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  1. The editors definitely are not on LeeAnne's side this season. I wonder who she pissed off and how.
  2. Help me out here folks. Do we have anyone’s word beyond LeeAnne’s about how bad her childhood was? She throws it out in such a calculated manner that I’m really starting to think she’s lying.
  3. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but LeeAnne has invited Brandi and Kary to multiple showers/parties but not the wedding?!? TACKY Oh, sorry. Yes clearly it’s that 30% of her invites were lost in the mail. My bad.
  4. Why would Stephanie have stood up for Kam “as a friend” when they first met, when Stephanie and Brandi were already actual for real friends? C’mon Kam. That’s what you’re gonna drag out?
  5. I could be wrong, but I think Phaedra is a litigator? They are more likely to stay calm in argumentative situations. I am a corporate attorney, and I would react more like Emily (who is a copyright attorney). I am used to people acting in ways that are on some level objectively reasonable (even if I don't agree with them) - so when there is a blow up I feel very flustered and out of sorts. Of course, I tend to just excuse myself from such situations and not engage, but I don't have a camera crew following me around.
  6. It's been an odd feeling to have this rope around my neck for a week. In hopes of saving myself I tried to find the clue to argue my case, but the only things that jumped out to me are the words "scarlet" and "ruby" to describe the blood. Both helenamonster and myself said red are our favorite colors so that doesn't help me. However, knowing I am not a villain, and that the side of good is better off with me alive than dead, I will start a DL on helena and let the chips fall where they may. 1 to DL helenamonster (TexasGal), 2 to get this thing off my neck
  7. I'm sure production has to clear filming at these places and they want the publicity. At the first place, when Emily was threatening to leave and they were gathered out front - some random lady came out, took a pic with her phone and then sorta waved at Shannon. That really cracked me up. The editors must have hated that they couldn't document this DRAMA without that little scene playing out.
  8. Points to Emily for “Is there a donkey somewhere?”
  9. Ok and here’s Vicki with her fake morality acting all aghast at Tamra and Bronte kissing. I mean, I don’t want to see that either but give it a rest Vicki. I wonder if Tamra asked WWJD before all the sex talk and French kissing?
  10. I almost didn’t even watch because I just find her odd. She’s always had weird mannerisms and posture - and her super squinty eyes and puffy lips make it weirder. She was much more personable than I remember her being.
  11. Yeah Tanner, your mom with her weird little kid voice is never going to be better than Collie’s mom. Don’t try.
  12. I feel sick. I adopted a frenchie at the beginning of the year. I knew about some of their health issues and thought I'd done my research. I laugh about that now - they are very prone to IVDD which thankfully mine does not have, food and environmental allergies and digestive issues both of which he does have. But he's part of my family and I will do whatever needs to be done to make sure he has the longest healthiest life he can have. As many of you mentioned, there are absolutely rescues that would have taken this dog and gotten him treatment. They are ridiculously irresponsible. grrrrrrrrrrr And as if to make my point, when I got home from work he was displaying symptoms of pancreatitis, so I called my vet to get anti nausea meds and then sat in a ridiculous traffic jam for 40 minutes for a drive that should take 10. He’s got them on board now and is snoring away so hopefully crisis is averted.
  13. I'm not sure why Mariah feels like the rumor spread about her is the worst rumor in the history of rumor mongering. They all talk about each other, say things that are probably untrue. But she won't let this go and clearly Quad is not going to apologize. You know it's bad when even Aydin wants to know why she brought it up again.
  14. Me too! (#) Don't go talk to the reporter!! Don't go to that reception!! don't grab her arm!! NOAH! You're a moron. At least they didn't have the new PR lady instantly act all flirty with him too, while giving him advice he wouldn't take. I can see why the bloom is off the rose with Sasha for Helen, but I don't get why she is suddenly willing to go back to Noah. Other than, I guess, he's like comfortable old slipper when she is stressed about everything else. They conveniently included a scene with her in the previouslies.
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