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  1. You're welcome, @RealHousewife! 🙂 I can't remember if it was last week or the week before, but I'm glad they chose not to air that awful video of the woman "boxing" her dog. There's a special place in hell for people who abuse children, the elderly, mentally/physically disabled and animals. 😡
  2. New week's schedule: Monday - TV host Wayne Brady; comic Jonathan Mangum; Dr. Mike Varshavski. Tuesday - Actress Kathryn Hahn; actress Kristin Davis. Wednesday - Actor Justin Hartley (😍); cooking with singer Carnie Wilson. Thursday - Actor Clark Gregg; "Feel, Heal and Keep it Real" segment with author Glennon Doyle. Friday - Comedian and author Nicole Byer.
  3. New schedule for the week: Monday - Singer Brandy talks and performs; singer Bret Michaels. Tuesday - Singer-songwriter Martina McBride; actress Audra McDonald. Wednesday - Actor Boris Kodjoe; actor Thomas Lennon. Thursday - Actress Lucy Hale; actor Ian Armitage. Friday - Actress Candace Cameron Bure; "May It Foward" continues with Eve; television personality Jo Frost.
  4. Marie was on Watch What Happens Live last night and Andy asked her about her spat with Sharon. She said it was no big deal and said no when he asked her if she felt she deserved an apology from Sharon. Good cus she certainly wouldn't be getting one from the Mrs. *eye roll* First the coronavirus and now these giant "murder hornets"? What is this? The Plague? :(
  5. New schedule for the week: Monday - Actor Max Greenfield; actress Simone Missick. Tuesday - Rapper and actor; Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson; comedian, actress and television host Iliza Shelsinger with her husband chef and author Noah Galuten. Wednesday - "May It Forward" series kicks off for the month with Marie Osmond highlighting an inspiring "pay it forward" story; TV host Dr. Phil McGraw; "Talk Check-In" with actress Jenna Dewan. Thursday - Comedian and actor George Wallace. Friday - Actress Juliette Lewis; "Talk Check-In" with actress Rumer Willis. Most of the last week's Table Talk segments were pretty lackluster, but Thursday's was much better sans Sharon. Jack was supposed to be on and wasn't and nothing was said about why Sharon wasn't there either, but I was a very happy clam without her.
  6. New schedule: Monday - Actress Julie Andrews; actress Vanessa Williams. Tuesday - Actress Rita Moreno; TV host Deborah Norville. Wednesday - Actress Jane Krakowski; singer-songwriter Brad Paisley. Thursday - Singer Adam Lambert; TV personality Jack Osbourne. Friday - Actor Donnie Wahlberg; actress Mary Steenburgen.
  7. Tell us how you really feel, @Lifesabeach. Lol. I was nauseated watching Jenny kiss Sharon's ass for guest judging The Masked Singer. Jenny: "You guys know that this woman is the same offscreen as she is onscreen." Me: "Miserable, backbiting and hypocritical with zero self-awareness?" Jenny: "So genuine and kind and warm..." Me: *tunes out the bullshit* Hope the check Sharon sent you doesn't bounce, Jenny. 🙄
  8. Finally got the schedule for the rest of the week: Tuesday - Actress Wendi McLendon-Covey; Actor Lucas Till. Wednesday - Television personality Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg; Actress and comedian Niecy Nash. Thursday - Actor Jay Hernandez; Los Angeles news anchor Pat Harvey. Friday - Actor Adam Rodriguez; Television personality and author Christina Anstead. That cracked me up when Sheryl said Carrie Ann looked like a BTS member on her 45 single cover. She really did. Lol.
  9. Have they checked in on Brigitte? I don't remember, but maybe I missed it?
  10. And here's the receipt (starts at 3:38): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ypb3h5CDyo. I know people can be one way on television and completely different behind the scenes, but I don't believe Tamar's story about Jeannie for a second. I've never heard Jeannie brag about her accomplishments or behave in a superior fashion. Tamar, on the other hand...
  11. "Bitter herb"! 🤣 I agree with every bit of your post, @topanga. Tamar made me laugh sometimes, but she wasn't a team player and acted like she was Diana Ross and the other co-hosts were the Supreme. I'm all for outspoken people expressing themselves, but it becomes a problem when they bulldoze over the opinions of others and hog the spotlight. That's not being "real". Unless it's a real pain the ass. Lol. And thanks for that funny dance-off clip! 😁
  12. I hope that Aisha and Sara Skype in as guest at some point. Especially Aisha. I know she's a workhorse, but with Criminal Minds ending and her standup gigs canceled she can fit in a visit. 😉
  13. They showed a clip of the "at home" show and teased Jeannie spilling the deets on her engagement. I'm so glad they're coming back with new shows. My feelings about Amanda change a lot. As I said before, I like that she's outspoken and doesn't tip toe around tougher issues, but when I watch the episodes without her I feel like the vibe is just gels better. She's not a bad host by any means, but I feel like Tamera and Adrienne are too timid to voice their disagreements with her and while Jeannie speaks up, it's like she doesn't want to rock the boat too much. If the other ladies pushed back a bit in a firm but respectful way, I feel like the panel would be more balanced. Just my two cents.
  14. I'm sure the stress is taking its toll, but it also doesn't help that she doesn't have the special studio lighting to make her look less haggard. My heart goes out to her as well about Ozzy and Jack. Speaking of Marie, I'm glad she's not dropping as many corny jokes as she did last week. It's less awkward when the studio audience is there to clap and laugh on cue, but when it's just the co-hosts at home and ends with Marie as the solo laugher... it falls. Very hard. Bless her heart. ;) I missed most of the host chat again (our mayor breaks in with health updates too), but got to see Gloria Estefan's interview and enjoyed her performance.
  15. I missed the first half of the show so I didn't get to see the cute dogs, but seeing a bearded David Boreanaz made it aaalll better. ;)
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