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  1. A lot of Americans can barely speak English. Kudos to you for knowing more than one language. I felt bad for Nam as Lolo was berating him. I love Kam, she's just trying to entertain and show her confidence. I see nothing of Cara Maria in her. Thank goodness!
  2. Michael Chiklis is such a sweetheart. His new show looks good.
  3. Mikita


    One that I can think of is Mr. Monk and the Rapper. Natalie immediately told Monk that she didn't think that it was Murderess. She stated her reasons why. Adrian was dismissive and asked why she thought that. Natalie said she had a hunch. He dismissed that and she replied he get's hunches sometimes. Then when they leave the recording session, Denny came out of the building to tell Monk about the "guy" that was hanging around the garage the night before the limo exploded. As soon as he left, Natalie said he's the guy. Monk replied another hunch? Natalie was right! I think there are more
  4. Michael Chiklis where have you been? The new hosts were okay. My first time seeing them. I didn't even see them guest hosting! They will take some getting used to, but I enjoyed what I saw today. Was that a live studio audience or canned applause? If it's a studio audience I'm really shocked.
  5. Mikita


    Currently watching Mr. Monk and the Foreign Man. Sad but full of laughter. Monk teaching Samuel to wash American style. LMAO! Always one of my favorite episodes to watch.
  6. This one was frustrating to watch. Jack constantly worrying about Alex to the point that she is the reason Alex will be exposed as a spy. She should have just not let anyone into the house. Talking to them like they know about Alex. Though, maybe his handler should have let her know the agency had a double agent. SMH The school, was muh. I didn't find any student interesting. It was just a weird setting with underwhelming students.
  7. Most satisfying headshot ever!
  8. Then the whole charade makes no sense. How easy for Point Blanc to determine that Alex Friend is fake. Just question Fiona and her friends. They would love to rat him out. They needed to find a better cover story for him. If he is in there for anymore than 24 hours it will very easy for Point Blanc to tear apart his cover of being a Friend. SMH
  9. What a weird family. Not sure exactly, Alex was introduced as some poor kid the family was helping out by Fiona. Yet, he is supposed to be her "brother" Is is only the Point Blanc people that need to believe this? Good on Jack and Tom. They have Alex's back. Jack will not let them take advantage of Alex and Tom won't except lies from Alex any longer. Those kids. Sigh. I now find myself hating them more than Martin! Bratty asses. Were they going to shoot Alex or did they really just want to be douches and scare him to death? Glad he showed them up and clocked that kid! Laughed out lo
  10. I was debating whether or not Alex had really been kidnapped or if it was a test. I'm glad he realized it was! How dare they try to deport Jack and put Alex in Foster Care! This only served to make me dislike these people even more for recruiting a teenager to do their job. The fact that Point Blanc is an Academy for troubled teens is no excuse. Put in a new young looking agent. I will need them to not be as obvious about how Alex was going to get loose. As soon as he handed Alex the papers with the paper clip.....
  11. Great start for the series. I am disappointed that Alex is now without family after Ian was murdered. It's a good thing that he has Jack and Tom in his life. I'm looking forward to them finding out Martin betrayed Ian, followed by the mystery of Point Blanc. Martin is the worst!
  12. Mikita


    Agreed. As much as I love Laurie Metcalf, I hated that character. So disgusting and was never accountable for what she did to Monk.
  13. I loved Joel too. Funny guy. I cannot wait to see Alfonso and Tatiana tomorrow. I think this Saved by The Bell was trying too hard. Bad decision by the writers to joke about Selena's transplant.
  14. Mikita

    S01.E01: Pilot

    I read somewhere that the show is set "after" the pandemic. So it happened but, they are in the aftermath of it. So no masks in sight.
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