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  1. Yea, I can't see how Azah would lose to Deref. If she's in F2 with Deref, it means she won final HOH and booted X, which alone would give her an overwhelming edge over Deref. Then you factor in how 4 of the current jurors simply like her more than Deref, 1 of them likes both but probably Azah more, and 1 of them doesn't like either but probably Azah more. She'd win by at least 6-3. And it would be awesome. I almost hope Deref wins the 2nd part of HOH though just so I can fully give up having hope that X won't win and be able to not even watch the finale lol.
  2. This. I am mostly over Gabi because Jake's mere presence has ruined her so much but I still wanted her to win over Chad/EJ.
  3. That whole episode just felt very manufactured. The stuff with 'guys' felt like something completely meaningless that TPTB (mostly Jeff) can use to pretend they're doing something when they really aren't doing anything.
  4. I think it's probably supposed to be a dramedy.
  5. Yea, instead of dementia, it was a demon possession. Soaps, man!
  6. He's always wearing too tight pants. It's distracting. I really like Gwen and Xander. They're weirdly schmoopy but it works for me in a way the Xander/Sarah schmoopiness didn't. EJ is the biggest dick and I love it. I need him and Abigail to have an affair. The scenes with Gabi and Abigail/Chad were great. I'd rather just pretend Jake wasn't even there.
  7. Sadly, there's 4 more episodes, including a 2 hour finale.
  8. I actually don't think X would have either. The team twist might have helped him though. Honestly, everyone in the CO was immensely helped by being in the CO. And that was the point of it lol.
  9. This is precisely my type of shit so I enjoyed it. It seems so obvious it won't even get to air all of it's eps though let alone get another season with how bad the ratings and reviews are but I'm hoping it can somehow survive.
  10. One of the first things I saw on the feeds this season was Tiff, Deref, Azah, and X in the kitchen together talking about why they were aligning and the Cookout name.
  11. Me either. Every season, by the end, I don't hate anyone but I also have never really rooted for anyone either. Which kinda makes the show very relaxing to watch since I don't really care that much lol.
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