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  1. IMO there’s a big difference between “less than clean”(like dust or dirty floors) and human/animal waste just laying about!! I grew up in a home with adults in diapers (my sister still wears diapers full time and my grandfather did at the end of his life)- I probably had as much experience with that as Jessa did growing up. It would never occur to me to leave the diaper on the table. You wrap it in a plastic bag, tie that up, throw it in the big trash- and take the big trash out EOD (or when it’s full). Basic infant care is something Jessa should know like the back of her hand. I legit wonder how they wash their hands seeing someone of their habits (shudder).
  2. That diaper mountain is something I will never understand. The dust and the dirty stove- okay you got busy, need to clean up (but I wouldn’t dare take a photo), but a DIAPER MOUNTAIN? Throw the diaper in the trash! Do they not take out their trash daily or every other day? I’m a single woman living alone and I take out the cat litter trash daily and the big trash every 2-3days. Why would you think that was something to take a photo of???
  3. Me too. I have a feeling her son is going to give her attitude about her thing with the cop and she’s going to shut that down with quickness. Tasha’s outfit was very inappropriate for a funeral (I loved the hat though). Is Ghost actually dead? We have not seen a body!!!!
  4. If a lesbian couple had posed this way I would also think it was completely fine. 🤣 I showed it to my Mom and she thought it was hypocritical from Cameron, being who she claims to be, shouldn’t post things like that on the internet. She agrees with you.
  5. Yeah I don’t see how this is inappropriate. That’s her husband! They are both wearing clothes. People are ridiculous.
  6. I would hope not- for Leah’s sake, but sadly lots of kids are molested. It’s a possibility. But I think it’s more likely she’s just intellectually and emotionally lazy born into a culture that values being thin and white and blonde (which she is)- so she’s working with what she’s got. Because Leah isn’t really that much to look at (outside of the 3 things above). Her looks were never going to be an income earner or change her social status. TM2 was lightening in a bottle for her. Yes. If TM2 hadn’t if happened she would’ve tried to stay married to Corey so she wouldn’t have to work a low skill job.
  7. Issac wasn’t the cutest baby either- he looked like uncle fester! I think Lux will grow into his looks, puberty will likely be kind to him. Chris is a fucking POS but he does have a very nice facial structure, if Lux inherits that he will be handsome in his late teens.
  8. I’m more on the lines of “why do you have kids with people you barely know” especially when you have other children from a previous relationship. I’m in no way suggesting single parents can’t date, have sex and have adult companionship, but why keep bringing people into your children’s lives??? That just makes things so messy.
  9. I thought you did post it a few days ago. 😁
  10. Season 4 is 20 episodes and Season 5 is 10, so I will likely be done with both around October 6th. Would anyone like to join me for a One Tree Hill rewatch when we are done? I have never rewatched OTH since the initial airing....
  11. Bumping this up- I was thinking of starting a rewatch sometime in October if anyone is game.
  12. Honestly- knowing what I know now I would’ve gone to DePaul or John Marshall on a full scholarship. My Mom paid for my undergrad so I would’ve had NO LOANS at all if I had done that. I hate these fucking loans. Hate them. I didn’t find full time work until 18months after graduation, then I was temping and under employed for a while- interest, interest, interest. U of C didn’t know what they were doing post crash and I was actually told to go WORK FOR FREE (can you believe???- how was I supposed to live???) they have better loan forgiveness programs now but we were the Guinea pigs. So if you get a full scholarship I would take it.
  13. You are a SUPER STAR!!!!! Did you save cash for your tuition or will you be taking loans? You should be able to get great scholarship money with your score. Law School debt is the biggest regret of my life, so any way you can reduce or eliminate it I would recommend (I graduated from University of Chicago Law School at the height of the crash).
  14. Fun fact Ivonne Coll (Adriana) was actually Miss Puerto Rico in the 1960s!
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