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  1. I'd love to know what the behind the scenes shenanigans were with casting. Was the plan all along to have Tom be the chef so we'd get the couple drama, but he wasn't available until the end? Because we all know that Sandy would have ripped any chef a new one to their face if they had ignored her the way he did in the galley - but not precious whiny Tom. Poor Alex. Bugsy really does run hot and cold with him.
  2. I also snort laughed at her raising her hand to ask Ashley a question about Michael’s 100% true totally not false story, with the “oh pick me!” Sooooooo Dr Wendy has joined us in Bravoland because she’s tired of being a professor?
  3. There was a scene about him going camping in Canada, but I don't remember a discussion specifically about him being off the grid. They were looking at the tent he was (allegedly) going to be using. Maybe he was staying at Patricia's house instead!
  4. Agreed on both points! I love Eddie. Enough time has passed that I've forgiven the Rocky debacle.
  5. My mom's hot take on the reunion, after being subjected to it by me even though she doesn't watch the show: 1. She THOUGHT that was the lady who was married to Charlie Sheen but she wasn't sure because she looks so different. 2. These women all have potty mouths. 3. Why are that one's (Kyle's) boobs hanging out? 4. Denise's interview clip where she says she said worse things about them than what Brandi had reported made her anti-Denise. Also, she looks kinda crazy there. 😄 I fell in love with Sutton during the reunion, I think. I hope she comes back.
  6. Sonja really does look good. Ramona really doesn’t with her Barbie extensions.
  7. I saw an article yesterday speculating about Kris Jenner. Ugh. No thank you. Listen to us Bravo gods. No Jenners/Kardashians please.
  8. I'm an attorney (alas, only 2 degrees), and in my first years of practice at a large-ish law firm was usually the only woman in the room during negotiations, settlement meetings etc. More times than I can count I was asked, even by my firm's more senior people, where the coffee/food/soda/etc was. I would try to justify it to myself that it was because I was the baby lawyer in the room but it would always tick me off that they just expected that part of my job was to keep track of the non-legal stuff because "that's what women do."
  9. I feel like Rob and Jess have about equal, not very high, brain power. Rob is so “in his head” over whatever is going on with the “ex” girlfriend that he can’t clean the boat or throw ropes effectively? C’mon. At least Jess caught up on laundry.
  10. Me too! They went through all that to get the scroll, she was not going to let it go. I wonder if Montrose lost it accidentally on purpose, given what he did at the end.
  11. I feel like there was a story in some prior season about Mauricio or some other child in their family of his generation having had some illness and being treated there. But I could have just made that up.
  12. Lu’s un-auto tuned voice - bad. Lu’s hat - bad. Lu’s dress and legs -fabulous.
  13. Wait, is this renovation Dorinda’s NEW apartment? Ok, I know I don’t get NY real estate AT ALL being spoiled in TX but that kitchen is tiny. I could not work with that.
  14. The discussion of Garcelle's (non?)donation is entering dead horse territory. If you want to make a specific point, that's fine - but let's stop with the back and forth please.
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