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  1. Oops, Freddy, not Randy as I called him. LOL. I thought the same thing - instead of sitting around all day, how about bringing all of the wood into the house? Or at least to the porch? Regarding Anna at the end, I thought she pulled the car over and stopped where her mother was lying. I'll be watching again anyway - I didn't think she drove away; that it was left open ended. Rose had a bad leg injury but I didn't think it was a given that she was going to die.
  2. I watched all the episodes and have some more thoughts - spoilery, so beware! I do wish the interwebz wouldn't say about this show "no one is safe" because I had no doubt both Rose and Anna would survive, though I grant that Rose was just barely hanging on at the end. Yes, I'm still a bit bitter over Lance, heh. I wasn't thrilled to lose Spears/Little James either, though he had a good arc - I really enjoyed his episode with the guy who may have been imaginary - and he, at least, had a good ending which bonus! gave Anna some depth. Speaking of Anna, I don't
  3. And then I was rooting for zombie Lance to tear those two apart. I'm only 3 episodes in so far but am still pissed off about Lance. Grrr.
  4. Keep your comments about Meghan to what happened on the weekly episodes. A little excess discussion is okay but if you want to expound on her at length, take it to her topic.
  5. I have no life outside of work either but will be working and not bingeing so this will be me tomorrow
  6. Yup, he peaced right out. Start over with art and books and music? Sounds good to me too, Victor.
  7. Oh, that little guy was on American Gods. I remember now. Victor Strand to take over the world!! They should start off next season with Strand in charge of everything, lying and grifting and whatnot.
  8. YEAH BABY I loved how June and John Sr. were all "ok then byeeee" we're into the bunker! I do like the spray painted message here too.
  9. YOU GUYS. Dakota is STILL whining.
  10. More like a gift from Rachel, MORGAN. Also, some of you might want to check out this movie, though the short film it's based on is better.
  11. Strand wants to be the guy who worries about and tries to save everyone, but he's really not. It's okay, Strand! You're interesting! When you're onscreen, anyway.
  12. This is how you spend the apocalypse, with art and booze.
  13. Firmly in the Creep Zone .
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