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  1. Damn skippy. Anastasia's "redemption arc" is utter bullshit and I'm glad others are recognizing it as such. Now, could it have been done well? Possibly. Maybe if we'd seen Anastasia reflect on her behavior, realize how awful she'd been to poor Cinderella, sincerely apologize to Cinderella and offer to make amends, try to encourage her mom and sister to do the same, or decide "the hell with them!" and move her lot elsewhere, then maybe, just maybe, I'd buy it. But nope, the writers just yank the "Poor Anastasia is as sympathetic and mistreated as Cinderella, all she needs is love" plot line out of their asses and expect us to just accept it at face value. Um, no. If you want the "Redemption of the Wicked Stepsister" story done right, look no further than Ever After. Stepsister Jacqueline is actually a nice person, but terribly shy, meek, awkward, and incapable of standing up for herself and others. She is cruelly dismissed as plain, fat, and useless by both her sister and mother, so, yes, she is to some extent as much a victim of abuse as Danielle (she's just a butt monkey as opposed to being treated as a servant). Danielle's strength of character and kindness towards others eventually inspire Jacqueline to be more proactive in her life, realize the unjust ways her mother and sister treat her and everyone else, and dares to defy them, even if it means being turned out from her own family (but thankfully, things work out just fine for Jacqueline). That's how it's done: a gradual arc that feels organic and rewarding.
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    Disney Films

    Second this. I adore Ever After, and I had zero problem with there being a nice stepsister because 1. It created an interesting dynamic, and it gave Danielle (our "Cinderella") a much needed sister figure. 2. Watching Jacqueline grow a spine and stand up to her awful mother and sister was cathartic and rewarding AF. 3. Melanie Lynskey played her beautifully. Bonus? I like that Jacqueline is brunette (I hate the "blondes are good and brunettes are evil" trope). But as for the Disney Cinderella sequels? Yeah, utter crap (I even feel this way about the much defended A Twist in Time). Talk about insidious, badly written villain apologia. Anastasia was every bit as nasty and awful as Drizella, and she sure had no compunction or remorse about tearing Cinderella's dress to shreds right off her body. She deserves to toil in drudgery and loneliness, not get a boyfriend. You don't write a character that hateful, then pull a sympathetic angle on her out of fat air*. Redemption should be earned, through humility, hard work, and self-awareness (She-Ra and the Princesses of Power explores this really well, especially in the latest season). *Apologies to Phelous.
  3. After the Lion has joined Dorothy and her pals in The Wizard of Oz and they all sing "We're Off to See the Wizard", it's revealed the Wicked Witch is spying on them with her crystal ball. If you look at the crystal ball, you can see that Dorothy and her friends are soon just walking and casually chatting away. I love that little detail because it's such a normal bonding moment amidst all the musical whimsy. The Wizard of Oz is still one of the greatest movies about friendship ever. And if you must make a "friend of Dorothy" crack, do it now or forever hold your peace.
  4. It warms the cockles of my icy heart to see Ross and Rachel's relationship being scrutinized and questioned nowadays. I always thought they were a shitty couple, but I'm glad others are starting to recognize it as well. God, I'm the worst...
  5. I've seen it in so-called "chick flicks" and That '70s Show had an episode of Donna getting teased for her granny panties.
  6. Venom as he's depicted in Spider-Man 3 is one of the lamest villains ever (yes, yes, I know, everything in Spider-Man 3 is lame, humor me). Topher Grace is horrendously, hilariously miscast, coming off as whiny and petulant rather than intimidating. One of my favorite YouTube film critics, Sean "the Smeghead" Moore of Cinematic Excrement, delightfully rips apart a scene in Spider-Man 3 (go to 23:26) that could also apply to every crappy villain apologia movie ever.
  7. Wiendish Fitch

    Disney Films

    You're right... how about an unsalted saltine?
  8. Wiendish Fitch

    Disney Films

    Have you ever read the children's book But Names Will Never Hurt Me? The synopsis might tickle your funny bone. Never liked Alice in Wonderland or any version of it, save for Jan Svankmajer's deeply unsettling 1988 film, because he had the good sense to depict Wonderland as the miserable hellscape I always knew it to be. I will never cease to be amazed that Uncle Walt included "The Walrus and the Carpenter" in his version. It's one of those stories that is unnerving when you're a kid, but fucking nightmarish when you're an adult. I think I read somewhere that part tends to get edited out when the movie is aired on network TV.
  9. And Christopher Reeve. Don't forget 6-feet-of-Yummy Christopher Reeve. I'm sick of the trope of women being mocked for wearing granny panties, and that they should embrace their femininity and sexuality with tight, uncomfortable, impractical lacy thong panties. I wish the woman in question would just say, "Yeah, my panties are frumpy and butt-ugly, but they're comfy as hell and I don't dig out a wedgie every 10 minutes! Comfortable is the new sexy, bitches!"
  10. Wiendish Fitch

    Disney Films

    This? Is quite possibly the greatest description of Mia Wasikowska's acting I have ever seen. Bravo!
  11. Oh, I know it was really Nat "King" Cole singing, so that's why it isn't as egregious as the whole NOT!James Dean debacle. I mean, why stop there? Are they going to have Grace Kelly appear in a Judd Apatow comedy? Will Humphrey Bogart play the sage mentor in a Hallmark Christmas movie? Will Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton star in Kathryn Bigelow's next war flick? Should I stop this sarcastic rambling before I give some Hollywood hack ideas? Nat and Natalie's duet of "The Christmas Song" is really nice, BTW.
  12. I urge everyone to check out At the Heart of Gold, the documentary about USAG and Larry Nassar. It's exceptionally well-made, but an utterly gut-wrenching experience. I think one of the most chilling examples of what a sick fuck Nassar was was when one of his victims wonders how he was able to get away with his "procedure" for so long, and then she realizes that it was because he would just chatter away with blandly genial small talk to them and their parents while he did what he did. If that isn't a nightmarish example of predatory behavior married with the banality of evil, I don't know what is.
  13. Beautifully said. It's grave-robbing, plain and simple. I mean, I'm old enough to remember when Natalie Cole got mocked for recording all those duets with her dead dad (yet it somehow isn't as icky as the James Dean thing).
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