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  1. I don't believe all May/December relationships are automatically icky... but too many of them are. Sometimes people genuinely love each other, age difference be damned, and it's not just some predatory "December" gettin' some hot, young "May" tail. As previously mentioned, Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates are a good, healthy example. I take issue when the younger party in question is either underage (ew) or of legal age, but only just barely (minor improvement, but still ew). When the younger party is a tried and true adult, I say there is absolutely no harm, no foul. C.S. Lewis was nearly 20
  2. Re: Chevy Chase and Bill Murray. I've never believed Bill Murray was a peach, but the fight... yeah, I am totally willing to believe it was Chevy Chase's fault, 100%. From what I've read, Chevy is an unbearable dickhead who's as much fun as menstrual cramps.
  3. Speaking of which, am I the only one who thinks Ricky now looks the same age as Jon Voight? He must have really pissed off Father Time!
  4. And yet how much are you willing to bet Ricky's one of those people who still bitch about the Chicks, Sinead O'Connor, or Jane Fonda?
  5. Oh my... hey, Ricky Schroder? GO. THE FUCK. AWAY. You will never again be relevant, no one misses you, and no one cares what you think! Why don't you and Scott Baio just go to the Island of '80s Has-beens and stay there?! How desperate are you that you have to protest at a Foo Fighters concert? The friggin' Foo Fighters! One of the most good-natured bands that ever existed!
  6. Though Herb Tarlek was my least favorite character on WKRP in Cincinnati, Frank Bonner played the skeevy jerkass with guts and gusto, and I respect that. RIP, Mr. Bonner.
  7. Even if they didn't do anything all that bad. Remember all the hate dumped on Anne Hathaway several years ago? I mean, it's 100% fine if you don't like her as an actress, or find her irritating in interviews or something, but with all the vitriol she got, you'd swear she deliberately ran over her neighbor's cat and wore its pelt to the Oscars. Hathaway's crimes included being too much of a "try hard", giving a saccharine Oscar speech (I guarantee I could give a worse one), and basically not being Jennifer Lawrence.
  8. Lisa Banes of Gone Girl has died as the result of hit and run. How awful. She also played Anna Kendrick's mom in the 1997 Broadway musical High Society, and Kendrick spoke very warmly of her in her memoir.
  9. Some genuinely good news: Maggie Nichols, as of April of this year, was working as a student assistant coach, which I think is fantastic. She's a gifted gymnast who has plenty to impart, and should she decide to make coaching a career, I think she'd be part of a much-needed positive change in the world of gymnastics.
  10. Much has happened since this documentary released. -Twistars coach John Geddert committed suicide this past February. -Valerie O'Brien, the former MSU police captain who cleared Larry Nassar of Amanda Thomashow's report of him in 2014, was arrested for drunk driving and carrying a gun while intoxicated, also this past February. https://www.wilx.com/2021/06/07/former-msu-police-captain-set-appear-court/ - Maggie Nichols (who reported Nassar's abuse to USAG in 2015) and Kyla Ross, who was also abused by Nassar, are now student coaches. Good for them, I hope they'll be part of a m
  11. How sad. Three Nuts for Cinderella (also known as Three Wishes for Cinderella) is a delightful film, one of the best versions of Cinderella I've seen. Ms. Safrankova put a memorably impish, spunky spin on the character. She'll be missed and not forgotten.
  12. For all the whinging about "cancel culture", I've yet to see anyone suggest we apologize to Sinead O'Connor for turning against her for that extremely minor thing she did nearly 30 years ago... which was in protest of something that was very real, but was being covered up. Hell, the truth about the Catholic priests was revealed a decade after the SNL incident, and we still didn't apologize. It makes my head spin that rapists, thugs, and outright killers are defended as "promising young men" whose "lives shouldn't be ruined", but we fed O'Connor to the wolves for telling the cold, hard truth an
  13. I don't know if I love or defend Streets of Fire as whole (sorry to be wishy-washy, but I've never been able to make up my mind about it), but it does have good things in it (namely Amy Madigan), and how about that soundtrack?!
  14. "Tonight is What it Means to be Young" and "Nowhere Fast" are my workout jams. Amy Madigan steals Streets of Fire from pretty much everybody.
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