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  1. methodwriter85

    S01.E02: The Pitch

    Did anyone else notice that Stalker Boy was wearing a VERY 1990's print pattern t-shirt when he was sending his resume? That made me smile.
  2. methodwriter85

    Box Office

    I'm happy for Jacob Tremblay. Also glad that Michael Jackson can't invite him to Neverland. #TooSoon?
  3. methodwriter85

    S02.E04: Episode 4

    True, although I'm a little disappointed that it does appear like they're backing off on the suggestion that Ford is a sociopath. I was really into that. I'm actually pretty versed in the Dean Corll killings, which have been kind of overshadowed by the John Wayne Gacy killings, so I was excited to see them tackle them. I thought "Elmer" did a great job.
  4. methodwriter85

    S02.E03: Episode 3

    That's kind of how I see them. They all hate the 4th team member because he doesn't really seem to have much of a purpose or curiosity in what they're doing and he is the one that forwarded the tape of the Specter interview, although that in the end wound up working for them.
  5. methodwriter85

    Unpopular Opinions: The Cheese Stands Alone

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer was class of 1999, so that works. You also had the explosion of teen movies like Can't Hardly Wait and She's All That in 1998/1999.
  6. methodwriter85

    S02.E02: Episode 2

    I loved hearing "Call Me"- nice nod to the fact that we're in 1980-1981 right now.
  7. methodwriter85

    Unpopular Opinions: The Cheese Stands Alone

    I mean, there was pornographic gay/bisexual fanfiction but that focused on almost every other character aside from Andrea. LOL. I did remember that there were rumors that Brian Austin Green is bisexual. I'm going to just pretend that Gabby's lesbian friends from her Sarah Lawrence days told her that Andrea was a coded lesbian during a boozy brunch reunion and Gabby decided to roll with it to give herself a cool storyline. I remember when The OC (which in my opinion is the REAL Gen Y equivalent of 90210 as opposed to the CW reboot) people initially read Seth and Ryan as being gay for each other. That was kind of funny. Someone even said something along the lines, "When I was a teenaged Jewish boy like Seth, I used to have a fantasy of a blond boy coming to live with me and my family. This show is like a dream come true!"
  8. methodwriter85

    S01.E02: The Pitch

    I mean, in her book, Tori said she asked her mother as a child if she was pretty. Candy said, "You will be when we get your nose fixed." She also mentioned guys coming up to her and making neighing sounds because they were saying her face looked like a horse. I mean, it really is no wonder that woman's natural face doesn't exist anymore.
  9. methodwriter85

    Little Women (2019)

    I guess I'm in the minority that I enjoyed the trailer? I've seen 4 versions plus a "in name only" Lifetime adaption and I always find something to enjoy about them. I mean, I saw the 1949 and 1994 versions and loved both pretty well, and thought that the Jo/Bhaer relationship was done equally well in both, although the ending in the '94 version is just superior over the '49 version. Also the Jo rejection scene were great in both of them. I was kind of "meh" about the 1978 Lori Partridge and Jan Brady Little Women, but I did think Susan Dey was great casting. I even enjoyed the Hallmark-like modern version from last year that had Lea Thompson as Marmee and flopped hard. I wasn't really feeling Lucas Grabeel as Laurie, though. He felt horribly miscast and the rejection scene didn't work for me. I did enjoy Jo/Bhaer, although for me what really sells that particular version is Jo and Beth. Like the 1978 version, there's a scene where they're on the beach (although in this one it's winter) and I think it's pretty beautiful. I'm also kind of surprised that for something that was distributed by a Christian company, there's also pretty little religious invocation throughout the movie. The one version of Little Women that I really thought they'd go with this was The March Sisters at Christmas, a Lifetime modern version which pretty much just gave them the names and then setting it as a Christmas where the adult girls are trying to renovate their home because they don't want their parents to sell it. Justin Bruening and Julie Marie Berman had pretty good chemistry in that and it was the only time I ever really believed that Jo could've have seen Laurie as anything more than a brother. Alas, it didn't, and that felt like the one time where I really wanted it to end that way. There was also a Little Women web series by the defunct Pemberly Digital, although I didn't get through it. They did the outstanding Lizzie Bennett Diaries and the relatively good Emma Approved. They imagine the books as a series of vlogs set in the modern day. It looks like they tried to revive the Emma series but they didn't get enough patrons to fund it. Disappointing, but Youtube has changed so much in the past 5 years and it's hard to fund content.
  10. methodwriter85

    Who, What, When, Where?!: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    Wow. I stopped watching the show after Lindsie's divorce happened because the show felt like it was on fumes by season 4/5. (Can't remember and don't care enough to look it up.) They were already estranged from Kyle by then and he yanked his permission to film his daughter on the show because he thought they were using her as the token sassy black child on the show for comic relief. I always thought Chase was a siper-cute twink but man that is skeezy AF.
  11. methodwriter85

    Euphoria in The Media

    Jacob Elordi for Calvin Klein: I'm not sure who their ad agency is now but they've been killing it lately with these new ads. I kind of love the contrast between the traditional Calvin Klein ad on the left and the colorful, more Abercrombie 2003-like ad on the right.
  12. methodwriter85

    Seasons 4-7: The College Years

    Who smoked pot and was therefore BAAAAAAADDDDDDD. Like a real-life Dylan wouldn't have been a major pothead. If Saved by the Bell: The College Years hadn't been cancelled, we wouldn't have gotten TAT as Val. It really was a stroke of luck because I can't see any other actress as her. It was kind of amazing how good TAT was at playing both the wide-eyed ingenue and the evil scheming sexpot.
  13. As someone who loved Hyde and loved the Jackie/Hyde storyline, this hurts my heart.
  14. methodwriter85

    Who, What, When, Where?!: Miscellaneous Celebrity News

    She's made some tone-deaf statements to the press that isn't exactly endearing her to the public. Nothing too damaging yet, but she is hitting that age where Hollywood is eager to discard a woman and alienating the public isn't an incentive for them to keep her around.