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  1. The show should have just had Millow decide to dump them and marry or the other two have a genuine affair in the first place. But this is Allergic to Drama Hospital.
  2. This, I think. I am not kidding. Most primetime shows have gone from 22 episodes to around 15 or less because a lot of writers say 22 is too many. 22! Not only do the soap writers have to write 200something episodes they have to write it for characters who have been on for decades and who have already been wrung out for as much as they could be. This too. It seriously feels like sometimes these shows haven't been canceled only because the people in charge forgot they are on.
  3. I don't want it canceled (at the moment) but I feel like some fans think it should be on just because it's been on for so long. Much better shows have been canceled for less. I think the genre will have a comeback but not until the original soaps are all canceled. And probably not 5 days a week every week. Maybe 3 or 5 days a week for 6 months or something like that.
  4. Of course! But he was mad for about a week. I don't even think necessarily he should be actively mad, but there should be tension and awkwardness for about 6 months, especially with Michael. Maybe an "okay I get why she did what she did" but not "I'm sooo grateful and she was the one who saved me!" which she did not.
  5. But that's not exactly what happened. Even after he wasn't in any danger she kept lying. After that point she should have either said something or restrained herself from sleeping with Michael. If he had gotten upset after he found her sleeping with Michael in November I would say he would have no room to be upset. But since then they were kind of trying and she didn't say well I have feelings for Michael too. They didn't think he was in serious condition the first few weeks he was in the hospital. She could have told any of his relatives and let them tell him. I don't think Willow is an
  6. Not necessarily true. They could have broken up for a bunch of reasons even if he hadn't lied to her. It's not definite that they would have been together a year later if he hadn't lied. Plus he doesn't have to be raging but going to the other extreme and making every excuse for her is just poor drama.
  7. "commitment I heard in her voice" Commitment? To what? So stupid. I don't think they are re-doing Maxie and Spinelli unless they have a relationship like Laura's marriage where her husband has a scene about once every two months with her.
  8. The twist should be Jason and Sonny have been sleeping together since Jason returned and Sonny is devastated that Jason married Carly cause of that lol. I say lol but I'm not kidding.
  9. I don't think her surgery has anything to do with it. Her hair has been lamely styled for every big occasion for about a year now. Even just pulling it back like Liz's hair would have been better.
  10. Yeah, they do. GENERAL HOSPITAL 2021 Year-To-Date Episode Count 161 Episodes 1. Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos) - 116 2. Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) - 100 3. Cynthia Watros (Nina Clay) - 90 4. James Patrick Stuart (Valentin Cassadine) - 81 5. Chad Duell (Michael Corinthos) - 79 GENERAL HOSPITAL 2019 Episode Count 247 Episodes 1. Maurice Benard (Sonny Corinthos) - 152 2. Steve Burton (Jason Morgan - 145/Drew Cain Flashbacks - 3) - 146 3. Laura Wright (Carly Corinthos) - 124 4. Kelly Monaco (Sam McCall) - 121 5. Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth Webber - 119/Mrs. C
  11. She's definitely on way more this year than she has been in a long time. And almost every idea she said she wanted in an interview a while ago has happened. I don't think FV is remotely threatened by her leaving or she's throwing temper tantrums or anything though. I think she kisses a lot of ass and it's basically her reward. Which, hey, if the other actors could manage it I am sure most of them would do it too.
  12. GH should have done anything and everything to get Geary and Elliot for a cameo to snark at the Jarly wedding from a balcony.
  13. What is it that you think they are messing up about it?
  14. @PERKIE there's Olivia, all she does is cook haha. I think they backed off that "strong women means not cooking" trope for a while now thankfully, besides Carly and Alexis. Even Lulu eventually learned how to cook some, and they never say that any one else can't cook.
  15. It would be awesome to have JJ, but it is not happening. If it was it would be for a small stint. So, recast. Not that Joss helps, but I don't think it's because of her that Cam is snoozeville lately. Spencer has Nik to bounce off of and Cam should have Lucky. As fantastically written, and as fantastic as the chem was, Lucky and Liz would not have been as wonderful as they were without the family dynamics, neither would Lucky and Nikolas have been as individual characters without that.
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