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  1. The Dick Van Dyke Show is my all time favorite comedy show as well. And we must not forget his time on Your Show of Shows. Here, Carl, Sid, & company perform what has been called the greatest comedy sketch of all time: (For some reason, this Youtube doesn't start at the beginning. You'll have to move the little thingee to the left.)
  2. I was just coming here to post that they won and you read my mind about Meghan being even more insufferable than usual. I remember when The View was named as the most important political talk show a while back, she milked that for months.
  3. I'm listening to today's episode of Clay Aiken's political podcast and one of his guests is Meghan's husband. Clay asked him for his location and he said Washington, DC.
  4. I agree--I think this is a huge part of the reason for her current mood.
  5. She also said, "I never write Trump out," when I think she meant, "I never write Trump off," when Whoopi asked her about the effect of today's Supreme Court decision on Trump's election chances.
  6. Toofab.com is related to TMZ. I'm not sure how they're related, but TMZ promotes the heck out of it on their (TMZ's) website. So I'm thinking the news is legit. 🙂
  7. It looks like it will be an all-star season: https://toofab.com/2020/06/16/big-brother-all-star-season-rumors/ Frankie's coming back? Nooooooo.... 🤢🤮
  8. I just got around to watching Tuesday's episode and Meghan actually said "fans of Hattie McDaniel."
  9. I haven't seen today's episode yet, but I'm going to give a plug to GWTW. I've seen the movie about 50 to 60 times over my life (and read the book three times). Are there cringe worthy scenes? Absolutely. But that doesn't mean it's not a masterpiece, in my opinion. The script, direction, cast, art direction, musical score, scenic design, etc. deserve all the accolades they received. And the cringe worthy scenes won't keep me from watching the next time it plays on Turner Classic Movies, although I must say I've kind of gotten tired of it ("I'm so very tired of it all!") since I've seen it so many times. 😄
  10. It was Mayberry RFD. 🙂
  11. I just saw Return to Mayberry. I can't remember if I saw it when it first aired. I do have a vague memory of Ron Howard in a mustache on TV in that time period, so I probably saw it. I always hated when Andy would maneuver things to make Barney look good. This was no exception. All in all, though, it was fun to see everyone back in Mayberry.
  12. I watched the Mayberry episode the other day about Millie being the town's fashion trendsetter after winning an award for most fashion-forward woman in the county. She then introduced the midi length to the other ladies in town. Of course, the episode was all about the men being crestfallen that mini-skirts were on the way out and forbidding their wives from wearing the midi length. It's kind of infuriating to me when I see old TV episodes like that with men telling women what they can and can't do. Even sensible Sam couldn't muster up any enthusiasm for Millie's new outfit.
  13. I wasn't crazy about Warren, but I didn't mind Howard. I really didn't like Emmett.
  14. I was thinking the same thing. My grandmother, who ate fatty pork every day of her life, lived to be 89. She didn't like chicken or beef, but pork chops, pork roast, etc. was her thing, cooked in lard, of course, and the fatter, the better. And she snacked on cracklins. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, you deep fry pork belly and the cracklins float to the top. You skim them off and refry them. I haven't had any any decades (extremely high in calories!), but they're delicious. Anyway, I don't think my grandmother knew what her cholesterol levels were. I will say this--she exercised every day of her life. Into her seventies, she was still walking a half-mile a day. She only quit because her knee wore out. I remember Dr. Weil saying the two foods you should never eat are margarine and high-fructose corn syrup. I still eat margarine only because it's fewer calories than butter. I have a feeling 50 years from now, people will be saying, "People were so ignorant 50 years ago--eating preservatives, food dyes, seed oils, etc. Didn't they know how dangerous that was?" It'll be like what we say now about people not knowing in the past how germs spread. Surgeons operated without washing their hands or their instruments between surgeries. How could they do that, we say now? In the future, we'll look like the dummies. I still like Bill. Yes, he's a curmudgeon, but he's our curmudgeon.
  15. I'm thinking more like one or two. Abbie was very sick for this pregnancy. I'll bet John wouldn't want her to go through that again too many times.
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