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  1. Yeah, she really did not look much older than her daughters. I kind of wonder what Carole's daughter really thinks of all of this. Maybe Carole bought her a BMW as a 16th birthday present to keep her mouth shut. LOL. One of my favorite YouTuber True Crime vloggers just did an episode on Don Lewis:
  2. Travis's mother nailed it when she said that Joe is always acting. Everything is a performance- there isn't a shred of genuine behavior in him. It reminds me a lot of the way Darren Criss played Andrew Cunannan in The Assassination of Gianni Versace. Nothing is real and everything is about image.
  3. I think it's contemporary but with nostalgic touches, like Sex Education, Riverdale, Sabrina, and Euphoria. That seems like a thing with current dramas adding in anachronistic touches despite taking place in the present.
  4. They were trying REALLY hard to make her feel like female Deadpool in the Harley Quinn movie and I just couldn't feel that. I still enjoyed the movie, but I was annoyed at how much they were trying to make this feel like Deadpool.
  5. I called it! I knew they were totally going to raceflip at least one of the white characters because one Asian girl (and a latter black girl addition) isn't diverse enough by Netflix teen drama standards. Surprised they did it to both Dawn and Mary Anne, but cool. I'm guessing at least one is going to be gay, but I'd love it if they went against stereotypes and had either Claudia or Stacey as the gay girl instead of just making it Kristy. I kind of hope it isn't Mary Anne because I loved Logan. (Then again, they could just genderflip Logan.) Although maybe they'll back off on all of that kind of stuff given that these characters are indeed supposed to be in 7th grade, although they might have aged them up. (The book series did let them age to 8th grade.) It's awesome. It's totally spot-on. Probably better than what they did in the '95 movie. They were also pretty spot-on for Mary Anne and Kristy's outfits, but then again neither of them were THAT tied to the 1986 aesthetic that Stacey was. I keep picturing Stacey with her perm and stirrup pants and big fluffy sweaters that made her NYC sophisticated. LOL.
  6. They mentioned in the second episode of this series that Liz had a fiance that she left high and dry in (hee!) in San Diego and I always keep waiting for him to show up. I'm picturing Matt Barr. The CW likes Matt Barr, and it can be a little Wildcats reunion with him and Heather! The reference to Jimmy from Degrassi becoming a rapper made me smile. I became super-obsessed with Degrassi in 2005 when we got The N on cable. I wonder if Rosa will laugh her ass off when she sees that the Kardashians are still being kept up with now and Trump is now president? LOL. As for all the other stuff...I just keep my expectations super-low. I don't read showrunner interviews because Carina frankly reminds me of Marti Noxon (and Buffy fans will know that is NOT a compliment), and I'm kind of just here because I like enough of the characters/actors that this feels like a nice way to spend an hour each week, for only a 13-episode season. I really think using Noah's heart is probably NOT the best idea and that's probably why Max doesn't want it to happen- I'm guessing he feels like Noah will be resurrected in part along with him. I do feel like Dark Max vs. Good Max is where this show is kind of headed towards.
  7. I really am kind of surprised this show doesn't seem to want to go this way because a former jock bully falling for the effeminate kid he used to bully would be the juicer storyline and a classic slashfiction trope. I'm guessing Michael T. and Tyler are just really good friends in real life? I was really thinking that Zombie Max and Normal Max weren't the same and Zombie Max was some kind of trick being played on Rosa by Evil Noah's Spirit, but I guess not. Damn, that would have been cool. I guess Max looks normal to Isabella because they have a stronger connection? Either way I'm glad the show went with the abortion. You would have NEVER seen that on 1999 WB. It was nice seeing Jason Behr again. I used to have this as my computer background when I was 14. LOL. Anyway, I'm pretty sure we just met Maria's great-grandpa. Hi, Maria's great-grandpa!
  8. I don't think they will. Historical precedent says they're willing to have an odd gap. When they decided to move the winter Olympics to a different year from the summer ones, they just had 1992, 1994, and then jumped back to four years with Nagano in 1998. The 1994 Olympics were seen as a second shot for a lot of the 1992 Olympic athletes that didn't make podium, including Tonya Harding. I think they're just going to go with the odd 3 year gap and then go right back to schedule.
  9. Yep, you got it! Thanks. Thought he was really cute, like a young Eric Balfour!
  10. This sucks, although having a 3-year gap instead of a 4-year gap between Japan and Paris could be fortuitous for anyone that comes in just off the podium in 2021. Weird to think Michael Phelps won't be there, at least not as a competitor.
  11. It wasn't the best of the era but I didn't hate it. I think my most-hated romantic comedy from that decade was The Broken Hearts Club. Ugh. I kind of had a thing for Andrew Keegan at the time so I watched it, but my god, it was crap.
  12. I keep thinking they need to have Bradley Cooper play Joe in the adaption of Sunset Boulevard. The character should technically be younger than mid-40's, but Norma Desmond is being played by 70-something Glenn Close, so why not?
  13. I remember when "Maid of Honor" came out and people were joking that it was the gender-swapped "My Best Friend's Wedding." It wasn't that bad, but I really couldn't with the movie trying to set Patrick's character as having been college-aged in the year 1998. It's kind of funny when you think about it that Patrick Dempsey managed to be a romantic comedy actor in 80's and then again in the 2000's, possibly finishing it out with his turn in Bridget Jone's Baby in 2016.
  14. True, although I personally think Robert's conventionally leading man in the face, despite his initial twink bod. His first two characters that the public know him for (Cedric and Edward) were in part defined by the fact that they were really good-looking and all the girls were swooning over him. There's actually been articles about the rise of twinks as actors, as kind of a reaction against the roided out Alpha Male bods that we've come to expect. "The Revenge of the Twinks", Vulture, July 2017 Tom Holland, Ansel Elgort, and the new Skinny Movie Stars.
  15. I kind of love that the thruple was really an excuse for the husband to cheat on his wife but have her think it was both of their ideas. Jackie getting out of there was hilarious.
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