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  1. Absolutely. Peyton knew BOTH TIMES that Brooke was with Lucas. Even if she had feelings for him she should’ve kept her MOUTH SHUT much less saying to Brooke “you didn’t even miss him” or “do you love him?”. That’s NONE of your business Peyton. Brooke is supposed to be your friend, and Lucas said he wanted to be with Brooke. Peyton is being a bad friend and a bad person right now. I do feel bad for her. She’s emotionally lonely. Her mom died when she was really young, her Dad is always gone, Jake moved away, she just found her birth mom to lose her, and her BFF is in love with a guy for the first time and she has to share- but that’s NO EXCUSE. Rachel is seriously messed up. What did she think would happen with Cooper? What does she want from him? Side note those purses DID NOT match the bridal dresses at all. Was that the best costuming could do??
  2. It was likely spring break as Columbine happened in April. Good intuition. Wait did Dan really think Keith tried to kill him? And that’s why he shot him? Oooo Peyton confessed she loved Lucas. I’m on Brooke’s side. She (Peyton) had no business. And to say “you said you didn’t really miss him”- shut up Peyton. I think they did this because Chad and Sophia broke up......
  3. Ive never been a hugger, but with the pandemic I have not held ANY babies this year. One of my HS classmates/theatre mates moved back to Chicago with her twin sons, and I havent gotten to meet them. I am gonna HUG AND KISS SOME BABIES! And eat their cheeks! Yes I will.
  4. After I calmed down this morning I told my Mom before M (my sister’s caregiver) arrived for the day, how disappointed I was with her behavior and how upset she made me. She said she was sorry and that she does not want to make me upset. She said she wants to do better because she has to be back at work January 4. She doesn’t mean to be a big baby OR be like grandfather, because she knows how awful he could be and she doesn’t want to put me through that. We are only human and she is forgiven but no fried shrimp.
  5. Moderator Announcement: Political discussion is NOT allowed on Primetimer unless discussed within the show itself. The social media accounts of people discussed in this thread are NOT an invitation to violate the Politics Policy . If you are discussing issues not related to the thread topic, that post is better suited to Small Talk.
  6. As soon as I got my sister calmed down my Mom wants to act like a huge baby. She was sick this weekend eating things she shouldn’t be eating (because she’s 72, no gallbladder, on meds and post surgery), but she ate them anyway and ended up spending Saturday night in the bathroom. Of course I took care of her and cleaned up. I told her I wasn’t going to be the food police, but maybe THINK about how these things make her feel before she eats them. THEN yesterday she tells me as we are about to leave for PT that she’s canceling because she doesn’t feel well enough to go. I ask her “are you sick? Do you have a fever? If you’re too ill to go to PT take off your clothes, put on your nightgown and get back in bed.” ”no I’m not doing that- I’m coming with you.”- my mom ”No you’re not coming with me, you’re going to PT or you’re going back in bed.” YES I DID say that friends. I did. I felt like my grandfather came back from the dead. It was like deja vu. She did go to PT pouting like a child. So I let her come with me afterwards to the suburbs to get my Bath & Bodyworks box. In the drive home you know what this woman said?? “On Thursday can I have fried shrimp?” NO!! No fried food. Omg what’s with her obsession with junk food lately?? She’s more concerned with junk food than she is WALKING. Save me.
  7. The White Queen was definitely the best- the acting was very good. Rebecca Ferguson, Max Irons and James Fran all BROUGHT IT. And Janet McNeer!
  8. Everyone is doing a good job with this work. I can feel the pain Luke is in through Chad Michael Murray’s face. And Karen’s comment of “that won’t bring him back will it”- was pure coldness, but parents are people too, she was angry at Lucas, the world, afraid he could’ve died too.... Dan needs to die already....I know we have a while. He killed his brother because he was JEALOUS he was absolutely awful.
  9. I 100% forgot that when Dan kills Keith it’s during the school shooting and he frames Jimmy for it. I was shocked. I was already emotional, being 13 when Columbine happened I guess I was the first generation who’s adolescent was marked by mass school shootings, and KEITH!!! RIP Keith!! You were amazing. Fuck Dan omg I hate him. WHY??? And what Mouth is going through now, remembering his friendship with Jimmy, and Lucas is angry because he (logically) believes Jimmy killed Keith. Its too much.
  10. It was absolutely stunning. I liked Season 1 better than season 2 (probably because the early years of their marriage are done rarely, but more than Katherine’s years as Arthur’s widow before she married Henry) but I was so very happy to to see Lina and Oviedo have a happy ending.
  11. A question about the sigil the new republic representative put down in the end.
  12. That’s exactly what I was getting at, and you said it so much better.
  13. That’s possible, I could see a Duggar family gathering being hell for an introvert. I don’t get that vibe from Lauren. (Being an introvert I mean) Now I don’t think she’s a Kendra type- a naturally talkative extrovert that thrives in groups, but I think Lauren is attention hungry, and isn’t interesting enough to pull attention in a large group. People that thrive on attention have to find socially acceptable ways to get that need met with they don’t drive their loved ones crazy (acting, public speaking, performance etc etc). I think if everyone was doing exactly what Lauren wanted to be doing she’d be thrilled to be in a large group. That’s kind of what I was thinking too.
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