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  1. msani19

    Father Brown

    @TeslaNewton I totally agree. There are only so many services any of us can be expected to pay for regularly. I've probably reached my limit, if there's some new service that I might be interested in, I'd have to drop one of my current ones.
  2. msani19

    Father Brown

    I decided to get a free trial of BritBox last year to watch the latest season of Midsomer Murders. I ended up keeping it because so much of what I had watched on Netflix or free on Prime were now under the BritBox umbrella. I'm happy to have it so at least I can watch all of Father Brown, which is a favorite of mine. BritBox doesn't have every season of some shows, I guess they have some agreement with Acorn to split up some shows. It's annoying and I'm not doing an Acorn subscription. With all the individual streaming services, it's just getting too expensive.
  3. msani19

    I'm Sorry

    I'm happy to see that the show was picked up for a 3rd season. https://deadline.com/2019/06/andrea-savage-im-sorry-renewed-season-3-trutv-1202634096/
  4. msani19


    I loved season 2. Loved it, loved it! I've watched it 3 times already and there is so much packed into each episode but it doesn't feel overwhelming or rushed. I astonished at how talented PWB is. The fact that we only had 6 episodes in the season yet I feel like the show was fully realized. Because this was such a brilliant show, of course, I want another season but I can understand how she feels this was enough. Like the weirdo I am, I actually waved back at my tv at the end when she was walking away and waving at us! I have many thoughts but all of you have captured the nuance and subtlety and depth. The priest was wonderful. my knees buckled when he said, "Kneel", cause rawr! That whole episode was poignant. I related to her so much in her confessional. The idea that she wants someone to take care of her even if she feels it's not what she's supposed to want as a feminist and a strong independent woman, but yeah sometimes... The relationship between the sisters was also so well done. Touching and relatable. You could feel that despite how different they were they loved each other so much. I will watch anything and everything she ever does forever! Killing Eve isn't my kind of show, but I'm watching it this weekend. I liked Crashing. Brillant!
  5. It meant a lot to many of us too!
  6. Not thrilled about the Nobel win but it seemed inevitable. Leonard slapping the lights out of Sheldon? Delightful! Not that I condone violence. Amy’s makeover? Perfect and she looked great. Glad she got to look really good finally Howard and Bernadette pretending to be Sheldon and Amy’s best friends. Amusing Penny pregnant. For every person who predicted that one and I scoffed, I should have known better. This is a traditional sitcom so of course, she would be pregnant. I liked how it was handled though. Leonard seemed so happy and I liked that. He slapped Sheldon and he gets to be a Dad, it’s his dream come true. Sheldon grows in the episode – hmm, I liked it. I hope it sticks but he’s been such a jerk. I was moved when Amy spoke. Yea, girls in Science! Ok then I actually started to cry. WTF show Am I really going to miss the show that has annoyed me for at least 3-4 years now? I guess so. Well done finale
  7. msani19

    Midsomer Murders

    I was happy to see that they are currently filming season 21.
  8. msani19

    Midsomer Murders

    Love your name Lennie Briscoe, one of the very BEST TV detectives! "Law and Order" was never quite the same without him. I'm one my first rewatch of the show. I added another subscription to my life, so I could watch via BritBox. I really liked Tom Barnaby the first time I watched, but I never noticed the subtle, confident sexiness of DCI Tom Barnaby! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the episodes. It's always nice to hear what people watching for the first time think about the show and different episodes.
  9. msani19

    Happy Together

    Very disappointing. I feel like the show could really gain a steady and solid audience with a little more time which tv executives just don't do anymore. I'll continue to enjoy it while we can, and keep hoping for a renewal.
  10. msani19

    S06.E10: Flamingos and a Dance-Based Exercise Class

    I'm starting to really agree with this idea.
  11. msani19

    Sex and the City in the Media

    Yes, you smart people called that the script would kill off Big. Congrats, and also thank you, Kim (#TeamKim) for turning this drivel down. Watching Carrie indulge in her own grief and making everyone else obsess over everything Carrie, wouldn't have been anything I would have watched. I had zero interest in a 3rd movie no matter what the storyline, but something that hyper-focuses on Carrie is a HARD PASS. I'd like to send Kim Cattrall a card, some flowers? Something as my sign of gratitude.
  12. msani19

    Happy Together

    Oh no, why do you guys think the show might be canceled? I haven't seen any info on ratings so I don't know if it's doing well or not, but I really enjoy it! I feel like it's starting to gel really nicely. The Cooper character started really weak to me but he's gotten better in recent episodes. I still feel like the premise overall is going to be difficult to maintain though. Damon Wayans Jr is a joy. Even when he does something predictable, like last night, I saw all the falling gags he did coming, but I still laughed like a maniac! He sells and commits to everything! He and Amber work really nicely together, and I've really started to like what her parents bring each episode. Please - no to a cancellation. The Neighborhood just isn't as funny to me.
  13. I couldn't help this snarky comment but what exactly is her strong suit? She's sort of ok in micro, micro-doses - which I guess means not at all, lol! I do admire her hustle, cause she keeps on trucking! Look forward to reading the comments on the movie. I was ASTONISHED that she was actually in a lead role of a movie, but sure why not. There certainly aren't any quality actors out there at all to cast in these movies /sarcasm Hallmark movies are operating in this really weird space to me these days. I mostly enjoyed the movies and had my fair share of issues with them which many posters have noted over the years. I think that maybe there are things that the executives are determined to never address that continue to be more and more glaring as time goes on.
  14. msani19

    Happy Together

    To be honest, I'm surprised that I have liked this. It made me actually laugh quite a few times, mostly because Damon Wayans Jr is a freaking gem! Loved him from Happy Endings (gone too soon) and New Girl. I was thrilled to see the actor who played Deacon on the King of Queens as well! I wasn't sure about Amber West who I thought wouldn't be able to hold her own playing off Damon Wayans but she's doing a great job! I think his strengths are improving her abilities, which were a little weak from the Carmichael Show. Her parents are hilarious! I'm least enjoying the pop star kid. It feels like things come to a screeching halt when he enters any scene. I don't know if it's the actor, the writing, the directing or what but I'm hoping that he settles into a good rhythm with the rest of a really solid cast.
  15. msani19

    S12.E03: The Procreation Calculation

    Based on all his shows, he seems incapable of seeing that all women aren't awful