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  1. raven

    Respect (2020)

    Teaser looks good!
  2. I'm actually speechless. I am very glad that the Expanse cast and writers are taking this seriously and that Alcon is investigating.
  3. Had no idea about this until today. Who knows what will happen by December, hopefully it will be released somehow if not in theaters. Here's some info. I don't think we'll get Soul Glo though.
  4. Lady Grace Chocolate Covered Almonds of Vault Coffee
  5. Oh now it's the one where Frasier pretends to be Jewish for Faye's mother. Heehee Frasier to Niles - "Faye's mother thinks that we're Jewish. Just play along" Niles: "okay" It's the way DHP says it that's so funny; so casual! And of course this is the one where Niles will be dressed as Jesus later on.
  6. Watching "The Seal Who Came to Dinner" The harbor patrol won't come and get the dead seal, only live ones. Niles: "Wait, it's not dead, it's sitting up and looks very disoriented! Come quickly!" Fraiser grabs the phone and mentions his show - Niles: "Oh yes, that should send the seal mobile racing over here" LOLOL Can't wait till we get to the part with the clapping and the lights. I kind of forgot how hilarious this episode is.
  7. raven


    Aack! I want the whole thing NOW
  8. raven

    The Star Wars Saga

    An interesting examination of Leia's iconic look from "Star Wars" I never really thought that much about her costume, other than being happy that she's not running around in heels and of course Carrie's great comment about drowning in moonlight, strangled by her own bra, lol.
  9. Day of the Dead series from Syfy premiering 2021
  10. I was talking about the search of his place in NY where they found child pornography. I though that was where the videos were made but maybe I am not remembering correctly.
  11. I felt like there were a lot of unanswered questions - the co-conspirators, Maxwell, the blackmail tapes - if his home was raided and he wasn't expecting it, where were those? There must have been some kind of records (I'm not talking about the raid decades ago when he cleared out the computers). Also, why the hell was he allowed to move his money to a trust while he was in jail? Aren't assets supposed to be frozen? All I know about this stuff I learned on Law & Order. The victim interviews were very powerful and I am glad they focused on them. The pix of young, smiling women and girls being shown was heartbreaking. ITA. The cynical part of me says the women will never have justice and the public won't know all of the names.
  12. Weirder than a family reunion in cowboy boots. Jeez I got a boring one!
  13. I ran across this article on a blog which reminded of Diana Ross in Mahogany:
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