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  1. I felt bad for the vegan guest at lunch. Bugsy kept bringing up plates for the carnivores, and then - oh, here's a grain salad for you. What, you want more than that?
  2. For me the way the scene was a series of fakeouts was interesting. He's going to poison himself! Oh no it's the bird feeder. Is that a razor blade? No, it's a pin for his collar. All the way to the end when I thought the chair was for a hanging. I had just about convinced myself I was wrong until he turned the gas on.
  3. As soon as I read this, I could hear her introducing herself in my head. JILL ZAHR-in. Ugh.
  4. S02.E04: The Lake House Airdate 07.12.2020
  5. Of course Dorinda thought that Leah was agreeing with her/shocked at Lu instead of bracing for Dorinda to launch into Lu's ass for daring to criticize her "toast."
  6. To be fair, there were issues with Leon other than beef cheeks, such as keeping a filthy kitchen. Kiko doesn't have any of those issues. As far as we know at this point, anyway.
  7. At least Rinna was honest in describing the Roxy Hart scene - they love me and I love them for loving me, and they love me for loving them, etc - as an apt description of her fame whoreness.
  8. And then to sit before a judge and claim you didn’t steal the list, after calling guests and leaving messages. Can’t believe that didn’t work out for her.
  9. Well, they never left the dock. They had a weird failed beach picnic. Other than Kiko's food, I'm sure the whole thing was pretty mediocre for them.
  10. God, it can’t happen soon enough. He’s totally harassing Bugsy. He’s gross.
  11. Kiko really killed it with that 6 course dinner. Wow! I wonder why Bugsy seems to think clipping back one side of her hair is a super cute look?
  12. Della is awesome! I love that she charged into the jail, but not gonna lie I was worried something might happen to her too. That cop has no qualms.
  13. Ok, drunk Sonja is embarrassing but drunk Sonja just drunkenly agreeing with Dorinda while eating and then serving herself more food is pretty funny to me. Avery walking in and telling Ramona to be quiet just made the horrible at home talking heads worth it.
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