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  1. Sherry had the baby in June so it had to have been filmed around then.
  2. The cheapest house listed in Ladue at the moment is over $900,000, and that's after removing filters for minimum size, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc
  3. I normally like white subway tile but I HATED it in that kitchen. I get that the tile that they wanted was on backorder but surely she could have found something that went better with the rest of the room. Even a black subway tile would have been better. Bonus if it had been a miniature subway tile.
  4. People with chronic kidney disease are at higher risk for atrial fibrillation, and then the atrial fibrillation puts them at higher risk for end stage kidney failure. Considering that his body already rejected a kidney, things don't look so great for Jerry. :-(
  5. He's a radiologist - they spend most of their time in a dark room reading medical images. The only time they see patients is when they're doing things like GI imaging (barium swallow, barium enema), joint injections, and imagining guided biopsies - and in that case the patient gets whichever radiologist is on duty during their appointment so there's not much choice when it comes to radiologists.
  6. I'd like to nominate "Random Woman in the Park" as my favorite character. Poor Eric. He just wanted to thank the donor's family for his heart and he wound up getting sucked in to all this drama. He really should take his cue from "Random Woman in the Park" but I absolutely love Jason Ritter so I'd like to see him stick around. I could have sworn last season Delilah told Eddie that she knew the baby was his because she and Jon weren't having sex.
  7. That makes sense. I just wish they hadn't used the name of an actual town in the same state where the show takes place - although they don't really acknowledge the state. Hey, maybe Salem is in Wisconsin or Indiana. Either way it could be close to Chicago that way.
  8. If shows are going to use real places then they should be realistic. The Krichole/Tony wedding couldn't have been legally binding in Chicago. Illinois has a 24 hour waiting period once you get your license. Both people have to be present to get the license and they both must have valid identification. Salem has been said to be in Illinois as well. If that's the case then they're way off in their geography. The real Salem, IL is in Southern IL - about 1 hour East of St. Louis. It takes about 4 hours to drive to Chicago from there. There's also a New Salem in Illinois. Location wise,
  9. Drives me crazy too! While the character is going on and on about what they've found and what they're going to do, I'm doing a face palm and wondering when these characters will just learn to SHUT UP already!
  10. As a Rad Tech, the way the pregnancy was revealed really irritated me. She said that Hayley had an X-Ray, and then stated that they run a pregnancy test before anesthesia. I guess the Modern Family writers don't know that most hospitals in the US have women sign a form stating that there is no possibly of pregnancy if they are of childbearing age (in some hospitals the age range is as much as 10-60 yrs of age. I get a lot of laughs from the 50+ women over that one.). If a woman can't say for sure then most hospitals will run a pregnancy test. A lot if hospitals also have the policy NOT to x-r
  11. So Friday morning was rough, as I had to put our almost 16-year-old dog down. I came home from the vet and got to work cleaning up the kitchen floor, as his geriatric status + hip dysplasia made for a very messy floor. I figured I'd have "Mom" playing in the background, as I could really use the escape from reality for a bit. ~Sigh~ That distraction didn't work out quite like I thought it would.
  12. I'm a Rad Tech student so I was nerding out over the portable x-ray machine because one of the first things we learned when we started studying portables was about their invention during WWI. Speaking of the war and the timeline, I'm turning 45 soon and my grandfather was a WWI vet. I don't know how old Lucy's mom is but I'm assuming she's older than 45 so that didn't phase me in the least .
  13. I don't remember specifics about this episode and I haven't listened to the podcast yet but let me guess...he becomes Laura's new best friend and she makes him a better man?
  14. I see people of all ages wearing the no-shoulder look all the time. I'm in Illinois (I read somewhere that they had confirmed that this show takes place in Illinois - which is kind of funny since the real Salem, IL is NOTHING like this Salem...) and it seems to be a really popular look around here.
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