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  1. When I worked in Child Protective, I had clients who drank bottles of lemon extract.
  2. FJ was an instaget, and I’ll give credit to the Ringling Museum and their bandwagon exhibits for that.
  3. Loved Mrs. Wilkes. We stood in line 2 hours. There were 23 sides on the table, family style with 10 people at each table. The fried chicken is outstanding, but a lot of the sides were just reheated canned food. Still, an experience I wouldn’t have missed.
  4. Yes! I still have the scars to prove it.
  5. Did the birthing center have a pediatrician on staff? Who told them she was missing a fibula and had fused ribs? If Evie did not have breathing difficulty, would they have taken her home without knowing the extent of her FATCO symptoms? I don’t understand what they were thinking, except for $$$ for filming the birth.
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