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  1. New episode (from home) April 3 https://deadline.com/2020/03/last-week-tonight-with-john-oliver-real-time-with-bill-maher-set-hbo-return-dates-amid-coronavirus-crisis-1202891648/
  2. The visual and technical qualities seemed better here than the other late night guys I’ve seen.
  3. In case anyone was wondering, All In The Family currently airs on GetTV
  4. Help. The one playing his wife was also in Veep, right?
  5. The two Jimmys and Colbert have started at home mini episodes (Fallon and Colbert have aired on NBC and CBS, Kimmel just online). Any word on Seth?
  6. Jimmy addressed his appearance criticism (and showed a couple of comments) in last nights episode.
  7. Over in quotation marks I believe.
  8. A few posts up @illdoc says they have enough eps to air thru May 29.
  9. Break-wise, next Thursday and Friday (26th and 27th) also would have been college basketball. I figure the show was due back the 30th.
  10. According to a tweet posted on the Conan board, it starts Mar. 30, not this Monday.
  11. So far Colbert is doing shows comprised of half new material/half repeats, airing on CBS. The two Jimmies are doing new internet only mini shows (at least I think they’re internet only. Could be wrong on that)
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