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  1. I think it's falling more into the stereotype of the women staying home while the men go out to work.
  2. Wow, Lex has reached a level of petty that astounds me. 16 years?! Just wow. And I used to defend Lex somewhat for his reactions to that because I could understand it but come on now. You gotta move on buddy!
  3. I too liked Sophie and was super pumped when she won. She's one of the select few winners I predicted early on in the season. Also, I love her hair! I didn't notice that but it intrigues me. I love Yul but I am hoping someone sees through the "I'm an outsider!" bullshit that he's laying on so thick.
  4. Thanks to @simplyme for bringing it to my attention that I was giving Natalie 2 points for the IC even though she was already voted out. I fixed the spreadsheet.
  5. They might as well just reveal that she has PTSD so everyone will have to forgive her like they did/do with Abigail and Ben. And plus for them, it will actually make sense!
  6. This. That would have been a much better way to go. And we wouldn't have had to watch SS try to act what's currently happening lol. Also this. If Eli gets back with Lani after this than he's even dumber than I already thought he was.
  7. Episode 1: Title - Ben +1 Reward/Immunity - Red +3 Booted - Natalie (Everyone else blue +1) Immunity - Blue +2 Booted - Amber (Everyone else red +1) Idol - Sandra +5
  8. So is there confirmation that they are not signing back Billy then? Who all is confirmed as not getting a new contract? I guess Freddie, Chandler, and Galen. And Casey was gone before that whole thing. Possibly Camila but that's just a rumor, correct? Who else?
  9. I don't know, the fact that he didn't panic during all the whispering makes me think he's not nervous or intimidated at all.
  10. Yea, he was utterly terrible in that. He just seemed like he thought he was so above it and gave it nothing. I found it really annoying. The original info was that BF was on contract while KM wasn't so Chad would be sticking around and Abby would be leaving. Has that changed?
  11. She doesn't seem to be there for him at all though. She was helping Gabi get ready (apparently, we weren't shown it but it was said) and then she took Gabi's bouquet when they were doing the rings. It's coming off like she's Gabi's maid of honor, which is just so ludicrous but in a really funny way lol.
  12. @kassandra8286 @Stardancer Supreme @PaperTree @eeebee620 Just another reminder that I need your EoE returnee picks by, let's say, tomorrow morning so that I can finish the spreadsheet!
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