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  1. The sandwich shop is such a good way to gel the men on this show together.
  2. I was so worried that Firth was going to be a cliche and introduce us to a 20-something "new" girlfriend but it turned out they were living out the plot of a gender-reversed Fatal Attraction instead. Huh.
  3. Breaking Banter was REALLY enthusiastic about the 2019 Little Women movie. Hopefully it's good. Honestly, I've seen the '49 version, the '78 version, the '94 version, the Lifetime "in name only" adaption from the 2000's, and the Hallmark-ish "modern day" adaption from last year, and they all had something going for it. It's just such a solid source material.
  4. Apparently he really, really didn't like Eric Stoltz. I guess it really worked out for him that Eric got fired. Lea Thompson (who was friends with Eric) offered her take on the Eric situation as well:
  5. Too bad he has gotten 60 more years of life than his teenaged rape victim ever did, who died at 43. Edited to add: It's widely believed that Kirk Douglas raped Natalie Wood when she was 16.
  6. I still think it's Steve's lookalike grandson who happens to be clued in on Wonder Woman.
  7. I thought the trailers made it too obvious for me that I'm not too surprised it flopped in the U.S. I'm still pissed that I sat my way through Their Finest and was There's just too much crap in the world for me to want to watch a romantic comedy where I mean, if you package something as a romantic drama, that's one thing. But they were positioning this as a Love Actually, and
  8. Maybe he should split the difference and move to Austin, Texas instead if he hates L.A. so much?
  9. Prince Anders also got kind of singled out as being pretty funny and a bit of scene-stealer, so I don't think this is coming out of nowhere. He totally makes sense as a character to spinoff.
  10. My biggest issue with Nicolette Sheridan is that she really didn't have chemistry with any of the characters save for Hank and Jeff. That scene where she's flirting with Blake is painful to watch. We'll see what Elaine can do.
  11. God, if Twitter had existed back when Justin Timberlake was speaking in a fake African-American accent...if I remember correctly, he was still dragged for that and eventually stopped doing it. Armie Hammer's smart enough to realize his general upbringing/life aren't going to endear him to people (and in fact made him a target as seen in a pretty obvious hit piece on him), so he wants to be relatable to the folks that DIDN'T grow up in wealthy families, but he doesn't really have a perspective of what "normal" is due to said Dynasty-like upbringing. Katy Brand did a spoof about "normal" Kate Winslet being "normal" and that's kind of what I'm thinking is happening here with Armie.
  12. I just realized that Steven Mackintosh who very convincingly played a trans woman in Different for Girls back in the 90's also played Elton John's asshole dad in Rocketman. That kind of surprised me, although not as jarring as Chris Sarandon being the trans woman in Dog Day Afternoon and the super-sexy vampire stud Jerry in Fright Night.
  13. They knew that having "graphic" gay content would cut into the bottom line of the movie's earning power, and went ahead with it anyway because they didn't want to neuter Elton John like they did to Freddie freakin' Mercury. I also think Queen in general has a larger cross-generational appeal due to Wayne's World bringing back "Bohemian Rhapsody", and "We Will Rock You"/"We are the Champions" becoming perennial sports anthems. Elton John did have his moment in the 90's with "Can You Feel the Love Tonight?" and "Candle in the Wind '97" but for the most part he feels like a Boomer nostalgia act. I work at a movie theater, and I was actually listening to a Daddy explain to his handsome 25-ish Son who Elton John was after they got out of the movie.
  14. Because Kate Beckinsale is a woman who dares to be over the age of 35?
  15. I feel like Pete Davidson was positioned as the next Jimmy Fallon but he possesses like zero of the former's likeability or good looks.
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