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  1. I was looking at the Bravo PR page today to see if there was an easy way to see who’s been top and bottom in all the challenges so far, and there was a reference to their instagram story where you can vote on the designs. I don’t know if that’s how they tally the fan vote but I didn’t see any other way. The voting by the way was just thumbs up or down for each look, it didn’t ask you to rank them or pick the one you’d want to buy. I agree that Shavi seems like such a nice guy, but the reason I wanted to check tops and bottoms was that it felt like he was in the bottom a lot. Short of going back through each episode “blog” with the photos I didn’t see a way to check. Edited to add: didn’t they say both the judge’s winner and the fan winner would be produced? So Chelsey’s was the judge winner and the voting would be for the fan winner.
  2. Ok so I maybe got a little stalkery after reading that. It's a good thing he didn't marry his creative partner I guess... https://fashionweekdaily.com/laura-kim-fernando-garcia-interview-2019/
  3. I think they had asked who she saw as her competition. I also got a laugh at her reaction to Sergio - like it had never crossed her mind.
  4. Nina’s expression when Sergio dropped his statement embroidery story is me.
  5. Ummm, hi guest judge. /shallow Pre-runway, I’d guess the featured ladies are ok and the featured guys are not. Did Karlie think it was still an 80’s challenge with that blue eyeshadow?
  6. I love how Julia just sits there straight faced through the whole thing. Also, unicorns!
  7. Wasn't there something in the book that explained how they ended up taking Terry in through the crowd? Like they were trying to get to the back doors but the crowd started getting really rowdy and they didn't think they'd be able to make it? I remember there being some reason but now I can't recall exactly what it was. I mean, other than
  8. The father of the initial dead child. Aka husband of the heart attack wife. Aka father of the son who shot the accused (and was killed by police).
  9. Since a few of you were noting Parnas' lawyer's creepy stare... Hah!!
  10. Adding a reply to this in small talk, as it's off topic for the episode thread but hilarious to me. Also, I was surprised by Parnas not seeming like a 100% slimy piece of crap as I expected him to.
  11. The last couple of episodes I’ve been really struck by what a nice bedside manner Paul has. Of course, some of it may just be him benefitting from proximity to Terry’s attention whoring clownishness...
  12. Jennifer has no qualms digging into the value of Jackie’s beach house. She is the perfect shameless pot stirring housewife.
  13. I don’t understand the concept of a drag brunch in your backyard for Mother’s Day? But, Margaret looks really pretty with that flower crown.
  14. Almost time for Season 2, y'all! S02.E01: The Roswell Incident -- Part 1 Airdate 01.21.2020
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