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  1. ((((Hug)))) of course you feel awful. Do NOT feel guilty! This isn’t your fault!! Dementia is so painful under the best of circumstances, everyone is doing the best they can right now. So many in my Sib group feel the exact same way, the group homes are on quarantine and many are having tantrums and breakdowns because they don’t understand the “why” they just know something is different. I am thankful that my sister is downstairs and her routine hasn’t changed at all. (Small joys). My great Aunt has dementia right now and she wants to go out for her bday (she can still read the calendar and knows her bday is soon) but has to be told the restaurants are closed. I think I’ll send her some flowers since we cannot be together.
  2. @Zella thanks for educating me, I thought all libraries used Libby for their electronic section!
  3. Word. Absolutely. And I’m sitting here knowing that my god mother (Who has cancer and is on chemo) and mother (who has a few chronic health conditions) are out there in their 70s putting their life on the line because they want black and brown women to have the best care. If they can do that my black ass can stay the fuck at home!! (I’m doing well with all this but I worry about both of them getting breathed on😢).
  4. Yeah my Mom is downstairs. The only person I talk to in person is my Mom and my sister’s caregiver who is still coming in. The downstairs unit is just far enough way but still close.
  5. I am very glad I am unpartnered and childfree during social distancing. 🥰
  6. If I was getting married any time before sept/October I would just get married legally on the day I had planned (Or when the courts re-opened) and postpone things a year out to be sure guests had funds to attend and I could get the venues and things I wanted.
  7. Do you have a tv with an HDMI port? If so you could buy an amazon fire stick and that would turn your tv into a smart tv. You could get YouTube, netflix etc etc without buying a new tv.
  8. Can you watch YouTube on your tv and then read on your tablet? I watch YouTube on my tv when I’m cleaning.
  9. I’m so sorry that your son has to go through this now.
  10. I didn’t hear about Two Night Stand when it came out, but I saw it a few months ago- I loved it! Last night I saw Sleeping with Other People, it made me laugh and was very relaxing after a day of work from home.
  11. EWWWWWW. Im traumatized. Looks like Izzy had a nice day even with social distancing. Jill put forth more effort than her own mother or father ever did. I know Jill is capable of so much compassion and nurturing as she treated her buddies so well, maybe she can continue to work on herself so she can show the same care to her sons.
  12. Phone/video sex. Us single people have deleted our dating apps in sadness. It’s an unfortunate sacrifice but one I make for the greater good of my community. 🤣
  13. This didn’t surprise me so much. How many women have sex with men for drugs or survival? How many lesbian women marry men to be supported financially?
  14. I really liked this one! It’s at the top of the pack for me (with Inside Out & Wall•E). I love the exploration of deep non romantic relationships in film and this hit all the beats for me. I think it would be especially impactful for those that have lost a parent . I wasn’t so upset that Mom didn’t get to say anything with Dad. Given that he was sick (rather than dying in a sudden accident), I am sure they talked about things before he died, she raised the boys very well and moved on and has a boyfriend. Not that she didn’t love her husband and a piece of him will always be with her, but I think the boys needed that more than she did. And the older boy needed it more thank Ian. I liked that as a family they all worked together. I also loved Octavia Spencer as the manitore- she was pretty cool. And the sprites learned to fly again!! Yeah he wasn’t bad or mean just “Mom’s boyfriend” they didn’t quite understand. I thought that was pretty realistic.
  15. Yes I thought that immediately when they appeared on the screen, so learning they were teen parents didn’t surprise me.
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