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  1. Those, and maybe an 11th I just noticed? (Bottom right, my lame attempt to draw an arrow)
  2. One of the secrets to Jeopardy success? J-Archive. Jeopardy champs say one of their secret weapons is a fan-run database with show clues going back decades
  3. Knew SJP played Annie, so pretty easy tonight
  4. ‘Comic Book Men’ Star Robert Bruce Found Dead In NJ Storage Unit He Called Home
  5. Remember his Simpson reference FJ response after IBM Watson beat up him and Brad?
  6. Ugh. I’m in NY, but got the governor mixed up with two NFL referees and called her Hochuli (Ed and Shawn, a father/son combo)
  7. Audi gave her the car Audi gifted a 'Wheel of Fortune' contestant a new car after she lost out on a technicality
  8. I had pre- guessed Superman (don’t know why), so I was on the right track from the get go.
  9. I’m quite familiar with the song. That was great. (Also liked Christmas Socks tonight)
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