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  1. Cool. Maybe you'll get my FJ scores mixed up with some of the smart people here 😃
  2. Dang. Anna Camp was...wait for it...pitch perfect.
  3. Ok, based on this feedback I’m going to go with “Meh, close enough “. If someone later on can’t tell but wants to know then they can always ask 🤔
  4. Is it noticeable he's wearing an Alex Trebek shirt? I know it's there, but it still seems blurry to me.
  5. Did Mike Colter not get a little interview segment?
  6. Real score 2/5 Like last season, not playing any asterisk games
  7. My excuse too. Totally blocked that thing out.
  8. 0/5 (I figure, why wait?)
  9. opus


    Horrible Grand Slam tennis coverage as always. If you like to watch people play tennis, forget it. If you like to watch people talk about tennis, you’ll love it.
  10. The Sundance Channel has it, although I'm not sure how consistently. For example, the next time I see it on my cable guide for them isn't til Sept. 6.
  11. Well, I found out I’m not familiar with many of the cast members of Brooklyn 99.
  12. JC re-signs through August 2022 https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/james-corden-signs-late-late-show-extension-at-cbs-1211748
  13. I also thought sports, but went with Wayne Gretzky.
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