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  1. I'm surprised to say I like anything about Nicole Richie, but I love that she doesn't blink an eye in contradicting Naomi. I don't like Naomi. She makes Heidi seem reasonable. I loved Ji Won's dress. I would totally buy it if it were a few inches longer (and if it were still available!). Don't miss the sister dress to the overalls. https://www.neubyrne.com/collections/shop-all/products/margot-sequin-sleeve-dress-preorder I mean...ok. For the woman who never wants to lift up her arms?
  2. For me, the problem with this version is that there is no one I really like. Glenn and Byron seem ok, but we don't see enough of them to sustain watching entire episodes. Georgia is fine, I guess, when she's not flirting with Paget. Everyone else irritates me in some way or another. Usually there's someone likeable, or love to hate-able, and there's just none of that here. They are all sort of vanilla irritating.
  3. In addition to her overly excited moments, Heidi seemed to take glee every time she talked about someone not making the cut. Cracked me up that Little Bo Peep and her exaggerated bows didn't understand at first that she was still in. I'm with everyone else being confused that they don't get to talk to the seamstresses. I guess the designers will get better at the process over time though. I was sad there was no judging discussion shown of the designer who had the stick on the shoulder blue dress. It was so interesting.
  4. Bali has lost me with this whole Anisha/Vishal thing. When relaying the story to her mom she said Vishal and Amrit had been verbally abusive to her at the Diwali event. That seemed like a reach to me.
  5. I was reading an article this morning about Jason Bateman and it described him as having “resting smug face.” Then I saw that smirk and started laughing.
  6. I love it when Marty and Wendy act protective of Ruth. Like she’s finally got a family.
  7. Their foreheads looked like when we were kids and we would put glue on our face to make “wrinkles.” I have no idea why that was fun to us, looking back! Baby Shams is cute. That’s all I got.
  8. S01.E04: Sari, Not Sari Airdate 03.29.2020
  9. It's here! And the episode names have shuffled from what was on IMDB pre-release. I think I've gotten them all right now but please PM me if I missed something and I'll clean it up. Happy watching!
  10. I know I always mop wearing a lingerie nightie and gloves...
  11. I’m a little zonked out on allergy medicine so I’ll have to rewatch, but my first impression is meh. I have loved the other musical episodes but this didn’t do anything for me. Although Alice and Eliot sounded lovely together on Don’t Give Up.
  12. S02.E10: Operation Mainbrace Airdate 03.24.2020 Season Finale
  13. Were these women meowing at each other when they toasted? Allow me to apologize to all of you on behalf of Dallas.
  14. Honestly, I have no idea what they are even arguing about at this point because they are all yelling over each other and I jus don’t care enough to pay attention. Ridiculous.
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