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  1. Just stumbled across the show last week on Start TV while channel surfing and it was a real doozy. Part 1 of It's Not About the Butter. Like another poster said, the second part was even more depressing. I almost forgot just how evil and vile Uncle Johnny was. I loved M.E.'s response to the news of his passing and her revenge at his funeral. 😁 I'd love to see the cast come back for a virtual reunion.
  2. Not to say that there's something sinister going on behind the scenes (though I'm sure the two bit rags and those who take their every word as gospel would say otherwise), but it's rare for her to be so quiet. I liked how supportive she and the other ladies were when Francia shared that story about how her father's infidelities shaped her own relationships. I checked their YouTube page for it and it isn't there either. Sorry @Mindthinkr. :(
  3. Did anyone else notice how quiet Sheryl was during most of the discussions? She's usually the most talkative. Debbie Matenopolous made me laugh when she referenced her "on the job snafus" during her first major hosting gig. She was definitely ditzy back then (bless her heart), but she was a nervous youngin' back then.
  4. Nothing new in regards to Carrie Ann's return (which sounds like the end of this month or after the 4th of July according to the answer she gave on her social media), but Miss Thing's looking good in her bikini: https://uk.style.yahoo.com/carrie-ann-inaba-stuns-intimate-115343642.html. It's not the same as having her back on the show, but I'm happy to see her improving.
  5. I loved Sheryl's story about her dad and what a blessing that Paul Stanley's father is 101 and still has "his marbles". I'd hate to live a long life in poor health. Next week's schedule (for now, anyway): Monday - Actress Taraji P. Henson; actor Titus Welliver; TV host Debbie Matenopolous and actress Francia Raisa guest co-host. Tuesday - Actress and singer Miranda Cosgrove; TV host Debbie Matenopolous and former NFL player Victor Cruz guest co-host. Wednesday - Actress and screenplay writer Iliza Shelsinger; "Reset for Success" series with bestselling author Shan Boodram;
  6. A roach: https://nypost.com/2021/06/17/the-talk-co-host-sheryl-underwood-upstaged-by-cockroach/. Cockroaches need not apply for the vacant seat. Unless they want to baptized in Raid.
  7. "Ridiculous" or not, there must be a reason beyond blind faith as to why the network's renewed the show for another season. Giving the show another chance isn't a guarantee that it will succeed, but there might be behind the scenes info viewers aren't privy to that might work in turning the show around. A "touch of improvement" doesn't equal success obviously, but it's a start. I don't mind Bill Bellamy or David Begnaud, but what's up with the musical chairs of fill-ins? Get hot Jesus back!
  8. My previous knowledge of Chrissy Teigen didn't extend beyond being John Legend's wife who puts her foot in her mouth, but I didn't expect her to be such a shamelessly nasty troll. And her apology was such bullshit. Obviously she had to come up with something to repair the damage to her brand, but she could've saved the "not a day goes by that I'm not ashamed of my awful actions" crap. Not a day since her trolling was exposed is more like it.
  9. I didn't know a lot about Elaine other than her being a Project Runway judge and Teen Vogue editor before she joined the show, but I read up on her and she seems like a smart cookie who could bring more to the show once it figures out what it wants to be. There were glimpses of it the first month she was on and I hope to see more of it once the show hopefully stabilizes. You should definitely check out Loose Women on YouTube. They're a nice mix of serious and light topics and they "row" (as they call arguing across the pond) every now and again, but it doesn't get nasty. On screen, an
  10. I haven't heard anything about Amanda being let go either. I meant that judging from most of the comments here Amanda is seen as a nice but bland host who doesn't bring a lot to the table. Granted, none of the topics are challenging or world changing, but aside from "I agree with you completely, so and so", a repetition of what was already said and a giggle, that's about it. I don't think the network will read these posts and give Amanda her walking papers over them (especially with the co-host musical chairs of the last few seasons), but I've read similar criticisms about Amanda elsewhere. I'
  11. Pretty much. I hate to keep saying it because she seems like a sweetheart and she has a kid to provide for, but Amanda's the weakest link. I wouldn't mind keeping her if Carrie Ann comes back, Elaine is able to host in-studio and they choose a replacement who can bring the show back to life, but as long as two of those things are still up in the air I don't think keeping her would be a wise choice. Then again, they might receive backlash for letting her go. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I remember that Larry King interview as well, but I recall them (really Julie since she did m
  12. WTF?! 😱 I missed the first few minutes of today's show so I missed that. I watched Jerry on Andy Cohen's show Watch What Happens Live last week to see if he'd ask him about possibly joining The Talk, but it didn't come up from what I remember. I'm with @catlover79 that the show doesn't need a permanent male host. An occasional male guest host (or "bro host" as they called it on The Real) is fine with me though. I'm not a fan of Elaine's remote hosting either. It throws things off and makes the transitions more awkward than they already are. And why do they need five people on ev
  13. Apparently Sheryl and the others won't have to worry about losing their jobs for one more year 🥳: https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/3082857/the-talk-renewed-12th-season-sharon-osboournes-no-replacement/. Lots of work needs to be done and they'd better choose Sharon's replacement wisely.
  14. Amanda and her sister not only look a lot alike, they sound so much alike too. Even down to the laugh in the middle of their sentences.
  15. I didn't think of that, but it's possible that Amanda's docile personality might've played a big part in her hiring. Then again, the hosts on this show (aside from the witch and her offensive garbage) have usually been innocuous and never really "rocked the boat" when it comes to how they interact with each other. On-camera, anyway. Rumer's not everyone's cup of tea, but something she has that Amanda (as sweet and likeable as she seems) doesn't is an opinion. Not in an abrasive, "saying something to just to hear the sound of her own voice" way, but she's able to express her opinions i
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