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  1. I actually liked this episode. It was bittersweet though because this season got off to a slow start and was cut in half. Not sure the game Wendy and Axe are playing. But I guess he won, he goal seemed to be to show her the pedestal she put the artist on was foolish. He is just susceptible to success and fame as anyone else. I guess the question I have is why Wendy who has largely the definition of a career sellout cares if she’s with another sellout. Also she clearly wanted to rile Axe up at that dinner. Chuck testing his whole office is a WTF. What a needle in haystack the chance he could find a match. The way this show is going Axe will likely be the match
  2. His motivations are clear to me, hers I think are murky.
  3. I think what you’re saying is how we’re supposed to view it but there’s something unsatisfying about it. The show keeps saying they are friends and I guess that’s true. But they are mostly work friends. She knows a lot of personal details about him by nature of her job. But they aren’t friends that hang out or talk on the phone and it wasn’t like he and Lara were having dinner over their house. I think his actions toward her have always been motivated by more than friendship. It was why Lara was so threatened by their relationship. Chuck feels the same way threatened by their relationship. If they are really friends, they would still be friends with her working elsewhere. Now it seems like Chuck was worried about noting.
  4. if he's planning on putting it in the grocery store, I guess anyone can buy it. it's weird to me Axe keeps investing in pizza makers
  5. this episode was actually good finally well for this season My main question coming out of this episode is why was Wendy at Axe Capital for so long? We are supposed to believe she's smart, talented so clearly she could work elsewhere and make the same money and the place was full of illegal activity for the longest time and the main point of contention in her marriage. It's pretty clear she has no feelings for Axe. I am seriously curious, what kept her there? This show feels completely different this season and I do not recognize the characters, it's like they have all new writes none of their actions make any sense This brings me to Chuck Sr. the old $$$ family stays together no matter what guy that left his wife for his mistress. Chuck feels the same but it's hard to believe in five seasons his only goal is to take down Axe. Axe has turned into a total stalker.
  6. Original air date 2020.06.07
  7. Then don't give people things which is an option. You are right, he doesn't have to give her anything. But at the point that you do, its theirs to do as they see fit. But he's just as controlling as his dad.
  8. “He has been clear that he cannot control who she sees. But as with every decision, there will be a consequence.“ Who is he, her dad? He could have just cut her off cold turkey. Yeah he’s so decent he gave her a warning first. Bobby doesn’t know anything, just because she felt sorry for his father and gave his dad “HER” car doesn’t mean they are getting back together. It means she’s a decent person. He’s the person who still has residual issues. He needs to be in therapy and with somebody other than Wendy. He’s spiraling this season. His dumb competition with Mike Prince to him stalking his dad to his threatening his mom is just another sign. Wait till he finds out Wendy’s with somebody else. Then he will be pulling the reigns there too.
  9. I agree she isn’t owed money which is why if he doesn’t feel comfortable giving to her, he shouldn’t. But at the point where he gives it to her, it’s hers. His issues with his dad are his issues. He shouldn’t have any control over who she sees or what she does. Axe absolutely meant he was done with her if she didn’t do what he wanted him to. Axe has the control issues of an abuser and not just with his mom. I’m sure he feels he’s different too because he’s not actually hitting her. We both agree she’s better off working and being independent. We can disagree on the other part. But I’m sure a lot of people who have dealt with people like this will recognize the similarities.
  10. No, you don’t. He wanted to give his mother financial support. At the point where he gives her money, it’s hers. The strings of control on the $$$, make him just like his father. She absolutely should turn it down. But he also should know what giving someone something actually means. No one seems to remember the show from season one but this woman was a single mother supporting him for years as a waitress in a diner for years. Everybody is so sure she gave up her job to live off his being a billionaire but my bet is he actually made that offer to her and as usual when he makes anyone an offer that means as long as you are doing what he wants. I don’t mean he’s forcing her to take the $$$. However women who have lived under abusive conditions usually have a difficult time breaking the pattern. I absolutely also don’t think he just meant financially I think he meant emotionally as well he meant he would be done with her period. Most mothers would have hard time with that.
  11. When you give an adult $$$ you don’t get a say in how they use it, nor do you get to follow them around like a psycho monitoring their movements. I agreed she should get a job. She does need to be independent. Abusive men are about control, the control doesn’t always start with hitting them. It starts like this. How many times have people tried to leave Bobby and he’s taken everything from them. How about last season when someone tried to leave his fund and ruined their business? He’s the same, his love and support are as long as he’s controlling you. You have to be doing what he wants you to be doing or he pulls it. I would walk away and did so with my own dad. But as much as people like him threaten to leave you alone , as soon as you tell them to eff off they still keep trying to control you they just choose another method.
  12. Just said the same, he is a chip off the old block.
  13. Bobby is exactly like his father. His father controlled her with his fists. He’s controlling her with his money and threats. Also rewind back to the time Bobby thought Lara was gone and replay his voice message he left for her. Absolutely agree she shouldn’t accept any more money from Axe. But since she stayed with his father, chances are she will also stay under Bobby’s thumb because she doesn’t feel she has a choice. Also Bobby wasn’t just threatening to pull financial support. But that doesn’t make Bobby any less of manipulative abuser than his father. Abusers think that that way. I’m sure his father said the same crap, my wife my house if she can’t respect my boundaries than she can find a new situation.
  14. so clearly Wendy is going to start boning the painter. I am not sure what this show is doing with Wendy and Axe...that dinner was awkward
  15. I agree the episode was also a mess
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