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  1. When I turned this on, Netflix played season 2 first and I didn’t realize. So after it finished it went to season 1. Well, I was surprised as everyone looked more normal in season 1 and so much less overdone and plastic. The one dating Tarek looks so much like Christina, I guess he has a type. This show is more about the yards of the houses then the houses. Many of the homes had yards that were more impressive than the inside. Lots of the houses seemed to have regular size bedrooms and kitchens. There were some awesome pools though.
  2. fountain

    S01.E06: Tell

    I don’t know if I want them to get away with it but it has only been a few days so I don’t feel she abandoned her kids really. I actually understood the whole speech, it made a lot of sense to me really, especially if Ruby doesn’t have a career herself. You can love your family but still want your own identity. I thought at the end of the trip they decide if they stay together and if they do I would think Ruby gets divorced and shares custody. If they don’t stay together I figure her spouse divorces her anyway and they share custody.
  3. I like that term “pain Olympics” and yes I see why the girls are sad/disappointed about prom. They didn’t seem overly bratty to me. It isn’t good for people’s mental health to always be told that their feelings aren’t valid because other people have it worse. If parents are really telling kids to get over it other people are sick and dying then that is sad. It is one thing to talk to your kids about perspective and the big picture in life but to invalidate their experiences is wrong. Darcy’s kids are younger so the prom wouldn’t be their graduation so they will get another chance. That is the discussion, not other people are dying so shut up. For the graduates this year who don’t get a prom, yeah I feel for them. It is a life milestone and while you can live without a grad, it is a loss.
  4. I think in times like these some people rise to the occasion and some show they are really assholes. It is nice to have work but definitely emotionally tolling. In my case I am kind of sick of clients thinking we can make a 24 hour day into 48 hours. We are working in a different world now and we are short staffed due to Covid, give us a break! Anyway I wish you the best at work hopefully it gets better soon. This show is just so crazy now. No one is really likeable this season and some situations like with Williams seem like they have to be staged. I mean Yolanda (I think that is the right name) has been catfished how is that a relationship? The catfish ones are really reaching to align with the theme of the show.
  5. You have to rear face children until 2 in my area. Lots of seats can rear face to something like 60/70 lbs. height doesn’t matter, kids cross their legs. It has been shown to substantially reduce fatalities. So I didn’t even notice that with Eleanor, she definitely seems small enough to rear face. I guess people would be surprised how long to need to be in a 5 point harness now. As a parent you just get used to it and get a lot of use out if your car seat. Many cars don’t have the safety clips for a car seat in the middle or don’t even have a middle seat belt. My car when my kid was a baby just sat 4. I put her on the same side as me as naturally I think your reflexes will try to protect the side you are on. These days new cars have side airbags, etc. The cups seemed to have such a long tail. I don’t really see how that is comfortable but I don’t like the ones like Diva but I love Instead or a flat cup. Anyway I thought the show as okay and their self-filming was a lot better than I expected. Annie looked good, so much so I had to remind to make sure they were the pillow talk couple. I liked seeing how Molly is still running her business in these times and doing things more online, as well as sewing masks.
  6. I guess I watched a different show as I didn’t find Maddie carrying on in labour at all. I found her barely crying or screaming. When I had my daughter so many women in other rooms were screaming like they were being murdered. I can see now why Maddie was crying when Caleb wasn’t there if she knew Evie had limb differences. You just want your spouse to be there when you see your baby, especially in those circumstances. My daughter had the breathing thing they were mentioning when she was born (kind of hyperventilating). The doctor said my daughter’s was likely caused because her labour was long but her delivery was very quick so that can cause fetal stress. They took her to observation and the elevator ride triggered her to fix her breathing. They still kept her for at least an hour. We were going to go see her and they said she would be coming back. Not once was I even worried for a second and I am an anxious person. That natural high from birth is so real, my husband thought it was crazy that I was just not worried. I am a real fan of birth more naturally than lying on your back in a bed. I bounced on a ball, went in the shower, etc. In my area you won’t get an epidural until you are at around 5-6cms so there can be a lot of labour before then to manage without medication. Tubs work great for this. If medical professionals didn’t think the birth needed a hospital then I feel that is their call. Maybe in this case a hospital should have been used but in general there is nothing wrong with birth centres. In my area, they are right next door to the hospital anyway.
  7. It is an interesting show as the one I like the least is Janelle lol
  8. I actually don’t mind Meri. I certainly don’t fault her for wanting her share of shit even though she only has one kid because I wouldn’t be okay with being on tv and not getting 1/5th of the money. In her more relaxed moments she seems pretty funny and friendly. I would totally watch a spin off show of Meri as a single lady. I don’t see why so many people need to go see a baby born. Just visit later, why waste plane tickets, etc. to wait around, do they have nothing else to do? I didn’t realize at first they lived so far away from the birth centre and they kept saying “get to go home” and I didn’t get it. I guess they stayed in a hotel then? The mortgage discussion was stupid. You don’t get special financing treatment because you have 4 wives. You get financing based on your ability to pay based on your credit, etc.
  9. No it isn’t. I am not even that fit of a woman and I shoulder press 60lbs so it isn’t that much weight. The snatch is a different movement though so I am not sure how it compares for muscle group movement, as I am not really into Olympic weightlifting moves. The weightlifting is a sport that Whitney can do okay in as it isn’t a bodybuilding competition, there are no muscle aesthetics involved, just specific lifts and heavy weights. Lots of power lifters are overweight. One injury will put Whit out for a long time though because her body isn’t overall fit enough to heal quickly and her training plan doesn’t involve much other than lifting from what we have seen. I think it crazy she thinks she is fit just because she can lift. She doesn’t have any other measures of fitness except she can lift a barbell above her head. She wouldn’t even be able to do a proper squat or deadlift because if her waist and thigh size.
  10. So changing makes it less safe then. Daylight savings time is now and the spring forward makes it darker in the morning and lighter in the evening. Fall back is going back to standard time. Anyway onto the show. Things are really starting to unravel now. The faces the kids were making in the housing discussion leads me to believe a lot of this fighting and unhappiness is real.
  11. Yeah I have not seen any women in public in just a sports bra. It rarely even happens at my gym, most women workout with something over a sports bra or the exercise tops that are sports bra and tank top combined. However, on this show I have become so acclimated to it I barely notice that Whit is only in a sports bra in public.
  12. I am still enjoying it. I am interested in knowing if there is something with the artist. She told Jamie’s wife for a reason that seems more than just keeping her safe. I don’t really worry about the fact that Jamie may have tried to have a normal life. Other serial killers in real life have done this as well, so his story doesn’t seem unrealistic to me. That he couldn’t hold onto normal life and sought out Nick when he was about to become a father seems pretty realistic. Having a child, especially your first child, is a major stressor. Ambrose has always been so interesting as he is so on the edge. They haven’t shown his self-harm in a long time, I am not sure they even did much of last season? Maybe he will lose it too, maybe he will kill Jamie to “protect” others.
  13. Man I feel bad for Darcy. She seems like a nice person but is just so emotionally damaged. Look what they have done to themselves! In the first season Darcy was on when she was with her kids and dressed down she looked pretty good. I am all for fighting aging, I do many things myself (including Botox) but the lips on Darcy and Stacey are way out of control. It is interesting to me that both twins do these things so what is it a competition? So while I like Darcy and feel bad for her, the curly haired controlling women who keeps talking about “girls” talking to her man deserves what she gets. She is just so annoying and obnoxious.
  14. If these people wanted to sell their homes for top dollar they should have protected that equity and not beat the crap out of their homes. At the very least they could have shampooed the carpets and painted the walls. Their comments about seeing the wives go on dates is hilarious, as if Kody spends any date time with most of them. Probably the issue will become that Kody spends most his time in his own house. It is a bit closer than the cul-de-sac but they probably knew a lot of everyone’s coming and going just living on the same street. I for sure see the people across the street from me come and go all the time and we are farther apart than the Vegas houses. The advantage to the big house is the kids will get to see their siblings more. Maybe even their father more.
  15. Probably not good for her joints but I can see why she is drawn to it as larger people often do have more strength due to their mass and can do decently well at lifting heavy things. Compare the CrossFit event to the run a season or two ago, even though Jessica did a lot, Whit participated without crying or breaking down.
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