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  1. So - are the Markovians real? Or is that something the ASA made up so they could do what they're doing? Maybe we've seen the Markovians and I don't remember. I was enjoying the Tobias and Lynn back and forth until he said he would kill Jefferson. I was glad that he obviously made the connection between Jefferson and Black Lightning though; would be pretty dumb of him not too. Lynn was pretty scary herself with that needle. Aw, Jeff. Sometimes being a hero means you take a nasty beating to save others. I can't wait for the ASA and Odell to get theirs; not just Odell serving up those guys to appease Jen. It has to happen eventually, right?? I was sorry about Tavon but he may has well have had "innocent sacrifice" written on his forehead. Gambi and Grace need to pair up more often. Oh and Jen? Stop being rude to Hair Teen when he loans you his jacket and stop listening to Odell. Thanks, still think you're great! Hell yeah! moment to Henderson and company.
  2. I don't think even Alpha can get Negan to shut up.
  3. We all knew it was going to happen but Negan talking back into camp made me laugh.
  4. Is Eugene going to ask this woman out on a date? How about some practical talk now?
  5. Oh no, it's like saying "Voldemort"!!! Stop!
  6. Beta's gonna be sooo disappointed when Negan strolls back to camp, talking all the way.
  7. I'm liking the Siddiq stuff. It's weird and interesting.
  8. Cake, cone or waffle - waffle all the way! Z blood contaminates the water but you can rub it all over your face - I feel a headache coming on....
  9. Stop trying to make sense, you'll just get a headache 😄
  10. See show? The Whisperers are actually creepy when they're shambling around with the dead peeps and using those growling voices. Not so much when they're hanging out and talking about the latest in dead skin care or whatever.
  12. OK when Beta says "dig" I hear "dick". I've obviously been watching too much Negan. Hey groovy music! LOL. Let's all get up and do the twist!
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