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  1. raven

    S02.E03: Gaman

    Political opinion posts have been removed. Before posting, familiarize yourselves with Politics and Primetimer.
  2. That was fun. The credits are awesome. Stop putting baby dinos in peril, people!
  3. I'm sort of half watching and doing something else and there's another new guy WTF and folk singing? This show.
  4. I binged the first five episodes and I think that helped. My biggest problem right now is that Chester isn't that interesting. This was the best episode for him - using the camera to determine the prisoner was just a prisoner, and then bonding with the guy enough to allow him to choose his own end. Unfortunately in the previous episodes, Chester is just kind of there, with things happening to/around him. His family seem to know something about the yurei (or maybe the acting is better) and so I prefer to spend time with them. As has been said, the camp is a better setting than the war zone - claustrophobic and despairing, though we do have glimpses of people trying to have a life. Things like Luz making a dress from the sack (which of course CT Howell then took away); the family hiding the sake - are good touches. Overall though I am liking it. For instance, I am fine with what we've seen of the yurei so far and am content to watch that unfold. I still think season one was better - more gripping, and the sense of horror and doom was greater, IMO. I think if I hadn't binged I may not have liked these episodes as much.
  5. raven

    NFL Thread

    Holy crap what an ending to the Saints/Texans game!
  6. Annoying voice is going to be our villain? Nooooooooo
  7. Folded hat chick's voice gets on my nerves. Before the ZA, I bet she made cold calls for credit card companies or something.
  8. Oh no Max Headroom! Well that's one way to cut down the superfluous cast members.
  9. Doris doesn't want to hear your happy story LOGAN. Oh never mind, I guess she does.
  10. On the mothership, expect the worst of people; on this show the best?
  11. *twinkly happy uplifting music* Oh I just can't with this dumb Johnny Depp commercial.
  12. I would have loved it if Sarah picked up the walkie and said "who gives a shit", lol. OK, this is kind of compelling.
  13. I think some are walking in from another direction.
  14. The mothership does make compelling commercials. Fool me once though. I'll still be watching heh.
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