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  1. Yeah I think it’s a little odd she shows so much interest in these young men, young enough to be her sons.
  2. I don’t think Justin looks 13. I admit I’m a part of the “baby face, high pitched voice club” so I’m bias, but to me he looks between 16-18. Most 13yrs old boys haven’t hit their adult height yet (compared to many girls who have). Claire does have an interesting face where she can look older or younger due to how she styled herself. In those photos they look like a teen couple going to a formal dance, where the boy is just more baby faced.
  3. I’m going to take him to the groomer in May and get him all spiffy.
  4. SJP is a perfectly attractive woman. Yes she’s thin, blonde and white which is often all that is required to be attractive in certain social circles, but I think she’s attractive as an entire package. The making fun of her looks I think is noted in some “WASPY” ideal that you be “attractive” you have to be “thin, blonde, white, AND have small features.” Mayim Bialik (Blossum/Big Bang Theory) talks about how she didn’t get cast for things because she wasn’t “all American- thin, blonde, white, AND have small features.” Danielle Fishel (Topanga from Boy Meets World) went through that as well. Yes she was. Women just really can’t win.
  5. You’re so sweet. He’s an easy boy. Very mellow, likes cats, doesn’t chew. He has spouts of energy and then he curls up on his dog bed. Which for the record I haven’t seen him sleep on since I washed it two days ago. It was lumpy from the washer/dryer so I was beating it on the floor to make it even again. I hope he still likes it! Well if the hard wood is more comfortable.....I know intellectually the dog is fine, but I was so proud of myself for buying something he liked on my first try (the dog bed).
  6. Cosmo has a new toy. He’s so very excited! I remember when my godmother first adopted him, my Mom bought him a stuffed rabbit that squeaks. Here he is with his new duck squeak toy! It feels like a HEAT WAVE in Chicagoland and walking him was a breeze.
  7. I’m taking care of my Godmother’s dog Cosmo. She was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in Fall 2019 and asked me to keep a spot for him (of course I agreed). On MLK night she called me and asked me would I come and get him- he’s been with me since then. I’ve dog sat for her for many years (long before Cosmo came into the picture) so I know a little bit about dogs but I’ve always been a cat person and grew up with cats. Cosmo is 8, so he’s not super energetic but he does like to play. My friends gave me a Kong toy he could care less about- however I remember when she first adopted him, my mom bought him a rabbit that squeaked. Here he is with his new duck squeak toy. He’s SO HAPPY!
  8. O- is the universal. I’m O+, not quite universal but since most people are (+) I’m the next best thing!
  9. I donated blood this morning! O+ in the house! Figured it was the least I could do to put back what my god mother used so that could help someone else. I coordinated my mask to my shirt- yes I did.
  10. I’ve heard this from some older people in my social circle that had COVID-19, tested positive, with symptoms (not requiring hospitalization though) and went to get the vaccine. All had 1st shot reactions.
  11. The chances of me getting married are slim, but I wouldn’t want my wedding anniversary so close to my birthday FOREVER. I want to celebrate my birthday on its own. I thought the same thing about Joe & Kendra- very cute together, and joyful, but looked like a prom photo.
  12. I was only a week off. I predicted a Valentine’s Day wedding when the courtship was announced. I feel oddly accomplished. Who wants to take bets on a Christmas week baby?
  13. I don’t think Bethany Joy Lenz is a good singer. She’s not bad, but in no way is she so exceptional I would think she could go on tour. Thinking of actors on the CW who actually can sing- like Grant Gustin (he was on gLee first)......yeah no.
  14. I love a fit and flare dress because I am shaped like a fertility statue, but I do have a very slim face/neck/collar bone area, so exposing that in the summer makes me look smaller than I am, a full skirt hides ALL the business. LOL. I think Kim had a much more athletic figure, and Kristin looks more like what an "ideal weight" me would look like so I can certainly identify with that. And I am a more modest dresser, (its not a weight thing, or a body shame thing- just a ME thing) and I like that Charlotte was usually covered up unless it was the beach or something.
  15. Yes even with the masks on, but one good thing about this pandemic and WFH is that I am out in public less and get approached by creepy dudes less.
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