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  1. At this point I am rooting for Janina. As a side note, she's 40?!? Why didn't Tonya kick the guy to the ground and jump on his knees/body? Scarlet is incredibly unstable. Who thought that hairstyle up for John Carroll Lynch?
  2. This held my attention. How did Hodges even meet her?
  3. It was nice seeing something different for a task. Hanger and Quincy showed young and fit isn't a guaranteed win!
  4. I would have been happy to watch more baby turtle footage. JD is a moron.
  5. The OP said "things that are alive". Charcoal is not alive.
  6. Untrue. They carbon date ancient charcoal from hearths all the time. Carbon-14 dating was actually tested on (of all things) methane from the Baltimore sewage works.
  7. Who is the actress playing the drug kingpin who kidnapped Tonia? These kids are too stupid to live.
  8. There were "creative differences" between Eads and the writers, etc. and they wrote Nick off - he joined the San Diego CSIs.
  9. I'm guessing it's that psycho kid Hannah. Or Nick. I can see them deciding on that twist.
  10. Thank god they got a different stylist for Jorja Fox; the last one made her look terrible. I am curious who they're going to blame this on. I'm going with the killer kid Hannah. I wonder how horribly Hodges was killed.
  11. But loving someone doesn't mean you should be with them.
  12. Awwww..... long live the bromance. My chyron people did not disappoint at the end.
  13. Xander's lock of hair he so artfully has cascading down his right side of his face makes me unreasonably stabby.
  14. Random bachelorette: "The prom is so beautifully decorated!" Me: It would have looked cheap on *Saved by the Bell*. Tia chose to go with....the Bam-Bam look. Interesting.
  15. Ha! Fornell called Marcie Mindy when he was trying to figure out her name.
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