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  1. My UO: The much vaunted Black Panther was just a rehash of Thor: Ragnorok. Think about it for a minute. Both movies featured a super duper technologically developed society with a bizarrely medieval political system. (I keep thinking of that scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where the peasant tells the king, "that's no basis for a system of government!). The king dies, a hitherto unknown, evil, member of the royal family shows up and usurps the throne with the intention of causing mass destruction and chaos. then the crown prince visits daddy in the spirit realm and defeats the usurper. It's the same picture! I'm not saying it's a bad movie, it's just that I've seen it before.
  2. They had no problem forgetting that Wanda originally worked for HYDRA, helped ULTRON, and only switched sides when she realized that ULTRON planned to kill her too. And that was in the same move.
  3. I don't know if this quite falls under the category of social media, but here's a string quartet version of 'Carry on Wayward Son'. They should use it in the show.
  4. In other words, he'll have Michael Shanks's career. Yeah, I don't see Jensen getting a major movie role at his age.
  5. Mulva

    Loki Anticipation

    I loved that scene. He just grabs the Tesseract and Loki Out!
  6. 'WandaVision' makes me think of that Futurama PSA, "Don't Date Robots!".
  7. I prefer the William Shatner version of "Common People". No, I'm not kidding. Topic: Captain America from the Marvel movies. First, he gives Tony a self-righteous speech about how Tony "Isn't the guy to sacrifice himself", which Tony proves wrong in the same movie by flying a nuclear bomb into a wormhole, not expecting to return. Then, in Civil War, he drags Scot, Wanda, Sam and Clint into to his 'let's demolish an airport while shielding Bucky' crusade, then leaves them to get arrested while he and Bucky escape. Then in Endgame, Tony sacrifices himself to save the entire universe, while Steve abandons his friends and duties to live in the past with Peggy. Don't get me started on Cap living the apple pie life while Bucky was being tortured.
  8. I love Rocket, he's my favorite character.
  9. It wouldn't surprise me if S15 consists of Nougat Boy and two new sidekicks front and center, complete with Dabb trying to convince TPTB at the CW to continue the show after the Js are gone.
  10. I thought the 'Little Dandy' pic was bad, but the updated version was truly horrific.
  11. I want it to end with Sam waking up in bed with Jess and telling her about his crazy dream. Then he hears the sound of someone breaking into his apartment . . . fade to black
  12. Another hit out of the park! Loved Pleasantville!Sam.
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