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  1. There's a link in the media thread about it - the show's on indefinite hold.
  2. I binged both seasons over the weekend and am quoting this because I found this storyline frustrating. We never see Brian communicate with anyone. It was hard for me to decide if he was just a sad kid with a disorder or Damien. It would have helped to have seen him talk to the therapist without his parents, or the social worker. I feel the same about Nancy, I character I ended up having sympathy for. There was a scene with her and Holden's GF in S1 where they talk about Brian and Nancy talks about being unsure if they're right for him and Debbie assures her that Brian is lucky to have them. It's one of the few scenes where Debbie doesn't come off as sarcastic and condescending. Nancy's character would have been better served if we had seen her talk to anyone about Brian with anyone other than Bill. A friend, the therapist - the murdered child's family doesn't count. I was actually interested in the Bill/Nancy dynamic in S2 because I thought the push-pull was portrayed well. I love Bill and all, but his decision to leave over the holiday weekend was not the right one. Bill has an important job that he derives a lot of personal satisfaction from. He interacts with other adults and has other things to do than obsess over his child. Nancy apparently does not have these things and Bill, though not unsympathetic to her, is definitely brushing aside her concerns because he's either thinking about and/or exhausted by his job. It was fascinating to me to watch the unavoidable train wreck coming. I ended up being sympathetic towards Nancy because I could feel that she felt like a prisoner in the home, ostracized by everyone along with Brian, with her only adult companion leaving for days on the spur of the moment. Yes, that's his job and she's been through it, but circumstances are different after your minor child has been involved in a murder. It is too bad about S3 because I'm interested in how the show would have handled it going forward. I did think S2 was missing something because the team wasn't together as much. Of course the buddy road trips of S1 were great and I missed those. I wish we had seen more of Wendy interrogating the serial killers - I felt more badly for her when the boss basically told her that she had to step back from that than I did when her girlfriend told the ex-husband "no one important". There was a lot of good stuff to mine there with Wendy, a character I really liked, that wasn't done. I think Holden is sympathetic to victims, maybe not as much as he is fascinated by the killers, but those feelings are there. He is easily frustrated with bureaucracy and just wants to get shit done, which is one of the reasons the boss wants Bill baby sitting him. I don't think the show did enough in S2 to show us Holden's "genius" - it seemed they were going for "he's the guy who knows the right questions to ask, but is a maverick in all other ways" but didn't quite get there. He's still very buttoned up in a lot of ways - he is actually ironing his tie in once scene and then during a stake out, takes it off but hangs it carefully over the mirror, even smoothing it out. I did like the stake out montage - we got to see some fun being had with the characters though it conveyed the tediousness of it all very well. I agree that interviews with the killers were really well done, well acted and tense. The actors playing Kemper, Berkowitz and Henley stood out for me, with Berkowitz's switch from hearing demon voices to admitting he didn't, particularly chilling.
  3. Yes it is, that was started after my forum request. I can move those posts once the forum is made.
  4. raven

    S01.E12: Justice x2

    "Why do people make fun of marching bands? That's a worthy entertainment" Hahaha! This show is so weird. I love it. The most unbelievable thing about woman dog walker, besides that she managed to trace David's voice back to Sonja's apartment (after what we saw, it shouldn't have been that easy) was that she was going to walk THROUGH the stranger's apartment where she thought she heard screaming??? With her dog??? Just call the police! She had talked about hearing a voice telling her to kill; it seemed to be coming through the crack. I figured the comedian was doomed but the whole basement scenario was still very tense. Great cold open at the club and her apartment - I had no idea what to expect. I still like Andy and I think he has the most chemistry with Kristen, actually. I think he means well; here's an interesting article about Tonglen; but Kristen needs a loss and I think he will be it. Can I just say how much I loved when Kristen told Leland he talks too much? I hate, hate, bad guy blather and she finally said what I was always thinking. Of course her smack down of him was fun too. David needs a vacation, stat. It does seem in character that he'd want to get back to counseling but for most of the episode I was thinking what a bad day it was for the team.
  5. Oh Shavi :((( I hate when designers I like cry. Don't cry, Shavi!
  6. So much this!!! I started off annoyed with her when at the beginning of the ep she says "I feel bad that I've been winning". Ugh. Still, the other designers mostly seem to like her. And I really dislike the blue alien outfit. I would have put Marquise or Nancy in the top, in that order. Marquise especially seemed to really put some thought into his look, which was really cute. I think Chelsey is the clear winner. I'm anxious for Delvin and Shavi because I like them both. Maybe if one is cut, Christian will use his save.
  7. Making the Cut debuts on March 27, 2020 on Amazon. The 10-episode series, co-hosted by Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn will drop two episodes a week. Season 1 will consist of 12 designers vying for a shot at turning their brand into a global business, culminating in a big finale that will air on April 24. The winning looks from each episode will be available to purchase on Amazon and the winner of the show will receive $1,000,000.00. Anticipation for Making the Cut: I'm Sew Excited! Media for Making the Cut: We're Global Now Small Talk: It's Just Fashion
  8. raven

    S01.E11: Room 320

    I hope this is his only season but he's not a terribly interesting character and I prefer this type of show not have a main antagonist. I think the show would be better served with stand alone episodes with the occasional mulit ep arc. I liked this one with its horror movie vibe. Since I have to hand wave the whole "Leland not arrested for theft that was witnessed and used in court" I've just decided to go with the inconsistencies. For this ep, some of it could be blamed on David's drug hallucinated brain misinterpreting things. The last shot of the wrist bands in the nurse's locker was disturbing though. I liked Kristen confronting the nurse with knowing she was off not because of the note but because the nurse followed her. Not sure why we had to introduce the previous team member; so Ben could have someone to talk to while he was in the game? I did notice the couple of remarks that Ben made about her leaving her house on a Friday - did that mean she doesn't leave her house on a Friday? Maybe something more will be made of that. I did too! That reminded me the aliens in the X-Files "Jose Chung" episode (yes, I know they were people) who were smoking and talking. So I figured the "monsters" were other hospital workers doing dastardly things. Maybe. Even though I knew he wasn't in real danger, David trying to get to his phone was tense and painful looking, LOL. Fun episode.
  9. Bridget and Mark. Colin Firth is ridiculously hot in this movie. And Mark always had a little crush on Bridget.
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