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  1. He told Lee he had a 'slutty phase' and was addicted to stimulants. I would have liked to have learned more about his past too but I'm not sure he ever would have delved into it anyway tbh. This video is a whole lotta nothing but just in case anyone wants to watch it:
  2. I'm assuming the person who wins will fly to Disney World on Monday the 26th, which is when voting ends. I don't know why they even sent this season's group there already since the Disney show isn't until May 2nd. +1 I would be completely shocked if Arthur isn't the one to get a spot. He got 2nd last year for fuck's sake lol. It seems to me though that TPTB aren't too keen on him making it since he is probably the only one who might be an actual contender to win and I figure they want someone from this season to win. I figure they'll bring Just Sam back at some point to perfo
  3. Yea, I have the free version but I don't get ads lol. I once paid for the 4.99 version, which still has ads, but for some reason I never had ads with it and now still don't after switching back to free. So strange, but I'm not complaining lol. Is Days available on Peacock's free version? I assume it is. But, if they move it to just Peacock I could see it only being available on the paid version.
  4. I'm sorry to miss this but not sorry enough to watch the ep on Peacock lol.
  5. Well, they were going to the ex-husband's house for his engagement dinner, so that was more of an appetizer lol. OK wow, it sounds like this show is basically just a US remake of Happy Valley. I wasn't going to watch this because like I'm not sure I'm really in the mood for a bleak murder mystery with a focus on cops, but I was bored so I watched it. It was fine so I will keep watching lol.
  6. This is a really fun video lol and a few of the cast commented on it:
  7. Was there any Chanel/Xander or Phillip/Gabi today? If so, I'll watch on Peacock. If not, eh, we'll see lol.
  8. Thank you. So much for their claim that they're 'strictly adhering to covid protocols' lol. ETA: And I forgot about how they're all going to travel to Disney World now. Sigh. Bingo! People can vote for anyone all throughout the night so yes, as it always has been since day 1, it's a popularity contest. Damn, I missed this. I fast forward through anything that isn't the contestant packages and performances. Where was the Graham appearance? I continue to absolutely love this season. I genuinely like everyone of the Top 12 outside of Caleb. I mean, I like Caleb just fine, but
  9. Here's hoping! The wording of this cracked me up lol.
  10. I personally can't see them not giving TPTB a heads-up if they were actually cancelling it so there could be a somewhat proper ending. I don't really know why I think that though lol. I mean, it's not like NBC really gives a shit about this show. But still, it's been on for so long, it would just feel like such a slap in the face to the audience to just cancel it with no lead-up.
  11. Fucking Ron. He got one amazing scene out of this mask shit (FonDuke!) and now he thinks it's some genius shit.
  12. Yes. I figured out he was sick several episodes ago. I can't remember the specific clues but they were definitely there. The show is absurd and not realistic but I don't care. I mean, that's kind of what makes it enjoyable to me.
  13. Wait, we're getting Kristen in a Kate mask now? Fucking hell, Ron, give it up already!
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