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  1. I knew psycho girl was psycho. I bet Grace is really dead - some of her dialogue tonight screamed "I'm saying this because they're killing me off".
  2. But it might have had they not already been thinking Princess cake. There was no guarantee they were thinking of it.
  3. They did; it was a green something. This had them saying "so it IS a princess cake!!" As soon as they noticed the pat a choux (however it's spelled) I knew it was cream puffs or eclairs. As an aside, those sound delicious. Not sad to see Carolyn and Caroline go; mom is overbearing.
  4. Jim and Dawn were the right team to go. I know they must have gotten instructions on how the explosives work, how to place them, etc. but I'm still impressed. I loved that frog. You know what else I love? That everyone else did, too. Who is dressing Amy? That yellow thing. Just no.
  5. My guess is the show forbids it for drama.
  6. Oh the horror! Sneaking in a thermometer!
  7. I wish they'd knock off the win an apron stuff. Just start with the contestants. I hope they let them cook this year.
  8. Love that Natasha suggested cannoli and Anthony shut it down and then was all "well, how were we supposed to know?" Even the pie ladies knew!! And then they missed chocolate, kirsch and meringue.
  9. Loved the dragons. The four seasons one was kind of cluttered. I'm glad they kept everyone; I imagine there are lots of nerves for the first build. Just out of curiosity, are those motors easy to work with or finicky?
  10. How on earth did that one guy come to the conclusion that Gordon didn't want to see the entire ribeye?
  11. Yes. Guessing correctly is the most important thing. Otherwise people would just be winging it "well, we spotted a key lime, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, macadamia nuts and orange zest. Must be classic key lime pie!" that looks gorgeous and not trying to deduce that it was Citrus macadamia nut cake.
  12. This was fun. I would have guessed Bakewell because it wouldn't have occurred to me that the raspberries were unused.
  13. Again with the dark episode! Well, Scarlet is a few fries short of a Happy Meal, isn't she?
  14. Aunt Vi knew Robyn was in the CIA so could cover for that. I like that Nicki is a nice kid.
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