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  1. If so, it will be literally the first time something unexpected happened all season lol. I would actually love it so much if Cody lost in F2 again. It would possibly surpass Paul's double F2 loss.
  2. I just ... how does one even respond to this lol? What an absolute dick. And he thinks he can win with this type of behavior? Man, I actually have something to truly root for now; watching Cody lose. I do still have some fear though that the whole split money thing is real and Cody will get the votes in the end because The Committee members think they're getting a piece of the banana bread.
  3. Only 1 of them can win though and at least half of them should have realized a long time ago it wasn't gonna be them lol. But they're probably all content to get that little bit more stiped money and possibly a split with first place if that was part of Derrick/Dan's arrangement.
  4. Ben has had scenes where he seems annoyed that people (all like 2 of them lol) still hate him. I don't think Xander has really had that. I'm not very interested in either of them though and think they're both bad actors. PT is good at playing a certain thing though and I find him very fun to watch then. Lately he just plays shmoopy with Sarah, which is unwatchable to me. And he is terrible with drama imo. I look forward to more scenes with him and Jan because I liked their dynamic in the brief scenes they had. I don't look forward to anything related to Ben lol. If it was still ORK playing Claire I would be super interested in the Ben/Claire scenes but I just don't like the new Claire that much.
  5. I can’t see them doing 2 recap shows so this is interesting.
  6. Apparently so. Someone here said Dani won a gold swan pool floatie, which I saw next to her bed yesterday. And I saw Tyler washing an inflatable cow on Twitter. And we know David got 10k. The whole thing is so fucking stupid and Will apparently wasn’t even involved at all in the veto comp. Another pointless, awful twist lol. What song? I don’t think they can mute them which is why they normally take them off before going to the bathroom. Sometimes they forget though lol.
  7. Airs Wednesday, 9/30.
  8. Airs Thursday, 10/1.
  9. I legit completely forgot about that lol.
  10. And even then, the non Level 6 alliance won HOH several times and even managed to get out 2 Level 6 members pre-jury. Post-jury, they made mistakes and/or were screwed by twists but they did manage to win 3 HOHs. This season was begging for an actual game-changing twist to break up the monotony and yet nothing. It surprises me even more since Janelle is probably the most popular player they've ever had but they didn't try to save her. Grodner really doesn't care unless her personal faves are in danger lol.
  11. This makes the statements I heard Dani make about Dom's job even more confusing to me. She was telling someone about how she couldn't really talk much about Dom's job because of his boss and that he had worked all throughout the pandemic but his workplace was being very safe. And then stars happened. Very weird. The episode threads are scheduled to open as soon as the show is finished airing on the east coast. Have they not been opening then? I keep reading about this and I do not remember at all Christmas winning 5k this season. Are people talking about BB19 or something? I'm so confused lol. Were the feeds down all night again? That's so hilarious.
  12. The problem is every single HOH has been won by a Committee member (Enzo is a Committee member even if it isn't official). The fact that the outsiders didn't ban together pretty much made no difference because they were all incapable of winning HOHs. The only way to have fixed this season honestly is if there had been like an America's HOH or a coup d'tat.
  13. Well the 1st one has to be either David or Kevin unfortunately. I would love the other 2 to be any of the other remaining men. That is ideal. I would also like to see Dani nommed and for her to realize everyone wants her gone and then win veto and then hoh. But more than likely after Kevin it’ll just be Dani and Christmas. Which doesn’t suck obviously because I hate every single one of these bozos, but it just isn’t that exciting or interesting
  14. If Dani is nommed in the TE I hope she wins POV. The only thing I have left to root for is just these people not getting what they want lol.
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