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  1. There are plenty of people who are naturally slim and perfectly healthy, and yes it’s more common to be thin in certain circles- but it’s not just the kids are thin, they are ALL thin with bad complexions. They don’t look STRONG, even the teenaged boys who would likely be the most robust. The prepubescent kids are likely to be skinny but all the adolescents looking that way?!! I think they are probably genetically inclined to slimness AND getting small portions of food.
  2. Making sure you found the thread! You beat me to it. 👍🏽
  3. Even in Lawson’s cultural milieu if he wanted to be having sex (with men or women) he would be. It’s always easier for guys to make their own “rules” than it is for similarly situated women. Lawson could be having a sexual thing with a secular girl/guy and keeping it a secret. IF he wants to be having partnered sex with someone I believe that he is. Religion or no. That’s possible- but again Lawson is a man. He doesn’t HAVE to get married the same way a woman does- even in their circle. Society (their fundy one and our secular one) may give two looks to a young handsome guy that’s never been married by x age, but it’s not frowned on the same way it is for a woman. If Lawson is gay or even asexual, I commend him as you do for not marrying a woman and finding another path to happiness.
  4. Shawn didn’t die because of her, he died because of Kanaan. Terry died cause Ghost is hypocritical mother fucker. The man used to have sense! And it seems like he’s really gone off the deep end. I am still mad at him for killing Terry for NO REASON other than he was sleeping with Tasha. Ghost left TASHA. This isn’t Tasha’s fault but I do think she should stay away from guys.
  5. I don’t agree with what Proctor did but I don’t hate him for it. His ex chose to use drugs- she had NO intention of staying clean with cocaine in the house and her DEALER in her phone. She took the drugs WITH her child in the house under her care (good thing she had sense to call her Dad). I don’t think Proctor wanted her to die but his life is so much easier with her gone. Of course I don’t agree but I understand why he didn’t hit the number. Now though we have the recording of her asking him to call 911 and him responding in anger and not dialing. As always fuck Ghost. Fuck Tariq. Tasha, I know you’re a beautiful vibrant woman but stay away from guys for a hot minute. At least until the divorce is final.
  6. Well I don’t think so. 1. Bishop cheated first (repeatedly), with her SISTER. 2. Lady Mae didn’t INTEND to have an adultery baby, she was pissed at Bishop for cheating and had sex with Lionel to get back at him, which resulted in conceiving Grace, but by all indications she and Bishop were still together and sexually active at that time, so she probably hoped the pregnancy was his- she didn’t know for sure either way. I say they are even after all the shit he’s put her through.
  7. That’s amazing! Great for her she looks beautiful.
  8. I don’t have anything new to say that hasn’t been said but Taeyang is SO PRECIOUS. I love his face. He is very well formed to only be 7-8eeks old.
  9. I agree with all of this. I also think once Elizabeth gets out of debtor’s jail (and she will, Lucy will pay the debt), there are more stories to explore with her and Will. I can see Kate being dropped just like Amelia and co from last season, but I did enjoy the actress. She was a very interesting character- not raised in sex work but learning it “on the job” and being influenced by her Provençal up bringing. If she plays her cards right she can buy herself a nice house or something once the Prince is done with her- but she may stay his mistress for quite awhile. The navy was too good for Hal. He was dead to me when he tried to sell Harriet into slavery. What a piece of shit. Emily did the right thing though- Greek street was gone for her, the Tavern was her best shot at her own thing.
  10. 1. I was rooting for Dre until he shot Donovan- now I’m done with him. Donovan kept he and his daughter ALIVE, clutched that baby to his chest and protected them and then he shot him in cold blood, while his daughter WATCHED. Omg I’m so done. 2. Fuck Tariq- as usual. Why why why is he is such an asshole. Coming to his mother’s new apartment, when they TOLD HIS ASS to stay at school, then insulting her and offering her money. I was on Tasha’s side when she told them both to leave the apartment. If Tariq really felt remorse for the things he did that got Rhina killed he would quit this shit and live a better life! Ghost is spending a lot of money to send him to Choate- leave the drug game Tariq. 3. Tasha’s Mom is being very unfair to her. Really- the dumbest thing Tasha did was sign that prenup (cause it’s awful- WHO let her do that!!), but JAMES left HER. There was nothing Tasha could do! I assume Tasha’s contingency plan if James died or was convicted was to run the legal businesses without him. James is going to have to give her SOMETHING to get started- like why not hand over a couple of the Laundry Mats (he still has some right???) there’s no reason for him to be this fucking greedy. 4. Tommy was right- Ghost lost because he has NO ONE, because he backstabbed everyone. If he had treated Tasha half way decently (because she was a great wife to him) even if he wanted to be with Angela (who’s now DEAD) she would’ve helped him. It looked like Tommy was going to cry on the dock. Ghost treating him this way has broken his heart.
  11. Yes- a dowry is traditionally paid by the brides’ family to the groom (or the groom’s family). If a divorce happens or the husband dies leaving the wife no assets the wife can use this money/assets to live on. A bride price is paid by the groom (like Benjamin) to the bride’s family as payment for taking the bride and her skills away from her family, also as a reimbursement for the raising of said woman.
  12. Slow clap. I agree with you 100%.
  13. Yes that’s been a popular maternity shoot style especially if you’re pregnant in summer/fall.
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