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  1. I don't know what it is, but I find something really sexy about Kyle Lowder. Which is funny, because when Kyle first showed up as Brady, I thought he was a total uggo. It's amazing what charisma and an angelic singing voice can do.
  2. That was my impression watching the video. I think they would have just shot him immediately once he said no if they were actually intending to shoot him. It took him fighting back for them to do it.
  3. True. I don't think this show cares as much about Abby as they did when she was eating the show.
  4. I guess this means we're back to Smug Kate Mansi.
  5. I really kind of wonder if the actress who played Aisha shot herself in the foot when she e-begged and complained about being written out of the show. Since it seems like the show is getting a bigger budget and expanded cast, you'd think they'd announce Aisha coming back. Maybe it'll be a surprise? I'm cynical enough to think that Aisha's e-begging and complaining turned off the Powers that Be at Cobra Kai. I hope I'm wrong.
  6. The problem with the show is that the stakes never felt that real because almost every.single.death.on.the.show.was.undone. Seriously, what is that? I didn't even feel bad for Nick and Sabrina because I figured that at some point in this universe they'll be resurrected and we just won't see it. The closest this show ever got to making me feel any kind of sadness was when Sabrina kills her Plant Clone, and Harvey's brother. Otherwise the show lacked any real emotional core. It was a fun trifle for the most part, but it just never reached the heights of Prime Era Buffy (season 2 through season 5), which managed to balance humor/campiness with emotional pathos.
  7. I was reading some racist Nazi post on Reddit about how the dogwalker deserved to know the truth about black people after being all gungho about Black Lives Matter. Ugh.
  8. It's a function of how wacky SORAS is. Brady is being played by a man who was born in 1971. Kristen is being played by a woman that was born in 1966. These actors would have only missed being able to go to high school together by a few years. Visually, it just doesn't look weird because Brady was cast way too old for his character, while at the same time the show is ignoring that given the SORAS they gave EJ, Kristen and Susan should be at a minimum in their mid-60's. Evan is hot. He can act. He's looking more and more like Jensen Ackles. Why can't he just take over for Eric and we'll ignore the age thing? The show already has Sami and Belle looking like Irish twins despite the fact that Sami sold Belle on the baby black market. Her niece Claire looks like she's in her 30's despite being born in 1998. Why should it matter if her twin brother looks ten years younger than her?
  9. As much as I'd love to see Dan Wells back, I cannot trust RC to not take a fun, campy storyline and boil it to unappealing mush. This show really is a Monkey's paw.
  10. I feel bad for Soleil that the best she was able to do after Punky was a three-season stint as the best friend on Sabrina the Teenaged Witch, AFTER the show had jumped the shark. I always looked at Stephen Dorff and thought of him as the Poor Man's Ethan Hawke. He's still a working actor but he never really became an A or B-level star. He had a period in the late 90's/early 2000's where he was getting pushed but it just didn't quite work out.
  11. Damn, poor guy. Talk about your life changing forever in a second. Thank god it wasn't the four times in the chest it was initially reported as being.
  12. Pretty much the only person I've ever seen successfully impersonate Jennifer Love Hewitt was Lacey Chabert in Not Another Teen Movie but alas, she is now too old to play a Young Maddie. JL's face in general is just too distinctive. Grace Fulton used to play Young Melinda on Ghost Whisperer and she doesn't really look like Jennifer Love Hewitt, either, although she comes closer with the longer face.
  13. I never thought I'd see a worse showrunner than 2002 Marti Noxon, but Carina proved me wrong.
  14. Poor Nicholas Betchtel, though. Imagine being 16 and still only 4'6". I believe he is legally considered a dwarf. I'd be surprised if they don't recast Spencer so he's a conventional teen idol type like Cam is. He's going to look way too young against Joss and Cam. He still looks 12.
  15. I still remember an analysis of LW's version of Carly being that she looks like a woman who rode horses as a girl before going home to her family's 4-bedroom Colonial house in Greenwich, Connecticut.
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