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  1. dmc

    S02.E07: I Want To Know

    This season was not well put together which proves not even the best acting cannot save poor writing. The story just wasn’t there. The men on this show leave a lot to be desired, I knew Renata’s husband was an *sshole when he got involved with his wife’s issue with Jane that the women were handling fine alone. He threatened her and then started throwing his weight around that cafe. Decent men don’t threaten women so not surprised he’s the worst. I think Renata finally saw the light when after he lost everything he made a deal to keep a bunch of toys. But I thought he was gross last season. Then I never got the sense that Maddie’s ex was terrible to Bonnie so I guess she just doesn’t love him but he also sucks. As women start making more work on their own, it’s weird how the perception of men on television and film is changing. When men were doing all the writing television looks a lot different lol
  2. dmc

    S04.E08: Years, Continents, Bloodshed

    Is anything just fun anymore? Sorry, but I feel Veronica Mars is part of the “everything sucks all time trend” on television. Television used to be escapism. We all know what real life is like. I am actually sorry I watched it.
  3. dmc

    S03.E08: Unfit

    someone explain to me why June has ALL this empathy for Serena and Fred but ZERO for OfMatthew? Perhaps the empathy should go to the slave that was raped repeatedly and lost her children... June. also where's the accountability for getting someone killed just to "visit" your daughter...not help her escape...a five min visit
  4. dmc

    S02.E05: Kill Me

    I think Ed’s biggest issue with Madeleine is he loves her more than she loves him or that is his perception. He’s watched her advocate fiercely for her friends but she seems passive about their relationship. Every ounce of passion Madeleine has in her other interactions is missing from her marriage. Madeleine while viewing cheating as a mistake doesn’t seem cognizant over how she is with Ed versus everyone else. Ed in turn doesn’t trust her because her behavior indicates something different than her words. If someone tells you that they love you but you watch how they act when people they love and it’s completely different it’s hard to put any stock in it. I don’t know how custody hearings work but it would seem to me Mary Louise has an uphill battle. Celeste’s children are well provided for and aren’t being mistreated. I would think she would have to convince a judge they aren’t being cared for.
  5. dmc

    S03.E06: Household

    Torn on this episode because acting was phenomenal, but so much of the plot is implausible. Switzerland would not be an advocated for Gillead. Of all countries, why them? We have seen Canada taking refugees from Gillead. There is no way they don’t know what happens there. So not sure that makes any sense? Serena is acting like typical Serena, she only cares about herself. June is the idiot for trusting a woman complacent in her rape, confinement, etc with anything. Also how can you eat and not use your mouth, these women are still baby makers right? I would think the most effective move against uprising would be to keep the handmaids’ separate (ie no shopping trips). They are what is giving each other hope no need to cut off the ability to speak
  6. dmc

    S03 E05: Unknown Caller

    I don’t know how women keep getting the opportunity to leave Gilead and go back...seriously WTF serena what are you thinking Also that baby has no connection to Fred or Serena... And Luke when your wife is a prisoner why bring your stolen baby to a public protest ??? This show makes me so angry
  7. dmc

    S02.E01: What Have They Done?

    Dumb question, but it was self defense, 6 witnesses why not go to the police? Ed still creeps me out Abigail is still annoying, a start up? Just bypass and pick up unemployment now
  8. dmc

    S03.E04: God Bless the Child

    Sorry but fuck Fred, when you cut off your someone’s finger or beat them they may hate you.
  9. dmc

    S04E12 Extreme Sandbox

    Shit. What an episode. The scene with Axe after the board meeting with Rebecca. I usually like Axe but there is coldness there we seen hinted at (9/11) but this seems so blatant. Also you can totally tell he’s done with Rebecca not sure why he feeds her let’s see what’s between us line... Chuck is equally terrible. Chuck has a lot of low points in his marriage but his scene with Wendy is meant to parallel Axe’s scene with Rebecca. Both sacrificed people who didn’t mean that much to them for something and they both lie about it. Chuck tells Wendy he did help her. Axe tells Rebecca we were both screwed over now we can move on. Both are lying. Chuck is finally listening to his dad and putting Wendy last and his ambition first. Axe liked Rebecca enough until her disposal could help him. We are being shown again and again, they are the same person. Then both feel bad but would make the same choice again. Wendy is better off with Axe because he tells Wags correctly he’s only a gentleman for her and that’s all. But the question is would you want someone whose capable of this? Also Axe’s view of loyalty is you are loyal to him and he gets to do what he wants.
  10. dmc

    S04.E11: Lamster

    Agreed it’s difficult but I’m willing to do it 🙂
  11. dmc

    S04.E11: Lamster

    Thank you I tried so hard too.
  12. dmc

    S04.E11: Lamster

    There were so many plots I couldn’t follow. I hope it all comes together next episode. Wendy’s biggest liability with this hearing was always her conscience because not a whole lot of evidence existed but she knows she did it. In the end, coming clean to her felt more important. I fully expect Axe to use everyone as collateral damage to nail Taylor the next episode. The entire concept of billions is Axe is a total war guy, he wants the entire win not a compromise. Both Rebecca, Taylor, Wendy all go for compromises he cannot accept. Taylor’s mistake is thinking anyone is more important to Axe than winning. At any given point during this show, he has sacrificed his family, Wendy, his company and his freedom to win. Taylor can never beat him because they (right pronoun?) has a line, he doesn’t. So for Taylor to be the victor they would have to become Axe.
  13. dmc

    S04.E10: New Year's Day

    Yep and he told us that in the first episode when he wanted her to leave Axe so he could work on the case.
  14. dmc

    S04.E10: New Year's Day

    You would still know better than I would. I have no idea what happens in these proceedings
  15. dmc

    S04.E10: New Year's Day

    Thank you because I was like 🤷‍♀️And I’m still not sure how Taylor would prove this? I mean I know Axe and Wendy are unethical but their behind the scenes conversations are private and they could have found out about Taylor’s dad from Hall or any other way