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  1. You’re right it’s not! I didn’t watch this last year, but I have enjoyed it for many years. The doll cake was creepy, it deserved to win, but I would’ve kept the team with the toy box and gotten rid of the “block”(aka Lego) monster.
  2. I’m thinking the Mom is a “cafeteria Christian” she looks down on her kids for living the drug dealing life but was more than happy to accept the house Raq bought her. We are in agreement. I think Raq would disapprove of what Marvin did, and would allow Juke to stay with her, but would also tell Juke that you can’t step to grown men looking to fight and not be prepared to win- even if they are your father. Likely Raq will just tell Marvin “you fucked up with your daughter”(and that be the end of it), which Marvin knows. Marvin knows Juke won’t come back, that’s why he cried at
  3. There are 8 teams but episode 1 just has four of those 8.
  4. Yes this happened to me Friday- I dropped Cosmo off at the groomer, and rather than going to the coffee shop down the street I just came home (there was another dog in front of him). It was the first time since he came to me that I was home without him. Home was so quiet! Blake was sleeping peacefully in his box. Photo of Cosmo post groom. He feels so soft and fluffy! He looks thinner too.
  5. I did like this commercial because they were poking fun at themselves. But no I won’t be watching any Hallmark until after thanksgiving as usual because I CANNOT with Christmas movies before Halloween. There’s something about that movie- it captures the essence of what A+ Hallmark movies used to be like. I love it so much.
  6. Likely no. That’s just what they told friends and family. Medical records aren’t matters of public record, and there’s no Internet news cycle yet- not like anyone could Google her at this time. The hospital probably knows what happened but since there weren’t large amounts of drugs in their house they wouldn’t assume the parents (or Nicole) were dealing. Nicole was written off as a rich kid that got some bad crack, and after the tears and “I don’t know” from the parents I bet the police let it go.
  7. I am so sorry. You gave him a wonderful life. How kind of you to open your home and heart again so soon after your loss. Yes there are always more cats to give our love too. I like bonded pairs to- Blake is my last cat standing, when he goes I’ll get another bonded pair. I also couldn’t imagine life without a cat.
  8. I liked Raise a Glass to Love - the leads had chemistry, the scenery was pretty and wine is not a subject I know much about. (I don’t drink alcohol). I also liked Uncorked on Netflix that came out last year, which was better but made me think I’d like other movies about wine.
  9. @deaja and I have discussed it and there will not be a separate thread created for Jana. The show is off air, and her social media activity does not warrant discussion outside of this thread. You may continue to discuss Jana and the single adult Duggar offspring here. If you have questions, please feel free to PM us.
  10. I’m looking forward to this! I liked Rose McIver a lot on Once Upon a Time, Petals on the Wind, and iZombie.
  11. It was a good one. Lots of intense quiet acting in that one. Subtle facial work.
  12. I agree with your assessment. I do not see Anna as a particularly hard worker, the way I would say Jana has a strong work ethic. Anna thought she had hit Fundy royalty marrying Josh, and after scandals 1 & 2 she continued to procreate with him because she wanted more children. I do not know how she feels or what she thinks right now, and although I would never wish ill will on her or the baby on a basic human level-I don’t believe she has the DESIRE to leave Josh. At best she may desire to live a part from him and be supported by JB, which I think he would agr
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