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  1. Mary falling asleep was all of us. She perked up for that meatball at the end though.
  2. And again, Gia is more mature than her mother. Shocker.
  3. Margaret with the words of wisdom - don’t use an analogy, none of these women will understand that. And never bring up the kids. Yep. Especially with Teresa the rage beast.
  4. It says Ray, Mickey and Bridget will be back but doesn‘t mention the rest of the cast. I wonder what they plan to do to write them out?
  5. Airdate: 02.24.2021 Please limit discussion to the events of this episode; current events are spoilers. Nice to see the klassy titles continue for these klassy ladies.
  6. You know, as I copied that I thought...were they on Ohana? But Bravo still doesn’t have an episode description up online so that’s how much they care I guess. 😂 Did Elizabeth find an old figure skating outfit? Interesting top she’s got on.
  7. Kenya is too much with the “investigation.” Leave it alone. I mean, I would not have been down for any of those activities but, hey - to each their own.
  8. Josiah was going to be the replacement stew?! Damn! I would have loved to see him with Francesca.
  9. AIrdate 02.22.2021 Only one episode for a reunion? Shocking.
  10. Yep - Heather clearly got the memo that she was the most relatable of this weird cast, but now she's pushing it too far. Why do you care about Meredith and Lisa's friendship? Let it go.
  11. 🤣🤣 Teresa is so dumb sometimes she makes my brain hurt. I wasn’t spreading a rumor, I heard a rumor. Yeah, walking around a whole party repeating it is not hearing it. Unless you mean you are hearing it come out of your own mouth. Has she done this before - or was it another housewife? I remember someone trying to explain to someone else that repeating something is spreading the rumor.
  12. I also liked Jeremy's being meh on eavesdropping, if you hear something you don't like then it's your fault. At least Kary and Kam didn't hear Tiffany joining in or there would have been hell to pay for her too. Kary and D'Andra both need to dial it down a few notches. Yeesh.
  13. Damnit Captain Lee and the Eddie love. I’m not crying you’re crying. Ok we’re both crying.
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