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  1. 1/5. I knew last week was too good to be true.
  2. SS Death benefits for children under 18 used to be $800 per month, assuming the father had some kind of work history.
  3. I was thinking that interview might be the kiss of death, and it was. I’ll miss Jason.
  4. GrannySmith


    It’s the 11Pro. I’m still enjoying my 6s, but I was just looking at the 11 Pro today, and I’m tempted.
  5. I just got home from the movie and felt like I spent two hours with old friends. I’ll probably go see it again.
  6. Did anybody see Randy’s mother at his niece’s wedding? I was looking for her.
  7. Just got back from DC, and I think Jose Andres has been a judge. Anyway, we ate at Jaleo and Zaytinya and loved them both.
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