

    Good Trouble

    I didn’t take it that it was every single man. Despite being attracted to her Raj was always 100% fair and nice (and I don’t think he would ever do such a thing to other women even if he wasn’t into them). Gael works there too and has never been inappropriate. Mariana works closely with a few guys that are sexist assholes, and I’m sure there are a few more like them, a few good ones like Gael and Raj, with about half who are just passive about the injustices women face.
  4. Scarlett45

    BH: 90210 Reboot.... It’s so Meta

    Autocorrect be damned. 🤣
  5. @Temperance no application????? Any idiot can come up with cash. That doesn’t mean they will care for the dog. I’ve never heard for that from any other ethical breeder.
  6. Scarlett45

    The Lonely Js Club: Jana, Jedidiah, Jeremiah and Jason

    In anyone not a fundy I don’t find it creepy. It’s like when Moms say “not matter how old you get you’ll always be my baby”. Of all of the weird ass shit these people do that doesn’t bother me. Neither does “Mommy/Daddy”- I’m 33 and as far from fundy as you can get and my mother is still “Mommy” or “maternal unit” when I’m being snarky.
  7. Scarlett45

    S02.E02: Worth It

    Poor Pray Tell- all this fighting today!! I love Papi’s facial expressions. “The only monogamy you can be certain of is your own.” Ricky it’s not worth getting sick over. Damon was quite heartbroken which I understand. I think he and Ricky’s relationship was real but they are both so young, and Ricky is right, he’s got to love himself first.
  8. Scarlett45

    Category Is...Quotes

    I never feel bad for a man. -Electra Abundance
  9. Scarlett45

    Good Trouble

    Watching now!😁 Alice and her parents- it’s clear they love her and are trying but yes, it was two steps forward and two steps back. Raj- if the lady says it was amazing it was amazing. Lol. I think Raj is cute. Was Mariana really THAT surprised he wasn’t circumcised? Dennis- I’m glad he’s alright, but Davia was right, he needs someone to talk to (besides her). What’s the point of the communal living if it’s not to have a community. Callie’s boyfriend Jamie(?)- I liked the fact that he called Callie out on her reckless behavior, BUT also acknowledged he was being patronizing and genuinely apologized. You can have good intentions and go about it the wrong way. Gael is also super hot but Callie cannot keep using him it’s not fair (which he realized he was doing to his boyfriend, and he ended things). Callie you have to be more aware if your responsibilities as a clerk; leaving her ID?!! Malika you won’t do anyone any good by breaking the law and getting arrested.
  10. Scarlett45

    Small Talk: The Prayer Closet

    So highlight of MY DAY was being lodged under the armpit of an incredibly attractive man on the train (chicago redline). Here is his arm (no face because I don’t want to be a creeper). I am NOT short (5’7), so imagine how tall he was. I am not a fan of Caucasian men with dark hair on an aesthetic level but he was very handsome.
  11. The gang is BACK...... Watch the cast discuss. Let the nostalgia begin!! Discuss the reboot HERE.
  12. Scarlett45

    Season 10, episodes 13 to 27

    Sure I’ll start one.
  13. Scarlett45

    S03.E03: Useful

    (Not directed at you) No one expected the Handmaids to have forgotten how to read. That exercise was a POWER TRIP to remind them that they are forbidden to do so. Similar games were played with slaves, who were illegally taught to read so they could do the jobs their owners wanted them to do, but routinely punished for knowing how or reminded that they could be punished for reading. The analogy was clear to me. Serena’s finger was cut off for reading the Bible in a council meeting (she was petitioning for all children to be allowed to read the Bible).
  14. Scarlett45

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Yes this is the Duggars, and being the media whoring insensitive people they have been known to be, any behavior can be interpreted to support that even if it wouldn’t be odd in another family. In our family yes people take photos of the floral arrangements, guest book, casket, service, grave site, but mostly of relatives together at the repass or the grave site. And this was the norm when I was little so it’s not about social media or camera phones. It’s just what was done. I don’t recall anyone ever being upset by it.
  15. Scarlett45

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    @dariafan I know several people (including my own family) that take photos at funerals (even before the age of social media). There’s one of mine and my cousin at my great aunt’s funeral (she was my nanny) that I treasure so much, even with the grief on our faces. My last great aunt likes to make sure we all get photos together before people disperse again. Of course I don’t think people are obligated to take photos if they don’t want but it’s not odd to me as it was my norm. I say all this to say, of all the possibly insensitive things Jill has done regarding Mary’s passing, this was not one of them.