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  1. It looks like Netflix's adaption of Let It Snow added in a lesbian storyline...I'm wondering now if the reason why they haven't released names of the characters they're playing save for the bit parts is because they were trying to keep that a surprise. If you go to the page for it (the movie drops on November 8th) it's listed under the LGBTQ tag so it definitely seems like Odeya Rush and Liv Hewson are playing love interests.
  2. That reminds me of Belinda Carlisle, who mentioned in one of her bios (while still hiding her active cocaine problem) that people thought that she had gotten work done right before her solo career launch in 1986 but it was really just losing 30 pounds.
  3. Having Kate do Lori Loughlin, when Cecily has a better physical resemblance to her, was the "overkill" moment for me. I love it when this show makes fun of podcasts and YouTube, especially when you get to sponsors.
  4. This is what I got... -Austin Peck (Days of Our Lives) at an event for As the World Turns, circa 2007. Came off as a total douche. I asked him what it was like to work with Ali Sweeney, and he replied, "Oh, I'm not on Days anymore. But you should watch my new show!" Douche. -Keri Strug at a Capitol Steps performance in 2005. (They're a sketch comedy group that lampoons politics in Washington, D.C.) During the show someone outed her as being in the audience, asked her to stand up, and she was right behind me! I was 10 years old during the 1996 Olympics and it was so cool! (By this point she had grown her hair out to her shoulders and she looked really good!) I got to shake her head and tell her that she was favorite part of the 1996 Olympics. She thanked me and said that meant a lot. Apparently after the show let out she got mobbed by the Capitol Steps cast. LOL, -This is more of an "overheard", but I was at Firefly Music Festival 2014 and I was sitting on a bale of hay around this tent that had been set up for smaller acts to play. Next to me, this very tall jock/overriped frat looking drunken guy in his 40's was trying to hit on these two girls that were like half his age, not very successfully. Later on, I realized he was Philadelphia newscaster John Clark, who does sports for NBC. I have never been able to take him seriously on the news after that. LOL. -I went to a meet and greet and got an autograph from Lance Bass, not for me but my sister, (I am more of a BSB fan.) He was pretty nice. -Also got the autograph of Matthew Quick, an author best known for Silver Linings Playbook during a q and a session at a local high school. He seemed like a pretty cool guy and he gave me some life advice. -I also managed to get an autograph from Anderson Cooper, although I didn't get to speak much to him, He was kind of crowdrushed and I managed to get my book to him to quickly sign, -Amy Schumer did college stand-up and I got to be treated to not just one but two different sets from her, circa 2009, She heckled me a little bit because I was dressed up as a cop for a play I was watching downstairs, and joked that I was going to use it to rape someone. LOL. -Melissa Rauch (now known for the Big Bang Theory) also did a set at the comedy club at my college circa 2009. I got to tell her how much I enjoyed her and Doug Benson on Best Week Ever, and I joked that he should do his Harry Potter impression but be naked on a house as an Equus joke. She was like, "Totally!" She signed a pack of cards that I had but I lost them, I believe. -Didn't speak to Jill Biden, but I did see her at Delaware Tech once right during the 2008 election season.
  5. I'm really shocked at how well Joker held. The showing that I was at last week didn't even seem into it, although by this point, people probably know what to expect.
  6. There's this teenaged movie Youtuber who just reminded me so much of Bailey. Her name is Trin Lovell and I thought they nailed the general feel of the videos. The Grouch is an instant classic. As someone who's seen the Joker, they really put a lot of attention to detail.
  7. They did make a mistake though in James's headstone- it should have read 1977-2015, because they clearly had the entire series take place over a couple of weeks, and I remember them clearly saying in the pilot or second episode that Kate had only been dead for about two years. (It was kind of funny to me, because Charlie's face had really matured compared to what he looked like in the first season. ) I really wish we had gotten more on Elisha, and I would have liked to have seen more on No Regard as well as Charlie/Raf. And we should have had some follow up on Beau, too. I don't think it would have killed them to have him in the final scene, given that he was on the "know", too. (Well, not about his father, but at least about Paddy.) I think the acting on the show was pretty uniformly strong (okay, Sarah and Chi were kind of weak links for me) and that really did a lot to elevate the show's shortcomings for me.
  8. I'm also a true crime junkie and it really interesting to ponder why there seemed to be so many serial killers during the 70's and 80's. Dreama Walker (I'd recognize those distinctive eyes anywhere) was a real hoot in that big 80's perm,
  9. I feel like the Partridge was in general better writing teenaged characters that reflected the mindset of the early 70's. There's an episode where Lori covers for a friend who's cheating on a test and it sparks all these protests at their school and I remember thinking, "Brady Bunch was never this good at writing high school." I'm currently watching the wig episode on Hulu. Eve Plumb really did have fabulous hair. If I were a girl, I probably would have envied it, too. They don't have the Davy Jones episode on Hulu, and that makes me sad.
  10. Oh, I'm down for it. They just need to go with it. Since this is the same Cristal character from last season though, I hope we see her sexy closeted male relative come back. He was hot. I feel like they cast her to play a sexy troublemaking vixen a la Valerie Malone, but then they realized she couldn't pull it off so they're at a loss at how to write her. Something similar happened with Sammy, but then they realized that Sammy's at his most likeable around Anders hence the hotel plot.
  11. So we're going to do an homage to the Vow for Liam and Fallon? Okay. I wonder if this means that Liam will act like a snobby rich kid as per what happened to Rachel McAdams in that movie, but then slowly realize the error of his ways. Cristal 3 is fine. Hopefully Cristal 4 will be even better! Kirby is fucking stupid. Wow. She really thought she could screw over Fallon and get to live in the mansion with the rest of them? Am I the only one looking forward to the hotel plot? I like Anders and Sammy Jo's mentorship together. I'm just really glad they're not dragging out the Trixie plot. Ugh, this would have been the wrong show for an extended murder mystery.
  12. That was so cool seeing Wally and Phillip! I feel good knowing that there's a second bathroom. LOL.
  13. In the movie Everybody Wants Some, they had the character Willoughby wax poetic about circa 1973 Led Zeppelin despite the setting being 1980. He also bashes Van Halen, which was hot at the time period. People also complained about 13 Going on 30's Jenna's taste in music in 1987 being off- liking Rick Springfield instead Jon Bon Jovi, still caring about Thriller despite it being the Bad era, etc etc. But she was supposed to be kind of a nerd who didn't really know what was au currant, and I thought that a pretty good choice.
  14. Yeah, I didn't really see what the point of them was, either- I kind of glazed over with them. It felt really unnecessary given that this was just 6 episodes. The actress playing Kirstie just broke my heart. I wish we had gotten another scene with her and Kevin, although I'm not sure Kevin would be up for it. I also really enjoyed Raf. Thank you, Glitch, for introducing Jackson Gallagher to my life. LOL. I did love that this didn't go for the happy ending.
  15. Not much to say but what a lovely tribute to Luke Perry/Fred Andrews.
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