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  1. Linc: Jo is my best friend that he hasn’t saw or talked to in years since before last season 👌
  2. I thought so the way they acted on the show but honestly I don’t know I also don’t work in the medical field
  3. It's not really annoying but just unrealistic. Jo before she left was coming to work drunk, she just got out of treatment
  4. I am also shocked that no one mentioned Jo angling for a promotion coming back from leave. Generally people who have taken significant time off don't return and immediately ask to be promoted but I guess Miranda went for it
  5. Yes Izzie donated 8 million for this place what happened to it
  6. It’s weird to me that after all this time, Meredith finally realizes healthcare isn’t something everyone has. Also as a doctor, there are tons of ways do legally assist why not spend sometime working In a free clinic or pitch a pro bono program at the hospital.
  7. Also she could have just left her ring with Alex
  8. Ohh apparently I don't know a lot of in patient mental care, thanks for answering my questions
  9. Seriously I can't believe you would go there for help with depression. Also why did they take her ring?
  10. Ok done this episode was all over what I liked: Meredith facing some consequences, Jackson and Maggie DOA, Richard and Alex being friends what I disliked: everything else and I HATE TEDDY AND OWEN
  11. I thought Jo was just depressed? I am curious why she needed in patient versus out patient treatment? Was it also the drinking?
  12. Sorry but if they were going to make an ad be an issue as a plot contrivance than they should have made a good ad. Every time they show it, it bothers me. Get out Kelsey, you’re making the right move. I cannot believe all the comments I see about Kelsey needing to grow up, she acts more mature than Charles. Liza you can move on and still see Josh. It’s not an either/or
  13. I don’t like him in this either. It’s not just the writing. It’s difficult to believe two women are fighting over him which is essentially the plot
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