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  1. As a writer, Shore should know that a show going into it's fourth season is not going to see a drastic increase in ratings. Normally, ratings stay steady or start to decrease by season four. So why alienate the fans that you do have by killing off a favorite. It literally does not make sense!
  2. I'm in disbelief right now. Why?? I think that am done. They kill off a fave and leave us with a lead character that I no longer even like, and they put said lead in a romance with my least favorite character. I mean, I like Morgan better than her! Season 1 Jared leaves. Now Meledez. I worry about what else they will do to poor Clair. 3 Seasons is enough of this show for me.
  3. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/john-callahan-children-santa-barbara-202836237.html Another one falls. Condolences to his family. Two of the actors that played love interests to Kelly Capwell die within weeks of one another. I loved that era of Santa Barbara. Off to watch youtube clips of the show.
  4. Yes, it was a repeat. I had not seen it before. It's been over a month since I watched live or repeat until yesterday. Not missing it a bit.
  5. Sharon. The Just Say No campaign was aimed at youth who were being pressured by peers to try drugs. Not someone that was already a full blown addict. So your not funny comment is so ignorant. There were no addicts shaking and saying no. What a nice welcome back to the show. It's been weeks since I watched, and I can't say that I missed it a bit. Turning it off, she annoyed me that much.
  6. Mikita


    I’m pretty sure Ramirez was the one who killed someone while in the car with Alex. That’s why I’m a bit unsure as to Benny’s role. No. Benny was indeed in the car that Aex was driving, and Benny killed someone. Alex and family was threatened by Ramirez not to tell on Benny because Benny was in the gang that Ramirez was the leader of. Remember either OA or Scola questioning Benny about still being in the gang. He pulled down his sleeve to conceal the gang tattoo on his arm and said he was out. No idea why the dad didn't go after Benny first.
  7. I just read about Roscoe's passing. I loved him as Robert Barr. Both he and Kelly were one of my all time favorite soap couples. RIP Roscoe Born.
  8. I enjoyed Marj's many roles before Santa Barbara and after. A wonderful actress. RIP Marj Dusay.
  9. Mikita

    The Oval

    My favorite moment so far, when the first lady pushed the first daughter out of the slow moving limo, yet she was so injured. lol
  10. I would love to see scenes of J.J. at church youth camp as a counselor!
  11. This. Luca's life was in the balance if he didn't get those drugs to their owner. He may have been telling Claire the truth about it being his first time, but drug dealers want their product or their money I'm sure. I'm hoping that this doesn't set Claire back in her recovery process.
  12. The actress was originally hired for this show. Then they moved her over to the mother show. They will share her, but her role on the mother show appears to be the bigger of the two.
  13. She was digging her nails into her half-sisters leg in hopes that she would fall. Thus proving that she deserved to be the flyer and not lil sis.
  14. Thanks for posting this. I wan't even thinking about there being new shows this week!
  15. Further proof that Sharon feels oh so entitled. Entitled. Sharon is right next to the definition in the dictionary. I remember her telling us about the candle fire on the show, I don't recall hearing about the assistant though. What an awful human being she is.
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