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  1. "Everything I do, I've got to do with her"
  2. Wellington the penguin meets the belugas
  3. And it's a nice sunny day at Ryan's house. Good looking kitchen too.
  4. Beta with Alpha's head and then half face leading the zombies is creepy.
  5. Not sure what show you are watching? 😉
  6. I'm with you, Zeke, this is pretty funny.
  7. Aw poor wittle Negan had to spend time locked up and we're supposed to feel bad?
  8. So Carol wants to live. Is that the edge of Melissa McBride's wig I see when she falls?
  9. You're right Yumiko, no one cares about you.
  10. At least this poor horse didn't die screaming while being eaten by zombies. Are we drawing a parallel here??? Zeke = horse??
  11. See now, Beta leading that zombie army with country music is legit ominous!! Oh this show, any excuse for Negan blathering.
  12. Negan begging for his life was entertaining. Oh Negan's the new Alpha. Of course he is. THIS SHOW
  13. Beta is odd and kinda interesting. So sue me!
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