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  1. Maybe Kate never changed her name. Lots of women don’t. But yes, their marriage isn’t in a great place and is likely to spiral beyond repair if they don’t do something soon.
  2. I’m stuck in their standards being “mostly” hand holding and side hugs. Does that mean the kids wanted to and did kiss at engagement? Ummmhmmm. What’s up with this “mostly”?? Nurie’s hair looks awful. We rag on Jill Duggar for her scraggly hair, but hers looks better than Nurie’s.
  3. Kelly didn’t cheat on Matt. He recommitted to his wife and they weren’t together at the time. This dialogue made no sense. Dylan is the only cheater here, BUT yes, Kelly is fun to cheat with. When they are actually both available they act like they hate each other. That was actually explained by Dylan having deep pockets. Even if Dylan has kids of his own Maddie would get a cut of the estate, or at least nice gifts- like a car at 16 etc.
  4. I think any adult child that loves their parent and spends time with them regularly would be sad that they were moving across the country. Not upset as in “you’re a bad parent now” but “someone I love has always been a short car ride away and now they are a plane ride away.” That’s human- now acting pissy and immature about it (which we haven’t seen Randall do this season), is being an immature baby who needs to not take it out on other people. I think it’s not that people don’t expect Randall to have feelings, it’s how he reacts to things as a 39 year old man people have a problem with.
  5. I don’t think most people change looks that’s much between 16-22yrs old unless you’ve been living a hard life (illness, lots of drinking/recreational drug use etc). Your face might thin a little but if you’re a woman with a naturally round face (no matter your weight) you’re going to look younger longer (typically).
  6. I’m so sorry. I’ll be thinking about you- good outcomes only.
  7. I can certainly see texting your spouse throughout the day to say Hi or follow up about errands etc, but I don’t see calling unless there’s something going on (like a sick child or parent). Chelsea probably wants a lot of attention through the day and expects Cole to call her on every break or lunch hour.
  8. Hi friends- things have been less than stellar in my neck of the woods. My god mother has bile duct cancer- and some of the lymphnodes are positive. She and my Mom have been BFF’s for the last 47 years, they are current each other’s longest relationship (my Mom has no living family outside of my sister and I, my god mother is estranged from her only sibling who’s an utter asshole). They met in medical school over cadaver. My God Mother’s husband is a mess (they’ve been married 3yrs and he’s a decade older than her and thought he’d go first). Everyone is scared, my Mom is medical POA. More than my own feelings (I love my god mother dearly and she tells me to please care for her dog if she dies😢) I don’t want my Mom to be alone in this world. She’s buried both her parents (her father lived with us, but went slowly to senility and she had a long time to grieve), she’s never been married, I cannot imagine how she is feeling right now. She was so worried she forgot to get her plate sticker and got a ticket!! Of course we have talked about all this, and I can tell she’s scared. My Mom doesn’t do scared well, she just gets angry and pissy (not at me because she loves me but she’s a force with everyone else). During surgery “if I have to tell these racist fucks I’m a doctor ONE MORE TIME.”..........Lawd. Ive been given an envelope to hold for my youngest god sister who lives in MI (we are in Chicago). Thanks for listening. I just want to be there for my Mom.
  9. I can believe than an actual FBI raid didn’t happen but where there’s smoke there is fire. Especially with Josh. I hope that no humans have been hurt, (especially a kid) because that would be awful but after the 2nd scandal broke I said Josh would do something ELSE to embarrass his family. JB thinks he has control but Josh is still relatively young. He can only “pretend” to be this Christian family man for so long.
  10. I think it’s more likely they just don’t care (best case) or they “sold/rented” her for whatever Josh and Anna wanted. (worse case)He confessed to hurting his own sisters- it’s public knowledge. They know it’s possible. I don’t buy “they didn’t think Josh was a threat”, that’s like saying “I didn’t know my child could get burned playing with the stove”.
  11. I could see that, but this is a man who hurt his 5yrs old sister, FIVE!!, (and his other sisters and an unrelated teenage girl) If he was just a run of the mill cheater, that would still be wrong (to force the girl to work there) but I wouldn’t be worried for her safety. Tons of people cheat on their spouses, MOST humans would never dream of hurting a child. Josh isn’t a guy with roaming eyes he’s a confessed child molester.
  12. Bill Bojangles Robinson. that hummer was something else 🙄. I don’t think Juliana looks that young- shes 22, she IS very young. Granted her lanky figure may read to some as a young girl who hasn’t finished puberty yet but I don’t think she looks like a teen any more than a regular 22yrs old. Many people look exactly the same between 17 and 22.
  13. I agree. I always thought the other kids didn’t like Josh very much (back in the early days), but just because he was an asshole. Once JB & Michelle are gone I can see a few having nothing to do with him.
  14. You’re welcome. Again- why would ANYONE send their small child to live in a home with a CONFESSED child molester???? He confessed. If Anna couldn’t handle all her kids stop reproducing. If this girl actually needed a home (like Tyler did) JB & Michelle’s home would’ve been a better choice- at least Josh doesn’t live there.
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