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  1. Your Aunt Tilly

    Current Plots Discussion: Actually Today's Episode

    Why has nobody thought to check the cabin?????????
  2. Your Aunt Tilly

    Current Plots Discussion: Actually Today's Episode

    Drives me crazy too! While the character is going on and on about what they've found and what they're going to do, I'm doing a face palm and wondering when these characters will just learn to SHUT UP already!
  3. Your Aunt Tilly

    S10.E07: Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

    As a Rad Tech, the way the pregnancy was revealed really irritated me. She said that Hayley had an X-Ray, and then stated that they run a pregnancy test before anesthesia. I guess the Modern Family writers don't know that most hospitals in the US have women sign a form stating that there is no possibly of pregnancy if they are of childbearing age (in some hospitals the age range is as much as 10-60 yrs of age. I get a lot of laughs from the 50+ women over that one.). If a woman can't say for sure then most hospitals will run a pregnancy test. A lot if hospitals also have the policy NOT to x-ray pregnant women at all unless it is a life or death situation, even though the risk is actually very small or even non-existent - especially for x-rays of the face and especially if they used a lead shield. ~sigh~ I guess I should at least be glad that it wasn't an x-ray of her pelvis or abdomen. I guess I should also be glad that they didn't say that the person taking the X-ray was a nurse or doctor since a lot of shows get that detail wrong.
  4. Your Aunt Tilly

    S05.E16: Eight Cats and the Hat Show

    So Friday morning was rough, as I had to put our almost 16-year-old dog down. I came home from the vet and got to work cleaning up the kitchen floor, as his geriatric status + hip dysplasia made for a very messy floor. I figured I'd have "Mom" playing in the background, as I could really use the escape from reality for a bit. ~Sigh~ That distraction didn't work out quite like I thought it would.
  5. Your Aunt Tilly

    S02.E01: The War to End All Wars

    I'm a Rad Tech student so I was nerding out over the portable x-ray machine because one of the first things we learned when we started studying portables was about their invention during WWI. Speaking of the war and the timeline, I'm turning 45 soon and my grandfather was a WWI vet. I don't know how old Lucy's mom is but I'm assuming she's older than 45 so that didn't phase me in the least .
  6. Your Aunt Tilly

    S03.E01: The Collection

    I don't remember specifics about this episode and I haven't listened to the podcast yet but let me guess...he becomes Laura's new best friend and she makes him a better man?
  7. Your Aunt Tilly

    Current Plots Discussion: Actually Today's Episode

    I see people of all ages wearing the no-shoulder look all the time. I'm in Illinois (I read somewhere that they had confirmed that this show takes place in Illinois - which is kind of funny since the real Salem, IL is NOTHING like this Salem...) and it seems to be a really popular look around here.
  8. Your Aunt Tilly

    Current Plots Discussion: Actually Today's Episode

    Hi, first time poster to this forum. I watched Days back during its heyday in the 80's through the mid-90's. I stopped around the time of Marlena's possession. I got sucked back in during the "Newsalem" plot, and haven't watched since. Until about 2 weeks ago - I saw it on the guide when I turned on the tv. I turned it on out of curiosity and it SUCKED ME BACK IN!!! How does this show do that??? Anyway, I was compelled to post today because when Vivian introduced Steffan, at first I thought it was Lucas standing there scowling. I don't know if it was the camera angle, the expression on his face, or what it was. But I honestly thought that Vivian had gotten Lucas a haircut, dressed him in a suit, and paraded him in front of the party claiming he was Steffano. Or I thought it was going to be another stupid "plastic surgery" storyline where they recast Steffano and would say it was all plastic surgery. So the "secret baby" storyline actually made sense after thinking all that. I also wanted to comment on Jennifer's hair. I think part of the problem might be that she's going gray, and her gray hairs could very well be resistant to color. I have that kind of gray - color lasts a day or two on my grays. Since I have brown hair and refuse to go gray yet, I "remedy" this by coloring the rest of my hair very light and then toning it. The gray tends to look more like highlights this way, but I'm sure I look like I enjoy having tacky fake blond hair. But at this age (44) plus the fact that I'm trying to start a new career and am concerned about age discrimination, I'd rather people think I have slightly tacky taste than to think I'm going gray. Her hair could probably be helped if the non-gray hair wasn't being colored such a golden blond - the golden tone really makes the gray stick out like a sore thumb.
  9. Your Aunt Tilly

    S05.E03: A Clean Slate

    My pelvis was messed up from my 2nd pregnancy and didn't go back to normal for years afterwards. In fact, when child was 3 I re-aggravated it running and was back to walking weird again. That said, I wish they hadn't written the pregnancy in. The show didn't do a good job with it. It would have been much better to hide Ohndrea's belly behind a big bag or a potted plant or something.
  10. Your Aunt Tilly

    S01.E18: Plague

    I am pretty sure (and I could be imagining this since it's been about 8 years since I've seen the entire series) that the man holding his dead son under the tree ("He dead!") telling Charles to tell Miss Beadle that it's too nice a day to be in school is also holding a dead son ("He dead too!") under a tree talking about the nice weather in the Anthrax from the Cheap Mutton (Priced so Low We're Practically Giving it Away!) episode.
  11. Your Aunt Tilly

    S07.E01: Remember the Alamo

    Eliza Jane!!!! I love it when I see Lucy Lee Flippin in any role where she has to glare at someone and act like she has a giant stick up her butt. Nothing against the actress - she seems to be a lovely person in interviews - but she seriously does the best RBF and throws the best uptight shade of any actress ever. And, come on, she's throwing the shade at Brandon. Who could blame her for that?
  12. Your Aunt Tilly

    S01.E07: Town Party - Country Party

    You're so right about the men on this show crying at the drop of a hat. They cried almost as much as Mary. Which is funny since book readers know that crying was the most shameful thing that you could do on the prairie. Not to mention trying to repair the stupid skirt that has a giant nail hole in it, compliments of Mr. Edwards! You know that Ma had to waste an entire evening darning it since fabric doesn't come cheap on the prairie.
  13. Your Aunt Tilly

    S04.E05: Forty

    My dad retired when I was 12. I went to his retirement party. Somebody got him a stripper. I saw my dad try to remove a rolled up piece of paper from the stripper's cleavage. I'm still traumatized.
  14. Your Aunt Tilly

    S07.E10: Playdates

    I don't understand what her non-biological relationship to her dads has to do with anything. They are her dads and becoming attracted to adult men doesn't change that. I'm not biologically related to my dad or my brothers but I didn't become confused about our relationship when I started becoming attracted to adult males.
  15. Your Aunt Tilly

    HBO Picks Up The Leftovers For A Third And Final Season

    Yay! I'm so happy to hear this! I loved this season and I loved the new theme song. I also loved the ending of Lost so I'm good with whatever direction this goes in.