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  1. The Hallmark edits are a crime against good TV.
  2. An interesting aspect to the Hallmark changing their minds story is that Zola was ready yo pull ALL their advertising from the various channels. I mean their decision smacked more of a financial one than a principled stance, but the threat they must have faced was likely significant. They also have so much more competition from other networks, as has been mentioned. They were pioneers in this type of cheesy, saccharine Christmas movie fare. But as with all pioneers, you get eclipsed as newer and better brands get introduced. Hallmark was destined to decline whether or not they have gay characters looking at each other in a movie or not. If it's really that serious for these groups, as someone noted above, why not start their own channel - all white, hetero, 1950s gender roles movies which will not play any upsetting ads ever? Seems simple enough to me.
  3. Like she's secretly plotting "how to murder you and dispose of the body so no one will ever find" it scary? Her movies can lay of the cute a little heavy, I generally don't have problems with her. I might be more interested in watching her movies though, if it then becomes the"how will she kill this character". Like every time we she her smile, we have to come up with the disturbing murder scenario she's concocting in her head.
  4. Well that was fast enough to give us whiplash. I can only imagine the intense meetings that the executives must have had all day today to manage the disaster that they self-created. The money they saw they stood to lose must have outweighed the faux-outrage over the Zola ad. What stands in sharp contrast to me is that the posters in this thread alone have noted how lacking Hallmark movies have been for YEARS. Whether they decided to pull the ad or not, it was apparent that the network was making a conscious decision to maintain the very specific view which did not include any people of any color nor LGBTQ characters...dare I say an "agenda" even? I've heard of this million moms group before, I think they got mad at Ellen some years ago. It has nowhere near 1 million of anything, so way to cave to them, real brave.
  5. Completely agree. It would be so freaking unbelievable that it would really spoil the show. Hoping that nothing crazy happens in the last episode that renders me unable to ever rewatch the show.
  6. You are not alone my friend! It is hard to find other Black people who liked MAY but it was on when I was in college and my roommates and I would sit together and watch it every week. We loved it, but people were like you guys watch that show! Well at least we had each other. I also LOVE Frasier and Girlfriends, lol. I haven't seen any of the revival cause I don't have whatever Spectrum is. It sounds ok-ish but not something that I'd be clamoring to try to find at some point based on the comments on here.
  7. I saw a couple season 1 episodes the other day and it was striking how much different Doug was in those compared to how he was towards the end. I think Richie served more of the role of the kinda stupid one, when he left they shifted a lot that onto Doug. There were definitely some elements of him being manipulative from early on that carried through. Like he was already trying to make sure Carrie didn't get fat like her mother did. Like are you KIDDING ME! When he did that nice thing for Arthur and Carrie had sex with him, and he kept trying to manipulate her to get more of it by spending more time with Arthur. Again, grow up! I've ALWAYS hated the "man never gets enough sex or the sex he wants from his mean wife" trope. When he lies to Carrie about forgetting her birthday and comes up with a lame plan to try to cover. It did give us the great "bilgistic" though! He couldn't be counted on to say what needed to be said like a fully grown adult. One that drives me crazy along those lines is when he refuses to sign his parents living will cause he's a whiny baby and flipped out cause his mom made lemon squares with, of all the horrors, real lemons. Ugh Doug!
  8. That's a tough one! Doug was definitely incredibly selfish and immature. He was always looking for a way to get one over on Carrie which was so annoying and, yes, pretty manipulative. He did things to avoid discomfort or any responsibility on his part. Carrie was almost as bad, although she tried to manipulate Doug into being better or trying something new, like salsa dancing.
  9. The only thing that made me laugh was when Abishola said "Nigerians don't do useless things", from my parents it was always "Go do something constructive", so that's really not that far off.
  10. I kinda thought that when Doug and Carrie bought their house - and I always thought that Doug's parents helped them - the neighborhood was more "working class". Then real estate values increased and their neighborhood probably attracted different people. I also thought it's NYC, so living in Queens would be FAR more affordable than Manhattan or Brooklyn. So I could see Lou living there. He's famous, but is he rich? I don't know. (Did the writers actually think about it this much when they wrote the show? LOL, I doubt it! I've just over-thought it way too much!)
  11. @TeslaNewton I totally agree. There are only so many services any of us can be expected to pay for regularly. I've probably reached my limit, if there's some new service that I might be interested in, I'd have to drop one of my current ones.
  12. I decided to get a free trial of BritBox last year to watch the latest season of Midsomer Murders. I ended up keeping it because so much of what I had watched on Netflix or free on Prime were now under the BritBox umbrella. I'm happy to have it so at least I can watch all of Father Brown, which is a favorite of mine. BritBox doesn't have every season of some shows, I guess they have some agreement with Acorn to split up some shows. It's annoying and I'm not doing an Acorn subscription. With all the individual streaming services, it's just getting too expensive.
  13. I'm happy to see that the show was picked up for a 3rd season. https://deadline.com/2019/06/andrea-savage-im-sorry-renewed-season-3-trutv-1202634096/
  14. I loved season 2. Loved it, loved it! I've watched it 3 times already and there is so much packed into each episode but it doesn't feel overwhelming or rushed. I astonished at how talented PWB is. The fact that we only had 6 episodes in the season yet I feel like the show was fully realized. Because this was such a brilliant show, of course, I want another season but I can understand how she feels this was enough. Like the weirdo I am, I actually waved back at my tv at the end when she was walking away and waving at us! I have many thoughts but all of you have captured the nuance and subtlety and depth. The priest was wonderful. my knees buckled when he said, "Kneel", cause rawr! That whole episode was poignant. I related to her so much in her confessional. The idea that she wants someone to take care of her even if she feels it's not what she's supposed to want as a feminist and a strong independent woman, but yeah sometimes... The relationship between the sisters was also so well done. Touching and relatable. You could feel that despite how different they were they loved each other so much. I will watch anything and everything she ever does forever! Killing Eve isn't my kind of show, but I'm watching it this weekend. I liked Crashing. Brillant!
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