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  1. I'm thinking except for crazy Mackenzie these are just terminally boring people.
  2. You just know Connor's family is getting ready for the intervention/deprogramming. Of course there's a Layken. I like Moira but this is not the show for her.
  3. Regardless if I were a friend/family member of Day's I would run blaming David into the fucking ground. Oh, your tire's flat? Why don't you blame David. Your kid's failing history? David's fault. Etc., etc. Yes, I found it that awful.
  4. Watching Kevin and Day go after David without even considering that maybe, just maybe, it was Nicole was really not entertaining. I don't watch Big Brother to relive being bullied in high school. Watching Christmas have a hissy fit over being made a have a not made me want to kick her very hard in the ass. I
  5. Imagine Nicole's rude awakening when she has to compete every time.
  6. I'm hoping there will be an interview with Mackenzie.
  7. I don't think Mackenzie knows how to do a real, true apology. Sure, she's probably excellent at "I'm sorry, babe" to her sugar daddies, but a real apology? You have to have empathy for that.
  8. I think the speech is a production mandated thing. It really irrationally irritates me that in profile Mackenzie's lower lip sticks out.
  9. I loved Carrington's attempted intervention. Also his "Mackenzie has death glare eyes" reaction. I am actually surprised Conner went for Moira; I thought for sure he'd back slide to Mackenzie.
  10. Except Mackenzie has clearly worn out the other women. She needs constant validation and is a champion at deflecting blame. That's very tiring. Everyone except Connor sees this.
  11. Did anyone else catch Kierstan's expression when she joined the group hug of Mackenzie? It was all "I guess I have to pretend to care. Did my .05 second hug, now go away". Loved loved loved that the men were all " NO. NO GOING BACK TO MACKENZIE " to Connor. Mackenzie must have been the Queen Bee of her group because she's gobsmacked whenever someone says or does something that doesn't revolve around her. I refused to even look at that challenge.
  12. Okay, I thought the buried in cushions prank was pretty funny. If Dani didn't want to be HoH, why didn't she drop?
  13. Man, the guys just haaaaaate Mackenzie. I wonder what we don't see that has created that festering ball of hatred. Jalen is way too stable to last long with her. I felt for Moira who has admitted she feels nothing for Aaron and wonders what is wrong with herself because of that. She needs to spend a year or two guy free.
  14. I don't know where divorcees go -Vegas? Miami Beach? - but Mackenzie will be there sooner or later, one bitter, bitter divorcee. I can see her sitting at the bar, sucking down a margarita, and driving the poor bartender to madness with her diatribes. @Stan39 they were sitting around talking about who people thought they looked like. Justine: I only get told I look like some bitch on The Walking Dead. Notably, Mackenzie told the other women who she thinks she looks like.
  15. Oh man, the other women are so over Mackenzie. She just sucks the life out of any conversation. Loved the whole blankness of everyone when Mackenzie asserted she keeps getting mistaken for Margot Robbie. Mackenzie, I am a little face blind and even I can see the only things you have in common are being white blonde females.
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