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  1. Another Daily Mail article from Meghan: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-10096547/MEGHAN-MCCAIN-Katie-Couric-poster-girl-Americas-hypocritical-biased-mainstream-medi.html
  2. Yeah, I was kind of thinking that they'd stick with a total of two kids, but they apparently wanted another. Maybe they specifically wanted to try for a girl, but wow, they could have another 3-4 boys before having a girl.
  3. I remember her being very angry and abrasive on Apprentice during a specific event. I can't remember exactly what it was about, but it had to do with her daughter Melissa, who was also on the show. In Joan's view, someone had not treated Melissa as she thought she should be treated. Melissa showed her true colors--really reeking with venom and anger. I was shocked at how mean she could be. Joan took up for her and defended her totally, even though Melissa was completely over the top in her anger. Melissa showed herself to be a spoiled brat, with Joan enabling her. Melissa was later aske
  4. This may be old news, but according to two of her sources, WoACB says Jana & Stephen W. are no longer together.
  5. OK, I think Whoopie lied. She said she once dated a guy who said, "I didn't know Paul McCartney was in another band." The I-didn't-know-Paul-McCartney-was-in-another-band quote is something I've heard numerous times over the years quoted by people who want to make a point that someone they know was not familiar with the Beatles.
  6. I read an interesting book last week entitled An Only Child and Her Sister by Casey Maxwell Clair, a Hollywood writer. It was sort of a memoir which included her abusive childhood. Her mother was cold, emotionally-distant, and at times downright cruel. Her father was strung out on pills for many years. Something interesting is that there's a Lucy connection. The mother's name is Eve Whitney and she had a small part in the Charm School episode. She and her husband knew Lucy and Desi, and Lucy offered her the role and said they would put her real name in the script. You'll remember the sc
  7. Interview with Julie: Julie Chen Moonves on who is running the Cookout alliance on Big Brother https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/julie-chen-moonves-running-cookout-152736140.html
  8. Lol--he's so funny! He once wore a similar jacket on The View and said, "I look a little bit like a sofa." 😄 He's a quick player. Too bad on his first round, he was paired with a not very good contestant. She gave weird clues for the Egyptian category. For "chariots," she gave the clue, "Blazing......" WTF? And for "board game," she referred to the game they were playing which was not a "board" game.
  9. I didn't mind her until she made the puppy-dog eyes at Derex, begging for the $5,000. She lost me after that. I'll bet Derex would like to have that money back. Hopefully, he'll win AFH.
  10. The rumor is true. They have broken up: https://people.com/tv/jon-gosselin-announces-split-colleen-conrad-amid-her-breast-cancer-battle/ (I can't get rid of the quote box.)
  11. I wouldn't have minded Nicolle winning, but yeah, a little of her goes a long way. She's too perky. Perky people annoy me.
  12. I'm thinking Meghan is pouting with Clay bigtime. Remember when she bashed Kathy Griffin, and later that day, Clay tweeted good wishes to Kathy? Well, on August 8, Clay posted an Instagram birthday tribute to his son Parker, using a picture of the hospital clock when his son was born. (Side note: His son was born on 8/8/08 at 8:08 am. The clock photo was taken by Yolanda Hadid who was present at the birth. Parker's mom is David Foster's sister.) Normally, Meghan would have either commented on the post, or at least liked it. Here we are four days later, and Meghan hasn't done either
  13. It looks like Mike & Mayim both are getting the gig: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-9884489/Jeopardy-announce-Mike-Richards-Mayim-Bialik-new-hosts-iconic-quiz-show.html
  14. Deon went to a therapist to find out if he had OCD (obviously a producer-driven thing). Her verdict was that he does not have OCD. Gigi persuaded Darian to not jump at the first boy that likes her and wait until she finds a boy that she likes. Gigi got pregnant at 15 and doesn't want the same thing to happen to Darian. Karen's right side went limp during an interview, but she did not have a stroke. It was a back spasm that caused temporary paralysis. Deon was so happy and grateful that she was OK, that he relented and agreed to move to South Carolina and be a bicoastal famil
  15. I became annoyed with Joe Buck within 30 seconds. I'll watch the entire week to see if he improves.
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