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  1. Who is Stephanie? That name isn't ringing a bell for me. OK, so Stephen Amell's wife (Louise?) is definitely Max/Isobel's mom then? I feel like they just kinda dropped that in there like we already knew it but I don't remember knowing it for sure. But, again, I feel like I never understand at least half of what's going on so! I don't understand why Tripp only captured Nora and not Louise as well. I am so annoyed by the continued lack of Maria. This episode was pretty boring, but I did love Kyle in it. He just might be my fave character tbh. Kyle was my fave in the original as well. I'm not feeling the new girl or their chemistry at all though.
  2. So, now we know the story behind your name! I was told that bandanas are useless. It seems like layering 2 dish towels is the best alternative to surgical masks.
  3. Yea, the latest spoilers @QueenSerena posted say that Jack tells Steve to fight for Kayla. I'm gonna assume one of the spoilers was misprinted, hopefully the Justin one lol.
  4. She pretended to be her for over a year and no one in Salem figured it out. But that isn't really saying much!
  5. I didn't watch but Marlena definitely had a bandage around her neck and it had me rolling. I do think they established that the chip is maybe like implanted through the back of the neck but still the whole thing is just hilariously stupid. This is perfect.
  6. Only got the second half again and I fast forwarded through and realized I didn't really care about any of it so I just didn't watch lol. I did notice Marlena's neck bandage, which gave me a nice laugh.
  7. I am thinking that's a definite possibility, too. I don't understand that either.
  8. Ah OK yes, I remember him. He was the one that was doing all the work for Jeff's new zoo and then they had the falling out, right?
  9. Which one is Tim? I am not recalling that name for some reason.
  10. Between this and Alejandro being in one of the Hollywood eps while Laine has not been mentioned at all makes me wonder if him and TPTB have issues. I didn't care enough to vote but I'd rather see Grace make it than Lauren.
  11. I'm confused, where on that SA instagram post did KH comment?
  12. In like 6 months-year there will no doubt be another mind chip related storyline. Actually, I'm probably giving RC too much credit, it's probably more like 3 months tops.
  13. Well then, why did he fire his manager? Reading about all this drama is really making my day lol.
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