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  1. There is also that from what I've seen from people who have been on a set tour, the studio where GH films in is pretty ramshackle. I think Y&R and B&B have more modern studios.
  2. I appreciated it because usually a character tries to exchange one liners, psychosexual or not, and Lucky just said, nope. My reaction during those types of scenes is usually "why is so-and-so indulging the psycho?"
  3. In addition to the scene with Lucky and Scott the one with Lucky and Stefan was great too. I wish these two had more scenes, but it makes sense that they didn't, because neither was the type to seek each other out just to goad each other. It reminds me of what Lucky said to Helena when JJ returned. Helena tried to start sparring with Lucky and Lucky just replied I'm not my father, I don't like exchanging barbs with you, and I'll kill you or put you in prison if you do anything.
  4. At this point "the swell mob" is the premise of the show. You either go with it or you don't. I don't go with it but that's because the actors give such shitty performances now. If there were a hot charismatic mobster, I might.
  5. Oh, ER version does that too. Whether she delivers it as well is another thing. Lucky was a brat and people complained about that but how weird would it have been if he just said, "okay mom. There's nothing crazy about you marrying your rapist for 20 years. None of my business. I won't say anything." I remember re-watching and one line Lucky said I said oh shut up Lucky. He said something like he knew what it must have been like for Laura because he knew what it was like for Liz but then Luke was like hold up you have no idea about anything. @racked Your timeline is a teeny bit off, all Liz's schemes were in '97. I don't think Laura got the brunt at all. There was just the one scene he went off on her but otherwise he mostly just didn't say anything to her. Probably one of the nastiest things he did was to play "Rise", and that he did for Luke.
  6. Luke was very Luke in this episode. I know a lot of people thought it was more of Liz skating, but he never would have given Liz a smackdown. You're cute @rur. If Dante returns I'm sure they will double down on the asskissing.
  7. Y&R used him and gave him material for years. On this show he was neglected a bit but imo he also phoned it in a lot. Roger Howarth also only signed one year contracts (on GH, I don't know about his other shows) until 2017.
  8. I don't think any soap is going to want Billy Miller again as long as he doesn't want to sign anything else besides one year contracts.
  9. Whoops, sorry. I think i got confused because they wanted GM to return, but he didn't want to for just a few episodes, so they got the original guy again. They were both hilariously terrible in different ways.
  10. He wasn't a recast. He started it off, then he got recast, then they brought they brought the recast on again. @ByaNose These episodes were in 2015, after KSt's first leave but two years before her second. I think JS (with facial hair) is hotter than RP who was way too plastic and robotic for me, although if I saw him in person I'd probably be bowled over by him.
  11. Yes, Anna was in Grayson's (Kyle Sloan) crisco slicked bed. Not sure about anything else.
  12. I don't think Geary particularly wanted to leer at the ladies. I think he just wanted to play shady in general. (The whole thing was Ron's idea; Geary was thinking about retiring but FV pitched him playing Bill Eckert and he jumped at it.) That said, he was indeed terrible. So much unsubtle "I'm evOl!" looking around the room. Oddly enough I liked Magic Milo this time around. Maybe because it is so damn stupid it made me chuckle. I think I heard most of the actors hate it. (Which makes sense to me; extra rehearsal time and a lot of just sitting around watching the other acts.) It's all FV's doing.
  13. I would post the clip of Luke and Felicia dancing but someone might punch their screen.
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