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  1. Wait why do you think Alex was taking to Corey?
  2. I like this show at times. I think Jennifer Anniston is doing good work as Alex. I'm less impressed with Reese but I think it's more her character than her acting. Her constant...I'm quitting it's not for me is annoying because it's clear she's the same as everyone at the network. Ambitious as all get out...her fake leaving every two mins is annoying. Alex called out on it in the beginning at the award's dinner...her I don't know why I'm here...to which Alex replies...really then leave. Also there is a weird dynamic between all the cast members than I cannot put my finger on...I don't know what atmosphere they are trying to create
  3. This episode was awful The new doctor is hot, he’s clearly there for the Sun Also I think what Jo is doing is great, but I hope she ran it by her therapist. She’s got a promotion and she’s doing well, I hope this isn’t a setup for her to be devastated and relapse
  4. seriously though that's the answer, Meredith isn't even nice to the interns
  5. yep because it's in the script
  6. Not here for these people blaming Glasses for being responsible enough to do his job
  7. It’s the Sunny and Mer show again I can’t blame Deloser for breaking up with her. She’s not that nice to him
  8. we all have our favorites:) she'll be back
  9. I honestly think just the patient telling her they were uncomfortable is reason enough for her to step aside. It’s ironic that two of the main storylines are two doctors circumventing the wishes of their patient and not hearing them. Maggie’s cousin told her she was not okay with her performing it. Unless there are no other surgeons available, that’s acceptable. It wasn’t about what Maggie felt or didn’t feel. Then Owen has the exact same issue with his patient. He’s not listening to anything she says or her wishes. First he incorrectly assumed she threw her self down the stairs and then he think she’s not in the frame of mind to decide whether she wants to be pregnant or not.
  10. This was actually a good episode. I felt for Richard, it’s difficult when you are successful and you’re whole family resents you for that success. I can’t blame him for not keeping in touch, who wants to feel bad all the time or walk on eggshells to have a conversation. I’m surprised people are blaming Maggie. My take is her cousin had a serious condition and another surgeon could have had the same result. I think she should have honored the patient’s wishes. You give them options and if they choose the lesser surgeon it’s on them. But I don’t think this is a reflection on her talent. My only thought with regard to Owen is poor Teddy. Owen still loves Amelia and Teddy should have stayed with Koracik. Also Owen being awful to a patient to get even with Amelia is exactly why Amelia should be with Linc. She’s changed so much for the better since she got rid of Owen. Richard should just tell Catherine the truth, he didn’t do anything wrong. Why do people keep dumb secrets I think the episode recipe for success is little to no Meredith
  11. Please sir can I have some more?
  12. Amelia and Linc have become my favorite couple, how did this HAPPEN?
  13. I couldn't figure out why Maggie was calling Andrew, Dr Delucca to Zola but then I realized kids call adults Mr. or Ms. but doctors are different so he would be Dr. Delucca. People who lost parents like hearing stories about them. Yes Meredith tells them stories and they have their own memories but it's nice when you meet someone who knew your parent and they talk about them-so giving Deloser a pass on this one
  14. OMG you're right No one said you were. I'm saying I'm not trying to convince you he's a loser. But I still think he is. Also I hated Derek too. Deloser isn't being compared to Derek, he sucks on his own to me...not by comparison.
  15. Well yeah people have different thoughts or perspectives. I don't think there is any pressure to have the same perspective. We all just like discussing the show
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