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  1. Some of those designs were cool. Even Sam and Jessica 's though I found the mermaid face creepy. Loved the look of that water. Loved that clock man. That win was very well deserved. Love being able to tell the teams apart, too.
  2. Do you think when Malcolm opened the trunk the woman escaped?
  3. Did the drawing of the dude in the book look like Dean Winchester to anyone else? Just me? Figures. That's one way to thin out the passenger list! I liked Saanvi's father. He just wants to spend time with her.
  4. Oh, man, Sam is just nasty. He seriously looked like he was going to hit Jessica. I'm glad they showed Will going over to shut his attitude the fuck down. I don't even care about unicorns and yet I want a unicorn spaceship.
  5. Polaroid instant cameras have had something of a comeback
  6. I'm guessing there must be a specific hospital set up with locked wards and rooms for prisoners.
  7. I'm glad Ben had an actual talk with Olive, and told her about some very real, valid concerns of his. I think Church dude causes another crash trying to recreate the first one.
  8. I loved the one douchebro"I'm here to play with Legos! " Because yeah. How could you not? I also liked that they have everyone a second chance. Guy with the long hair and barrette/hair clip looks like he has a nasty temper. They can go. I want that entire table. All of it.
  9. Whenever they did the "Save her" and they wondered who it was I shouted "try Olive!" I think I scared my cat.
  10. I 'm starting to think Ken's role is midirection. Just make ridiculous guesses to throw people off. I did laugh at Nicole's bewildered "championship....clam shuckers?"
  11. So weird to see a TV love triangle handled that well. Adults acting like adults! So Helen was part of a long con to trap Piper?
  12. I think one of the Biggersons that Castiel kept cycling through in that one episode was in Arizona but that wasn't either of the boys.
  13. I found it refreshing that the brother at first was all "yeah, my brother's dead. You're not my brother" because that's a realistic and rational response. It's a month later (?) and they still don't know that Olive goes to the cult meetings. Way to keep track of her.
  14. Cheese - that is older cheese, not fresh stuff like freshly made mozzarella - is usually okay for lactose intolerant people. It was probably the butter on the bread.
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