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  1. It was first season, episode 10 - summary of the episode. I thought Mickey had done the deed himself, but apparently he just told Sully and Sully did it. Which is why I had question marks before, I vaguely remembered the events but turns out none of the details!
  2. Description to come. Airdate: 01.21.2022
  3. Description to come. Airdate: 01.21.2022
  4. Description to come. Airdate: 01.21.2022
  5. Description to come. Airdate: 01.21.2022
  6. Description to come. Airdate: 01.21.2022
  7. Description to come. Airdate: 01.21.2022
  8. Description to come. Airdate: 01.21.2022
  9. I feel like we knew that Ray had set Mickey up, but not in as much detail as we saw in the movie? And, at some point Mickey took his revenge on the actor that he took the fall for? The series is all sort of a blur of the Donovans doing horrible things to people. The saddest part of the movie, to me, was Terry cooking that big dinner and then thinking he was eating with his family. Terry was my favorite character in all this mess.
  10. OMG, the faces on the non-Jen/Mary/Meredith side of the table after the big blow up. Heeeeeee-larious. Jen really needs to just calm the eff down. I didn’t think anyone could be more of a PR disaster in the face of criminal issues than BH Erika, but Jen is the clear winner on that now for me.
  11. For the first time, on the bus ride, I actually liked Jennie. Her super minimal attempts to keep Jen and Lisa apart. And then her talking head about taking off her earrings.. 😆
  12. Aaron asked out a producer after he was eliminated! Love Christian's disclaimers, and the head tilt after he reads "professional" work environment. https://www.bravotv.com/project-runway-after-show/season-19/videos/aaron-michael-goes-on-a-date-with-a-project-runway
  13. When he was already low on time and started weaving to mimic braiding on that jumpsuit, I knew he was doomed. Just make a simple dress and call it a day! I'm going to believe he meant a literal pearl necklace because he designs for ladies who lunch. LALALALALLAAAAA I can't hear you....!!!! Kristina's was awful. As a larger woman myself, that much flowing fabric is never flattering. And she originally talked about Gatsby - I didn't see that at all. How did that design mesh with finger waves exactly?
  14. Add me to the list of people who though Terry was a cardboard cutout when Heather was gabbing away at the camera! I was so confused why she'd have a cutout of him behind her, and then he moved. 😆 Max reminds me of NY's Luann's daughter Victoria.
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