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  1. Crowley claimed it was he who brought Sam back, and held the idea of sending Sam back over them to get Dean to hunt Alphas for him. However, Cass went and got Sam out of the cage before the conspiracy started--it was after Cass and Dean had the talk in the car at the end of S5 where Dean said something to the effect that where was his reward...all he got was a dead brother. So, I think Cass did it for Dean, more than anything, with a healthy dose of hubris mixed in. But he missed a bit and Sam ran off. So, not knowing what to do about that, Cass went to Heaven and found out Raphael was running things and wanting to get the apocalypse back on the rails. That's when he made his deal with Crowley and someone resurrected Grampy Campbell--I don't believe Crowley had that much juice, but maybe between both Cass and Crowley they could make it happen. So, Grampy Campbell was brought back specifically to hunt down the Alphas, and he used Sam as a hunter, but Sam didn't know any of the details of why or anything. I personally believe Cass would've preferred Sam stay out of it altogether--less likely his deal with the King of Hell would be found out and/or Dean be brought into it all--but Cass had no control over that part. So, in a way Sam was part of the conspiracy in the sense he went on some of the hunts, but he wasn't really an active participant in the sense that he knew what was going on. And, he was resurrected before Cass made the deal with Crowley. I would guess that Cass did know Sam didn't tell Dean he was alive, though. I mean, Sam ran off while Cass was standing there watching and he had to know Sam was working with the Campbell's since they were working for Crowley and Cass was working with Crowley... . But, to be honest, I think Cass was fine with Sam not telling Dean because it would've brought Dean back in and then Cass would've been found out--as he was in the end.
  2. I don't think Cass brought Sam back to collect the souls and Alphas; Cass brought Sam back for Dean and resurrected him long before he and Crowley hatched their little deal to get the souls in Purgatory. In fact, I don't think Cass actually wanted Sam involved, but couldn't stop him from working with Grampy Campbell without revealing himself and what he was up to to Sam. And, Sam wasn't actually actively involved with the plan. He went on some of the raids to capture the Alphas, but had no idea, nor cared, what Samuel was doing with them. As to Bobby, I just think Bobby probably knew something was off about Sam, but didn't spend enough time around him to see just how off he was. I think he would've went to Dean if he had known how bad it was, though.
  3. I concur. Every time I see the actor who plays Webber it always makes me shiver and utter, "Ugh, it's Andy's evil and extremely creepy brother!" Funny how that happens. Also, I'm not even sure Andy was having sex with the woman in the window considering his hang up on Tracy. I always wonder if he just didn't use his gift to talk his way into her apartment just for a real bed, shower and breakfast? But, I guess it's all up to interpretation on that front.
  4. Yeah, my personal belief is they can't heal the bodies they inhabit permanently, but can temporarily while they are in it--like Meg did in S1. But, to the original question, to my knowledge we've never seen a demon resurrection--as in the demon being killed and coming back, not the demon resurrecting a body to possess again--like with Abaddon. But, then again, we never saw an angel resurrection previously until this season with Cass, so it's probably not out of the range of possibilities it could happen.
  5. Not if you're going to Vancouver--the writer's room is in LA.
  6. Yeah, I always think of Gordon as just being an extremist, as a few hunters we met early on were shown--one of the main reasons Dean was so worried about other hunters learning about Sam having those psychic powers. But back to Gordon, he wasn't actually wrong about Sam--and monsters in general--just took his actions too far in dealing with them. And, it totally made sense for his character. I was sad they couldn't keep him on the show a bit more, even though it was great Sterling had found other work. I never felt like he had chemistry with the actress who played Cassie. But, then again, I don't care for the actress and don't feel like she has chemistry with anyone in anything I've seen her in. And, as with @AwesomO4000, I didn't think Jensen and Julie McNiven (Anna) had any chemistry either, but I think the actress has had good chemistry in other projects I've seen her in. Other than that, I can't think of anyone that didn't seem to click well on-screen with Jensen. He just seems to be one of those actors.
  7. Not that I don't believe Jensen could do it, but I think the photo was taken is crooked, so it's an optical illusion that he's leaning backward...in fact, if you straighten the image, he's actually leaning forward a tad. As to Jared's legs...I've got nuttin'! ;)
  8. It's a long-standing debate and joke within the fandom. The writers--and Misha himself--uses Cass while fandom uses Cas.
  9. Yes, at the top of the hour, Henry tells wee John that he'll tell John about his MoL pin someday, but Henry never returns to fulfill that promise. So John never learns about the supernatural until after Mary dies.
  10. No, it's not newly shot, but I know they had financing problems, so it could be newly released. I believe it was being shot around the same time Rich and Rob were doing "Kings of Con"--2014 or 2015? It was done by Clif, Jared and Jensen's bodyguard, and his brother, as I recall. OMG, that was fun. I can't say I liked one better than the other, they both have their joys, but Death delivering pizza made me laugh so hard! And, Ellen and Ash and...so many pasts and presents. What a treat!
  11. Yeah, I remember the whole episode being a modern day Hamlet, with a play within the play, to boot! They do quite a few homages on the show. It's not the most complex show, but I enjoy certain aspects of it. In a sort of tangential aside: a couple episodes after Sam's episode--The Axeman Cometh--has James Cosmo who, in this episode, is a pretty good image of what I imagined older Jamie to look like when I read the books.
  12. I don't remember the conversation you're asking about, but, yes, the couple with the baby on the ship were Roger's ancestors--Geillis and Dougal's son, his wife and his child. They don't really know how the stones work, not exactly, but it does appear there is both a physical (gem stones and certain metals) and mental aspect (thinking of where you want to go) to being able to steer successfully while traveling. Remember Roger's first attempt failed because he was thinking of himself as a lad and started traveling back to that time--which apparently you can't travel back to a time when you already existed. So, IMO, Brianna is wrong that you need someone on the other side, but I do think you need to think of where you want to end up and having someone you think you're returning to might make that easier. BTW, I'm not so sure it was a total accident Claire ended up where she did. It does seem like 200 years is the default one travels if they aren't focused, but there had been lots of talk about Frank's ancestor over the days before she traveled and the night before Frank had talked about the Highlander ghost who is presumably Jamie's ghost. So, I do think it likely that Claire could've been thinking of these things when she traveled which could've drawn her to that time when both Jamie and Black Jack existed, as well. It's been a while since I read it, but, as I recall, Roger knew where this person he was stealing the gems from was going to be on a certain date and then this person was supposedly sailing back across the ocean. So, if Roger was going to get the gems, this was his only opportunity. However, I agree with you that it was really silly. It seems it would've been more prudent to go with Brianna and meet the in laws instead of heading off on a foolhardy errand that had little chance of succeeding anyway. More likely he end up dead, IMO, but what do I know! ;) Don't even get me started... . ;)
  13. I haven't gotten around to it yet, but it was available on Hulu when I added it to my queue a couple months back.
  14. Wow, that man really made quite the deal at the crossroads, didn't he? ;)
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