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  1. This is the one that gets me all ragey every single time lol.
  2. I'm so sorry! To me it looks like she has some kind of robe on. It doesn't looks like what they usually put on them for hospital scenes tbh. Although, I don't particularly remember what they usually have on in hospital scenes lol. Isn't it just like one of those gowns? But now I'm thinking maybe sometimes they do have a robe like thing over it. OK anyway, you're welcome for this pointless post!
  3. I wondered if they were trying to sorta backdoor a spin-off with that last ep. I love those 4 together so I'm down.
  4. The reminded me of when one of them got on the bed with their shoes on, which is possibly the thing about tv that causes me the most rage lol.
  5. The Comic Con @ Home panel is July 25th at 6 pm edt.
  6. This is ultimately kinda pointless but if you're bored lol.
  7. I don't understand why they made her 21/22 if they were going to write the story this way and present her in this manner. It makes zero sense to me. Just make her a 16 year old lol. That's probably closer to how old she should be anyway, isn't it?
  8. I feel like the rest of them talked about it as much if not more than Alexis and even India lol. All that, "I don't know who to trust!" pearl-clutching from them was what annoyed me. Who fucking cares! Except Juju, she cracked me up with it. But her asking only two people to vote out Shea wasn't going to do anything and would, therefore, be pointless so it seemed to morph into her 'campaigning' to get Shea out (Shea said this like 100 times, I believe), which implies she talked to enough people to actually make it happen. So, if she didn't talk to any of the other girls about it then no, she didn't 'try to get Shea out.' And I guess since they showed no footage of Alexis doing anything, I guess India was indeed lying. Or maybe playing up a miscommunication to try to save herself/get more airtime. The whole thing was a big ball of nothing that all of them thought was going to get them some good airtime I guess. I already asked, but does anyone know if there's only 8 eps this season? I don't see how there can be 10, even if they bring someone back.
  9. It's the highlight of any episode! I really like Gwen, but honestly, and this is very shallow but whatever, her mouth is so distracting. Especially since half the time she's calling so much attention to it by sticking her hands in it lol.
  10. Thank you! All that drama with all the girls being all "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO BELIEVE!!" was so stupid because, exactly, they know what's true since they were there lol. Like, did Alexis ask you all to vote out Shea or not? If she didn't, then no she wasn't 'campaigning' to get Shea out. Also, if she was, who fucking cares lol. That was all so stupid and I guess fake from everyone minus Alexis just in order to get some screen time. I love, love, LOVE Juju and I really hope she wins. Cracker and Shea are very meh to me. Blair has impeccable makeup but literally nothing else going for her. Are there only 8 episodes this season?
  11. Wait, what?! I need more details on this! PM me since it's not on topic in any way lol. Does anyone have screenshots or a summary of the Kamran Pasha tweets? He locked his twitter.
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