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  1. The early 80s seems to be mostly fluffy sweaters, designer jeans, and plaid/flannel shirts or long skirts. And lots of earth-toned vests and blazers. Loafers or running shoes for footwear. No flip-flops or high heels, unless it was on a pair of calf length boots.
  2. The 90210 ladies got made up in their 90's looks and it made me think about what really obvious work that Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth got: I do think Gabrielle probably had work done but she looks more or less natural. Shannen looks fantastic! You can really see how much she left her face alone, and how shunning sun her entire life has really helped her out.
  3. methodwriter85

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    My general thought process has been that if/when people die over the age of about 75, my general reaction is, "Well, they had a wonderful run." I was pretty surprised about Florence Henderson and Tab Hunter, though. They both seemed like people I saw hitting the century mark. It's funny though- I remember watching the movie American Graffiti, and thinking about how the 1950's generation- i.e. the people who were born in the 1930's and had their young adulthood in the 1950's- are dying off en masse. I mean, mathematically it makes sense- anyone born in the 30's is 79 at the absolute youngest, but it's weird to see that generation going because they were the first cohort to have a distinct and media-depicted "teenaged" culture.
  4. methodwriter85

    BH: 90210 Reboot.... It’s so Meta

    Well, technically, Kelly's 2-episode stint with cocaine brought Single White Female Tara into her life. So that's like 4 episodes.
  5. methodwriter85

    BH: 90210 Reboot.... It’s so Meta

    Hmm. I guess the writers COULD have gone through killing off Andrea's daughter.
  6. methodwriter85

    BH: 90210 Reboot.... It’s so Meta

    It could have been interesting to see her struggle as a divorced single mother especially in the latter "adult years" seasons, but I do wonder. She probably would have been involved in the Beverly Beat storyline and we would have seen her try a series of completely boring nice Jewish boys. The writers MIGHT have killed off her daughter to try and free up Andrea and give her drama. Having a baby die would be pretty dark for this show, but hell, Little House on the Prairie did this kind of shit all the time. (They had at least 3 different baby deaths on that show's 10 seasons and various t.v. movies.) Or they might have had Jessie win custody, essentially freeing up Andrea without killing off her daughter. I think with Andrea, we probably wouldn't have gotten Susan, Tracey, or Janet.
  7. It's pretty awesome, I think. She's not stupid- she knows that Harley Quinn was the best-received character from Suicide Squad and she's trying to capitalize on that. Chris Messina is in this. Man, you got me with that one.
  8. methodwriter85

    AHS In The Media

    Seeing Gus with his tats covered up reminded me of how much I haaaaaaaatttttteeeeee the "let's cover ourselves up in tattoo" trend. I wonder why they have him in brown contacts, though?
  9. methodwriter85

    Spoilers And Shockers

    I used to live in fear that they'd resurrect Zach, but this show doesn't really seem to care about Hope now except as Rafe arm candy and the busybody interfering with her daughter's love life so there's no point. Yes, I realized how he died. Jake on GH died the same way in a pretty clear rip-off of the BJ heart story and poof, he's back to life.
  10. methodwriter85

    This Is Us In The Media

    No, I think Jennifer Morrison is going to play Tess's wife or something. Or, now that I think about, maybe Rebecca's sister that has been mentioned but never seen.
  11. methodwriter85

    Wait, I Think I Saw This Already: Remakes and Reboots

    I'm going to assume the jokes about Kristie's character being a "lesbo" because she told everyone she got artificially inseminated are going to be yanked.
  12. I'm impressed that she doesn't look like she can pass a paper bag test or have a long flowing weave of "good hair."
  13. methodwriter85

    Hollywood Nepotism: The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly

    Another thing that helps Maya is that while you can definitely see her mother there in her face and voice, Maya gives off more of an approachable vibe as opposed to her mother, who got typecast for her icy model beauty. She's pretty if the role calls for it, but she's not the "beautiful unattainable girl" that her mother often got cast as.
  14. He was the one character that I liked in Hail, Caesar.
  15. methodwriter85

    Clash of the Egos: On-Set Drama and Feuds

    Tom Hardy wound up making the best decision of his career so far in turning down Suicide Squad. He got an Oscar nomination and it allowed him to be able to do Venom. Venom made a shit town of money. (It wasn't liked by the critics but the moviegoing public enjoyed it.)