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  1. Then we go into the Lou Diamond Phillips question- is it okay for a POC who can't pass for white but can pass as a variety of ethnicities to play POC roles that don't align with their background? He's Filipino with some Scottish and Native American blood and famously played the Latino Ritchie Valens. I have a niece who looks kind of ambiguous and she was told that her look is "hot" because she can pass as different ethnicities.
  2. David Boreanaz comes from Italian descent. His father Dave used a more "American" sounding surname of Thomas and then finally Roberts for his career as a newscaster. And then there's Chloe Bennett who passes as white so she uses Bennett instead of her real last name of Wang. She ran into the exact same problem James did- Wang put people off, because she couldn't go for white roles but also didn't look Asian enough for Asian roles.
  3. They will probably have to live through the horror of living in a mansion in the more "affordable" Calabasas instead of Bel Air.
  4. It also falls into the trope of setting race relations stories into the distant past to make white people feel more comfortable because they have no personal experiences with the time period. Setting it in say 1989 or 1999 would change that. And isn't Everybody Hates Chris already a black reboot? That's what it always felt like.
  5. She's only 33? I literally thought she was at least 40.
  6. I've peeped Michael Vlamis's Instagram and he comes off as being emotionally stunted at about 17 years old. I would not say he comes off as obnoxious, but maturity is not his strong suit. I guess that's why he got along so well with Carina- they've both emotionally teenaged! He was like the cool high school senior being crushed on by Carina's cow-eyed 9th grader.
  7. They want to reboot the Wonder Years as a black family living in Montgomery, Alabama during the late 60's. It sounds like it has potential, but I kind of wish they'd pick the setting of a black Los Angeles suburb in the late 80's/early 90's instead. I just think "race relations during the 60's" has been done to death by this point. I'd be more interested in seeing a coming of age show showing pre-Rodney King Riots Los Angeles.
  8. I thought they were estimated to be worth 88 million dollars before all this. That can't be right then if they're this desperate they're selling the house for little profit. Maybe Covid19 hit their investments hard and that's the real reason they didn't fight this out to October-January like they seemed they would.
  9. You're right, but I still think that it was mostly about propping EJ and Sami. Also about showcasing James Scott. Anyway, I like Kayla's trench coat non-wedding dress.
  10. Well, I wasn't expecting that. RIP. Looks like she chose to keep it private. Good for her that she did. I semi-wonder if any possible fertility treatments she got might have contributed to her breast cancer. I thought the same thing about Elizabeth Edwards who made the decision to use fertility treatments to have more children after her son died as a teenager. She was diagnosed in 2004 and lost her battle six years later. I don't think Kelly ever clarified if she used her own eggs in IVF or donor eggs, though.
  11. I keep waiting for them to bring back Baby Zach as an angry 25-year old. And are you referring to Marlena's ridiculous pregnancy circa '04?
  12. The entire reason for Santo and Colleen was to prop EJ and Sami, period.
  13. A few years back, Jada was actually trying to get a The Wire-style show about my hometown of Wilmington, Delaware that was going to be called MurderTown. Needless to say the locals weren't thrilled, but I think it would have been cool. Wilmington has certainly provided material in the years since the tv show didn't go through. I really wish it had gone through...the concept of a black female DA of a small but crime-ridden city could have been a really good show.
  14. I think it's meant to convey that going back into the dating pool is like a sweet return to the innocence of youth for Maddie. It kind of reminds me of how they dressed DJ in Fuller House. A lot of her outfits were on the young side.
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