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  1. Gotham had a Catwoman. It gets so confusing to me as to who can what and who can't do what.
  2. I got curious so I looked up what $11,000 in 1988 would be equivalent to today and it seems to be in the $24,000 range.
  3. I would have been busted by Harry Style’s ‘Watermelon Sugar’ when I confidently yelled out ‘Watermelon Sugar High’
  4. So you’re saying “Go on, Git” to Go on, Git.
  5. You must have Antenna TV. And to stay on topic, Valerie got to do the Celebrity Millionaire thing with Regis
  6. Which is what happened right before when Amanda Peet swapped Jimmy out for her smartest person
  7. Don't get me wrong, the host is important to one's enjoyment of the show, but I watch mainly for the clues and to see what I know.
  8. Thanks. I had heard Seth Meyers was going live, so I wondered if Stephen was too.
  9. They have a channel called Localish ABC2 over the air on 7.2 and available on various systems that is one option they could potentially shift it over to if the main channel stays with the news.
  10. Just speak from the heart. Can't go wrong there.
  11. Reminder- new episode at 9pm ET tonight, NOT 8pm
  12. Wink Martindale posted a pilot episode of a game show called Starcade which Alex hosted https://youtu.be/MFfyntPpw5g Seems like the show had quite a history. Apparently Mike Eruzione (of “Do you believe in miracles?” fame) was a host at one point. https://theretronetwork.com/this-is-starcade/
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