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  1. I hated the cubicle where the woman tried to claim the Chippendale influence. She should have gone.
  2. Kringle is the State Pastry of Wisconsin! ...Not that I ever remember seeing it in Madison or Wausau. Man, Malcolm should just not go anywhere without a full police escort. I think that must be his mother, not granny. Or else they killed off the real John Watkins and he took his place because yeah. Real granny would be at least 80.
  3. Okay, I'm from Austin girl: saguaros are in the Sonoran Desert. That's Arizona and Mexico. No saguaros in your chocolate truffles! I am now so sad I live in an apartment complex and can't make a tiger shark or movie camera mailbox.
  4. I wonder if Alex just couldn't handle the stress of being married to a cop. I just adore that this show doesn't tend to drag things out. Yep! She's an AI! Yep! Kindred is Emily's dad! Etc., Etc.
  5. Or a much older sister or half-sister. I wondered if they are related, too. Malcolm, you are just not meant to try normality. That's okay though.
  6. Since the actress is deaf it seems tacky beyond all reason to bring her character back no longer being deaf. Loved that effect of ghost Eileen sinking into the water since it didn't look like water. I don't mind Dean having hit beam end. It's so much more realistic.
  7. Slavery in NY state: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_slavery_in_New_YorkN if I'm investigating the Devil, I'm so not getting high.
  8. Maybe that dress Nancy saw getting burned wasn't bloody from murder but from Lucy's kid being born. Maybe Nancy is the kid!
  9. I laughed when I realized God had to go all the way back to Lilith to find a powerful being who hated both Winchesters. That said, I sure didn't see that plot twist!
  10. It's probably Facundo not Fecundo. Apparently it's popular in Chile.
  11. I got xiphoid because it was the only word I could think of that I figured might - accent on might - fit the category. I got the region right but blanked on the name Sunbelt. And I live in it.
  12. This really is just getting better. I am really very curious about the girl in the box. I liked that Lou said he wasn't going to tell him she wasn't real.
  13. mertensia

    S01.E06: Let x = 9

    Yeah, writers, tone down the shrieking kids. Seriously. How did grandma ever survive with her poor self-preservation and survival skills?
  14. I enjoyed this quite a bit. Fractured families everywhere. I have always liked Becky - she rings very true as a superfan to me - and loved her maturity and her hobby. Doesn't surprise me Dad abducted a cheerleader - he might like her if she stayed in school and get distracted and there goes Yale!
  15. I got Kosovo immediately because of this video
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