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  1. You got it! And now I'm craving pizza and cheesy bread...
  2. Sunnyheart, that seriously just made my entire night! I'm a bit baffled as to why even someone as deluded as Jen thought she might find Dan in the shower, though. It seems painfully clear that our hygiene-challenged Dan would never be found THERE. :) All the fics on this thread are roughly 12 zillion times more entertaining and satisfying for me than what we're actually seeing onscreen.
  3. Well, she DID learn how to balance her required nightly 'partying' with snotty, vapid brats with her few hours of community service (where she, of course, immediately became the respected leader of the group....riiiight) and her part-time 'job' sucking up to members of the DAR, nolie. And she managed to do all this while having to 'rough it' in a luxury, newly decorated bungalow equipped with maid service and three meals a day provided to her by professional cooks...give her some credit! ;) I snark on Rory because I really do adore her, by the way. I love and relate to early Seasons Rory even more than I love and relate to Lorelai (a UO in and of itself!), which is why I was so disappointed by where they took the character in later seasons.
  4. I don't disagree, nolie! The problem for me is that the writing and acting combined to come across to me as if Luke and Lorelai were both just looking for excuses to postpone the wedding date, as legitimate as those excuses may objectively have been. At times they seemed to view June 3rd with all the enthusiasm of death row inmates trying to wriggle out of their scheduled date of execution :) And I've already expressed this one, but I think the titular Gilmore girls not talking for a freaking third of the season---and then not learning or changing anyway as a result of said rift---was every bit as detrimental to the show as the issues between Luke and Lorelai, if not more so. I'd rant more about what a grim mess S6 was, but I suspect that opinion isn't very unpopular!
  5. The Fundamental Things Apply! Let's not even discuss how many times I've watched this episode...
  6. I seriously think this may be my very favorite episode of the entire series. If I could keep only two episodes, this would be one of them. (Along with the Pilot...yes, I'm odd!) As others have said, it's one of those episodes that manages to combine humor, suspense, drama and that trademark SPN angst with great success. The brothers' relationship is spot on here: there's bickering and disagreement as to how they should proceed, yet still deep affection and the reminder that each needs the other. (Remember when the show used to imply that Dean and Sam made each other's lives BETTER rather than, like, immeasurably worse?! God, I miss that show.) Even though the shift from the wacky first half to the grimmer second half can be a little tonally jarring, I think it actually kind of works and makes sense given the storyline and theme here; without Dean, Sam's world is a far grimmer, colder and crueler place. And I'm just going to come out and admit that I have Asia's Heat of the Moment on my ipod and listen to with alarming frequency :)
  7. I'm not a fan of flashbacks in general, and this episode doesn't do much to change my mind. Otherwise, though, I totally share the general adoration for this one: it's really funny, really touching, really well paced and really, really rewatchable at any time of year. It's also responsible for making me use the word "fudging" far more than is generally considered normal :)
  8. ADFKT! Voulez vous cocuhet avec---um, never mind :)
  9. mstaken

    GG Fantasy

    Ooooh, how did I not consider this angle until now?! She annoys the heck out of me, too, but I didn't pick her as my one recast because 1) she wasn't around quite enough to matter and 2) I think I'd probably hate her role as written regardless of who played her :)
  10. mstaken

    GG Fantasy

    Attempting to answer my own questions... If I could keep just 5-10 episodes of the entire series, I'd pick..... Mine change with ridiculous frequency, but today I'll go with Rory's Birthday Parties, Double Date; Like Mother, Like Daughter; Run Away Little Boy; Lorelai's Graduation Day; Lazy Hazy Crazy Days; They Shoot Gilmores, Don't They?; Those Are Strings, Pinnochio; The Fundamental Things Apply; Bon Voyage. And, like, 70-80 more :) If I could own just TWO of the seven seasons, I'd choose.... Seasons 2 and 3! I love S1 and S4 and some individual episodes from S5 and S7, but S2 and S3 are my favorite by a surprisingly wide margin. If I could recast just ONE role, it would be... Logan! I think I could have found him a lot more compelling if he weren't played by someone whose perpetual smirk made him seem like a smarmy, condescending, untrustworthy ass to me even when he wasn't supposed to be. And I hate his boy band-y hair :) If I had to have one of these characters as my mother, I'd pick... An adult Rory...? If not, Lorelai, please :) If I could make one character change careers, I'd have _____ become a _____ Rory becomes an English teacher! I've bored you guys elsewhere about why :)
  11. mstaken

    GG Fantasy

    Awww, it makes me so happy that people are still around to answer my random GG questions :) Here are a few more: If I could keep just 5-10 episodes of the entire series, I'd pick..... If I could own just TWO of the seven seasons, I'd choose.... If I could recast just ONE role, it would be... If I had to have one of these characters as my mother, I'd pick... If I could make one character change careers, I'd have _____ become a _____
  12. The Party's Over! Or at least it will be once TJ arrives :)
  13. I'll take it a step further and say I'll take Jack over 'woobie bad boy' racist, vicious (though of course, TV has taught me that it's totally okay to be racist and vicious if you're a snarky bad boy suffering from not-so-secret inner angst!) Sawyer any day. I also hold the UO that Matthew Fox gave a great, underrated performance in what was often a humorless, thankless, hard-to-like role. And as if this isn't unpopular enough...I like Kate a lot more than the far more beloved but smirky, flat, relentlessly bland Juliet. (Though, sadly, I thought pretty much all of Lost's female characters were pretty horribly written). Veronica Mars: Not only did I hate absolutely everything about Logan/Veronica as romantic partners (or really as anything more than uneasy frenemies), but I don't find Logan the least bit sexy or appealing. Modern Family has to be the most overrated sitcom in the history of TV...at least in my odd and unpopular opinion :) Even at its alleged 'best', I honestly just never found anything about it remotely funny, smart or even likable. And I really, truly tried to like it. I've developed a severe allergic reaction to some of the most popular Whedon favorites, most notably Alyson Hannigan and Amy Acker. I seriously can't bear to watch or listen to them! *whispers* I'm a Jane Austen fan who prefers the much-derided Kiera Knightly movie to the excessively long, comparatively spiritless miniseries version with Colin Firth. And while I'm not generally a Gwyneth Paltrow fan by any means, I actually loved that version of Emma more than any of the more critically acclaimed TV miniseries and think Jeremy Northam was the perfect Knightley. I'll show myself the door :)
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