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  1. I don't think Lulu or Brook care about Dustin all that much.
  2. I don't want everyone to hold hands on GH, but the Brook/Lulu rivalry makes them both look inane. They didn't even fight like this when Brook was on the show before, so why is it so invigorated now? They don't have to be besties, but maybe they can just sneer at each other (both actresses can definitely contort their lips admirably) and walk away?
  3. Agreed that the Brook and Lulu scenes come across as more contrived than some classic rivalry. They don't have to besties but they don't have to interact for no reason other than to exchange shitty one liners. I chuckled when Maxie was all "my cot and my toothbrush were here!!!" Oh how awful. And then citing being away from James for a few nights. Sure sure I'm sure it was just terrible for Maxie. The marriage stuff is ridiculous but I want Chillow to break up for a little while at least so I don't care.
  4. Sonny owns a casino, possibly more than one.
  5. For people to have more reasons to talk about Lucky, heh. I think his name has been said more the last two months than all of last year. Plus he did decide to tell Liz the situation with Hayden instead of following Ava's advice so he's smartening up a little.
  6. Before FV the actors usually announced their leaving months ahead.
  7. I think there's a chance Willow and Michael are inappropriate first. I just have a feeling.
  8. Seriously. Wil "Genius" de Vry tweeted a picture from Soap Opera Digest.
  9. To be fair to Maxie, I don't think the evidence against Peter has been fully explained to her. What doesn't help with Anna and Peter is (imo) they have no chemistry whatever.
  10. You don't have to get super dressed up. The skirt was fancy enough.
  11. Lucky doesn't have to come back just for Liz though. Like I said, his mom, siblings and son are on the show. Both he and Liz are major characters in their own right. There are characters I don't like but know they are popular/integral to the show. :side eyes Sam, Maxie, etc etc: I think Lucky is one of them too. (I am an LL2 fan, but never cared for the permanent lock stuff myself. I've never re-watched that vow/wedding episode, it was sheer cheese.) I've seen people saying he doesn't care about her, he's manipulating her, what have you, and while he is manipulating her I think it's pretty obvious he wants them to be friends.
  12. GV didn't get that much shit (from the audience) after a while. Of course I am biased because while he was charming he also imo was a mediocre actor. JY got a lot of shit because he was terrible in the role, imo. Plus there are other people in charge now. I am sure none of them would have a problem writing for Lucky just because he wasn't JJ. And Friz could use a major shake up right now. I'm not even talking necessarily a break up but just them dealing with a Lucky who is in town would be more interesting than anything else they've come up with in the last year and a half for Friz.
  13. He's not an after thought for them though. He's the son of the most famous couple on daytime, his mother, brother, sister, ex lover and son are on the show, just for starters. They know his absence for some things makes no sense but they don't feel like constantly coming up with reasons for why he is not around, so they just skip it. I do blame them and I don't. It IS a pain in the ass to deal with that but I think the audience will cut them a break a lot, but when they can't throw in a line saying Nik and Lucky talked but Lucky is pissed at him now, that is not too hard. I also blame FV for not recasting.
  14. Cam not bringing up Lucky didn't bug me, I think because like some said, he didn't extoll Franco either. Now Liz (or Laura) not asking Nik if Lucky knows he's not dead, that's more annoying. They could throw in a line somewhere.
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