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  1. Hey y’all - some posts have been hidden for personal attacks. Snark on the show and not each other please. The play by play on the fight is not relevant for this episode, so take it back to the episode thread or move on.
  2. And then Lisa nagging the other son when he was driving. Look, I know you have to give some guidance but he can’t pay attention to you going on and on AND ON and also pay attention to what he’s doing. Get a lozenge, and be quiet.
  3. Elizabeth’s COVID comments aged well. <crickets>
  4. Did you have a super cute little sleep mask, like Shane? Granted, I’m old enough to be his mother but I just can’t imagine a young 20’s dude owning a sleep mask. Let alone packing one for his super yacht job. So the episode description was literally meaning James couldn’t connect with his crew mates - because none of them could understand him?
  5. Or maybe with the lawsuits pending against him she wants to get whatever she can now while there are still some funds in the bank.
  6. I thought poncha was wine based for some reason. Like a sangria thing. As the bartender was making it, it sounded so sweet and blech to me. It’s been a long time since I’ve liked rum based drinks. Too many rum and Cokes in college I guess. So Karen’s “secret” info is that Candiace hit Monique with the glass after Monique started hitting her? Didn’t we already know this?
  7. Discuss Jen here! (This is a struggle title, y'all. Open for suggestions!!)
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