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  1. I had skylight had too much light Should I retire to the roof and drape it with a tarp, madam?
  2. My interest is the opacity. It’s difficult to tell what is going on and that has me enthralled. I’m not invested in the people or the plots.
  3. Yes agreed. I forgot about Quinn. Tanya isn’t a bad person per se just oblivious. I wouldn’t say she’s malicious.
  4. Yep prostitution for drugs was the vibe. it’s HBO so it’s possible there is no point 🤷‍♀️ but they all seem pretty shitty except Belinda even that guy that Paula told about her friend seemed like a hookup with Olivia was imminent
  5. This and maybe I read the scene wrong. But I wasn’t even sure this guy was necessarily gay. It was almost like there was a certain amount of drugs needed to go through with it. Then Armand is like finally.
  6. I would say harassing not assaulting. Technically his advances are inappropriate due to the power dynamic. But the employee consented so not assault. I also think Armand probably has been suspended or something at work before. He acts like someone who had one last chance
  7. He did he lied. It wasn't the same rate. He also lied and said Shane had rented that room and not the Pineapple Suite. Then he tells someone in the staff Shane booked the Pineapple Suite and he made a mistake. He apologized that Shane was disappointed for Shane's own misunderstanding Paula is absolutely hanging with Olivia for trips and such, agreed.
  8. I absolutely think it would have. At the point where you don’t have the room he wanted, the inferior room at a lower rate is all there is. You throw in a couple of freebies, it’s fine. This didn’t happen because this guy re-rented the room by accident. It happened because he lied about it. First he lied and said that was the room he rented when he knew he made a mistake. Then when Shane was willing to except the new room, Shane asked am I at least paying the lower rate and then he lied about that. Only after Shane checked with his mother and the travel agent and confirme
  9. Agreed I think they are separate issues. Shane being able to let it go and have a nice honeymoon. Armand not gaslighting guests about room rates
  10. When you reserve something and pay money for it, you should get it. Shane is a jerk but this is a reasonable expectation. Before my career in marketing, I worked in property management. And yes people frequently complained for service issues, rent issues, noise issues, and general complaints. I always gave them my boss’ number. Sometimes we would discuss how it could handled better. Sometimes she would have idea I haven’t thought of and sometimes she had more power than me to make things happen. It wasn’t a big deal at all. The expectation is that you are there to make the experience
  11. Agreed...I think she will be dangling this business venture over Belinda for the rest of her stay...I suspect she mentioned it offhand because its not a big deal to her.... She threw it out there casually like after one frigging massage that ONLY involved her face (because she couldn't get the full one) She puffs Belinda up and takes her to dinner and this offer could change Belinda's life...so Belinda clearly wants to happen and now we know the resort owners are awful and exploit the workers... Belinda will legit be chasing this woman down the whole trip for specifics because s
  12. Did anyone think that guy was with Black Lives Matter? I mean I didn’t. I didn’t know what the acronym stood for but I knew it wasn’t that. I think they put it in to show that she put off Belinda for Black Lives Matter but Belinda is a black life that she blew off. So her life/livelihood didn’t matter as much as her date. This show is basically trolling rich people
  13. LOL Armond is better than Olivia but yeah agreed...one of these two
  14. “Your as a white as a sheet. Don’t worry I have my own room and I’m staying one night maybe two. I know, I’m crazy” Lol “this is a nice room but definitely not the one I reserved.” Lol so now we know the deal with Olivia and Paula. Olivia is treacherous which seems right on par. Now do we need the deal with her brother Is he staring at those guys because he’s gay or because he wants friends? Or both my money is on hotel guy in the body bag. Belinda trying to steer the rich white lady back to her future and away from oxygen facial masks (which I h
  15. she did but she also said she needed to feng shui the room. She said it couple of times, she does it every morning...so it's not just about a good spot to do a call but moving the room in a way that creates harmony. I am not an expert on feng shui or how it works but I have heard people say they do it...these people also like rooms on the side of the hotel with sun exposure to that you wake up rising with the sun "Nicole, who complains that her suite doesn't provide “nice feng-shui” for her “Zoom with China,” feels attacked by her daughter's mocking of her ..." https://www.n
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