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  1. Natasha Leggero toyed with the idea of making Mark transgender, but decided against it and to just make Mark non-conforming. It was the right call, because the trans character Adam on Degrassi was played by a girl who was very clearly blossoming into womanhood and it started getting awkward that we were supposed to believe they were transitioning and the actress playing him clearly wasn't.
  2. Is Jan being Janet established canon? Because I can totally see Ron retconning Jan's name as a nod to Janet From Another Planet on All My Children. She was the show crazy person, although they did allow her a few good years before she went criminally insane again in a really offensive way. The actress who played Janet from Another Planet also played Heather on GH during Ron's reign.
  3. Why haven't there been more attempts to reboot Little House on the Prairie? My guess is that it's because period western dramas are expensive to make, and the last hit period Western drama was Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman in the 90's? It seems like they tried in 2005 with a miniseries but that didn't take off. I remember watching it and being impressed with Pa, but feeling like the new Half Pint was trying way too hard to be Melissa Gilbert. Like it felt like she was forced to watch the show and told to study every movement Melissa Gilbert made and copy it. Anyway, I guess we do have When Calls the Heart on Hallmark? I'm surprised Hallmark didn't take a stab at a revival. Filming in Canada would actually look closer to what Minnesota is supposed to look like as opposed to Simi Valley, California.
  4. It'll be interesting to see if he can capitalize on this little mini-faux pas. He's getting headpats from a lot of other actors but the people that can hire him... that's a whole nother matter. Someone did say that Lukas looks like he should be in a Linklater movie and I had to agree. He has that laid-back All American boy look that Linklater just loves.
  5. Actor Lukas Gage posted a video of a director insulting his apartment on a Zoom audition. People are speculating that it was Matthew Vaughn. Without naming names, Emmy Rossum said that she was asked by the director to "audition" while wearing a bikini.
  6. Again though, I think Last Christmas was probably a good idea on paper, but the marketing botched it by making it seem like a happy romantic comedy when it's not. You can't market a movie without giving audiences a feel of what they're in for. I will never forget how Spanglish was marketed as a feel-good movie about learning to get past cultural differences and was instead treated to a cynical look at consumerist American culture obsessed with physical perfection and exploits the underclass.
  7. There are rumors that Jason was written off because Ricky's mother didn't like that he was getting more fanmail.
  8. Jacob Elordi reminds me a little of Matt Dillion, but if you took a similar kind of face (broodily handsome brunette with soulful dark eyes) and placed it on a 6'5" Australian giant. What is it about Australia? Lol Jacob is definitely a really good actor and I can see him graduating from teen stuff into really great dramas. The problem is that he's 23 which means Hollywood isn't going to take him seriously in the kind of dark, gritty roles I think he'd be great at. Euphoria is a great start in that direction but it's still a teen show.
  9. Florence Pugh could work. Her eyes are hazel instead of Madonna's vivid blue but since when do that ever stop Hollywood? The good thing is that no one is expecting a vocal powerhouse so any number of actresses can work. (There's always lipsynching but that seems to have become verboten in Hollywood even for biopics.)
  10. My experience has taught me that natural blond surfer boys age like shit, even if they manage to not go bald. Rick is an interesting case though, because he did have a career going into adulthood, but then he just stopped. I feel like there's a good chance he alienated the wrong people.
  11. If I didn't remember the actor from his stint in the Real World in 2008, I would have totally bought him as being fresh out of college.
  12. The last time Hope had any kind of interesting storyline was with Aidan. I think she even said as much in an exit interview. Personally I would have loved if Hope got to die a hero's death and we saw her reunite with Bo in Heaven. That would have been a fitting send-off. Hell, if they couldn't get Bo back, they could have simply bathed Hope in a heavenly light and had her walk towards the camera saying simply, "Bo" as her face fills with tears of joy and we fade to white.
  13. Joey got a little better when he was on Insatiable. Supposedly they had a Joey recast but he backed out last minute. Eh, whatever. Looks like he cut his long hair.
  14. The "Fancy Face" nickname makes sense in the context that Hope was the upper class girl and Bo was the blue collar guy.
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