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  1. I'm just now remembering that no one, not even Ben, gave one shit that Javi was missing an entire day right after they all got high on shrooms and went insane. Even when they're having dinner, they only ask if they should wait for Travis and Natalie. That's either pretty bad writing or everyone is just kind of awful lol.
  2. Yea, this is what I keep asking myself, too. So, for 25 years all these survivors just don't have any contact with each other and then Lottie and her cult (of who exactly?) randomly decides to kill Travis and then waits weeks/months to kidnap Natalie. It doesn't make sense! But I guess that's the point lol. I noticed in the little shrine thing at the school that there were framed pics of Travis, Javi, and Akilyah (sp?) but no one else, which is interesting. I've seen some others spec that as well. It's feeling more and more like they're gonna go supernatural.
  3. I have been super unimpressed by her myself but she absolutely killed that final scene with dead Jackie. It was honestly one of the few reactions that actually felt real to me. I have mixed feelings that I’m still kinda processing lol but one big question: who was the man in Shauna’s dream?
  4. I can not remember a Sara at all lol.
  5. What are ultra c elements?
  6. Could you maybe recap the biggest ones? I have no desire to actually listen to 3 hours of rhap but I am curious lol.
  7. I feel like they couldn't have possibly been trying to fake us out with EJ though. No one would believe he just randomly, in the middle of his trial decided to put the moves on Abigail. They can't expect the audience to be that stupid, can they? Actually, they probably do lol.
  8. Wow, I also never read that description and didn't realize the opposite clans thing was not just a theory.
  9. I was just thinking about this and then when I went on youtube this vid got suggested to me: I didn't actually watch it but I guess there are some rumors out there.
  10. It hasn't been explicitly stated but it seems fairly obvious, particularly with the scene of them hanging a girl and then slitting her throat and then the next scene they're doing the ritualistic eating.
  11. Is there not going to be a reunion this season?
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