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  1. Wanna know what makes that moment even more fabulous? The maid in question is played by a pre-Wizard of Oz Margaret Hamilton! That's a great moment. Because I'm a petty cow (but y'all knew that already), I also love the moment where, after she ambushes pretentious writer, would-assaulter and insistent "Nice Guy" Neil, she caps off her blistering lecture with a simple, deadpan, "By the way, your novel sounds terrible." What? It did.
  2. Funny you should say that, it reminds of me of this article a few years back regarding Ed Sheeran and Beyonce.
  3. She kinda went overboard with the hand gestures, but other than that, lovely rendition! Well done, Lady Gaga! I prefer the national anthem with musical accompaniment (I'm so sick of it being sung a capella).
  4. It's okay, though I hate how poor MIss Marple is barely in it.
  5. It didn't help that Duke was 23 and Desi Jr. was 17. Yeah, Lucy was not happy with this (can't say I blame her).
  6. I just wish Hollywood would grow a pair and dare to take a chance on unknowns to play Lucy and Desi. I just want them to be played by someone right. Nicole Kidman (who I usually like) is bad enough, but Javier Bardem is all wrong as Desi. They need someone more boyish-looking.
  7. Promising Young Woman is... flawed. But I'll give it this, not only is it an aesthetically gorgeous film, but Carey Mulligan's wardrobe is colorful and memorable. See, Hollywood wardrobe people? Other colors exist besides grey, black, and beige!
  8. I find Bill Burr an utterly noxious, miserable, unfunny presence, and I hate that he has a recurring role on The Mandalorian.
  9. I gotta say, these "celebrities" sure are a bunch of triggered snowflakes...
  10. These D-listers should be grateful that they're losing followers... because it meant they had followers to lose in the first place! I keep forgetting that Randy Quaid isn't dead.
  11. *smacks forehead* I usually consult IMDb after every movie I watch! Man, should have seen that. Forgive my ignorance.
  12. Family Plot is decent, even though I find the final shot baffling.
  13. Every time a celebrity says something unforgivably stupid, I am reminded of this great quote from one of my favorite online reviewers, Linkara:
  14. Lucy Lawless is living proof that you don't need a sword to be a warrior princess.
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