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  1. Discuss Season 9 here!
  2. Hi folks - please take discussion of Porsha's (admittedly shocking!) love life to her thread. This was not part of the Reunion discussion. Thanks!!
  3. I totally missed the start of the dock drama. I am mildly curious how it all started but I don’t think I care enough to even rewind my dvr the five minutes or however long that lasted. And friggin Gary is a hero now? Meh.
  4. I wonder about Lavinia also. But, when they showed the touching (THAT sounds wrong! 😄), I'm pretty sure she was already in a wheelchair and Augie was pushing her before he fell down.
  5. Love that description. I don't know which I enjoyed more - Kandi's facial reactions to this entire discussion, or Andy trying to restate Drew's issue by discussing "the prophet community."
  6. Airdate: 05.10.2021 This is episode ELEVEN? Have eleven things even happened all season?
  7. Plus, since he knew he'd only be with the men, he knew no one would be asking questions about where they (he and Gizelle) stood and the other women he may or may not be sleeping with, etc.
  8. I thought for sure that Joe’s “going to the hospital” was going to be a fake out, especially how they stuck a commercial break in there. I was surprised it was real. But still bored.
  9. Brandi’s lighting was criminally bad. Dang, Kam coming in hard against Tiffany. Indignant whisper talking Kam is my least favorite Kam. Also, that calendar tweet was funny to me and everyone else seemed to laugh after Andy read it too, so.....
  10. Did Ramona get bigger implants or did I just forget how bad they looked on her? Because she didn’t remember how she got home a couple times. Because she’s “allergic” to alcohol. Sure Lu. I must be “allergic” to tequila.
  11. Bravo kept glitching for me last night - everything would freeze for a few seconds. I think that was a sign not to bother watching.
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