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  1. I kind of feel bad for Emma Fuhrmann, who played Teen Cassie in End Game but got recast for this by Kathryn Newton. Kathryn is awesome, though. They clearly must have big plans for Cassie if they went through the trouble of recasting her. They might have decided that Emma doesn't have the charisma/experience to be a draw towards the franchise?
  2. I've always jokingly called Stephen Dorff the Poor Man's Ethan Hawke. LOL. Similar look, same age, and both were kind of doing the edgy young man roles in the same era. But Ethan Hawke got brought to a new level when Training Day happened and Stephen Dorff never really got to have that moment when he went from 90's pretty boy to 2000's leading man like Ethan Hawke did. At one point he was resorting to commercials for vaping. Kinda reminded of Elisabeth Moss's low point when she was hawking for Excederin, shortly before Mad Men revived her career. Stephen/Ethan kind of remind of Ben
  3. The hair stylist in the behind the scenes said they were inspired by Brad Pitt (who wasn't a star until 1991) and Matt Damon (who wasn't a star until 1997) in terms of hairstyles. I think they were trying to go with 1992 or 1993. Definitely the first half of the 90's. Zak Steiner (Aaron Jacobs) was born in 1995 so I'm assuming that means Aaron is probably a year or two older than Zak. The "current time" of the show is likely January 2019 (we're still in the same school year of season 1 which explicitly stated that Rue was 17 and her birthdate was right after 9/11/01)
  4. Sonny actually has like three brothers- Alexander, Joseph, and Victor. We've never seen adult versions of them. They are total blank slates and we could definitely use leading men in the thirtysomething range since all we really have there are Chad and Ben. Although knowing our luck Ron would probably try to cast David Allen Gregory as Alexander or something. LOL.
  5. I had a teacher who explained pedophilia to me in along the lines of this: "There's something wrong with the way they're wired. They look at a 2-year old girl and think that's the woman of their dreams." I mean, in Jerry's case, he's more of a hebephile (attracted to adolescents) along the lines of R. Kelly, but the point remains- he looks at a teenage boy and thinks that's his dream man. Jerry likely could have had his pick of hunky men as a result of his fame, but he chose instead to solicit nude photos and sexual favors from 14-year old kids. So there's just something in his head that makes
  6. He looks WAY too old for her. It's gross. The actress playing Paris just turned 23 and the actor playing Carter is 39. Diamond White can still pass as a Hollywood teenager while Lawrence looks every bit like a man coming into middle age. Come on! Why did anyone think this was a good idea?
  7. Agreed. Please, revival, learn a little from the mistakes of the mothership. At a bare minimum, please don't go, "Psych- your dad isn't the love of my life, your Uncle is and Dad was just a placeholder because Uncle didn't want kids and I did!" I kind of want it to be British Guy because he seems like the least likely one.
  8. Wasn't Ron responsible for the undeadening of Jake on General Hospital? (Who, you know, donated his kidneys to Joss after his death but they handwaved that.) I can see him being all over that, but yeah, Zach should be left dead. KA apparently agreed. It'd be weird though, because you'd have to bring Zach back as someone at a minimum in their late 20's because Zach was older than Ciara, who seems to be about 25 these days. This show was always good at casting good-looking kids that resembled Bo and Hope and I'd love to see a handsome swarthy brunette dude running around, but nah.
  9. As she's getting older, Maude Apatow is starting to remind me a lot (in a good way) of Troian Bellisario, another nepotism baby who is actually pretty talented and has a chill vibe to her. I liked her in This is 40 and it seems like a lot of people like her work as the wallflower type on Euphoria. I don't know if either of them are destined for major stardom (Troian is 36 which generally means it's over at that point for any real breakthrough to happen for a woman unless they get a break like Melissa Leo or Jessica Chastain) but I'm glad they're around. I really hope Troian considers beco
  10. In that case though, that was going on when everyone was on the "We Hate Katherine Heigl and why is she even famous" train and I really think anything she was doing at that time could be twisted negatively. I think the general idea is "why isn't she having the kid herself? I bet it's because of her vanity!" and other such b.s. like that. The fact that she was still in her early 30's might have played a role as well. I mean, Elizabeth Banks went the surrogate route as did Nancy Wilson and Angela Basset and none of them got shit for it because they're generally respected and not considered
  11. Katherine Heigl adopted her first two kids when it turned out that she can have kids and she got shit for that. You really cannot win. Anyway, I'll always remember Gaspard Ulliel for his amazing Chanel commercial:
  12. They really should. Mena is absolutely perfect for something like the Mandolorian or one of the million Marvel t.v. shows in development right now.
  13. Mena Massoud is having to resort to cheesy Netflix films after Aladdin and that makes me sad. I remember thinking he was a solid find. Then again he was screwed with his big break being followed by a massive pandemic shutting everything down. It looks like he still got work, just nothing that hit high profile like Aladdin.
  14. Agreed. Someone earlier said that people become famous when they fill in a niche, and I can't think of anyone else who looks like Xolo Mariduena in the same age bracket. At the same time, he's got a look that will appeal to mainstream audiences, and will likely age well as he goes into his 20's and then his 30's. Tanner Buchanan has been like a "Hey, it's that kid" since about 2015-ish...I think he's got a good chance if he can get into the right vehicle. He seems to be doing a lot of t.v. movies now so maybe he'll always have work even if he doesn't become A-list. Jacob Bertrand is
  15. Morgan has a line at CVS Beauty that she's plugging: https://www.instagram.com/p/CY7fGkVovrN/ I'm really happy for her. She's definitely got a good commercial appeal to her. I hope she's smart with her endorsement money. Here's an article on Morgan by Shape Magazine.
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