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  1. I hardly remember that, and I was watching more or less. Less that week I guess.
  2. Right? Instead of saying immediately "I thought we were past that!" how about "that's not the same" or something like that. Obviously Lulu is past it and just trying to make a point. They won't dump the friendship unfortunately because ER and KSt are close. Conspiracy theory but I feel like that is a major reason why ER is around at this point. What, you don't find him fascinating?
  3. Shut up, Maxie. I can buy it compared to Valentin. This Alexis stuff is lllaaaame.
  4. https://daytimeconfidential.com/2019/10/15/rumor-report-is-tamara-braun-checking-out-at-general-hospital Bye. It was an inexplicable casting to me in the first place.
  5. They're ruining him off screen so he might as well be on screen so at least he can break up the friz support at least. But it's moot, the chances of him returning for more than a day are teeny.
  6. They're friends. I don't think he would think of it in terms of acting but woo my buddy is on set. He's talked about trying to convince JJ to come back and do something with GF.
  7. Burton managed to get JJ on his podcast so maybe he'll eventually grind him down enough to do a two month stint or something, heh.
  8. Ava shot Olivia by accident. She was aiming for Franco and missed. No, Sonny and Carly are never taking a vacation.
  9. This my favorite attempt of JPS to be menacing. Makes me think of "Pinky, you idiot!" Or whatever the Brain said to Pinky.
  10. I think Julian was supposed to be out until Nathan Varni or whoever intervened. The Olivia made him do it stuff was definitely a retcon. Nina's worst crimes were against "just" Ava, who was a villainess herself. Ava as well "just" shot fat AJ. She screwed over Morgan but she didn't kill him. They were doing that pill stuff during Maura West's renegotiations so maybe that's what's happening with Peter. And he'll resign and Peter will redeem himself by selling his hair. I'm not convinced either Kim or Peter are out, especially Kim, but Peter is committing crimes against Beautiful Sam and that's another matter on this show. They can't do a tumor made him do it again. Well they can but that would be pretty embarassing.
  11. Julian can't pay back Olivia? This is stupid. A couple of bachelorette party stripping sessions would cover it quickly.
  12. Seriously. I thought he was gonna look not too great but he does indeed look great. He should give whatever he's using to Steve Burton.
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