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  1. All the fixing of the stuff in the loft was annoying. It seemed more a show off thing seeing as how the rooms were clean but B was acting like she walked in after a frat party. I like B but in this her bitchiness seems rude and unprofessional. On the housewives it works, here she could have tried to be more professional. The loud gal was annoying though, right out of the gates. I did like the mirror photos they were doing on the iPhone, seemed better than what some of the others were doing from an artistic standpoint.
  2. I thought Moira and Emily were just blowing off steam with their complaining. It was a way they were bonding and it seemed implied that they really missed June. The kids are better off in Canada. It will take a while and therapy. The aunt needs better support as her way of handling her nephew is not going to be helpful. I recognize she is learning too but as an adult she needs to be the adult in discussion with the nephew and she needs to educate herself more. I don’t expect her to be perfect but she must know yelling “they aren’t your parents” is wrong. I cut her some slack because s
  3. I think they get the places to themselves so at least only the poor staff is exposed but maybe the staff stays away from them. Who knows, it is Texas, maybe most people there are anti-maskers, I have no idea. They stayed home in March/April/May but basically have been out and about since the summer. They get a lot of flack for it on IG. Where I live all non-essential things are closed, you cannot even buy clothes in stores so it is weird to me to see people celebrate New Years. In my province none of them would be able to see each other (friends, siblings, etc.), only Mimi would be able to see
  4. They were all positive so he probably wasn’t supposed to go out. I guess they could have gotten a dog walker but then there would be risk for that person. In my area if you are positive you are to stay home and not go anywhere, you aren’t even to answer the door for food pickup, it is to be contactless. You aren’t supposed to walk your dog. The girls should have picked up after him though. It is weird watching this show as in my area and with my family I was/am way more strict about Covid. I saw a couple friends in the summer every Friday night but only outside 6 feet apart and my pr
  5. I am enjoying this doc. It is a different style than many docs but some of the differences are the appeal. Madison does a good job of questioning people who are talking shit about his immediate family. He seems to be getting things from them that you would think they would want to hide. He even hugs these relatives who are doing things like saying they were going to hire a hit man to kill you. He seems to remain objective through all this, showing both the good and bad of his parents, sister and himself. This family is a piece of work. There are so many skeletons.
  6. Seeing as how there was that earlier scene where Grace got annoyed at Henry for not cleaning up after himself I was thinking to myself “so you do know how to use the dishwasher!” during that whole scene Lol I found the murder scene horrific and they did show too much but Hugh was scary as hell then. He was scary again in the car. I was glad they showed up what happened and didn’t leave us guessing. So I enjoyed it. I personally think you never really know anyone fully and those who are good at the manipulation game can play people for a long time. Of course Grace had blinders o
  7. Even if at first these women thought the table was a fun game, at some point they did know they were running a scam. I feel for Madison struggling to understand his mother as a scammer as it is pretty obvious they knew what they were doing by the time they reached the dessert table. Scams like these often start small, maybe the first tables had lower buy-ins to test the waters. There is a gifting one that goes around each holiday season and you gift one $50 gift card and expect 6 back. I called a cousin out on it and she said, well if she didn’t get anything back she can feel the joy in
  8. Leaving the girls behind everywhere stressed me out big time. Even at the end with the boat, have them stand closer or hide by the cars or something. I was glad they made it out though as everyone on the island was bat shit crazy. This show was so weird, so I guess the crazy woman wasn’t visiting Osea so are we to assume she wanted to get pregnant on purpose and seduced Jude? It must be cottage country or something right? That is why no one is in these homes that have supplies?
  9. I liked it. I don’t mind a little rehearsed, I prefer it to be practiced and clear then unrehearsed and meandering. I liked that even with the shots of India at the YMCA they didn’t just have her sit there and explain, they put quite a bit of the real footage in. Overall it was good. I wondered if Catherine’s dog bed story was about Bonnie? Catherine is more relatable in this compared to the vow. Give Keith a chance...YIKES!!!
  10. Open kitchen shelves are best for decoration. That unit with the glass upper fronts they could put a frosting film and then you cannot see as much through. Lots of these homes start off pretty dumpy so would people have lived in them like that or would they be abandoned or bank owned. They still sell for a lot but some seem crazy people live in them.
  11. In my city custom features that are in style do sell the homes faster and for better price points and in our market the custom home builders do make quite a bit of money. However, it seems on this show Allison is not that profitable or profitable at all. No way should you have over $1 million invested and only make $15k all in. You need to profit at least 15-25% of the investment or just leverage invest in a stock portfolio and stay home. So if she isn’t profitable then she isn’t doing the right thing for the market. The thing is on this show money is wasted on things that the average per
  12. I see a difference in the kitchens. Tarek and Christina often have the standard L with an island with shaker cabinets. This show has had many kitchens that are not grey or white and lots of non-shaker cabinets, at least from what I recall. IDK, I actually like the finishes in many areas on this show, maybe I wouldn’t choose everything for my house but the show gives me some ideas for my home as I find transitional style easy to make small updates to refresh it every few years. The only design stuff on this show I really don’t like is the antique stuff just because I dislike antiques and would
  13. All these Reno shows are like this with homeowners who do things like live with a broken facet for years. I mean buy a $100 facet and install it or pay a plumber $200 to install. Why live like that and then give a decent budget for renos? People are weird. For the garburator issue, just take it off then and call a plumber. Why keep it in if you could at least get your drain to some what work without it. Then call a plumber to scope the drain lines for $150 (that is what it costs in my area as I have had it done for tree roots).
  14. I guess I am the odd person out as I like a lot of what is done in most houses. The things I usually don’t like are the old stuff she overworks and includes with the new stuff but I usually like the new stuff, even many of the range hoods. Even though these places are flips I like that they include on trend features as shows like flip or flop just do the same basic builder stuff over and over again. It is nice to see more designed homes. I get it some people like the basic new home look but high end new homes in my city definitely have more detailed and stylized design. You can definitely tel
  15. Okay even I knew that woman didn’t eat beef as she said so one of the meals before. It all must be setup as for sure they would know that. I thought that was why fish was the first lunch. I wonder if that woman always looks pissed off or if she is playing it up for the show. Jess is way too jealous over the butt thing. The other woman had her hand over Aesha’s butt too. There was no grabbing it was just an arm low, probably she didn’t even touch Rob you just couldn’t see from that angle.
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