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  1. I've become so obsessed with Gentleman Jack. Suranne Jones as Anne Lister... 😍 I am surprised at how many people don't seem to be aware that Anne Lister was a real person. I definitely knew she existed, even though I didn't know all the (explicit, ha) details. I wonder how far they're gonna go with the television show. Maybe they'll end it on her final diary entry, which was (I think) written only a few weeks before she died.
  2. Mmm yes, like Artie on Glee. Especially since IIRC the only reason they incorporated the dream sequence in the first place was because they wanted to show off Kevin McHale's dance skills; it wasn't an integral part of the character. That's not an apt comparison. Doctors aren't marginalized in society (quite the opposite). Disabled people are. If disabled actors got a fair shake with respect to casting, it'd be a different story. But the fact is that unless it's an "invisible" disability, disabled people are not going to be cast in roles written for abled actors. So when there's
  3. I looked up In the Dark and was like, "Oh, a tv show with a blind woman as the protagonist! That's awesome, disabled people deserve representation too!" I mean, yes, of course being blind and being woc aren't mutually exclusive, but speaking as someone who has always resented feeling like being forced to choose between my own different marginalized identities - in my situation, sexual orientation and race - and as someone who isn't disabled, I wasn't going to shit on this show unless it was explicitly problematic with respect to race. But then I googled, and it looks like the main actres
  4. It's nauseating how the show loves writing Betty and Jughead as the milky white saviors of the downtrodden. First Jughead's the Serpent King, and now Betty's the Griffin Queen? And everyone just mostly steps in line, unless they're an antagonist. And Betty's also sitting in on legal/prosecutorial meetings between Attorney McCoy and the Sisters of Mercy? Whatever you say, show. And now Cheryl and Toni are cat burglars, because of course they are. LMAO. Honestly as much as I hate Jughead in his masturbatory Serpent King role, Cheryl really did deserve to get kicked out for being such a god
  5. As much as I liked Shiri Appleby/Liz in the OG series, I'm glad they didn't whitewash Liz this time around.
  6. Yeah, and honestly, even if Amber Heard is an opportunist, why should that matter? Opportunist is not synonymous with liar, and I'm sick of society's need to dismiss victims who aren't motivated by pure altruism or selflessness. So what if someone only decides to finally come forward when they write about their experiences in a book or whatever? Mackenzie Phillips got shit for that when she talked about how she had been abused by her dad. "She's only saying this because she has a book to sell!!" Yeah, and what of it? Money is the least of what she'd deserve. There was a lot of pressure o
  7. Yep, this was obviously what they were doing, let's be real. If you want an example of someone who says that they personally didn't have a bad experience with [insert male costar accused of harassment] while acknowledging the pain and validity of the allegations, then Alia Shawkat is the way to go, not these two assholes.
  8. To me this just felt like a higher budget Lifetime movie. The acting was decent, although I'm not super enamored with Timothee's acting... for the most part he was good, but he had certain tics (?) or mannerisms that just felt... forced or affected? I'm not sure what the word is that I'm looking for. However, he was a lot better than Steve Carell, who I agree had some nice moments during the quieter scenes. But whenever he yelled - "This isn't us! This is not who we are!" - I could just see him ~!acting!~ if that makes sense. But in any case, what really pushed this into mawkish Li
  9. You're a white (or otherwise non-black) person who defends blackface, you're racist. Period. That said, IA that NBC knew her history going in and so they can't reasonably claim that they're firing her because good golly the racism just took them all by surprise.
  10. Well my point is that Jughead fancy themselves as the town detectives, and if you're a detective, it's especially important to keep a good poker face when you're out there questioning people. You can't lose it when someone throws you a curveball because then oops there goes your game plan. That the other characters on this show are equally bad is irrelevant because that didn't factor into this episode. (Archie did lose it at that one moment when he started ripping apart his cell, but that had no effect/consequence. I'll wait until he inevitably botches up the breakout attempt.)
  11. I know what snark is. And no, I don't think you were claiming it as the literal equivalent to affirmative action. I'm talking about the mindset of thinking that it's somehow unfair to judge Auj and Jer for their friends because you like who you like, and they shouldn't have to force their crowd into being a United Colors of Benetton ad. Look, the bottom line is that I'm 150% fine with judging a Trump supporter who once referred to Mexico as "that b*aner place" for only having white friends. It confirms what I already knew about them. (Okay, to be fair, Audrey has never used racial slurs
  12. Well, I'd say a large part of the problem is that you (and perhaps JerAuj) see this as affirmative action, the implication being that being friends with POC is something that you need to essentially force yourself to do and that POC are somehow less "qualified" to be your friends. I never had to force myself to be friends with white or black or hispanic people, it just happened because I didn't see them as some sort of weird Other. No, I don't think you need to force yourself to become friends with anyone you don't want to. But then I question why is it that you "just so happen" to only natura
  13. As if freezing up isn't a thing? And why isn't "call them out" listed as one of your choices? Could it be because women often face repercussions for calling men out for pulling this shit? Which is a big part of the problem, isn't it? That men feel entitled to subject women to this but it's not okay for women to say something about it? I was accosted by a subway masturbator on the subway earlier this year. I'm proud of myself that I thought to raise my phone and take his picture, although the SVU detective later reprimanded me for that choice bc he said I unnecessarily put myself in dange
  14. Jughead fucked in the bunker because of course they did. "Ben's death haunts me... he didn't scream... why not? I wonder... because that's one of the rules?" Lili's line delivery here was painful. Also, for all that Jughead like to consider themselves true detectives, they're really not good at keeping up their game faces when things don't go their way. I know Riverdale operates in its own special version of reality, but there is just something very annoyingly 80s moral panic about this Griffins & Gargoyles plot. Dungeons & Dragons doesn't deserve this!
  15. Sure, Oregon is white af in general*... but they did once post a group photo of their LA friends and every single person in that picture was white too (except for maybe one or two who looked racially ambiguous). Not gonna lie, I absolutely judge the fuck out of anyone who lives in a diverse city and yet all of their friends are still white. I don't give a rat's ass if the city is segregated or whatever, because the people are still THERE, you're just choosing to participate in the segregation. (I lived in NYC up until recently, I would know. I judged all the white hipster Brooklynites who chos
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