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  1. I didn't watch One Life to Live until about summer 1996 when Todd/Blair were having a golden balloon shower wedding so it was interesting to go back and watch those clips. Todd was written as pretty psychotic but then got a pardon for saving Jessica. Kind of similar to what they did with Ben, right down to Blair/Ciara being an apologist for Todd/Ben. Anyway, Lucas Adams is a good choice for a leading man in that age group so of course they're going with this instead of setting him up with nuClaire or something. Ugh. They didn't learn from the Chase debacle at all.
  2. It was so the kind of joke you would've seen on One Life to Live and I loved it.
  3. It's been a long running joke among BB fandom that Dani has aged in dog years. During her second season where she fell for Dom he seemed to be under the impression she was an older woman and there were all these jokes about how badly Dani had aged. I still remember one comment that went, "Well, the bloom is already off the rose for that one."
  4. I mean, if she had friggin listened to Janelle and Kaysar things might be different.
  5. Corey Cott has my undying allegiance due to his roles as Jack Kelly in Newsies and Donny Nova in Bandstand so I'll give this a chance. I think everything just moved way too quickly but I liked the set up. I kind of wish this was a thinly veiled parody of the Hallmark Channel, though.
  6. They have a later scene in season 1 where we see Johnny's fridge and it's actually stocked with real food. I think it was to show he was taking better care of himself?
  7. Re-watching the Three's Company behind the scenes story. Joyce Dewitt's anger never fails to crack me up. "They lied. To my face!"
  8. I was riveted by Blake Berris during the prison bitch storyline with X from Boy Culture. I really hope he can find that signature role.
  9. I was rewatching clips of the Broe storyline and it was funny to see Young Dark-Haired Abigail who looked about 11 (which was pretty close to right) in a hospital scene where they're doing the bone marrow drive for Chloe. Brady was of course celebrating his 21st birthday at about this time in 2002, meaning his SORAS had been pushed back to 1981. Kyle Lowder was born in '80, I think. And Eric Martsolf was born in '71, I believe.
  10. One little bit that I loved in season 2 that doesn't get mentioned- Johnny is hitting it off with this woman he met in the bar, but he ditches her to come to the defense of Miguel's mother, who is nice but doesn't really seem to have that much in common with him. It's those little self-sabotage moments like that which make Johnny seem so real.
  11. As a former theater kid who did an audition with a Tenessee Williams monologue, I loved the last two episodes. Just really brought me back with the obvious Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf homage, plus it was cute to see Micheal Angarano as the drama teacher.
  12. I basically looked like a cast member of Saved by the Bell, which was close but again, more 1992-1993 as opposed to 1987-88. Lol. It was really hard to find cheap 80's gear at Goodwill in 2004 for guys, although that year pastel polo shirts came back in style which made 80's parties a lot easier. Anyway, decade dressing is really hard to do in the real world for cheap unless you manage to come across vintage or the styles are back in again. It's probably really easy to do 90's right now.
  13. Lucky enough Jerry is part of an ensemble and not the entire show; hope a season 2 does happen. The show is basically built to have a revolving cast due to the nature of the sport. Hell, we were even visited by previous members of the team.
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