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  1. I took a look and it’s still not up. Today’s show is. Weird.
  2. I get the feeling that whenever Sharon leaves that Brigitte will replace her. She’s a natural fit and like you said, she’s eccentric and kooky, but in a fun way. And she never comes across like a sanctimonious know-it-all. She’s great.
  3. I can’t stand Sharon (and I’m in good company ;)), but the dig about Chrissy’s talk show not lasting more than a season made me laugh too. Yes, Sharon has made a career out of talking shit and I’d usually be on the side of anyone who had the balls to publicly say it, but it wasn’t justified in this case. The mini-threat was unnecessary and I did see a glimpse of the old Sharon there. Chrissy girl, just let it go. Don’t give Miss Hannigan any more ammo. Marie, give the heels a rest. No wonder you’re falling so much. Bless your heart. I guess this is the last episode for awhile until the Impeachment Hearings are over.
  4. Thanks @RealHousewife! I think the other thread was deleted because there wasn’t as much activity as the others. Seems like they’re looking for a fifth permanent host with these week-long guest co-hosts. Personally I like having just the four of them.
  5. Schedule for the week: Monday - Eve celebrates her birthday with a studio audience filled with female entrepreneurs; actress Brigitte Nielsen guest co-hosts. Tuesday - Singer Adam Lambert discusses his new album “Velvet” and performs. Wednesday - Actress Marla Gibb. Thursday - Actor Kyle McLachlan. Friday - Actor Patrick Stewart; actor Peter Bergman from “Young and the Restless”.
  6. The Holly and Leah food fight! I missed it when it aired, but watched it on the CBS website (before the constant commercials got out of control) and they must’ve reshot the other’s reactions because Julie was grinning like a Cheshire Cat. I was surprised to hear she and Sharon were visibly aggravated. Well, not so much Sharon, but definitely Julie. I also caught that shade against them when Sharon said she missed Julie and ignored them. As much as I agreed with Sharon about Wendy Williams being a nasty shrew despite people kissing her ass, she’s no better. Those women haven’t publicly spoken about her in years yet she still makes digs at them. It’s pathetic. Same here. I had a good belly laugh watching Aisha’s fall again. She was feelin’ herself a bit too much then SPLAT! 😆 @RealHousewife, you can find The Real’s board in the “Other Non-Fiction Shows” section. I need to pop in and post there more myself.
  7. That T.I. story was so inappropriate. On what planet is it ok to discuss your daughter’s virginity and sex life? Not to mention the hypocrisy of practically giving his teenage son a high five for being sexually active. Would you feel the same way if, g-d forbid, he got a girl pregnant?
  8. I don’t even like Kenya, but I felt bad for her when Wendy kept mentioning her non-existent relationship with her mother. “You’ve never known a mother’s love”, “Since your mother didn’t get your baby a gift, we’ve got one for you!”, etc. No, Kenya doesn’t know her mother’s love, but I’m sure she’s showering it on her own child. Just like your soon to be ex-hubby’s side piece is probably showering their baby with love and affection...
  9. That’s the downside to the #MeToo movement. There’s nothing in the song that suggests rape or forcing a woman to do something she doesn’t want to do and throwing in a new line about “your body, your choice” is just (for lack of a better word) lame. And preachy. Like Dean Martin’s daughter said, if you don’t like the original lyrics then don’t cover the song.
  10. This week’s schedule: Monday - Actor Patrick Wilson. Tuesday - Actress Kellie Pickler; actress Vicki Lawrence. Wednesday - Hootie & The Blowfish perform. Thursday - Actress Annie Potts and actor Craig T. Nelson. Friday - The Talk celebrates it’s 2000th episode with a special “Greatest Moments Countdown”.
  11. When I first heard Eve would be RuPaul I wasn’t sure if she’d be able to pull it off, but she definitely did. It was a fun performance and I liked her’s and Carrie Ann’s the best followed by Marie. Sheryl’s was funny (along with the deep voice mic during her interview), but I wouldn’t have crowned her the winner. Bless Stevie Knicks for claiming she didn’t know if it was her or Sharon during Sharon’s half-assed performance.
  12. They flashed clips of the hosts during their lip sync performances towards the end of today’s show, but the only one I could make out was Marie as Gwen Stefani. It appears Sheryl will be a man again.
  13. @catlover79, a major HELL TO THE NAW to Carrie Ann dating Ben Affleck. Not unless she wants to cry even more than she already does. 😆
  14. Yeah, not very wise of her to crack on somebody for (allegedly) being drunk when she drinks like a fish and acts a fool in public herself. This week’s schedule: Monday - Host Sheryl Underwood’s birthday celebration with an audience of healthcare workers and caregivers; music band Morris Day and the Time discuss their new book “On Time” and perform. Tuesday - Actor Edward Norton discusses his new film “Motherless Brooklyn”. Wednesday - Singer and actress Olivia Newton-John. Thursday - The fifth annual “Rocktober Lip Sync War” with special guest host Kelly Osbourne. Friday - actress Angela Bassett; actress Jodie Sweetin.
  15. You’re welcome, @RealHousewife and I hope Gina’s learned from this too. Yeah, she did a pretty good job. Had it been live, she would’ve sucked royally!
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