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  1. msani19

    Midsomer Murders

    I was happy to see that they are currently filming season 21.
  2. msani19

    Midsomer Murders

    Love your name Lennie Briscoe, one of the very BEST TV detectives! "Law and Order" was never quite the same without him. I'm one my first rewatch of the show. I added another subscription to my life, so I could watch via BritBox. I really liked Tom Barnaby the first time I watched, but I never noticed the subtle, confident sexiness of DCI Tom Barnaby! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the episodes. It's always nice to hear what people watching for the first time think about the show and different episodes.
  3. msani19

    Happy Together

    Very disappointing. I feel like the show could really gain a steady and solid audience with a little more time which tv executives just don't do anymore. I'll continue to enjoy it while we can, and keep hoping for a renewal.
  4. msani19

    S06.E10: Flamingos and a Dance-Based Exercise Class

    I'm starting to really agree with this idea.
  5. msani19

    Sex and the City in the Media

    Yes, you smart people called that the script would kill off Big. Congrats, and also thank you, Kim (#TeamKim) for turning this drivel down. Watching Carrie indulge in her own grief and making everyone else obsess over everything Carrie, wouldn't have been anything I would have watched. I had zero interest in a 3rd movie no matter what the storyline, but something that hyper-focuses on Carrie is a HARD PASS. I'd like to send Kim Cattrall a card, some flowers? Something as my sign of gratitude.
  6. msani19

    Happy Together

    Oh no, why do you guys think the show might be canceled? I haven't seen any info on ratings so I don't know if it's doing well or not, but I really enjoy it! I feel like it's starting to gel really nicely. The Cooper character started really weak to me but he's gotten better in recent episodes. I still feel like the premise overall is going to be difficult to maintain though. Damon Wayans Jr is a joy. Even when he does something predictable, like last night, I saw all the falling gags he did coming, but I still laughed like a maniac! He sells and commits to everything! He and Amber work really nicely together, and I've really started to like what her parents bring each episode. Please - no to a cancellation. The Neighborhood just isn't as funny to me.
  7. I couldn't help this snarky comment but what exactly is her strong suit? She's sort of ok in micro, micro-doses - which I guess means not at all, lol! I do admire her hustle, cause she keeps on trucking! Look forward to reading the comments on the movie. I was ASTONISHED that she was actually in a lead role of a movie, but sure why not. There certainly aren't any quality actors out there at all to cast in these movies /sarcasm Hallmark movies are operating in this really weird space to me these days. I mostly enjoyed the movies and had my fair share of issues with them which many posters have noted over the years. I think that maybe there are things that the executives are determined to never address that continue to be more and more glaring as time goes on.
  8. msani19

    Happy Together

    To be honest, I'm surprised that I have liked this. It made me actually laugh quite a few times, mostly because Damon Wayans Jr is a freaking gem! Loved him from Happy Endings (gone too soon) and New Girl. I was thrilled to see the actor who played Deacon on the King of Queens as well! I wasn't sure about Amber West who I thought wouldn't be able to hold her own playing off Damon Wayans but she's doing a great job! I think his strengths are improving her abilities, which were a little weak from the Carmichael Show. Her parents are hilarious! I'm least enjoying the pop star kid. It feels like things come to a screeching halt when he enters any scene. I don't know if it's the actor, the writing, the directing or what but I'm hoping that he settles into a good rhythm with the rest of a really solid cast.
  9. msani19

    S12.E03: The Procreation Calculation

    Based on all his shows, he seems incapable of seeing that all women aren't awful
  10. msani19

    Love It Or List It

    I think that the ubiquitous room for entertaining and guests line we keep seeing in this show and frankly every other house show in existence is purely a marketing ploy. It's designed to convince us that yes, in fact, everyone BUT you is entertaining and you, in fact, need a much larger house or to renovate your existing house and then buy all these items for the entertaining you will then do. It reminds me of when the holy trinity of hardwood floors, granite, and stainless steel was all over these shows and what did everyone rush out to do? Gut houses so that they could install hardwood floors, granite, and stainless steel appliances. There's a constant need for us to spend money to supply the economy so this taps into some insecurities that we are somehow falling behind or are not "in." The "fear of missing out" phenomenon. It's such a load of crap. People are busy! I would love to spend more time with my friends but everyone is busy with family and work and other obligations. It took 3 weeks starting in June for my friends and me to pick a date to go out to dinner, which is going to be in 2 more weeks! There were kids events and charity obligations and work conferences and weddings and family obligations and vacations etc etc etc. There is no real time for entertaining. It happens maybe 2-3 times a year. Weekends get booked up before we know it and there's really very little time. I suppose we can make time but even if I'm available, who am I entertaining if everyone else is already busy doing other things? I've had to limit watching these shows to only times when I need something mindless and I need some background noise, but I've actually started to listen to more podcasts so that's kept me away from these shows. Honestly, if I hear about people needing room for entertaining one more time, I'll lose it. It's not even a fun drinking game anymore!
  11. msani19

    Best of Friends: Your Favorite Moments

    This was genuinely hysterical, cause you can tell Jennifer Aniston is losing it during the scene and Lisa Kudrow shrieking whatever the hell she's singing leaves me in stitches.
  12. Yup to all you wrote! The HS reunion thing makes me nuts. Dorothy grew up in Brooklyn and even, just for the sake of the episode, they choose to have the reunion in Miami cause it was a nicer location, then why at Dorothy’s? Was it her idea? Did she volunteer to host it? I agree they just want us to watch and not think about it. Ugh. Dreyfus scene was beyond stupid.
  13. msani19

    All Episodes Talk: Picture It. PTV. Today.

    I also liked the part when Dorthy tells him that she hopes that if he's ever sick that he has a better doctor than he was to her or something to that effect. The shenanigans with the champagne was terrible and yet another reason I generally can't stand Sophie. I drink wine all the time and you can tell if it's turned. I'm not sure about champagne. Would salt in it ruin it that way? I thought that a sophisticated sommelier or maitre d' at an upscale restaurant would know better. Even if the price wasn't on the menu, that's a definite sign that you most likely can't afford it!
  14. msani19

    Midsomer Murders

    Finally finished all 20 seasons! I had to sign up for BritBox to catch series 20 because that hasn't shown in my area yet. Overall, it was fine. I might be warming up to John Barnaby because he wasn't as annoying to be as he had been previously. Maybe he's started to dial down the smugness. The new medical examiner was a little annoying at first, but she improved over the course of the episodes. I mean I get it, she's funny and edgy and drives a sports car. I was glad to have less of the Barnaby baby, but more of the dog would have been welcome. I see that they are doing the same thing they did with original recipe Barnaby and having his wife have some connection with the mystery. Some of the mysteries are getting ridiculous, but they are really running out of ideas. It seems like they have moved past the awkward shoe-horning stage of expanding the diversity on the show. It feels much more organic to the storytelling, which I appreciate. I got a little defensive when I'd read comments (not here) that introducing people of color to the show was ruining it, as opposed to the fact that the show had been on for years and they were out of ideas. The stories are still a little lame, but at least I didn't feel like they were screaming at me "LOOK SHE'S INDIAN!" anymore! Did they change the way they filmed the show? I don't usually notice things like that but it did seem like the look itself was different. Midsomer must be located on some weird vortex of the planet. At times, it's a tiny little village and at other times, it's the size of London. Maybe Midsomer is like the Tardis, it's bigger on the inside (for other Doctor Who fans - just the David Tennant Doctor for me!). Any word on for the next series? The show still seems like it draws big numbers so I would suspect they will continue on. It's fun to watch and not too complicated. Sometimes I need my tv to be easy.
  15. msani19


    I'd love to join that party! The mimosas and the laughs would be epic!