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  1. I agree! I absolutely love this forum. You all are die hard BB fans and it's a great place to BB geek out! Especially this season. ?
  2. She says wish I was dead. I went back and checked. I understand @Callaphera ‘s point and everyone’s opinion. I’ve posted numerous times that she drives me nuts BUT that statement is scary. It is just my opinion and don’t forget “Opinions are like assholes. We all have em”. #muchlove ???
  3. I’m honestly concerned about Sams mental health and for once I’m not being sarcastic. I’m a big fat disgusting piece of shit and I wish I was dead. Production needs to step in. Poor thing... Link to Sams comment on Twitter Don’t forget if Haleigh, RS or Fess Win Kaycee still is going to cancel a vote. #teamgoodfeeds or #teampredictablefeeds?
  4. It's common in Texas for waiter's to visine a rude customers coffee. It happened to me once. (My obnoxious drunk friend) pissed off a waiter in an upscale restaurant in Houston. She did not order a cappuccino like the rest of us. Man..Oh man...Lets just say on our way home..One victom said can you exit soon because I gotta go. We all ??? the car and we took the next exit off the freeway. That was worse vs 10 days of the stomach flu. My husband has been "visine'd" twice..." And no..Not by me ?? ...It was before we met.
  5. I'm about to pull my hair out! BEC (cereal) STOP that Haleigh.
  6. I’m guessing the same. Something went down AND we were left OUT!! hehe
  7. Wow !! Jason is 41 now. He was 25 when he was on Big Brother 3.. I was 24 or 25 Wowzer! ??‍♀️??‍♀️
  8. It’s definitely worth checking out Kaitlyn, Rachel, Josh S19 Stories and live video on Instagram while the feeds are down. Funny as hell!
  9. This is a great interview with Julie. She looks back on BB biggest moments throughout the years. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/video/big-brother-20-julie-chen-reflects-shows-biggest-moments-1123388
  10. Can someone break it down for me? I was literally offline for 5 days last week. Nominations are today correct? When is hacker comp? What day does the hacker replace a nomination? Is POV on Saturday with hacker thing in play? Is POV Ceremony still on Monday? ADVAthanksNCE
  11. No she said that she had a great conversation with Tyler and Tyler’s off her radar.
  12. Nominations are Angela and Kaycee - Haleigh just kinda eluded to Kaycee being her second nomination. She is keeping the door open for Sam to be a replacement....Scottie is swaying Hay hard about nominating Sam. He’s explaining she had a deal with Tyler, Kait and a pinky promise with him. (Scottie). Hay says she needs a one on one with Sam. Scottie is saying it’s not a good idea. #teamgoodfeeds What about Tyler?? Ughhh
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