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  1. It really isn’t that funny. I know it should be and had they not had that one episode where they left her and Cams sisters kid constantly in one episode, it might have actually been funny but they had that episode and it’s just bad. It just makes them look terrible to me.
  2. I wondered this too, especially since they were so adverse to giving her a cell phone, but she has a credit card?
  3. Yeah that’s a big thing with me. Andy was more like Phil, the show actually did that fairly well with the Similarities, what they are doing now is super lazy to me, it’s like “hey look. It’s the same” just because it’s the same situation but no actual writing behind it. I’ve said the actors are phoning in it at times this season(this episode being the exception) but the writers seem to be too. Especially when you think about it, this is the first episode ever since Haley finding out she’s pregnant that she hasn’t had a freak out that includes all of the same lines she said in previous episodes. Its stuff like this that makes me wonder how we are going to get another season, I guess they think adding babies is going to be so fun to watch but I honestly don’t think it will? I mean sometimes it works but most of the time when you add babies this late into the game it doesn’t have the effect you were going for.
  4. Oh, sorry I’m barley paying attention to the show, but still.. Claire and Phil were probably much more adult than Haley and Dylan are being. I don’t know. I don’t find anything about their storyline enjoyable. My laughs last nights were because of everyone else not Haley or Dylan.
  5. Yeah, I get that, but my issue is that there was a brief time when she sort of had things together. She had a decent job, she was dating Andy, and then he left and the show had no idea what to do with her so they had her lose her job and start failing around again.. because that’s funny? It’s really not. It kind of scares me that now she’s going to be a parent. I mean yeah she isn’t really, obviously Claire and Phil are definitely going to take the reins more often than not here. But the worst for me with the whole storyline is that they keep trying to parallel Haley and Dylan with Claire and Phil. Which.. no. Claire and Phil were much younger but my guess is they were probably more than self sufficient than Haley or Dylan are being here. Also I don’t get how I’m supposed to believe Dylan is a nurse? I get that his lines are supposed to be funny and off kilter because “ha ha ha he’s so dumb and he’s going to be a nurse” but like the cam and Mitch let lily run off all the time, it falls flat to me when they do things like this with Dylan.
  6. Eh that was actually a decent scene and it was when Haley was into photography and doing community college and she was actually doing worthwhile things, she was posting fashion related photos on her blog and getting endorsements for it. She also said that she was taking a buisness class to turn it into something hopefully. Phil and Claire actually got drunk in that episode and made fools of themselves. Also she was doing well with photography, she was getting spots in the art shows for her class. The problem with this show is they have haley move forward and then have her go stagnet. Like putting her back with her high school boyfriend is the worst version of this.
  7. Yeah Beau was coming off quite well before this season and in the start of this season but ever since the Mexico episode he’s been throwing me off and I’m sorry but he is gaslighting her. Also what’s even worst is that one of the recap podcasts I listen was saying about last weeks episodethat it’s kind of funny that Jax went to Stassi and was like “if you break up, we want beau and you’re out” and then commented that it’s great that the group feels the way about beau that they feel about Jax and brittany, like if Brittany and Jax break up, the gang would keep brittany. No. That isn’t funny. I rolled my eyes so hard when the hosts of the podcast thought that was so great and funny. It’s not. Hasn’t Stassi already been though that? Hi, season one, she and Jax broke up and her friends PICKED Jax! If you watch season one again it’s actually kind of sad how the girls easily picked Jax over her. It would be gross for them to pick beau over her now.
  8. Right? It’s supposed to continue to be funny that they have no idea what she’s doing or that she’s running off somewhere. It’s really not.
  9. It is odd about Gloria and the way they’ve written her in these later seasons, remember how much Jay talked about her being fun and sweet and he was always smiling and he compared their marriage to his and Dede’s? Is the show making a point to have history repeat itself? Because they write Gloria mean about everything. I laughed at Phil’s dad saying congratulations to hakeuband Andy but then I got sad because I kind of wish Haley was having this story with Andy and not Dylan, it also doesn’t help that for some reason SH posted a picture of her and AB promoting last nights episode yesterday from a few seasons ago and to be fair she also posted one from last nights episode of Haley and Dylan when Haley proposed but I don’t get why she posted the one from a few seasons ago.. and yeah I still can’t get behind this storyline, they’ve written Haley pretty bad about the whole thing, as much as I liked this episode(and the har is low), I really don’t like the Haley story.
  10. This is the first episode I laughed a lot in a long time. That said I’m still wishing this was the last season, the fact that this was probably the first episode in a long time I Genuinely enjoyed isn’t great.
  11. Yeah the shower part of the puppy thing is.. strange as they ha e had their dog for a while. Just call it a puppy party or wait until it’s the dogs birthday. But my main issue is that clearly Raquel was trying to invite everyone so the party and she and James are on camera and the show. Which again.. I have to side eye, and I’m supposed to believe that she isn’t fake? Sorry, no. You don’t go around and invite people who don’t like one of the main people hosting the party. I cannot feel bad that she got shut down. Also I can’t not roll my eyes when the after show(btw there’s a second part besides the one that was posted here) has James talking about how sweet and beautiful Raquel is for wanting to include everyone.. that’s not why she did it. Same with Billie. She isn’t even friends with Brittany or Jax. And whatever maybe off camera the show is footing some of the bill for the engagement party but let’s just say they aren’t, Brittany and Jax are paying for people’s plates at this party.. it cost money for them, Even if Billie wasn’t having fights with their friends, are they even close? Not at all. It’s just odd behavior, Schena however shouldn’t have said anything to her though.
  12. Well brittany and Jax are getting married by a priest with some very strong views about certain things in the realm of the lgbtq community . That said I don’t think that that’s why Billie was not invited. She wasn’t invited because she isn’t close with Brittany or Jax and Jax doesn’t like Billie. I stand by him with how he feels considering Billie has treated his friends poorly.
  13. As someone who has had anxiety and panic attacks, they have varied in different instances but I’ve never experienced any like Lala. Not to go into too much detail but I’ve expressed in these shows episode forums that I have a medical disability and most of my attacks stem from those situations but for me, I’ve never constantly asked people how I feel, if anything my attacks have caused me to become more shut down and less talkative and more physical things Involuntary happen. Like I said they are different for everyone. Also while I don’t want people to acknowledge me in the way Lala did with needing people tomouch her hands and face, for me, as I said since my attacks stem from a certain situation, I need people to suggest an option and it helps me when they remind me to calm down and breathe normally. That’s just me though.
  14. Yeah as I said in my post I’m curious as why she kept telling them to go on a trip on the show if she was going to do interviews acting like they went because they wanted to and not because she said to. I feel like she has pull on this show for what she wants on it and what she doesn’t. Also funny that the after show called her out on it too! Are producers getting over her crap on this show too?
  15. I don’t have any issue with the puppy party, that does seem like fun, but the fact that both Raquel and James seemed confused about why people wouldn’t go and it’s like, look who you are asking? And we’re supposed to feel bad for her? I mean no. Sorry I’m not sorry that I can’t and I find the whole fake.
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