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  1. In addition to having no sense of humor, unlike Jake who is hilarious and doesn't take himself too seriously, Haley has no concept of how to act in an adult relationship. I believe Haley is around 27. She says she's been single for seven years. If my math is right, she's basically never had an actual adult relationship. I feel bad Jake has to put up with her immaturity. I think Jake was in this to find a solid long term relationship, not spend 8 weeks with a spoiled, humorless child.
  2. Arizona is a community property state. Thus, Robin and Kody each have an undivided one half interest in the community assets. If Kody dies intestate and Robin survives, Robin gets her half of the community and Kody's half. If Robin predeceases Kody, when Kody dies intestate the assets would be divided among the children per stripes. He's probably dead broke, so the whole discussion is moot. Christine needs to enroll in community college and gets some job skills so she can support herself. I don't think Christine is a bad person. She's not lazy. She's just beaten down by polygamy. A
  3. Kody looks like he has a nice new bouncy perm. If it's "safe" to go to the salon for three hours, he can damn well spend a few minutes with his offspring, all of them.
  4. They area all liars. There are no precaution issues in Flagstaff. Since August or before, schools open, restaurants open, gyms open. I was dining indoors in Flagstaff in June. Absolutely no reason whatsoever not to have fambly gatherings, unless of course you don't want to see your fambly. No excuse for road side anniversary and birthday dinners. COVID gives Kodick an excuse for being a crappy father, that's it.
  5. I bet they were above the radar just enough to collect nice big stimulus checks for themselves and Kody`s spawn.
  6. It's our 32nd in May. If my husband takes me to a rest area off I-17, you will hear about it in the news. I only need one married woman on the jury who will understand my actions were justified. (Is that why the show is titled "Can I light you up?")
  7. Like Gabe, my son is an NAU student. Classes resumed part online, part in person, in early August. The campus itself is pretty strict in terms of social distancing, marking etc. Students have been disciplined for before visiting friends in a dorm they don't live in, marks are required on campus, no large events, for example. Random testing is mandatory. Life off campus is far different. Off campus, there are large student parties, just like many of us experienced when we were in college. The parties are getting larger as the months go on. My son reports there are fewer parties than befo
  8. Divorce verses annulment has nothing to do with the show. Those are legal proceedings. The show can't grant a divorce. If the petitioning party meets the criteria for divorce or annulment under the applicable state law, the party would be entitled to the requested relief. I am assuming these are legal marriages as stated in the show.
  9. Dayton is going to Northern Arizona University. It is large research university. Definitively not a community college.
  10. I'm sure you're right. It's hard to pay attention, the show is so boring. The only reason I still watch the show is for the shots of Flagstaff and the San Francisco Peaks.
  11. South Carolina is a right to work state. So it is highly unlikely his helper job is unionized. In right to work state pay is determined by the market, not union pay scales.
  12. That's what happens when you get older. I'm over fifty. When I look in the mirror, I see my mom. 😳
  13. FIFY. I doubt she's taken the plunge, so to speak.
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