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  1. It looks like Rust will be on hold for a while. Death on set of Rust
  2. I loved Bucky in this one. "I should feel bad but I don't", "This is the end of the line, Pal" as he eviscerates Steve, plus Bucky in the shower. In my head canon, Wanda yeeted him far beyond the zombie horde and he's chilling somewhere.
  3. All I could think of when I saw Wee!Steve and Big!Peggy together was "death by snoo snoo".
  4. My big problem with Karli is that I don't see her as a good guy in any shape for form. She was a terrorist who burned people alive without the slightest remorse, and Sam constantly defending her made him look idiotic.
  5. I'm still trying to figure out why the banker was racist for not give a loan to someone who has no income, job or assets to prop up a business that hasn't turned a profit in five years. Sure he was a dick for asking for a selfie after turning down the loan, but I'm not seeing racism. Wasn't banks giving loans to people with no income, jobs or assets the main reason for the 2008 economic collapse?
  6. For someone who's supposed to be a tactical genius, all we ever see him do in plunge into a situation and start punching.
  7. If I were Sharon, I'd feel like a real chump. She basically committed crimes and threw her career away for Steve, who promptly forgot all about her then ended up going back to her aunt.
  8. I was laid off at age 52, and if I hadn't been lucky enough to land another job 7 months later (25% pay cut), this could have been me. I'd like to show this movie to the Millennials and Gen Zers who crying that the Boomers are all spoiled, privileged people hoarding all the money, jobs and houses.
  9. I've really been enjoying seeing Jared on Walker. I love Mitch Pileggi as his father too. It was renewed for a second season, so we should get plenty more Jared goodness.
  10. Does this movie finally have a release date?
  11. According to Wandavision, she was born in 1989, which would have made her 26 years old in AOU. That's 16 years to "consider who actually dropped the bomb". You'd think that Tony personally dropped the bomb on her house the way everyone in the MCU acts. And let's not forget Steve telling Wanda not to feel bad about the completely preventable civilian casualties.
  12. Steve and Wanda shouldn't have been there to begin with. There's no reason they couldn't have notified local law enforcement and let them handle it, or at least evacuate the area instead of going to a foreign country and performing an unauthorized paramilitary raid. I thought it was insane that Steve actually said, "The safest hands are our own" after causing the deaths of all those innocent civilians. As for Wanda blaming Tony for her parents' death, if you got shot who would you blame, the person who fired the gun or the CEO of the company that made the bullet? If the bomb had been o
  13. It wasn't bad writing. Judge Hoffman was that bad if not worse. Everything he did is part of the court record.
  14. The only reason Iron Man fought Hulk in South Africa is because Wanda set the Hulk off, and he only created Ultron after Wanda gave him that vision of everyone dying. Lagos was a disaster because Wanda chucked a bomb into a building. H'm, I'm sensing a common theme here.
  15. I'm really looking forward to seeing Jared in Walker this Thursday. It's great that he's found another starring role heading his own series so soon after Supernatural.
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