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  1. Was Kendal actually thinking of using the Lifesaver, or was it all just manufactured drama? I found it funny that some of these folks are expected to remember 36 seasons of a show whether they were on a particular season or not. In fact, the only person that should be able to remember the order is Aneesa. And that's only because she's appeared in all of them (I assume). Sorry to see Teck go so soon, but I expected it. Also sad to see Ruthie is still absolutely batshit when it comes to the game. With Teck gone, Ruthie is skating on thin ice. I expect that she'll be targeted for the
  2. Safety protocols and vaccinations, I'd say. Josh Swickard is so damn hot. Like, it's terrible but in any scene he's in, all I can look at is him. I'll never understand why Willow would pick Michael over Chase. Maybe it's the free place to live (the gatehouse is pretty swank) and the Quartermaine and Corinthos money that's the draw for her.
  3. Katie's outbursts are my favorite. I remember absolutely dying of laughter during her last season, when she faceplanted onto the platform and fell tumbling into the water below. Iconic! This episode, I about died when she fell yet again and screamed, as serious as a heart attack, "I hit my face again, you fuckers!" She truly is a gift. Trishelle was never my favorite before and, sorry to say, my opinion hasn't changed. However, her responding to TJ's question about Johnny Banana's that she didn't know the answer because she doesn't give a shit about him did endear her to me a bit. I, too
  4. I found it funny that Cyrus was using emojis to communicate with his very inept assassin. Guns, skulls and crossbones, etc. In addition, the shootouts are always so poorly choreographed. And, like you've all said, there's nothing to get us invested because Sonny and Jason will never die so who really cares that they're being shot at? Also, that decaf carafe took several gunshots and simply dented! The thing was made of lead, I guess. Add me to the list of folks that thought they tossed Jane Elliot into the hospital bed to play Florence. I couldn't find any information confirming that Ann
  5. I mentioned this in the episode thread, but let me reiterate, what the hell happened to the Q den? They’ve hung this ugly wood paneling which just makes the room seem dark and stuffy, and it just doesn’t look good at all. Also, considering we have Kelly’s (which, admittedly, we see less and less of), why do they make every character have scenes at that lone table at the unnamed coffee shop that’s literally just four walls, some shelving, and some ugly plants?
  6. Does this show have more than 3 or 4 poorly dressed sets? I understand budget constraints and Covid protocols, but seeing the Metro Court and that non-descript room with a single table in some unnamed coffee shop every. single. day. is getting...sad. Also, if it’s a budget issue, why did they spend money destroying the Quartermaine den by putting up ugly wood paneling?
  7. Shea was one of my favorites on Season 9, but I have to concur with folks that have been saying that she's acting as though she's owed the crown. There's confidence, which I can absolutely get behind, and then there's entitlement. That said, her Flavor Flav was flawless! Girl killed it dead. Wasn't in love with her runway look because it didn't read prom whatsoever. It was India's time to go. I didn't buy her story about Alexis campaigning to eliminate Shea, especially considering the timing. If she was lying, though, she really was trying to sell it until the very end. Juju's runw
  8. I've learned over the years that it doesn't take much for me to enjoy an episode of RHoNY. All I need is some over the top event in which Ramona is behaving unabashedly bitchy, Luann is being judgmental, Sonja is clueless and drunk, and Dorinda is, well, Dorinda. And I got all of that during this episode! I'm easy to please, I guess. It was nice to see Jill again. With the loss of Tinsley (although, can we really call her departure a "loss"?) and the flop that Elyse has proven herself to be, maybe we can get Jill back? Please? Did we ever get an explanation of where William came from
  9. This ad for arthritis medication Voltaren is surprisingly fun. It features 2020 Paula Abdul dancing alongside her 1989 counterpart. Unsure how effective the ad is in making me want to try Voltaren, but it definitely helped encourage me to stream Forever Your Girl on Spotify.
  10. Honestly, she probably should have known considering they're all supposed to have their walkies on them at all times. However, in her defense, when the guest asked if she could "walk around outside," I thought she meant she wanted to stroll around the deck of the yacht. Perhaps Jess didn't realize the woman wanted to walk around/beyond the marina? Of course, Jess seems pretty flighty in general and I wouldn't be surprised if she understood exactly what the woman wanted and just didn't put two and two together (if I let the guest off the boat, she's going to delay our departure).
  11. I adored Hannah bringing out the preference sheet to the douche-y Brooklynite to prove that he'd never requested oysters for breakfast. It was so passive-aggressive and petty, but I'm sure so satisfying for Hannah (and the audience). In the eternal words of the Countess Luann, "money can't buy you class."
  12. All the charter guests seemed like insufferable a*holes. One can only hope that they tip well at the end of it all, but they'll likely hold the crew responsible for all the hiccups. As someone that works with the public, seeing guests like these really makes me feel for the crew. I enjoyed Bugs during her last season, so I'm happy she's back. It was also nice to see that, despite her apprehension at the news of her return, Hannah was beginning to appreciate having Bugs as her 2nd stew.
  13. My disdain extends to the grandchildren of celebrities, too. I'm nothing if not consistent!
  14. You weren't the only one. I'm no fan of children in general, to be honest, and the children of wealthy celebrities are certainly no better. I don't have an issue with Cpt. Sandi's perceived micromanagement. Nor do I think it's something that she does for camera time. I think that, as a woman, she's had to endure quite a bit of pushback as a captain. As a result, she wants things to be done perfectly because, if it's not, she knows it'll be chalked up to the idea that women are unable to lead. That's also why Cpt. Lee can get away with the hands off approach.
  15. The best part of these flashback episodes? 1. Getting to see the old opening sequence which, back in the day, many of us hated. But compared to the odd screensaver-esque opening credits we get nowadays, it's amazing. 2. Seeing old sets, like Carly's old house. I *hated* that set. The yellow color palette + black/white checkered foyer floor was...oof. Also, it's frightening how much ten years can age a person. Compared to his appearance at this year's Emmys, MB looked like a baby. Also also, I forgot how much I enjoyed JMB's Lulu. The character hasn't worked for me since Emme Rylan
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