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  1. I enjoyed the series, I will probably rewatch again to catch things I wouldnt catch the first glance. I do think streaming series do themselves a disservice when they only have 8 episode. I think 10 is the minimum you can do to move the plot along and give episodes a chance to breathe- I actually prefer 12-13 episodes, 8 is too few. I haven’t read the books but I’m intrigued.
  2. Poor Jerry! Losing his mother so young. I’m glad the cheer community rallied around him to give him love and support. My friend asked me to watch so we could discuss it.
  3. This is very true. For all of Kailyn’s arrogance and bravado she doesn’t like herself very much because she clings to people that treat her horribly and mistreat people that are actually kind to her. The way she did Javi around their divorce was just wrong- not that I’m saying divorcing him was wrong, but the gaslighting and making him think he was crazy and playing with his feelings when she couldn’t wait to drop him.
  4. Yes. As someone who’s spent 30 years in the terrible 2s, statements like these STING, more for my Mom than for myself. My Mom hates them. “No trust me, you want your child to grow up, a perpetual toddler isn’t fun for you or the other members of your family.” I know people aren’t actually wishing their child has a severe mental disability but children ARE SUPPOSED to grow up. edited to keep it on topic: In this family where babies are a dime a dozen it’s not as if this is a “rare time”, however I can attest that babies are emotionally and intellectually easier- meet their basic needs and they smile & coo, they never talk back or question authority....ummm makes sense why the Bateses and Duggar’s love babies so much! Lol.
  5. @Nysha howdy! While I do think most people have more empathy in their hearts for babies and pre-pubescent children, I don’t think that’s why the crack crisis was a “crisis”. IMO I think it was deemed a crisis because of the fear that the babies born addicted to crack would likely always be so physically and mentally disabled they wouldn’t be able to perform in the lower rungs of the economy. An entire generation of poor black people who can’t even sweep floors, clean hotel rooms or work in daycares? BAD FOR BUSINESS. Yeah I’m cynical like that. And given all of the ableism in the black community itself, it was a fear of how disability would effect the economy more than the concern for the babies or the mothers themselves.
  6. So I’m watching “Cheer” on Netflix and I have a lot of respect for how hard these kids work and what they are able to achieve. How come we never heard Leah talk about THAT part of cheer, team work, athleticism, cooperation etc (which are all wonderful things), it seems that she only talks about the makeup and the costume. I enjoy pretty makeup and costumes too but these kids are WORKING.....I wasn’t sure if this would go in the Leah thread so I stuck it in small talk.
  7. At least be dick crazy over someone who’s NICE TO YOU. That’s what I don’t get. Penis is pretty easy to get, until straight women get over the age of 60 and the men start getting sick/dying first, so why not choose one that’s at least PLEASANT to you. Golly.....
  8. It’s Australia Day! Does anyone know what members of the royal family have patronages for charities in Australia? The fires have been so devastating, for humans and wildlife. These koalas are making my heart melt.
  9. That color is really pretty- I think it would look nice on Jinger.
  10. I don’t think TLC is at fault for what happened to LB. He suffered from depression for a long time (which all of these participants do or they wouldn’t be on the show!), and he left loved ones wanting someone else to blame. I think TLC will settle because that will be cheaper than the lawyer fees to fight it, not that I think they will admit any wrong doing.
  11. 3 years of Watson. He is very cute.
  12. No you’re not the only one. Chris is trash, but we KNOW Kailyn has a history of ATTACKING MEN FIRST. Now unlike Jo and Javi (who I think are morally decent people and would never put hands on someone first), Chris would not hold back if Kailyn went off on him. WHY is she chasing after this man??? I know there are many terrified women who are trying to stay alive and deal with abusers they have kids with- Kailyn isn’t one of them. She begs and begs him for attention and when he doesn’t cooperate in the way she wants she gets angry and violent. Slow clap for you. I agree with everything you said, and I’ve said similar things in the Tori Spelling boards. Also, having wealth to shield you from harm isn’t a bad thing, but Kailyn NEVER takes ANY responsibility for ANYTHING she has ever done. It’s always someone else’s fault.
  13. L. B. Had such promise. I’m so sorry for his family and their suffering. Likely TLC will settle.
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