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  1. If these people wanted to sell their homes for top dollar they should have protected that equity and not beat the crap out of their homes. At the very least they could have shampooed the carpets and painted the walls. Their comments about seeing the wives go on dates is hilarious, as if Kody spends any date time with most of them. Probably the issue will become that Kody spends most his time in his own house. It is a bit closer than the cul-de-sac but they probably knew a lot of everyone’s coming and going just living on the same street. I for sure see the people across the street from me come and go all the time and we are farther apart than the Vegas houses. The advantage to the big house is the kids will get to see their siblings more. Maybe even their father more.
  2. Probably not good for her joints but I can see why she is drawn to it as larger people often do have more strength due to their mass and can do decently well at lifting heavy things. Compare the CrossFit event to the run a season or two ago, even though Jessica did a lot, Whit participated without crying or breaking down.
  3. I am not saying it is a good financial decision to build a condo complex out in the middle of nowhere but the wives were super bitchy about it. It wouldn’t be that much closer living than the cul-de-sac and they managed that. Hey they married the same man, living close to your sister wives comes with the territory. Anyway, they should start getting used to apartment living LOL. Robin you know you can clean right? Most of the kids are older do they just sit around all day after school? They should have lots of help for cleaning, there is no reason to destroy their homes. The design of the house was nice. Whoever drew it had decent taste so it wasn’t any of these folks. ETA: did anyone else here Kody slip and say “every single month that we don’t pay” and then quickly changed it to don’t sell a home. Interesting
  4. They must really need Meri to say yes to being on the show to agree to her huge houses. It doesn’t seem logical at all the house she is renting for 1 person. Who knows maybe all the production staff will be staying there too? The most interesting elements to me are 1) Robyn seriously becoming the bitchyist ugliest wife that I cannot understand why she would be Kody’s favourite when she insults him non-stop. 2) Waiting for the day Meri says fuck off to Kody and moves a boyfriend into her huge house as they aren’t legally married any more and she has the space. 3) How Christine is slowing changing into the most attractive and pleasant wife and a Kody seems to notice some but still has a weird thing for Robyn??? Maybe Christine will also get a boyfriend LOL ETA I find Meri’s makeup bad and when she is with everyone she is a major bitch. However, in her stuff alone or with friends she seems okay overall. I would totally watch a Meri finds a decent man and moves him into the Brown rental show.
  5. I loved the show as I really enjoy cheerleading. I do think Gabi’s parents were too much into selling her imagine. I was so glad Jerry went on to a school where he got a scholarship and could get a full degree. It was great Jerry got to mat and competed as he was the best! The really good looking one that stayed a 3rd year, I felt bad for her childhood life but she seemed to just be avoiding moving forward. I don’t even know what an associates degree is so I don’t even know if they are useful to get a career. Okay the lady who taught them about Texas was offensive as hell, it is hard for me to imagine with her language and comments on camera that she wouldn’t immediately be terminated. She did not do the college any favours. Some of the classes they took didn’t seem real for post secondary education, it seemed more like high school. Okay from these shows I realize I know nothing about sports and academic opportunities. I would have thought someone like Gabi would be so in demand in college sports that she could get a full ride to law school or something like that but I realize it might not work that way as maybe you don’t actually have time for school.
  6. Their houses must be really far apart as I looked up the population of Flagstaff and it is only 140k so is it super spread out or do they actually live in other cities/towns close by. My city is 700k and 30/40 minutes will get you pretty close from one end to the other. I cannot help it but I like Christine. If she weren’t married to Kody I probably wouldn’t bother with the show as the others are mostly unlikable. None if them seem that happy with Kody, they all have looks like he should STFU in the couch scenes. I am still surprised they have so much money to even get loans or approved for rental agreements. I love the white infinity, it must be cheaper in the US as in my province it starts at $78k. I don’t like the Brown family taste in much as their houses have been blah and builder grade but I do like that vehicle (my neighbour has one in grey).
  7. Didn’t Leanne swallow a pearl last time at the end though while starting at Dorothy? It seems things she does like underline the words and put the names does things to the person. Maybe swallowing the pearl had something to do with the vomiting? IDK this show can be hard to follow. The baby stuff was sad. I guess she was tired and didn’t realize she hadn’t fed her baby for hours but it probably didn’t matter anyway as within an hour he was probably dead. My kid is 10 (almost 11) and this episode freaked me out and I don’t even have to check my car for a baby and haven’t for about 9/10 years. Now I guess we need to figure out what is going on with Leanne and why there is sometimes a real baby.
  8. I noticed too. I figured her old hair must have covered it before.
  9. They looked like stretch marks to me. It seemed she may be remembering events as she touched the scars.
  10. I looked it up and Texas does the 5 by Sept 1 so fall babies are held back. It has never been like that here. I am in my 40s and my sister is an Oct baby and started kindergarten at age 4. It is so strange to me the fall holdback. So I guess April kids would be near the median age, not the older but not the youngest.
  11. How would May be a late birthday? My daughter is a May birthday and that makes her one of the older kids. Her best friend born in December is one of the youngest and won’t be 18 when graduating and still not 18 until near the end of the first term of university.
  12. I do think she is keeping her hair out for vanity reasons. It is interesting to me the men love it part because I personally don’t like her hair at all but I guess people do. The safety part of the hair stresses me out. I keep thinking it will get caught in a rope or chain or something.
  13. I kind of hope Darcy gets rid of a lot of the fake stuff (hair, eyelashes, etc) and goes a little more natural. Based on what I have seen in the show she seems the more pretty of her and Stacey and she should stop applying a markup armour. Maybe she can use some of the TLC money for therapy as she really does seem like a nice person and shouldn’t need to be so unhappy she keeps throwing herself at shitty men. Tom really is a row-face guy. Through the phone Skyping he looked good but in person... it went away again. I had thought he must have just been using younger photos but the better looking Tom was back in the calls to Darcy,
  14. Noah has been an dick across many seasons now and he definitely seems seek out these intense/dramatic sexual relationships, often with younger women. It seems everyone everywhere is hitting on him but the perspectives are skewed on this show so you never really know how stuff is happening from the other perspective for non-main characters. I felt Noah was going overboard in the confrontation where he grabbed Eden as that never looks good to bystanders. That said, IRL at my work a consensual relationship between a supervisor and an employee was deemed a ‘power unbalanced relationship’ by another employee who found out about it just because that employee believed that the person with less power can never consent (all the people involved are over 40). In this case, the person with less power pursued the supervisor and was very clear that was how this relationship came to fruition and there was not any power aspect at play. Personally, I think it is better to avoid relationships in the workplace but you spend so much of your time there, it happens.
  15. The bed thing also seemed overly competitive as there seemed to be a comparison of the girls against each other “Riri is dry, Hazel is dry”... that praise and calling out names made me really uncomfortable. Praise them for a clean washroom, something that is 100% in their control, talk about how it went (if they woke up during the night, etc.) and how they feel in the am but don’t check the beds in front of all of them and on tv.
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