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  1. Lolol...you make a great point, . That episode was ridiculous.
  2. I like that! Especially if she's someone who only says half her thought before he jumps in with the other half and then she does the same with him. Like they fill in each other's thoughts because they are both brilliant thinkers. This happening, all while leaving the team baffled at what they are witnessing! Now in my imagining, she's also a DI, so maybe she's there for a big case? They've done it before so it's not a wild idea! Clearly not what they will do but I'm intrigued with this idea now! DIP writers, if you are poking around!
  3. I wholeheartedly agree with your entire post! I really enjoy when writers discover that certain characters play off each other so well that there's no way they can't put them together. That's what I'd prefer to see and I don't see that here at all. There's no chemistry whatsoever. They are clearly colleagues, she is polite and kind because they work together. I don't think she's a good enough actress to convince me that she had secret hidden feelings for him, lol! Nope. I'm on record (with my friends at least!) at HATING when tv shows insist on pairing up the male/ female leads. It's as
  4. She's amazing! Her speech was lovely and heartfelt and genuine. I love that she got a standing ovation, it's quite something when your colleagues respect and admire you as they do with her. Well deserved. If I was in that category, I'd be running around tell everyone "I lost to JEAN SMART!" I'd wear it as badge of honor.
  5. lol, nope! He always wears, what seems like a wool suit, in the CARIBBEAN, while complaining about it being so hot all the time and insisting on drinking his hot tea! Always made me laugh!
  6. I'll also try the half milk/ half water as well! I found that fascinating. The info about Washington was just appalling to learn, like many other things in the special. For some reason, that one just made me so angry & sad. Such a great guy, ugh. Loved the whole special, well done and informative and touching and engaging.
  7. I hadn't liked Florence when she first joined the team because I had liked Camille. But then on a recent re-watch I ended up not liking Camille quite as much. She seemed so irritated and exasperated a lot of the times with both Richard and Humphrey, with her eye rolling and side eyes. There are times when I wonder what I like about the show when there are so many characters that get on my nerves 😀 I think it's a case of the sum of the parts is greater than the parts. Overall, it works. Dwayne's absence is REALLY evident with a rewatch. I really liked Fidel. JP was a good addition wh
  8. Tell me about it! He's proven to be pretty irreplaceable, he managed to capture the light-hearted carefree attitude, with experience, and knowledge of the inner workings of the island. Ruby grew on me, but she was so irritating in the beginning. The less I say about MArlon the better. I guess I liked his fondness and eventual admiration for JP. Otherwise, no.
  9. Applause to every word you wrote. I don't want to belabour Coupling too much but when that first episode was the literal word for word copy of the original, that's when I knew it was going to be a terrible show. You're right the actors weren't "better" however there is an alchemy when you get the right people together. Lee, Dave and Rob are magical! Such a perfect word for it. YOu can't recreate that by throwing similar ingredients in. I'm just so apprehensive at what will be shown. I only just started seeing Taskmasters, thanks to YouTube putting episodes in for me. I didn't even realiz
  10. In seasons 1 and 2, yes, I very much liked Rory. I liked her less and less each following season. Peak hate was season 4 and 5. I absolutely detested her in the revival or season 8, I guess. Now I I've worked myself up just thinking about her!
  11. Maybe it is the accent! You're so right that the shows just don't translate when they cross the pond. I'm sure many smart people have written why. Of course they have lots of terrible shows there too, so it's not just us that suffer through that. I suspect a good part of the issue is going from 6-8 episodes in a series to 22-26 (now sometimes 13) episodes in a season. American TV makes 3-4 years worth of a British show in one year! it's so much content to generate and it can't align with the original concept. My original horror was the American version of Coupling. I will still never for
  12. I like the idea of reaching within the improv community, which has some very talented performers. I worry that because it's a network show they will go for some big names. Paul F Tompkins would be an interesting choice. Let's hope the network heads don't mess this up!
  13. I couldn't agree more. Not optimistic about this since you're right the casting of the host and team captains is critical. The more I watch the original version, the more apparent that becomes. Who is the US version of Lee Mack? David Mitchell? Rob Brydon? Not to mention they should really get a Bob Mortimer like guest on the show as well. I adore when he's on the show!
  14. Given that his allergies and other ailments didn't just suddenly appear when he landed on the island. He was this way when he was in England. I can imagine his coworkers found him annoying. He's quirky even without the medical issues, but he a decent guy. I do like that about him, it's the combination all of his things that just ruins it for me. He could really improve in my opinion. I already like him a little more than I did in S9. Watch in a couple years when I start yelling about how much I love Neville 😄 I did see a cute clip from one of those British "chat shows" when he had just be
  15. I hadn't considered that Neville doesn't seem to hold it against them that they are total jerks to him most of the time. I get annoyed with the insulting looks to each other and their side eyes when they are encountering the new detective for the first time. Is it necessary to behave like "look at this joker what's his problem"? I find it truly annoying and they've done it with every detective. I know that's the point, it irks me! I thought that the first time he met the commissioner was when Neville mistook him for his taxi driver? It was an innocent mistake, because, of course he didn't
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