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  1. kromm, for me it was hand soap. We had a couple bars but of course are going through them much faster than normal and the last one is just dissolving into mush in the soap dish. I'm not gonna be picky when I go back to the store--Tone, Ivory, whatever.
  2. Seattle is opening/trying out all kinds of spaces. Danny Westneat, in his column in the Seattle Times, pointed out that this is good and commendable, but wonders why previous outbreaks of things like hepatitis never spurred any action. https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/will-we-go-back-from-seattles-homeless-emergency-to-airline-fees-the-coronavirus-is-making-a-new-reality/
  3. At which point Veronica should have been going "wait, how do you know this?"
  4. Very true, and I'm assuming most of the ghostwriters, having undergone such a ghastly audition, stuck to the job a while so things were spread out. The pattern was there but in big enough waves somebody would have to search for it. It does make me wonder how old Mr. Chipping was supposed to be; he was the last ghostwriter and wrote 4 books. If that's a book every say, two years? given the time to write/edit/publish, and he got this contract his senior year of high school, when did he go to teaching college, get married and have kids while secretly noting which of his spoiled rich brat horror shows of students might be ripe for recruitment? He must be really good at budgeting his time.
  5. To be fair, Jug's pulse could have been weak and/or irregular--even on a healthy not bonked by a rock person who isn't collapsed in a dark wooded area, a pulse can be hard to find. And Archie did give him a fireman's carry up to the med van! This honestly summed up a lot better than I thought it would have, considering. But? Questions. 1) Why the hell hasn't four missing students been a bigger scandal than it's been? FOUR? At a richie rich school for spoiled progeny of people very very VERY used to getting their way? I get the entire point was to be perfect murders, but none of them turned up murdered or even dead--they simply vanished. What red blooded rich, connected, willing to fake test scores/slap their kid onto a rowing machine for phony photo ops parent isn't going to raise Caine in every corner of the state Riverdale is in and get the place shut down??? 2) Dupont was depending on a lot more fellow psychos keeping his slaying tendencies secret than Betty et al ever had to during this fever dream, and for decades, not a few weeks. Why the hell hadn't any of the previous ghostwriters demanded blackmail, or any of his students who didn't get the contract turn him in out of rage? 3) Charles, you are one patient man, but not as patient as your lover, Chic, who is rotting in a jail cell having been framed for the murder ALICE committed and FP helped hide, with the assistance of our favorite duo! Why the heck did the writers bring this thread into play at all? It has gone NOWHERE. 4) And seriously, JOHNATHAN. A Black student is murdered, murdered, by his fellow Stonies and people care less than...about anything else. He may have been in on most of it, obviously, but, what, was the writers' idea to make up for his complete lack of character or agency and his off-screen, footnote death by letting him grow a dubious conscience that he never once got to voice from his own mouth? Things I did like: Betty's little spin towards the door as soon as Jug said "locked room mystery." Which, by the by? That's not a locked room mystery--the term refers to a murder that seems to be unsolvable due to the apparent lack of ways for the murder to commit the crime and escape (that is, the victim being murdered in a room locked from the inside and being found alone), not the rich tradition of gathering all the suspects in the parlor and recapping the crime. Brett getting the pudding beaten out of his stupid face. Nice how Joan had an ambassador daddy and Donna was all self-confident while Brett relied on gross videos and bravado. Serves you right, asshead. Jughead's neat row of forehead stitches, which don't make much sense since Joan hit him in the BACK OF THE HEAD. That actually was a win for the writers--the fact that this driven lunatic could pour so much of her life into this sweet revenge and at the very last minute end up with nothing. Really, no prison could be worse for her particular personality, and Betty knew it.
  6. Alice is particularly qualified to make this doc considering she MURDERED SOMEONE and used Jughead, Betty and FP to cover it up. Love how she keeps deflecting her own psychosis onto poor Bets! "I'm not saying you did it on purpose, honey!"
  7. Betty actually did hit him with a rock while being mind-controlled, but luckily for him, the beanie cushioned the blow. Wait, though, did Betty actually hit him or was it Johnathan (who is now apparently DEAD, WHAT THE HELL) and she just found the rock and picked it up?
  8. Let's ask Mary, who apparently is both a defense and business contract attorney! Remember, in Riverdale all lawyers know about/practice every form of the legal profession just like every Professor is an expert in everything from Ancient Egypt to quantum physics in monster movies. But yeah, that is super ridiculous. Hiram deciding on Jug's (fake) funeral as the place to tell FP to take some time is typically him and this show, but FP should never have been within a country mile of this entire thing from an investigating standpoint. Any actual lawyer would have pointed that out in a hot second. (I am hugely amused at Betty/FP/Jellybean all keeping this from Alice and watching her run around with her cameras and shit the whole time.) Why the hell was Hermosa helping Ronnie with anything? Does she think uncovering Donna's Enormous Secret will get R to leave town or something? Why go through all this investigating and then throw in with Core Four? I do NOT want any kind of love triangle crap, but since even this show can't pretend they can stay in high school/Riverdale for much longer I assume they're trying to set up Long Distance Relationship Dramas. Blah. Nice to see so many past players in Alice's documentary: Hi, Nana Rose! You can tell that actress is having a ball with her crazed gothic granny lines and outfits. "Riverdale was booorn in blooooood and has bathed in it ever since!" Hi Pops! When are you going to see the light and move out of this lunatic asylum? Hi Reggie! Miss you actually being on the show but you proved your comic chops once again! Hi Kevin! Man, you scored multiple scenes here! Thank you, show, for not bringing up the whole tickle porn grossness again. Hi, Toni and Cheryl! Great to see you both; both Toni's eyelash game and Cheryl's overbearing nuttery get an airing in a very Riverdale way; not to mention the whole "totally NOT JEALOUS" face and statement from Cheryl, right before being the most honest person in town about Jug's death. Sorry I called you a hobo. FINE, I'm REALLY sorry, okay? My lipstick is perfect! Donna and Brett snapping like old candy canes is fun to watch. Also, did they kill Johnathan? Did anybody know he was dead? Has anyone reported him missing?
  9. Brett was calling Archie Elmo as in the puppet from Sesame Street (since they both have bright red hair/fur.) Honestly rather clever for Brett.
  10. I would too! Archie's violent side is nothing to take lightly. Betty sending Archie in to beat up Brett and her call to him telling him to shut up talking to Mary were both chilling and shows that Betty is very skilled at manipulation. She thinks she's on the side of good, but...
  11. I think it was the Harvard interviewer that met Ronnie in her bar, and later she went to New York to interview at Bernard shamelessly promote Katie Keene. But yeah, either way her alcohol activities are hardly a secret.
  12. I honestly don't get how this hoax is working because a LOT of people would have to be in on it at this point--even if you could get FP to play along for whatever reason, what about the morgue attendants? The doctor who would determine cause of death? The undertaker who prepared whatever they used for a substitute body for the funeral? I have to go with this entire thing being Jug's story and he's using it to triumphantly prove the murders of Mr. Chipping and the Stonewall Four and shut down the school, because as people have pointed out, nobody is behaving the way human beings, let alone close friends, parents and girlfriends of a murdered seventeen year old would behave, in the least. In a "revealing to your captive audience that you've found them out via a novel read" context, everything plays out correctly. The elaborate clues and setups, the cell phone plant, the FBI link for professional equipment and evidence testing, the private conversations between characters that would have no reason to discuss Betty's mental state otherwise, or keep up the pretense that Jug is dead--they all work great as scenes from a book designed to ramp up suspense, but not plausibility. A couple things stick out especially, like when Bernard is reviewing Ronnie's application, and her first thought is that the anonymous tipster isn't Hermosa? As Archie points out, messing with the rest of them doesn't help the Stonies in the least. But as a scene in a novel that is meant to get Vee and Archie all in on the hoax, it makes total sense. And while Betty is definitely Most Betty Ever during her threat scenes, the idea that Donna would tip her hand by showing her fear? Not realistic, but emotionally satisfying, very much so! And if Charles really is bent on freeing his jailed lover/avenging himself on the Coopers, why is he so happily dragging his feet over this ridiculous, elaborate and pointless game? Again, he's a great character to move a story along even if his actions don't jibe with his stated goals. Indeed. She was super scary in that scene, and for a plausible instead of emotional beat in a story reason. That's what made it creepy as fuck, and why you bought Archie closing his curtains before his confession. I will be very very interested to know what was real and what was fiction in this nutball story. And amidst all this brouhaha, the weirdest/least believable bit? Not Mary's confession that she's got a girlfriend, but that said girlfriend would ever consider somebody with Archie's grades and history as realistic Naval Academy material.
  13. Who the heck celebrates the Ides of March? Self-important one percenters who took away exactly the wrong message from Shakespeare's play.
  14. To be fair, though, the entire town apparently has a rich history of letting students and mercenaries/serial killers/whack jobs dressed as Demon Kings run riot through their various institutions of higher learning at will, though. It's not like whoever is ostensibly principal of Stonewall is worth a damn, and remember when Weatherbee let that drug running psycho kid hang Fangs upside down off a balcony? Neither of them were so smug about their absolute failure in their administrative roles, though. Just thought of something: the timing, along with everything else about this latest plagiarism crap fest, is ridiculous. What's his butt claims that he wrote On Featherless Wings two months ago, right? Exactly how did Jughead steal it, then? He and everybody else in town apparently didn't know this snobby ass school within walking distance of Betty's house and filled with the progeny of invisible until now rich assholes even existed until right around then, so exactly how did he even know the story existed to steal it? Johnathan never claimed to have published it or even shown it to anyone, so is Jug some master hacker that trolls the laptops of Stonewall's student body, then waits for a recruiter to come to him, hands over the story and sits back, smiling, to reap nefarious rewards? I don't mind crazy schemes, but if they could not insult the audience's intelligence so much that would be great.
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