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  1. It would also make way more sense for a woman in her late 30's to have a baby, as opposed to a woman who should be about 68 years old or so by this point.
  2. I think SheDevil was the one to convince Sami to rape Austin.
  3. It's such a freakin' weird trope and I'm here for it. I watched this weird, dark little microindie called "Inside" about a grieving couple who convince themselves that an intruder into their house is their dead son come back to life and I always thought of "My Ellen" while watching it. I'm surprised this show never tried a plot where a grieving widow convinces herself that Almanzo is her dearly departed husband, but then again, they already had the plot where Almanzo's spinster sister is obsessed with him and his recovery.
  4. Did anyone else expect Not Kelly Rutherford to actually be healed by the cross? It's not like this show has a shred of realism anyway. I kept waiting for her to drop the canes and walk on her own.
  5. I just feel like that's been done so many times in so many ways. "Guy learns about sexism by becoming female" is so incredibly overused at this point, whether it's by a body change or a good ol' wig and heels.
  6. I love that the last Dillon was so unremarkable that no one remembers him. LOL. At least he was allowed to leave and wasn't killed off.
  7. I didn't watch season 4 but I followed the comments and I think it's hilarious this show got cancelled just as Robert won. I don't think it would have been a permanent win had the show continued but whatever. Max Brown is a good actor and he did shake up the show in a good way. I wonder if the show might have gotten a season 5 if Schwann hadn't been "MeToo"ed. Honestly, I'm glad for Alexandra as well as for the first season actress who was so abruptly written off I wouldn't be surprised if it was because she wouldn't sleep with Mark. I did think the intended endgame for the show was
  8. She's very dry. Which would be fine for a British dramedy or a Jane Austen adaptation (and her stoner character Odessa on the Connors), but it really does not work for a campy melodrama like Dynasty. It's funny they bobbled Amanda twice. (Amanda on the OG show only had like a two-season run because she just wasn't that popular as a character.) The actress seems super-nice on her Instagram (and I liked her character Odessa on the Connors) so I feel bad for not being sold on Amanda yet. LOL. It's really not even on Eliza- she's a pretty experienced actress going by her IMDB but I don
  9. Damn, Aussie guard was hot. Seriously, what IS it with Australia and producing incredibly good-looking men? Spencer getting puppy dog eyes when Joss mentioned Trina liking him was kind of hilarious. This kid is so out of his league with Esme.
  10. They apparently want to reboot Drop Dead Diva, but this time with a 20-something man having to live as a middle-aged woman. I don't hate it, per se, but I feel like "man has to live as a woman" swap stories have been doing so many times I'm not really sure what else can be said about it, unless they decide to twist it and have David gender transition. That could be interesting, but then it would also step into a political minefield. I kind of wish they had gone with a shallow Logan Paul-like influencer being forced into the body of a 40-something lawyer instead, keeping it closer to
  11. Rose McGowan got into a serious car accident in the 2007 that resulted in serious facial injuries and each time she does something I always wonder if there's some TBI going on there. It's frustrating to watch because by all rights, Rose McGowan should be camping it up on Ryan Murphy Shows, but she's burned so many bridges it's ridiculous.
  12. Wow, I didn't think you could watch this show without at least being a fan of Liz Gillies/Fallon. She's been the centerpiece of the show since pretty much the pilot. I watch this show for Fallon's ridiculous outfits and my general adoration of Liz Gillies. Beto is so hot. I am happy to see him again. Amanda is a lesbian (so her marrying a royal prince is out) but I'm not sure this casting works. She had a funny part as Odessa on the Connors (almost unrecognizable here) but I'm not sure she has the edginess to make this work. Amanda was a wet drip of a character the first time around
  13. She could blow her entire fortune on Arizona oceanfront real estate and Cheetos and it'd be well within her right to.
  14. That sucks. I thought she was a solid actress in Finding Carter; the problem was with the show and it's obsession with making Lori justified in what she did.
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