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  1. I don't care about Teddy or Owen. Why did Jo quite surgery? I don't get her story at all - and her hair is atrocious! same for both. They never know what to do with Jo.
  2. I cried, Meredith being empathethic and there for Addison. Meredith has changed. Winston helping the kidney patient. More of this Grey's. Yes the world is terrible, but audiences need to see some actual hope
  3. Sudden episode of intense fear or anxiety and physical symptoms, based on a perceived threat rather than imminent danger. That’s the definition of a panic attack. So no I don’t believe that a child has a panic attack solely over the fact that his father start dating again. It could be a contributing factor but solely, no. Which basically means that the way the show presented it as his father started dating again and he immediately started having panic attacks is probably not accurate. I never stated that you can’t recover from a depressive episode. But there’s generally work and
  4. LOL this show, evil twin already
  5. I’m still iffy on the math for this too. They don’t have to build a new lab. Seattle Grace has a lab I remember when Meredith switched the placebo for Richard’s wife. So really they could just transport the equipment also the lab at Seattle is empty because covid. I mean more than likely they ordered the equipment and it was transported to where the lab is now. It sounds like plot nonsense they want them in another city for the Scott Speedman relationship. Also if the doctor wants Meredith on board so bad seems like he would have considered she is widow living in Seattle
  6. Yes I mean even when Derek was alive both him and Meredith were full time surgeons. All their friends are also surgeons. Derek and Meredith would definitely have a nanny. Even when their kids are in school full-time they would still have a nanny to pick them up and drop them off, take care of them after school (drive them to activities), stay with them when one of them is sick. For Meredith to be doing what she’s doing currently she would have to be like a doctor in a private practice who had regular hours and left work at 5:30 every night. There are absolutely doctors that wo
  7. Most people in Meredith’s situation wouldn’t raise children on their own they would hire childcare or in home care. What annoys me about the show if they try to pretend that this doesn’t exist and that Meredith is somehow working 16 hours a day and taking care of all of her kids which is insane. My mom actually told me this episode sucked because it’s got a bunch of new people that she didn’t care about but I actually liked it. I always love seeing Richard teach. Also part of me feels bad for Miranda if you’re a doctor and you know they’re short on people to work ther
  8. I felt for Daniel. First, Ringo is an amazing song writer. Stop comparing him to John or Paul. Second, how much charisma do you need to moderate a debate? As a Washingtonian, I watch all debates and have never been like wow that moderator has charisma. I am only a VP but at some point in my life I would like to be the woman dropping truth bombs on Cory. Everything she said needs to be said. Laura to Bradley…you don’t mind being Southern was lost on me. I don’t understand what she meant. I understand her frustration with Bradley over sexual identity but the Southern comp
  9. My favorite train wreck is back. I seriously love this ridiculous show.
  10. I thought Jo was having a hard time leaving the baby at daycare. I mean I would have a hard time leaving my baby at daycare too if there had just been a pandemic. I think a nanny would be a preferential situation to that. Also you can kind of check in whenever you want with a nanny as opposed to daycare where you can call periodically. But she’s having a hard time leaving the baby at all, she needs to go back to therapy as well
  11. Is there a Best in the Morning Show blue ribbon I missed? Bradley needs to stop worrying about Alex and try to do better at her job. Unfortunately I don’t think her covering the election is going to help her with the morning show. I’m beginning to wonder if she’s ever watched a morning show. I do think Alex is trying to change. Baby steps but I do see her making the effort. I’m glad to see Cory finally tell Bradley she’s actually his employee. To me this episode felt like filler…
  12. OK it took me six tries but I’m finally done this episode and I have comments. I don’t like the time jump but I don’t like the Covid or beach storyline either so I guess it’s better than that I’m never going to ship Owen or Teddy. I can’t stand either. This show has sold me on Linc though. I like him. I have a love-hate relationship with Amelia’s character. I’ve never had substance abuse issues so I don’t know how tough that is. I do have severe anxiety and I’ve been in therapy for most of my life. So I can understand her fear with regards to relationships. It’s the fea
  13. I don’t know if I dislike Teddy and Owen together or just hate them separately as individuals. I do like Linc and Amelia though
  14. Thank you. I was like when did Meredith go out with McWidow? What happened? Omg it is the 4th Megan, Cristina, Amelia and now Teddy
  15. Did I miss something didn’t Owen and Teddy just get back together after her cheating on him during their first engagement? Why the rush to get married? Owen is an idiot
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