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  1. I'm glad so many are catching onto this. It must happen. A friend of mine suggested an even more delicious add on to it; it actually wasn't even Abigail that did the cutting in line and Gwen just mixed her up with someone else lol. Come on, Ron, give me this one thing! The Gwen/Abigail, Gwen/Jake, and Abigail/Chad scenes were fucking awesome. I just love Gwen so much. And MM really is knocking this out of the park. Although, a part of me wishes it was KM because I hate her and it'd be more fun to watch her life destroyed lol. I actually look forward to each ep lately and that feels really nice. Please keep it up, show!
  2. I was rolling at the scene in the first ep where Drew, Portia, and Elliott just started kissing each other. And then Portia falling and picking herself back up lol. I’m over Dory almost getting away and it failing though. It’s already boring.
  3. I'm sure they will. Unless they forget they put in that detail, which is entirely possible with these writers.
  4. I had hope that perhaps with COVID we wouldn’t have to see flashbacks. I should have known RC wouldn’t let a little pandemic prevent him from getting his rape scenes.
  5. I already have my tivo set to record for like 2 hours in late night since that was the only time it was airing there for awhile back whenever one of the 2020 events (who knows which one lol) was going on. They didn't air it then when it was preempted last week though for some reason.
  6. Does anyone know when they normally put the eps on Peacock? I may have to watch today’s there since I am actually interested in the Gwen/Chad/Abigail stuff.
  7. I personally don't give a shit whether anyone apologizes to Tripp or not. Also, speaking of Tripp, his hair is so high. It delights me lol. I thought ID was fantastic yesterday. Even though it makes little sense for Claire to be all 'CHARLIE LOVES ME!' already, ID sold me on it tbh. I kinda hate that they seem to be going for Charlie just being like a sociopath now. Well, on one hand I don't mind because I'm interested to see what MM does with it but I was still hoping they could make Charlie a viable long term character. Now I'm afraid I'll just end up hating him.
  8. Tori definitely has a pattern. I can’t decide if it’s a step up to go from Jordan to Fessy. I think it might actually be, which is sad lol.
  9. Well then, I guess Gwen really will be their kid. I don’t know why I had hope this whole thing was gonna be more interesting. Or more fun stupid, which is actually what I wanted lol. But now, it’s just gonna be boringly stupid.
  10. It's just spec that he slept with Laura.
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