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  1. That’s my arm in that photo. I could have been famous.
  2. I hear he’s doing great things.
  3. Guess who left an I Voted sticker on that very headstone? Frederick Douglass is buried in the same cemetery.
  4. Zweigles.com sells them online. Otherwise, you need to be in the Rochester, NY area to find them.
  5. Yes, the casing splits open when they cook. Both red and white Zweigle’s pop open. In your photo, you can see the red on the left is starting to pop open.
  6. Zweigle’s pop open white hots. Made in Rochester, NY. Delish.
  7. I grew up in the Rochester/Finger Lakes area of New York, and I say pop. Mr. Granny grew up in Syracuse, about 60 miles east, and he says soda.
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