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  1. Another still: I’m so over Alice and Betty old or new dynamic, it’s always been awful. Also let’s be real I very much doubt Alice will be our of the cult by the end of this episode I could be wrong but I don’t think so:
  2. It really isn’t that funny. I know it should be and had they not had that one episode where they left her and Cams sisters kid constantly in one episode, it might have actually been funny but they had that episode and it’s just bad. It just makes them look terrible to me.
  3. Okay so according to Alex this episode has a lot with the adults, and a lot of alice(ugh), no Falice though which I say yay to! A lot of Choni, there’s some Betty and Toni too, also not really any Bughead but there is a core four scene. Also again.. for people who complain Bughead gets a lot of scenes, they haven’t really. The musical episode was their best in a long time and I’m starting to think that might be it for them. Choni has been getting quite a lot so I never want to see Choni fans complain. This back half of this season has been more than good to them.
  4. So Lilis new movie Hustlers is coming out September 13th(Which Also happens to be Lilis birthday): and yes I know Lili isn’t in this video but it’s where the announcement was made so I’m posting it.
  5. Spoiler pic for this weeks episode: Again I have to say all this picture does is make me realize I don’t care about any of these characters who have been sucked into the farm. Polly and Alice are awful and the ones in this picture? Thank you, next. I mean maybe Fangs but that’s random and honestly I know he gets super love on these forums but to me he isn’t a make or break character so it wouldn’t mean anything to lose him. And Cheryl and Kevin are beyond awful. See, that’s the problem and why I hate the cult storyline. The stakes are dumb. I know betty has some undying loyalty to her family but she should cut ties considering they are dangerous to her when you sit down and think about it. And Cheryl is awful and Kevin is the worst friend I have ever seen on a tv show. He’s supposed to be bettys best friend but he definitely never Hesitates to throw her under a bus. Seriously the show really should have another character join to make me want betty to put her life in danger. Granted I guess logically none of the core four would join so clap for the writers on realizing this and not doing it but I can’t bring myself to want betty to save anyone who is in it. All I want is for her to stop because I can picture how this is going to end and it isn’t going to be good for her.
  6. This is how I feel. I’ve always hated it when teen dramas have this happen and have the friends just be okay with this situation happening. Sorry no, it wouldn’t be okay and it shouldn’t be. I know it’s riverdale but I’ve always felt that while the plot lines are ridiculous, the relationships, especially the ones with the friendships seem to be not. Also I’m glad you brought up the veronica and Betty aspect of it. I do think the Jughead Betty Archie thing is important but to me so is the Betty and veronica friendship. I know the show hardly deals with it now which sucks, they had such promise in season one but I would hate for the show to go down the comic canon route with the friendship. I didn’t read the comics but I’ve seen clips here and there and they don’t seem like great best friends. Veronica seems like a bitch and Betty is really just a pushover for both Archie and Veronica. Also I’m pretty sure it isn’t Betty in the picture. Bettys hair is up for the prom episodes and I’m thinking this is from the prom episode and LR isn’t that short. Also CM posted a picture on her insta story with KJ in a tux a week ago by that very same tree, so I’m convinced it’s her. Plus LIli stopped shooting a few days before Camilla Cole and KJ. Also I still stand by why would Camilla post a picture of other actors?
  7. Okay it’s definitely Varchie, as Camilla posted the same picture on her story last night saying it’s a wrap on season three and I don’t think she would use a picture of another cast member on her own story to do this so yeah it’s varchie and I’m kind of happy about it. I don’t get why Varchie gets so much hate here and I don’t understand why people claim it’s because hiram has tried to kill Archie and stuff. With all that logic there’s a bunch of other pairings that shouldn’t work or come to pass. I mean don’t get me wrong I know Barchie will more than likely happen but bettys dad also tried to kill Archie or at least harm him in the diner and he did also try to kill Fred, Archie’s dad too. And if Vughead were ever to happen(hopefully it doesn’t, it would be random) let’s remember FP did shoot Hiram and Hermione tried to frame him. Also, Hiram was definitely in on trying to kill Jughead or at least was aware of it. And I mean I get what people are trying to say but to me that sort of logic doesn’t add up when you take into account everyone’s parents.
  8. I wondered this too, especially since they were so adverse to giving her a cell phone, but she has a credit card?
  9. Yeah that’s a big thing with me. Andy was more like Phil, the show actually did that fairly well with the Similarities, what they are doing now is super lazy to me, it’s like “hey look. It’s the same” just because it’s the same situation but no actual writing behind it. I’ve said the actors are phoning in it at times this season(this episode being the exception) but the writers seem to be too. Especially when you think about it, this is the first episode ever since Haley finding out she’s pregnant that she hasn’t had a freak out that includes all of the same lines she said in previous episodes. Its stuff like this that makes me wonder how we are going to get another season, I guess they think adding babies is going to be so fun to watch but I honestly don’t think it will? I mean sometimes it works but most of the time when you add babies this late into the game it doesn’t have the effect you were going for.
  10. Doing Barchie this season would be really dumb if you ask me. Also I don’t hate Varchie like many here do, it makes me feel bad for those shippers. I did like Josie and Archie though. Also yes I am a big Bughead fan and strongly believe they are the end ship but I know Barchie is probably going to happen, I do however think doing it this season would be a dumb thing to do. And was I believe that is Varchie in the picture but it’s finny that comments think otherwise. Also we don’t even know if that’s even going to be a romantic moment between the two, I mean it probably will be but we don’t know. I also think it has to be Varchie because Lili stopped filming for the show like 3 days ago so who knows.
  11. So season 3 just finished and RAS posted this picture, I feel like it’s pbviously Archie and Veronica But other comments are saying it could be betty and archie . It’s definitely Archie and someone.. I think it’s veronica but I could be wrong.
  12. Oh, sorry I’m barley paying attention to the show, but still.. Claire and Phil were probably much more adult than Haley and Dylan are being. I don’t know. I don’t find anything about their storyline enjoyable. My laughs last nights were because of everyone else not Haley or Dylan.
  13. Yeah, I get that, but my issue is that there was a brief time when she sort of had things together. She had a decent job, she was dating Andy, and then he left and the show had no idea what to do with her so they had her lose her job and start failing around again.. because that’s funny? It’s really not. It kind of scares me that now she’s going to be a parent. I mean yeah she isn’t really, obviously Claire and Phil are definitely going to take the reins more often than not here. But the worst for me with the whole storyline is that they keep trying to parallel Haley and Dylan with Claire and Phil. Which.. no. Claire and Phil were much younger but my guess is they were probably more than self sufficient than Haley or Dylan are being here. Also I don’t get how I’m supposed to believe Dylan is a nurse? I get that his lines are supposed to be funny and off kilter because “ha ha ha he’s so dumb and he’s going to be a nurse” but like the cam and Mitch let lily run off all the time, it falls flat to me when they do things like this with Dylan.
  14. Eh that was actually a decent scene and it was when Haley was into photography and doing community college and she was actually doing worthwhile things, she was posting fashion related photos on her blog and getting endorsements for it. She also said that she was taking a buisness class to turn it into something hopefully. Phil and Claire actually got drunk in that episode and made fools of themselves. Also she was doing well with photography, she was getting spots in the art shows for her class. The problem with this show is they have haley move forward and then have her go stagnet. Like putting her back with her high school boyfriend is the worst version of this.
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