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  1. For all the whining about "cancel culture", I'm AMAZED that radio stations still play "Brown Sugar". I mean, we can more or less successfully discourage "Baby It's Cold Outside"*, but we're willing to shrug off "Brown Sugar"?! *Not that this bothers me, because I loathe "Baby It's Cold Outside", but I actually think "Brown Sugar" is a few notches above it in terms of sheer repugnance.
  2. And maybe the leader can blast off in an escape pod and "forget" to bring them back. Kidding! Kidding! Sort of.
  3. Wiendish Fitch

    Cyrano (2021)

    I wouldn't have minded so much if the music had been good, but the song they used sounded so banal, it put me off ever watching it. And in that embarrassingly overlong trailer... we don't get a clip of Peter Dinklage singing?! I mean, he's only the title character! The movie looks pretty, and I like Joe Wright, but I will wait for this to come to streaming if curiosity gets the better of me. I sure as crap ain't paying to watch it.
  4. Babe: After Fly's puppies are sold off, she's lying alone in the barn, understandably down-hearted. Then Babe comes in and shyly asks, "Fly? Can I call you... 'Mom'?" And Fly licks his face, and Babe giggles. Damn, this movie still yanks at my heartstrings, over a quarter of a century after its release.
  5. No offense to the lovely Jeanette MacDonald, but this black star dress worn by this bit character upstaged her entire wardrobe in The Merry Widow.
  6. Three Nuts for Cinderella (alternate title: Three Wishes for Cinderella). It's an absolutely delightful and beloved Czech film. I recommend it to pretty much anyone. The actress who played Cinderella sadly passed away this year.
  7. Celluloid can capture great moments of acting... or "acting" so hilariously, memorably awful that audiences giggle with petty glee for years to come. What are your favorite moments of wretched acting? Once again, let's be civil, and if someone has a moment you disagree with, argue your point diplomatically. Here's one of mine (more coming soon!): Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas: By the time this now infamous self-insert fanfic... I mean, movie was released, Kirk Cameron had been acting for almost 35 years of his life. I mention this because in the opening scene (which just features
  8. Wow, that is appalling. Boy Meets World became pretty much unwatchable towards the end, but at least it wasn't offensively repugnant.
  9. Oh, heck yes! Amy Adams said the dress was so heavy and difficult to wear, she had to get daily massages.
  10. Popular opinion: Blue's Clues was an adorable show, and Steve Burns was a good host. Unpopular opinion(s): I've never wondered or cared why Burns left the show. Acting is, when all is said and done, a job. You are free to quit a job if you want to. Burns quit, I never suspected it was for any negative or scandalous reason, and I'm quite frankly tired of how he feels the need to trot out the explanation of why he left every 5-10 years. Dude, you quit, and plenty of people weren't wondering why. You haven't committed any real crimes (to the best of my knowledge), you don't appear to be
  11. Ah, cinematic wedding dresses! It Happened One Night The Little Mermaid
  12. So Will Smith is once again publicly expressing regret for turning down The Matrix to star in Wild Wild West. To the good Mr. Smith, I say: buck up, because you got to be in Independence Day and Men in Black, both of which are way more fun than The Matrix, which I personally find ponderous and overrated. And, yes, Wild Wild West is very bad, and I feel sorry for everyone in it (Kenneth Branaugh, why?!?), but check out the plot summaries for Seven Pounds and Collateral Beauty* and then tell me if you think Wild Wild West (which, bare minimum, had a great title tune) is Will Smith's wo
  13. And Seven Pounds. And Collateral Beauty. Wild Wild West is awful, but at least it's not depressing.
  14. Beat me to the punch. Sorry, but I never found Norm MacDonald funny, either. His voice and delivery irritated me.
  15. Frances McDormand is wonderful... but I still wish Carey Mulligan or Viola Davis had taken home the Best Actress Oscar this year. Nomadland is good, but it's nowhere near as memorable as Promising Young Woman and Ma Rainey's Black Bottom. The latter films had their flaws, certainly, but they will stay with me much longer than Nomadland. I agree about Joaquin Phoenix's undeserved, IMO, win for Joker, because hype and controversy did too much of the heavy lifting (as Spartan Girl pointed out). Another UO: I don't think grim, dark, and dreary automatically translates into "good",
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