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  1. Watch LulaRich. More money is earned in bonuses from the down line than selling the clothes. They explain how the whole thing works. I think Meri was in on the ground floor, and she probably made a lot a few years ago. Things have changed since then.
  2. Some of those women had thousands of people under them and were pulling in as much as $70,000 in bonuses every month. I think Meri must be one of them. I wonder how many people she has under her.
  3. I watched LulaRich a couple of days ago, and later that day a bunch of Lularoe ads popped up on my Facebook page. I’d never had any before. Big brother is watching indeed.
  4. I got tired of them and stopped watching.
  5. There is one in Boston Commons I walked by a couple of days ago, so it was fresh in my mind. Have been to the Disney one, and there’s one in Las Vegas. We like them.
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