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  1. Pamela Anderson makes me so sad. She'll do things like downsize her implants or cut her hair short to try and move beyond her 90's sex bomb look, but then she'll immediately revert back to it because she can't let go.
  2. Yeah, I really don't think this is a child actress supporting her family situation at all. That's a pretty damn nice house they have. Gabi's mom just strikes me as living vicariously through her daughter, and the dad strikes me as someone who's willing to do anything that will make a buck. Can't Gabi become like a Dallas cowboys cheerleader or something? That would extend her ability to cheer through her late 20's. I kind of feel like her parents are pushing her to monetize as much as she can before hitting her cheerleading sell-by date, and when that happens, they'll push her to find a nice (re: rich) guy to settle down with. It'd be great to see Gabi become a go-getter like Monica, but I really don't think that's going to happen. I thought she was finishing up her third year now? Hmm, interesting. It looks like you can be allowed to be on the team for 3 years, and that you can take up to 5 years to finish your degree. Anyway, this was a fun experience. I loved that this show focused on the actual mechanics of cheer leading and not so much on personal relationships outside of the team. I started watching this show because Benito Skinner did a parody: He absolutely nailed Monica and Lexi. Kind of wish he'd done Kap, although I'm pretty sure he didn't because he's sensitive about not playing ethnic characters. I started howling with laughter when Kap showed up in a production of Little Women. Does anyone know who the tall lanky guy with the long face and brown hair and eyes was? I thought he was so cute-kind of reminded me of Eric Balfour when he was young. He's at the end in the audition scene for the next set of cheerleaders.
  3. Dex was Alexis's love interest played by Michael Nader, who really did have some amazing charisma. (I knew him from his turn on All My Children in the 90's.) I had this weird theory that Fletcher was actually Steven with an altered face and plotting his moves/revenge against Adam while dating Sam, but the whole husband thing kind of threw me off that. I did think Not Matt Bomer would have made a pretty decent Steven recast, if they're still going with the idea of recasting Steven. And of course, I would've fucking loved Brent Antonello playing Steven instead of Faux Adam. James MacKay does seem like a pretty sweet guy, though. He's not right for paying in a soap opera but I hope he gets into musical theater because he really does have a nice voice.
  4. She did lose her virginity in Lady Bird and Brooklyn. Can't think of a third movie this happened in, but I haven't really followed her career that closely. Shailene Woodley did manage to have sex as a teenage character in The Spectacular Now, The Bird in the Blizzard, The Fault in Our Stars, and Divergent 2.
  5. It is incredibly uncomfortable to watch. I get that Hollywood pretty much treats 50 year old men chasing women half their age as default, but there was something so off about him in this video. He claimed the whole thing was a joke, but...dude...there was a sad echo of realness in that video. I do think Jim was incredibly frustrated at the fact that the hard work he put into dramas just didn't get much recognition. And his slapstick style of comedy fell out of favor for the bro style and Judd Apatow Shared Universe style that was pretty dominant for a good while.
  6. My guess is that if he don't need the money, he'd just as well live on some island or something because anyone watching the "Yummy" video can see this guy is so clearly over it. I wouldn't be shocked if he had serious financial issues that necessitated him coming back for another round. His current efforts feel so half-assed compared to his "Sorry" era.
  7. I can't tell if this is Justin having a cry for help and transferring all of his own demons that came with celebrity too young onto the current hot young thing, or trying to stay relevant in an industry that usually only gives you a couple of years of stardom before tastes change and fans move on. Maybe it's a bit of both. I know that Danny Gonzalez did a video about Bieber's team desperately trying to get "Yummy" to Number 1.
  8. Well, damn. Jim Carrey finally got a comeback hit. Good for him. There was this weird air of desperation to him in his "joke" video declaration of love to Emma Stone, and his personal life/professional life have been pretty rocky throughout this past decade, so good for him to start the new decade out with something good.
  9. Hmm, reading the trivia page for Benny and Joon and saw that it was originally cast with Johnny Deep, Laura Dern, and Woody Harrelson. Laura Dern quit because she was a recent Oscar nominee and did not want to be third in billing and Woody's contract would have given him top billing. Then Woody Harrelson dropped out because he was offered the lead in Indecent Proposal. He was promptly slapped with a 5 million dollar lawsuit by MGM for breach of contract and had to settle out of court. I wonder if that means they were pretty close to filming when he dropped out? Eh, it worked out because I thought Aidan's performance was lovely and he and Julianne Moore looked wonderful together. Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts were also considered for the parts, as well as Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. Winona Ryder was attached to star, but dropped out when her relationship to Deep would've ended. She definitely would have been good casting, although I kind of wonder what Laura Dern would have done with the part.
  10. Has Denzel ever done a movie where he's in a happy, stable marriage? I'm blanking on this. I guess he and Eva Mendes were happy having sex together in Training Day, but I wouldn't call that a happy marriage. I think this is a function of the fact that Denzel usually sticks to gritty action movies, thrillers, or gritty dramas. His one foray into romantic comedy (The Preacher's Wife) didn't do well. Happy stable marriages usually only exist in romantic or action buddy comedies. *I guess Remember the Titans would count? As far as I remember, his character had a good marriage. I know this will never happen, but Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maquire in a Spiderverse crossover. You could probably get the first two, but I don't think you'd ever get Tobey.
  11. So I guess that explains why they have to sell their house. LOL. Seriously, if they had already just plead, they would have been pretty much done with everything at this point. I can't wait for the counselor's gleeful testimony about Mossimo intimidating her when she tried to sound the alarm about the fake rower credentials, which the Mossimo camp is saying they had no knowledge of.
  12. I do find Lucia much more likeable than I ever found Julia, who just never seemed to stop whining. Like, bitch, you got into Stanford and you're going to make your friend's suicide all about yourself and use that as an excuse to marry your loser boyfriend? The fuck? Lucia seems to have an actual point instead of just being a generic whiny teenager. I do, however, agree with the posters that Lucia having such a pronounced accent compared to her siblings is distracting, especially that we know she never lived in Mexico and has been raised in Los Angeles her entire life. Her acting coach might want to work with her on that. However, I kind of miss Claudia. I don't think the Valentina actress quite has the chops that Lacey Chabert did at that age. I mean, she's fine, but Lacey really was one of the most phenomenal child actors captured on t.v. (I don't think she really carried those chops into adulthood, but damned if we don't have the proof of who good she was.)
  13. Maybe Lucia is bisexual? Because I really thought Lucia was going to hook up with the lesbian girl that invited her to the party in the pilot or second episode, but then she wound up flirting with/hanging around a guy. I don't think they're setting up Lucia and Matthew. They really have a platonic friend vibe. Also, even though I think he's supposed to be close to her age, the actor just looks way too old for her. She gives off this luminous glow. Seriously, they've hit 2-2 so far with Emilio's love interests
  14. They're not going to touch Pocohantas, either. The closest we will see to a live action remake of Pocohantas will be the New World movie that New Line did in 2005. Lindsay Ellis did a fantastic analysis about how Moana was essentially a better version of Pocohantas without the icky implications.
  15. He did wear his hair like in the flashback in the brief scene from Bring It On where the hot gay cheer squad member talks to him: 1999 was such a time neutral look that I thought they more or less got it right in terms of how people dressed. George's mother looks young as hell. Good ol' Asian genes. So it does look like the supernatural element of this show is real and not just a scheme cooked up by developers scheming to put in a new hotel resort or something like that. I was kind of the fence but they really are going with this stuff being for real.
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