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  1. opus

    S01.E03 : Icicle

    So the movie theater isn’t doing well, but the paper route business is thriving?
  2. She was more the Human Bing
  3. Wow. Old one on tonight, from 2015. A stand up monologue, not from the desk. Still Trump mentions though.
  4. Kept waiting for ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ to kick in.
  5. 1/5 (Luckily Ricky knocked up Lucy)
  6. From your lips to MeTV’s ears. They both return in June https://metv.com/stories/happy-days-laverne-shirley-and-mamas-family-join-the-metv-schedule-this-summer
  7. Jeopardy champs playing Millionaire , still for charity, with more legitimate questions (i.e. ones I don’t get correct 90% of the time) would be a much better show.
  8. Here (NYC) we got the final GOAT game today. Probably because an episode was preempted earlier in the week for a COVID telethon.
  9. That's kind of become a game here. Will or will not Winnie agree to go down the slide?
  10. Cancelled. https://deadline.com/2020/05/the-purge-treadstone-canceled-usa-programming-strategy-shift-two-seasons-one-season-1202934081/
  11. Whose name I believe I saw in the book.
  12. Nice synopsis. Pretty much agree with it all, except if Jimmy K dumped Guillermo I wouldn’t shed a tear.
  13. I watch Riverdale, but if I hadn’t been tipped off to this I never would have noticed till the end credits.
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