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  1. I hope that's what they deliver and not just do what Good Times (ironic title) already did.
  2. True, but I feel like I already saw that show, and it was called Any Day Now. I personally feel like the show should have been set in a black Los Angeles suburb in 1991, leading up to the Rodney King riots. It would have had history that paralleled what we're seeing right now, and it would have had the effect of targeting Gen X parents and educating their kids a little. The 1960's Civil Rights movement has been done so much and interpreted in so many different ways, but the civil unrest in Los Angeles leading up to the 1992 riots is something that hasn't been explored as much. Howeve
  3. In all honesty, I thought Glenn Close deserved it for the Wife, but I get why Olivia Colman won for the Favourite- it's the showier role. The best way to describe the Wife was "understated" elegance. I do think Glenn Close's near-Oscar win in 2019 helped to re-establish her as a movie star in the minds of the public...she had essentially been more of a t.v. star in more recent years. (Yes, she did have an Oscar nomination in 2011 but it didn't seem to generate nearly as much buzz as her The Wife nomination did.) In Amy Adams's case, I catched Junebug at an arthouse theater when she
  4. Three really notable exceptions for me in my opinion... Wes Ramsey and the former actor formerly known as Steve Sandvoss in Latter Days... Trevor Wright and Brad Rowe in Shelter... And Armie Hammer and Timothe Chalamet in Call Me By Your Name... I also thought Colin Farrell and Dallas Green had a really sweet chemistry in A Home At the End of the World...not scorching hot, but sweet which worked for the childlike way of Colin's character. But this brings me back to my own gay cinema unpopular opinion in that I never really felt the chemistry between Jake Gyllenhaal an
  5. The fact that during the Puerto Rico hurricanes in 2018 or 2019 that people didn't realize that Puerto Rico is an American territory and therefore our responsibility was both sad and hilarious at the same time.
  6. Diego Boneta is being cast presumably as the groom. He's kind of bland but perfectly cute, which makes him perfect to take over for George Newbern. LOL. I personally don't hate the idea but I was hoping we were getting a continuation as both Meghan and George Junior would be in their mid-20's by now so we could see them getting married in like a double wedding.
  7. You might like the movie Leave No Trace, although it's a much sadder movie. I did enjoy it a lot. It's about a father and daughter who live off the grid in national park forests, with him having clear mental issues due to PTSD.
  8. Case in point: Her character doesn't say a word in this clip but I'm riveted at the end when she realizes Oscar's character wrote the song about her.
  9. I vaguely remember the 12-year old Shawn we saw circa 1997-98 before he came back as "16"-year old Jason Cooke in '99. I wasn't watching Days until '97. That was when Kirsten and Marlena were trapped in a basement watching Susan's tacky Elvis wedding to John. Wasn't Sami also pretending to be sweet pre-raped Sami at one point? That might have been 1998. I think it's when Dylan McKay's father came on as Not Dead Roman to interrupt John and Marlena's wedding. Maybe it was late '97 after the Hunka Hunka Burning Love wedding? It's kind of funny that Kirsten transferred obsessions because John got
  10. I remember there being rumors he was coming back but like as a 15-year old. Which would be funny because I really wouldn't put it past this show to have either forgotten that Johnny and Allie are twins, or just not care.
  11. Kids have been way more of a factor on those shows. When it comes to Days, they've never done that much with kids, at least since the late 90's. The only pre-teen kiddie characters that weren't just wallpaper were Will and Ciara. Even Abby didn't do much until she was SORASed into Ashley Benson.
  12. She's in stasis until she can be revealed as a 22-year teenager.
  13. The best way to put it is that she seems like she's trying too hard, like she cribbed notes from Janice Ian in Mean Girls and is doing her best to imitate her without really succeeding.
  14. It's just so bizarre to me that all these years later, GH is still insisting on being a Sopranos Lite ripoff. The relevance of that show is long gone. If they wanted to rip something off more current it should have been Breaking Bad or Ozark.
  15. Margaret Qualley (Andie McDowell) and Maya Hawke (Ethan and Uma) were also in there; however I already think they're both pretty good actresses. I'm not saying Harley Quinn can't be, but I'm not really seeing it so far. Maybe Mallory will display some really good acting chops in the show.
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