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  1. Stay on topic - Cindy McCain is not on topic here and some posts are veering too far into political commentary. It is fair to discuss Meghan's effect on the ratings but keep your comments about her and not about previous or current administrations. You can PM your moderating team @statsgirl @helenamonster @raven if you are unsure of a post.
  2. AGAIN. There is a topic to talk about Meghan and how you feel about Meghan. Anyone who persists in turning every topic into a Meghan topic will receive a warning and possibly a suspension next.
  3. Airdate 2021.01.20 Please keep your discussion to this episode only. No book talk, thank you!
  4. While watching S5, I did a full show rewatch (just finished S4) and am impressed with the set up that was going on for 5. I didn't realize that Bobbie's last job with the criminal crew involved the theft of Martian stealth tech. I guess I forgot about Marco's extended appearance at the end of 4 - though he wasn't on long, they really do let him talk way too much. Really, Ashford could have killed Marco before Filip got the drop on him. I think Keon Alexander looks like he could be a charismatic leader but a combination of the dialogue and the acting choices are not working for me. Drummer's decision not to agree with Marco's execution is a really bad one, in hindsight. It feels like there are inconsistencies in her characterization - then she gets angry at Fred for leaking Marco's location to the "inners"? She should have just executed Marco then, what did she think would happen? I understand her point, kind of, but unfortunately the Belters are proving the inner planet guys right, the Belters can't/won't police their own. Yet Earth and Mars are way too heavy handed and of course, no one really expected rocks to drop on Earth. Even Ashford was expecting an attack on Ceres or Tycho. The conflict on Ilus works as the microcosm I think the show was going for - the Belters were refugees from Ganymede - nothing that happened there was their fault ,yet no one would let them land. They make it to Ilus and then the scientists and Murtry's guys show up as the Belters are trying to make a life for themselves. They shouldn't have blown up the landing pad but Lucia at least was not expecting casualties - yet violence usually does beget violence, though Murtry of course went too far and on and on. The Lucia arc I can see was the impetus for Alex contacting his family at the beginning of 5, which seemed to come out of nowhere for me. Alex is also kind of all over the place - we know from the beginning of the show he has a wife and son yet they seem to want to portray him as a free wheeling, flirty type - bad choice because of the actor and it doesn't quite work for the character. Then he grows into cook/medical guy. I really hope the character is re-cast and not killed, as I like the current iteration of Alex as someone who is starting to recognize his mistakes. Sometimes all you can do is recognize you screwed up and keep walking forward and try to do better. Naomi's talk about her past with Lucia, after Lucia tried to die, illustrates this really well and gives us the background for Naomi's actions in 5 - I had forgotten we get the real details about what Naomi did and why she left Marco.
  5. If you want to talk about how much you can't stand Meghan, take it to her topic. This topic is for how much you can't stand The View in general.
  6. Do not post your thoughts on the inauguration here. The only time that may be acceptable would be after January 20, and only in the context of any discussion on The View.
  7. Airdate 2021.01.12 Please keep your discussion to this episode only. No book talk, thank you!
  8. Oh, I'm interested to hear about this. Once The Expanse S5 is over, I am considering watching the SW stuff in chronological order. There are reports out there that Lucas originally just wanted Padme to be hot for Anakin, not actually in love. I haven't read up on it in a while, I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm mis-remembering.
  9. raven

    S05.E01: Exodus

    There is discussion in the Media Topic about it - you can talk about it there.
  10. raven

    S05.E06: Tribes

    I was wondering if he was planted by Marco - Filip asks about the Behemoth and then we cut to Marco, watching and listening to them. Then Marco shuts off the live feed (maybe it was recording?) to look at the rings. I was thinking Marco had sent Filip in to get info from Naomi on what happened at the rings. Marco talked about things being tough on the Belt for a decade; that doesn't mean he wants things to be tough for himself personally. He may want to head to the rings. I loved this too. The whole scene was terrific, with her putting herself together emotionally. Clarissa's poem made me recall Amos's statement that he hasn't been afraid since he was five years old: “I have killed, but I’m not a killer. A killer is a monster, and monsters aren’t afraid.” I could just see the wheels turning for Amos - thinking "am I a monster?" Aw, Amos. I'm going to enjoy Monica being on the Roci. I like Holden but he needs a strong figure in the picture.
  11. Yeah, I hated that; I was hoping someone would get bitten. Of course there were no repercussions; plus they apparently just dropped it in with the other snake with the inference being it killed that one? I'm probably overthinking it - I just feel the show could be better with some tweaks.
  12. Keep the conversation about this show only.
  13. Be sure your post is primarily about Meghan; it is fair game to compare her to other hosts and/or discuss her behavior but if the content of your post is mainly about one of the other hosts, your post will be removed.
  14. Airdate 2021.01.05 Please keep your discussion to this episode only. No book talk, thank you!
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