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  1. Yes, they do--the occupancy limitations probably vary from state to state, but I would think all states have some kind of occupancy law on their books.
  2. She thrives on having someone to be angry at and someone to blame. I totally think the Bennifer reunion is a publicity stunt. The press coverage had dried up on J-Lo after her breakup a few months ago. I think she called up Ben and he agreed to have a faux romance. I have no doubt the pap photos are all planned and phoned in ahead of time.
  3. Gigi explained to them that she is not in the best of health and she doesn't have the energy to do what she's been doing. It's sad they had to be told that. Now they are pondering what to do about child care. So that means they were depending on Gigi a tremendous amount.
  4. So I guess we can add gambling to her list of loves alongside guns, drinking, and smoking cigars.
  5. We have a program at our local shelter where kids come in and read to the dogs. It's so cute. Looks like Izzy has really taken a shine to Fenna.
  6. We had a lock on the fridge where I worked. Our maintenance guy put it on. It was a hasp lock we bought at Lowe's. I agree that Ivy playing in the fridge is dangerous. My mom used to always 'tsk tsk' when she'd see moms like Jessa and say with a sigh, "Survival of the fittest."
  7. Lol--I was trying to figure it out. 😄
  8. One of my favorite episodes aired last night--the one where Rob goes skiing and gets a bruised body and tries to hide it from Laura. I especially love the scene in the hospital when he and Jerry are interacting.
  9. Yeah, when I was young I had a dog who'd gobble up anything and everything he'd find on our walks before I could grab it away from him: a rubber jacks ball, a piece of window screen, a broken off piece of picket fence, a used brillo pad, not to mention his own poop. I believe it when people say dogs have cast iron stomachs. Old breast milk won't hurt Fenna. She looks happy and well cared for.
  10. This may have been posted before, but this is the history of I Hope's performance as per Wikipedia: I wonder if Gabby and her hubby have turned Jinger and Jeremy into viewers of American Idol. Or maybe Jeremy has watched it in the past, but there's no way Jinger & family were allowed to, with all the secular music, sleeveless dresses, and non-side-hugging.
  11. Yeah, the kind I use has me putting the car in park (or turning off the ignition) in the wash tunnel, and the two walls with hoses, etc. go back and forth along the car. The car doesn't move--everything else does.
  12. I doubt Kris would do anything to help Caitlyn. They have not been on the best of terms. Plus, I would guess Kris is a democrat.
  13. I thought so, too! I hope she permanently ditches the big glasses. She looks lovely without them.
  14. This episode really made me angry. Poor Gigi. She's old and tired and they frivolously hand her another baby for her to help with. And of course if the mom is put on bed rest for a couple of months like what happened before, who will be called on to help? Gigi, of course. I wish someone would tell them that the United States has a higher rate of mothers dying in childbirth than many other countries. Each time she gives birth, she's risking something going wrong and leaving all those kids without a mother. How selfish. And on top of that, they have one child who still has issues and ano
  15. I always fast-forward through these scenes. These people are desperate for help and they're told the only way they can be on the show is if they agree to be filmed naked. It's so humiliating and unnecessary.
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