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  1. Well it's working. I might actually order my first ever Funko Pop.
  2. I feel the exact same way. I got through maybe an episode and a half of Clone Wars - did nothing for me. Yes, I've heard that it gets better and is awesome towards the end. I've seen all of the SW movies and enjoyed them to varying degrees (I'm an original trilogy purist, I guess). I would probably bail if they move on from our basic premise of Din & the Child. I'm not excited about these other SW characters making an appearance; it narrows what, for me, should be a huge universe. I like the focus on Dad & baby, with new characters popping in once in a while or being revisited. I have zero interest in another Mandalorian replacing Din. Though Pedro Pascal seems like a great guy, well, there have been other actors who seemed great who turned out to be not so great. So I don't know. Plus, if his movie career is taking off, he might not have as much interest in a time consuming series where his face isn't shown. It wouldn't be the first time that showrunners have specific plans for their series of which I don't approve, heh! I'll keep watching and enjoying for now.
  3. Small Talk in the Future TBP: Book vs Show Media for TBP
  4. Once upon a time, there was a woman who worked in a coffee shop. And every day she baked the scones and brewed the coffee while daydreaming about sailing on a pirate ship.
  5. One difference I noted in their relationship is in this ep, the "stop touching things" scene ❤️ Mando puts the child on his lap when he adorably misbehaves. Contrast to "that's not a toy" from the previous ep, where Mando picks the child up by the scruff of his ?robe (causing a squeal) and puts him back in the pram. Granted, the pram is lost at the end of ep 3 but the contrast still stands out for me.
  6. I always laugh when that one shakes the blaster near his ear, like there's something wrong with it 😆
  7. Closing this topic because it is redundant. You can discuss your thoughts on Sara Haines here. Talk about Meghan McCain here.
  8. We don't need yet another topic about Meghan McCain - if you want to discuss her, take it to her topic.
  9. I have to give a shout out to the unsung heroes - the embedded camera people! I don't know if they did every step of the course but they did a lot and had to film whenever they did. Despite the catamaran flip and Bear's attempts to inject some drama, there was no doubt the New Zealand team would win. I was thrilled that Khukuri Warriors finished. I also ended up getting attached to the iron man team but my favorite racer was Emma from Team Summit (Spain) who was a great narrator as well as a terrific racer. The Mark stuff got a little uncomfortable with the saving grace for me being that he is still lucid and didn't seem to mind putting it out there. I got annoyed with the focus on Gretchen's team because it was obvious they were going nowhere; I suppose part of the novelty was that they were the first team out. The focus on the team with the father and daughters was tiresome and fourth guy was practically non-existent. Then again, he probably just wanted to race and didn't care about the cameras. I was happy that both Fiji teams finished. The cinematography was top notch and Gryllis was a decent host and you know at least he could do the course - the back flip from the helicopter was impressive. I liked the last few episodes the best, with the focus on the back of the pack teams. There's the drama of Team Curl who seemed to be cruising to a finish until that one guy opted out after the bike accident and the team with the guy with the swollen and infected leg who didn't want to quit and had to be basically forced out. Those are the kinds of dynamics I like to see. Still there were so many teams we didn't hear from and ones at the end I had never heard of - I remember thinking "who the hell is Team Flying J"? Team Onyx broke my heart 😞
  10. Spoilery but not shocking info Interesting to see Mayfeld return; that could be fun. Most of the other spoilers in the article have been talked about already but I didn't know that one. I'm a little disappointed to not see Deborah Chow's name on the list of returning directors; she did an outstanding job with the action in both The Sin and The Reckoning.
  11. Posts have been removed for mentioning recent politicians and political activity and how The View hosts are responding or may respond. Any discussion of political figures, political parties or political entities (Congress, Parliament, etc) is considered off-topic and not allowed on Primetimer UNLESS it is specifically mentioned as part of the show's episodes, and then only in the context of the show itself. With the show on hiatus, there is no opportunity to discuss any political figures in The View forum at this time:
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